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> {quote:title=chandler5710 wrote:}{quote}Whoa - was Tyrone dazzling to look at in that movie or WHAT????


> He had gone from boyish to handsome by 1941 and brother, my jaw was hanging open. I've seen the movie before but this time, I was really struck by his looks.Amen, amen, amen. I'm struck by his everything.


I may be the youngest person that has a shrine of him in my home. LOL

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Yeah, isn't that cute upturned little nose of his just dreamy?!!!




Okay, sorry...I couldn't resist that one! And yep, I WAS bein' sarcastic here.


And no, while I thought he did fairly well playing the glib and somewhat irresponsible flyer in this film, reminding me more of the Tom Cruise-esque "kid" in "Top Gun", rather than a "man", but sorry TopBilled(especially), I thought not only were the special effects lacking in this(I mean, that final dogfight scene with the sky FILLED to the max with planes going forward, backward, sideways, to name it, was extremely unbelievable...at least to me), BUT the pacing and the editing of this flick was all over the place, TOO.


And so, overall I'll have to give this one a "Meh, it's alright if nothin' else is on the tube".


(...OH, and more thing...I'll never understand what all the hub-bub was about for Betty Grable, either...I mean, okay, nice legs I guess, though they certainly have NOTHIN' on Cyd Charisse's gams, but even her face was only an "8" on the scale of beautiful faces...with "10" bein' Ava Garner, and "1" bein' Marjorie Main or say Margaret Dumont....nah, I take that back...Dumont was a "2"!!!)


Edited by: Dargo2 on Aug 27, 2012 9:35 PM

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TikiSoo answered:


> OH, and more thing...I'll never understand what all the hub-bub was about for Betty Grable, either


*I for one think she had a terrible figure-what a flat butt in that famous WW2 pin up photo. Sure, she was perky pretty, and I suppose glamorous (in Imitation of Life/Bad & Beautiful) but she just doesn't do anything special for me.*



Ok now Tiki, you are confusing Betty Grable with Lana Turner, who starred in *Imitation of Life (1959)/Bad & Beautiful.* Betty Grable I have never thought as a great beauty, but she had a nice trim figure and great legs. She was VERY pretty as a starlet in the late 30s, and into her earliest starring vehicles at Fox in the very early 40s. Then she looks less appealing....don't know exactly what but its a more brassy makeup and persona, and coincides with her ascent to top boxoffice star and number one ****. She was considered a girl-next door type, and this was a large part of her appeal, so she was never in the running for most beautiful or glamourous...that wasn't her image.



Lana Turner on the other hand, was BEAUTIFUL and GLAMOROUS. She had a very sexy body, full bosoms and very nice legs, and was considered more of a femme fatale than girl next door. Her altogether more alluring image than Betty Grable contrasted well that of her **** rival, although it is interesting to note they dated many of the same men in the 40s. Lana remained glamorous for the rest of her career, and was every inch the "movie star" when seen in public. Betty prefered going to the racing track to bet than to be seen all dolled up.



Incidentally, I have always enjoyed this movie, and actually, and chronologically more accurately, Tom Cruise's TOP GUN persona reminds me of Ty Power's character in AYITRAF.



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Oh Arturo, I realized my mistake mixing Lana & Betty partway through yesterday. I thought I would be SLAMMED, thanks for your kind & gentle correction.

See what happens when you get old?


I agree with your assessment, though, Betty was more the girl-next-door & Lana was the glamourpuss. Neither have ever appealed to me, which is probably why I mixed them up.

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