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GUILTY PLEASURES! (I don't care what they say, I love it!)


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My guilty pleasures are the Coronet Instructional Films of the 40's and 50's.  With such classics as "What to Do On a Date,"  "Are You Popular?"  "Good Eating Habits," (don't skip the cake, you need that for energy)  and "Are You a Snob?" The girl who was a snob didn't want to go to the party next door, she wanted to stay home and study.  Her parents set her straight. 


There's a strong emphasis on conformity through all of them and the one's on good manners must have spawned a lot of Eddie Haskell's, but there's actually some good advice that would have been of benefit to my classmates from the West Virginia hollows.  Unfortunately the hairstyles alone would have had us in stitches and that's probably why we didn't get to see them.

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I remember seeing some of those in Jr. high.  They were a hoot then, and got funnier whenever I thought about them over the years.


Like the anti drug films that had "Vinnie the pusher" handing over what looked like a regular pack of smokes that were(in the film) supposed to be marijuana cigarettes.


Now, I'll admit I did probably MORE than my share of toking back in "the day", but NEVER saw any dealer do business in a SUIT AND TIE!  :D




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The 2005 version of The Punisher which, bad as it is, doubles as a travelogue of downtown Tampa as it was then.  The restaurant and apartment buildings are now demolished but the rest of them, which were mostly banks, are still standing. 


I worked at that diner in the 70's although we wore blue pants and country themed tops rather than the dress that actress wore.  Today a new version opened in another part of town-minus the car hops-using the same recipes that made it so famous back then.  I'm checking it out after I get the results of some medical tests I took last week.

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Can girls be "sissies" ? I love musicals! Though I'll admit I've never seen The Music Man.

Hah, this brings back memories.... and perhaps a "guilty" pleasure :ph34r:


I was in HS and walking down the Strand in Hermosa Beach after curfew late one Saturday night.

There was this house party just off the beach with liquor flowing and loud music blowing, and the distinctive scent of burning rope in the air.... And down where the waves meet the shore there were these female voices singing in harmony...


Gary, Indiana, Gary Indiana, Gary, Indiana,

Let me say it once again.

Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana,

That's the town that "knew me when."

If you'd like to have a logical explanation

How I happened on this elegant syncopation,

I will say without a moment of hesitation

There is just one place

That can light my face.

Gary, Indiana,

Gary Indiana,

Their voices became progressively louder and their singing became more giddy the closer they came.
It was quite dark, but the moon was coming up, and the girls gradually became faintly lit by the strand lights as they strolled closer along the beach. There were two of them strolling hand in hand. Soon they were highlighted between the back light of the moon and the brighter house lights and I had to do a double take, both were stark naked and were walking toward the party house, swinging their arms together and still singing.

Gary, Indiana,

Gary, Indiana,

Gary Indiana,

My home sweet home.

They got halfway to the house from the beach, then with great giggly squeals, they turned and mooned everyone standing outside of the house which hooted and cheered as the two teens scampered back toward the water and darkness.
I was a healthy young male and tempted to take a skinny dip myself right there and then, but it seems that everyone in the house knew those girls and shared that it was an after party from a high school play called The Music Man,  and the girls and others present had been part of the cast.

Much later, when I finally saw the movie, I found myself becoming strangely aroused when that chorus began...

And to this day I cannot watch or listen to The Music Man without drifting back to my first youthful encounter with that song... B)

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