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Bob Hope Paree, Paree short


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I was wondering if anyone had a clip of Bob Hope singing "You Do Something to Me" in the musical short Paree, Paree? Or if anyone knows a link to somewhere on the web where I could watch it free? I can't even find in on Amazon to buy cheap =(


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Maybe you knew this already, but just in case you didn't... and others may be interested in this delightful musical short too...


It is an "extra" on the DVD for SILK STOCKINGS with Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse. Although the TCM shop is selling it "bulk" in a set of Cole Porter, it is sold seperately if you look around... or check ebay (used DVDs can be pretty cheap), Amazon, etc. Although that may not be a "great" musical, it is still a "good" MGM musical worth adding to your collection... along with your Warner-Vitaphone short with Bob Hope, a Cyd Charisse documentary and another MGM short POET AND PEASANT OVERTURE. (See you get your money's worth!)


Funny I found your post. I had posted a blog over on the fan forum a while ago and boo-booed listing this short with the DVD LES GIRLS. Oops!


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All copied from our other thread: http://forums.tcm.com/index.php?/topic/81033-a-shortie-checklist-warner-bros/


6:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

  • Ups And Downs (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-21m37s-(Broadway Headliners: Hal LeRoy, Phil Silvers & June Allyson)-October 18, 1937 Stage Door (Greatest Classic Legends Katharine Hepburn) *DVD* Romantic comedy featuring a very blonde June Allyson and an elevator operator (Le Roy) with unexpected stock insight. Phil Silvers plays a tailor involved in a suit mixup. // Vitaphone #36-37B
  • Paree Paree (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-21m3s-(Broadway Brevity: Bob Hope & Dorothy Stone)-September 8, 1934 (filmed June '34) Silk Stockings *DVD* Bob Hope makes his debut for the studio doing more singing than comedy, but the production values of this Cole Porter adaptation are first rate. In Paris, millionaire playboy Hope tries to woo a lady without any money. // Vitaphone #1752-1753
  • Seein' Red (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-19m-(Broadway Brevity: Red Skelton)-August 26, 1939 The star performs two of his greatest routines for the camera, including impersonating a lady getting ready with her makeup. Supported by A. Robbins (banana act), the Merry Macs, Harris & Shore and Louis Da P ron. // Vitaphone #194-195B
  • All Girl Revue (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Lloyd French) bw-8m8s-(Vitaphone Novelty: June Allyson)- June 22, 1940 (filmed July '39) The Roaring Twenties (Greatest Gangster Films Prohibition Era) *DVD* A girl band runs for city government. Also featuring the Harrison Sisters, Betty Moe, Beverly Crane and Beverly Kirk // Vitaphone #262B
  • Art Trouble (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Ralph Staub; writer: Jack Henley) bw-21m-(Big V Comedy: Harry Gribbon, Shemp Howard, Gertrude Mudge, Beatrice Blinn & James Stewart)-© June 23, 1934 (filmed January) Vitaphone Comedy Collection Vol. 1 (Warner Archive) *DVD* Two bumbling brothers pose as artists in Paris to please two rich boys (one a young Jimmy Stewart). // Vitaphone #1674-1675


8:15 AM Eastern Standard Time: The Better 'Ole (feature, 1926)


10:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

  • Good Morning, Eve! (Roy Mack) Technicolor-19m-(Technicolor Special: Leon Erroll)-August 5, 1934 Dames & Vitaphone Cavalcade Of Musical Comedy Shorts *DVD* Adam (Leon) and Eve (June MacCloy) visit the "future" of mankind through Roman times, the Middle Ages and 1934 California "swinging" beaches. Outstanding use of Technicolor here. Vernon Dent and Maxine Doyle also have prominent roles here. // Vitaphone #1702-1703
  • Out Where The Stars Begin (Gordon Hollingshead, producer; Bobby Connolly) Technicolor-19m19s-(Technicolor "Broadway Brevity" Special)-May 14, 1938 Angels With Dirty Faces & Vitaphone Cavalcade Of Musical Comedy Shorts *DVD* Fritz Field is the hyper director and Evelyn Thaw the "discovery" who replaces a tempermental ballerina (Armida). Jeffrey Lynn is her love interest. Great views of the Burbank lot in color with cameos by Pat O'Brien and Ann Sheridan. // Vitaphone #8663-8664
  • Okay, José (Ralph Staub; music: Howard Jackson) Technicolor-18m-(Technicolor "Broadway Brevity" Special: El Brendel)-December 7, 1935 Vitaphone Cavalcade Of Musical Comedy Shorts *DVD* Hilarious Technicolor antics in desert Mexico with Brendel capturing a bandit by posing as a buxom blond. With Julian Riviero, Alberto Sergio and Joan Woodbury. // Vitaphone #7071-7072


11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

  • Private Lessons (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-22m-(Broadway Brevity: Hal LeRoy, Dawn O'Day, Dorothy Dare, Dollie Arden & Marie Fay)-May 5, 1934 (filmed November '33) A young dance instructor is hired at the all-girl Dawn O'Day school, but the owner worries he may be teaching more than just dancing. He starts his own school. // Vitaphone #1642-1643
  • 20,000 Cheers For The Chain Gang (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-20m-(Broadway Brevity: Jerry Bergen, Harry Shannon, Jimmy Baskette, Novia & The Pickens Sisters)-August 12, 1933 (filmed March '33) I Am A Fugitive From The Chain Gang *DVD* Spoof of the popular WB feature, but with a happy-go-lucky prison that four escaped convicts want to return to. // Vitaphone #1535-1536
  • King For A Day (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-18m-(Broadway Brevity: Bill Robinson)-June 30, 1934 (filmed February) Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts *DVD* "Mr. Green" uses a crap game to get into a tap dance Vaudeville show Brown's Black Orchids. (With Ernest Whitman, Dewey Brown, Hattie Noel, Muriel Rahn & Dusty Fletcher) // Vitaphone #1687-1688
  • The Winnah! (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-20m-(Broadway Brevity: Arthur & Florence Lake, Dorothy Dare)-July 21, 1934 (filmed March) Athletics and romance at a co-ed college. // Vitaphone #1698-1699
  • Soft Drinks And Sweet Music (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-22m16s-(Broadway Brevity: Georgie Price, Sylvia Froos, Billie Leonard, George Watts & others)-November 30, 1934 (Film Daily review; filmed September) More dreams become music numbers, this time with a soda jerk. // Vitaphone #1776-1777


1:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

  • The Band Beautiful (---) bw-9m10s-(Vitaphone Variety: The Ingenues All-Girl Orchestra)-© June 30, 1928 (filmed March) The Jazz Singer *DVD* All-female bands were quite the novelty in the twenties. Violins, harps and banjos included along with a boppy "Chasing the Blues Away" // Vitaphone #2572
  • Barber Shop Blues (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Joseph Henabery) bw-10m-(Melody Master: Claude Hopkins, Orlando Roberson & Four Step Brothers)-© September 23, 1933 Vitaphone Cavalcade Of Musical Comedy Shorts *DVD* A barber shop wins the lottery and hires the jazz band to perform. // Vitaphone #1551
  • Jimmie Lunceford And His Dance Orchestra (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Joseph Henabery) bw-10m-(Melody Master)-December 19, 1936 Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts , Blues In The Night & Follow The Fleet (Greatest Classic Films Astaire & Rogers 2) *DVD* One of the most popular Melody Masters viewed in recent years thanks to a stellar selection of material including "Rhythm Is Our Business". // Vitaphone #2062
  • The Yacht Party (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-9m-(Vitaphone Variety / Melody Master: Roger Wolf Kahn, Gertrude Niesen & Melissa Mason)-© September 29, 1932 Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts *DVD* Musical ditty set on yacht. // Vitaphone #1457
  • Gus Arnheim & His Ambassadors (Coconut Grove Orchestra) (---) bw-9m38s-(Vitaphone Variety)-July 15, 1928 (Film Daily review; filmed May) The Jazz Singer & Vitaphone Cavalcade Of Musical Comedy Shorts *DVD* Harry Robison and Russ Columbo are credited here. Straight-forward band numbers with a trio of crooners. // Vitaphone #2585
  • Harry Reser & His Eskimos (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-9m-(Melody Master)-September 26, 1936 Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts *DVD* Arctic costumes and set-up // Vitaphone #1983
  • Johnny Green & His Orchestra (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Joseph Henabery) bw-11m-(Melody Master)-September 6, 1935 (Film Daily review; wide release October 12, filmed May) Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts & Captain Blood (Greatest Classic Legends Errol Flynn) *DVD* Shot at a country resort with some boppy and slightly hip-hop western tunes added for good measure. Green's job is to liven up the sleepy guests // Vitaphone #1867
  • Swing Cat's Jamboree (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-9m-(Melody Master: Louis Prima)-August 6, 1938 Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts *DVD* Bouncy jazzfest with plenty of dancing. Shirley Lloyd, Ted Gary and Mitzi Dah support. // Vitaphone #138B
  • Hi De Ho (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-10m52s-(Melody Master: Cab Calloway)-February 20, 1937 Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts & Black Legion *DVD* Anything with Cab Calloway is entertaining, even if he plays an unbelievable teenager role. Some of his song selections are drummed out of a lady reading his tea leaves. Highlight: "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues". // Vitaphone #2078
  • Mills Blue Rhythm Band (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-11m-(Melody Master: Sally Gooding, Fredi Washington & others)-© February 6, 1934 (filmed August '33) Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts *DVD* Glossy all-black jazz fest with a nightclub setting. // Vitaphone #1586


3:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

  • Rambling 'Round Radio Row #4 (initially #5) (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Jerry Wald) bw-10m-(Pepper Pot)-April 29, 1933 (Motion Picture Herald review; filmed July '32) Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts *DVD* Includes Fletcher Henderson, The Nitwits, Buddy Rogers & Ozzie Nelson // Vitaphone #1453
  • Home Run On The Keys (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-9m-(Vitaphone Novelty: Babe Ruth, Byron Gay & Zez Confrey)-April 24, 1937 The baseball hero and the famous composer create a hit song for the radio. // Vitaphone #2073
  • Hot News Margie (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Alfred J. Goulding) bw-6m50s-(Pepper Pot: Marjorie Beebe)-November 29, 1931 (Film Daily review) Vitaphone Cavalcade Of Musical Comedy Shorts *DVD* Margie tackles a sports event in order to get tabloid scoop on the athlete, but gets more involved in the game than expected. // Vitaphone #1290
  • Smash Your Baggage (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-9m11s-(Vitaphone Variety)-October 29, 1932 (filmed March) Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts *DVD* Featuring Carrie Marrier, Lew Payton, Mabel Scott & others. Humorous if dated all-black musical with performing redcaps at a train station. // Vitaphone #1387
  • How To Break 90 No. 3 - Hip Action (George Marshall) bw-9m-(How To Break 90 w / Bobby Jones)-May 20, 1933 (Film Daily review) Bobby Jones: The Complete Warner Bros. Collection *DVD* W.C. Fields appears here (along with Warner Orland and William B. Davidson) and he is too frustrated with the game that he decides to stick to juggling golf balls. Of course Bobby is the most patient teacher and lecturer. // Vitaphone #5821
  • Believe It Or Not #1 (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Murray Roth) bw-9m-(Robert L. Ripley)-May 4, 1930 (Film Daily review; filmed March) Ripley’s Believe It Or Not *DVD* In a studio office setting, Ripley discusses and sketches interesting tidbits like a woman who jumps through cigarette paper and a Chinese boy named One Long Hop. // Vitaphone #1005
  • All Colored Vaudeville Show (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Roy Mack) bw-11m-(Pepper Pot: Adelaide Hall & Nicholas Brothers)-June 22, 1935 (filmed December '34) Warner Bros. Big Band, Jazz & Swing Shorts & The Green Pastures *DVD* Somewhat dated, but highly entertaining musical frequently "borrowed" for its Nicholas Brothers dancing. // Vitaphone #1819
  • Buzzin' Around (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Alfred J. Goulding; writer: Jack Henley) bw-20m-(Big V Comedy: Fatty Arbuckle & Al St. John, Dan Coleman, Alice May Tick, Tom Smith & Al Ochs)-© February 4, 1933 (filmed November '32) Vitaphone Comedy Collection Vol. 1 (Warner Archive) *DVD* One of Fatty's better comedies from his final years, with him as a porcelain glue inventor confonting a beehive in his truck, a football court and pharmacy. Al St. John spends much of his time slightly drunk with a pooch resembling Pete the Pup of "Our Gang". // Vitaphone #1509-1510


6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time: The Jazz Singer (1927)


7:45 PM?? Eastern Standard Time

  • The Voice That Thrilled The World (Gordon Hollingshead, producer; Jean Negulesco; music: Howard Jackson; narrator: Art Gilmore) bw-18m exact-(Special)-October 16, 1943 (*Academy Award Nominee*) The Jazz Singer *DVD* This short traces the history of sound in the movies, beginning with French scientist Leon Scott's experiments in 1857 up to modern foreign language dubs of SERGEANT YORK. // Vitaphone #1179A



8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

  • Baby Rose Marie The Child Wonder (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Bryan Foy) bw-8m30s-(Vitaphone Variety: Rose Marie)-© June 12, 1929 The Jazz Singer *DVD* The future "Sally Rogers" of the Dick Van Dyke Show made three shorts for Warner Bros. as a rambunctious child star (sporting a Louise Brooks hairdo). She also appears in the 4th and 8th entries of Rambling 'Round Radio Row // Vitaphone #809
  • Will Hays (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]) bw-4m8s-(Vitaphone Variety)-August 6, 1926 (filmed June '26) Don Juan *DVD* Frequently seen in documentaries and online, the most boring (yet very powerful) man in the business introduces the Vitaphone system. It is quite ironic that his name is associated with movie censorship despite the fact that he, personally, had very little to do with what was accepted and rejected by the "Hays Code". Joseph Breen was the more active member in the 1930s. // Vitaphone #192


9:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

  • The Happy Hottentots (Bryan Foy & Herman Ruby) bw-11m-(Vitaphone Variety: Joe Frisco & Billy Gilbert)-August 1930 The Jazz Singer *DVD* Above average comedy with two down-and-out hoofers getting more work on the stage than they bargain for. // Vitaphone #4393
  • Lambchops (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Murray Roth) bw-8m-(Vitaphone Variety: George Burns & Gracie Allen)-October 14, 1929 (filmed August) included in the National Film Registry; The Jazz Singer *DVD* Still highly amusing vaudeville sketch performed by two of the biggest stars of future radio and TV. A very worthy debut and in excellent preservation. // Vitaphone #891


11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time: Why Be Good? (1929)


12:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

  • Dick Rich And His Melodious Monarchs (---) bw-9m37s-(Vitaphone Variety)- © July 24, 1928 (filmed May) The Jazz Singer & Vitaphone Varieties 1926-30 *DVD* Some great jazzy numbers like "Ramona" and "There Must Be a Silver Lining" as well as an oddball ventroloquist sketch with vocalist Cheri Rich. // Vitaphone #2595
  • Ben Bernie And His Orchestra (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Murray Roth) bw- (Vitaphone Variety)-© May 16, 1930 (filmed December '29) Bandstand with comedy scenes. Includes Clayton, Jackson and (Jimmy) Durante and singers Pat Kennedy and Frances McCoy. // Vitaphone #958
  • Ship Ahoy (Doc Salomon) bw- (Vitaphone Variety: Arthur "Pat" West, Sidney Dalbrock & Harris Gordon)-© March 12, 1929 (filmed December '28) Vitaphone Varieties 1926-30 *DVD* Antics on a yacht // Vitaphone #2919
  • Harry Fox & His Six American Beauties (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Murray Roth) bw-12m-(Vitaphone Variety)-© July 22, 1929 Vitaphone Varieties 1926-30 *DVD* Or "Harry and his chambermaids" going by the dresscode of this jazz-reel. Brown-Henderson's "Belles of Hotels" is one number. Listed by Film Daily as "Harry Rose". // Vitaphone #828
  • You Don't Know The Half Of It (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]: Murray Roth) bw-10m-(Vitaphone Variety: Jay Brennan & Ann Butler)-© December 9, 1929 (filmed June) Vitaphone Varieties Vol. 2 (Warner Archive) *DVD* Silly banter in a drawing room. Jay previously teamed with a female impersonator. // Vitaphone #833
  • Little Breath Of Broadway (A Breath Of Broadway) (---) bw- (Vitaphone Variety: Jack Waldron)-© September 5, 1928 (filmed July) Vitaphone Varieties 1926-30 *DVD* Parlor tunes "Back in Your Own Backyard", "Goody Goody" and "Black Maria" // Vitaphone #2691


1:45 AM Eastern Standard Time: Show Girl In Hollywood (1930)


3:15 AM Eastern Standard Time

  • Blossom Seeley The Queen Of Syncopation Assisted By Benny Fields (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]) bw-9m38s-(Vitaphone Variety)-© July 11, 1927 (filmed May) The Jazz Singer *DVD* This talented vaudeville singer appeared in a few features later. A well-received favorite from the early Vitaphone era. With the Music Boxes Chas Bourne and Phil Ellis on piano. // Vitaphone #548
  • Tal Henry And His North Carolinians (Vitaphone Studio [NYC]) bw- (Vitaphone Variety)-© April 10, 1929 (filmed February) Vitaphone Cavalcade Of Musical Comedy Shorts *DVD* Nice jazz performance if slightly dull viewing. "Come On baby", "Shame on You" and "Milenberg Joys" // Vitaphone #732
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