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I Love You, 50 FOOT WOMAN!


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There, I finally said it. Some may consider this Part Two of the Guilty Pleasures thread from yesterday. This, however, in my own modest way, is really an open love letter to one of the great sci fi goddesses of film history.


You are more than just the title character of a quickie B that is dismissed by some while adored by others who think they are hip to the definition of camp. You are played by beautiful, sexy Allison Hayes, and I understand your anguish.


There you are, roaming around the countryside and big city calling out for that no-good Harry. Forget, Harry, 50 Foot Woman. He's a nogoodnik, just another bad boy, slurping around with that little vixien played by Yvette Vickers.



Sometimes watching the film is a little hard for me. Every time I see you approach an electrical transformer I tend to worry a little. I do wish you would avoid them. And those bullets and rockets people fire at you. Nasty, and not great for the complexion. Don't get me wrong, I know you're tough. I just don't want you to forget, though, that you are also a lovely lady. It's just that lousy Harry that got you ticked into behaving a little homicidal. Kinda like a good looking version of Godzilla.



My name is Tom. Yes, Tom. T-O-M. And I would love to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. It's just that I would have to stand on your shoulder in order to do it. We could make be a great team, 50 Footer (I hope you don't mind if I get a little familiar there).



I can just see me now going to the local bar and having a nasty encounter with some beer slurping gorilla whose breath could melt the girders off a bridge.



"Oh, yeah, big nasty muscled guy," I'd say, "Well, why don't you just repeat those words to my . . .(drum roll, now) . . . 50 FOOT WOMAN!"



And that's when you would make your appearance, by tearing the roof off the bar and throwing Mr. Harley Davidson into the next county! Mind you, we would have to be careful about the cops when you do something like that. As you well remember, they have a nasty habit of calling in reinforcements when they have to tangle with anybody really large. Like the military. So we'd have to be ready to make a very fast exit!



Please don't misunderstand me, 50 Foot Woman. I don't just want you around to exploit your incredible size and strength, and have you do permanent damage to anyone that looks at me cross eyed. I also admire you for your more feminine side, with its obvious charms, as well.



Let's face it, you do draw attention in a crowd. Oh, don't be modest. You know that people notice you. They're bound to, especially if you accidentally knock over one of their houses as you walk by. But even aside from the devastation that you have been known to commit to small cities, people naturally notice you, are even drawn to you, because you're such a physical hum dinger.



And that's why I say, don't waste any more time with those bad boys like Harry!



Now I don't claim that I can absolutely satisfy you in every way. No man can. After all, you are a very big girl. But I wouldn't give you reason to have to search the countryside for me either. Okay, I might go to the occasional bar, the one with all those Harleys out front, just to watch them cower when the word gets out, "There's the dude that goes with the big dame." That would be kind of fun.



Oh, and one more thing, that movie poster of you. You do know that it has truly given you a touch of movie immortality, don't you? Take a look on the internet. (Okay, okay, your fingers might be a little big for most keyboards. I'll help you there). Everybody and his pet dog has done a review of some kind of the film. There have been parodies (the highest form of flattery, remember), as well as a remake. No one talks about that one, though. They only want the 1958 Allison Hayes original, and that's you!



So, come on, 50 Footer, pick me up and, while you're at it, why don't you just pick up a house for us, as well? (Don't forget now, it will have to be a big one).






Be careful, will you, Honey?






I gotta say, you look a bit bigger than just 50 Foot here. Oh, well, that's the movies for you, little connection to reality!

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Whether you want to believe it or not, who could have ever thought that this movie would become a beloved classic? Certainly, one of the biggest and most sought after movie’s to see at film festivals and it’s cult continues to grow among the younger fans who have discovered the wonderful fun there is to watching “Attack of The 50 Foot Woman.” When Allied Artists released the film, all the studio needed was a reasonable distribution around most of the secondary markets of drive-in theaters and local, small movie houses. Instead, they suddenly had a huge block-buster hit on their hands! Producer Bernard Woolner was amazed, when he drove around L.A. to see scores of people lining up to see his movie! The same was happening in areas across the country, as the film quickly gain a tremendous amount of box-office momentum. In small towns where the movie opened, theaters that hadn’t seen much in the way of good business in years, (due in part to television) were filled to capacity, especially during night showings and on the weekends. Theater managers then demanded to hold the film for weeks on end! Some theaters even had periodical returns of the movie that pretty much signified “Attack of The 50 Foot Woman” would receive cult movie status.




What most fans or film buffs don’t realize is that the film’s director, Nathan (Hertz) Juran, had his career saved by the sheer, overwhelming success of this movie. The following year, Juran then went back to work in the major leagues with producer Charles H. Schneer and special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen at Columbia Pictures, creating one of the greatest of all fantasy films, “The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad!” From that time on, Juran would never have to look back or wonder so much about his next motion picture assignment. He would also become one of the most active directors in television, between his work for major motion pictures. Certainly, he is today totally identified as a major exponent of Sci-Fi/Fantasy entertainment.




The movie was made on a budget of less than $100.000, to later on bring in close to a million and then more money over the years the film continued to play on the drive-in circuit and in small theaters throughout the country. Upon the movie’s release for the television market during the early 1960’s, it became a staple and bona fide requirement for local television stations to air at various times of the year. The star of the movie, lovely Allison Hayes would never be able to shake off her association to what eventually became her most famous film role. Although Allison would be looked upon as a well known B-Movie star, the tremendous success of “50 Foot Woman,” allowed her to find steady work in television. She even co-starred in several primetime programs of the late 1950’s and into the early 1960’s. So, she wasn’t really hindered by her work in B-Films. In fact, Allison was for the remainder of her career, a working actress in Hollywood. Towards the end of her life, she was usually asked to make appearances at various memorabilia shows and she gave a few rare interviews to some movie magazines. It was such a shock to learn that she died in 1977 of blood poisoning. This sadly occurred due to the medications she was taking for her bout against the leukemia she suffered from.




Actor William Hudson is probably best remembered as the twin brother of actor John Hudson. Some fans usually get confused between the two and there’s always been this debate as to who had the better career? Both only occasionally appeared in major films, while ending up working regularly in television. So, it simply too tough to call or say which of the two had a more serious career. John did out live Bill, when John died in 1996 and Bill in 1977. The funny thing is that they both retired from show business at about the same time, during the early 1970’s.




Then, we come to my favorite member of the cast, Yvette Vickers. She was nothing more than a sometime model and actress around Hollywood. Like Allison, Yvette would go on to appear in various B-Movies throughout the late 1950’s and 60’s. She also did lots of television. However, her career was sort of hampered technically, when she decided on becoming a Playboy Centerfold for 1959. Obviously, Yvette was trying to gain some needed publicity, along the lines of say Marilyn or Jayne Mansfield. This ploy simply didn’t work and sort of stained her chances to move into the major leagues of motion pictures. Interestingly, Yvette would show up at some of the biggest casting calls in Hollywood, attempting to break away from her low-budget, television status, but this was never to be. After he retirement in 1990, she lived a somewhat quiet life, away from the Hollywood spotlight that had been so much a part of her life. A few times, she did manage come back into the public eye at movie conventions, but for the most part, Yvette never considered to ever get back into the business.




What amazes me is the silly, overdone, 1993 HBO remake that had Darryl Hannah in the title role. This time shot in color, it was obviously trying to capitalize on the notoriety of the original film. While the HBO movie did have a few cute things about it, there was nothing as interesting or charismatic as the original. It seems that there are enough fans out there that simply won’t accept certain remakes of a popular or classic film! Certainly, the 1957 version of “Attack of The 50 Foot Woman” is and will probably remain, one of them!

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Oh, you love her too, do you, MovieProfessor. Well let's not forget that I loved every 50 foot of her first!


Aside from that, though, I want to thank you for your historical backdrop on the object of both our desires. I'm glad to see, in contrast to Laurette Luez, that Allison Hayes benefited from her B film career, in particular from having the title role in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.


I noticed that you decided not to mention the sad, grim ending that came to Yvette Vickers. I'll do it now since it is, unfortunately, a part of her history. Having put on a large amount of weight, in her last two years she had alcohol and mental health issues, with paranoid outbursts.


She became a recluse and was found dead in her Beverly Hills home in May, 2011. Her body had mummified, it being estimated that she hadn't been seen in about a year. A very sad ending indeed to a once vivacious screen starlet.




Yvette Vickers



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*For me, I'd rather stay on the ground and look up her skirt. ;)*


Sepiatone, how dare you talk about my woman that way, my very BIG woman!


That's okay. Try to have your grotty little peep show, if you dare. Don't forget my very BIG woman also has a very big FOOT.

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That's a little dull, don't ya think, hamradio? I mean Marilyn just stands there.


But 50 Foot Woman on the other hand, walking around and tearing down buildings, she's just a more interesting kind of gal. Maybe I'm just wearing rose coloured glasses. After all, I am in love with her. ;)




There I am, just putty in her hand. (This is the kind of girlfriend you don't ever want to drop you).

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Willbe, the true tragedy of 50 Footer (pardon the use of my affectionate pet name for her) is that she should never have been married to a termite like Harry in the first place. He was beneath her, and, as things developed in the film, that turned out to be literally the case as well.


I, on the other hand, would be far more sensitive to her huge needs. Yes, her size could be a problem at times. (Getting a good seat in a restaurant would be murder). Therefore I would suggest that we picnic a lot in open fields. If the occasional military jet should fly by and try to drop a bomb on her, I would suggest that we always have a cave nearby. See what I mean? That's me, smart, always preparing for a emergency.


I wouldn't be slavish to her, however. She would know that I was the man around the (hopefully very large) house. For example, I wouldn't spend any more than five or six hours a day painting her toe nails.


Friends always told me that I had a "thing" for big girls. Well, let's face it, 50 Foot Woman, she kinda qualifies.




There she is now, doing a little home reno job. What a gal!

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> {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}Taken down? What a shame, acceding to the little minds. What, pray tell, was done with it?

The mega-Monroe (official title: "Forever Marilyn") has moved to Palm Springs, which will be her home through June 2013:




While we're at it, since imitation (and huge profits) is the sincerest form of flattery, how about some more cinematic "fe fi fo femme" in the wake of the '58 50-foot woman?


The year after Allison Hayes stomped her way to film immortality, Dorothy Provine got the large-scale treatment as the titular (no pun intended) girl Goliath of "The 30-Foot Bride Of Candy Rock," better known as Lou Costello's final film and the only one he made without Bud Abbott:




In 1962, no less than Federico Fellini got into the act, as Anita Ekberg's billboard image came to life to torment a prude in his segment of "Boccaccio '70":




Three years after that, four larger-than-life young ladies cavorted in the otherwise silly sci-fi flick "Village Of The Giants," most notably Joy Harmon (possessor of a 40-inch plus bust since her teenage days in the '50s) as a particularly curvaceous colossus:



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VP19, I really appreciate those photographs you posted of those other rather large ladies but I don't dare look at them. My 50 foot honey might not like it. And, let's face it, this is not exactly the type of girlfriend that you ever want to get cranky.




We might not be the most perfect couple but when we walk down the street we'll be the one that people notice the most. I guarantee you that.




We might not be Fred and Ginger on the dance floor. (Kind of hard to when you're clinging onto her big toe so as not to get stomped). What those dance moves may lack in elegance, however, will be compensated for by the uniqueness of the experience. Plus the fact that I figure we'll probably have the dance floor to ourselves, too. Neat!




And I'm sure that after a while I'll even get use to the idea of military planes shooting at us. No relationship is perfect, I know that. I just hope she doesn't want me to paint her toe nails too often, though. Now that could be annoying!




I'll have to be careful to not fool around. She's so jealous!

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ugaarte, I had no idea Peter Lorre was so fortunate in his private life. The only big one I've seen him with is Sidney Greenstreet. And Attack of the 500 Pound Gutman is hardly the same experience.




Nope, definitely not the same.




That's Sidney dressed up as Santa. Now do you see what happens with too much togetherness?

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My friends mom was one of the main dancers in the 50 Foot Women movie. Her character is the one killed when the big gal breaks into the club where her cheating husband was. She was one of the top ballroom dancers in the 50s. Her last name was Griminger. She just passed away about 18 months ago and I didn't know this fact until they showed a list of her work during the service.





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There was a passing reference made to it in the original posting, UniversalHorror, with the contempt that it deserves.


There is only ONE 50 Foot Woman that anyone cares about and that's the original. If any big woman is going to attack my city I want it to be Allison Hayes.

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> {quote:title=TomJH wrote:}{quote}There was a passing reference made to it in the original posting, UniversalHorror, with the contempt that it deserves.


> There is only ONE 50 Foot Woman that anyone cares about and that's the original. If any big woman is going to attack my city I want it to be Allison Hayes.

Absolutely Ms. Hayes...I missed the earlier reference to the remake, but looked at it. It was actually the first reply (not the O.P.) by MovieProfessor:



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*...I missed the earlier reference to the remake, but looked at it. It was actually the first reply (not the O.P.) by MovieProfessor*:


The MovieProfessor does indeed discuss the remake. If you take another look at that final paragraph of the original posting, however, you will find the passing reference to which I referred.


Viva Allison Hayes!




Truly a lovely vision, albeit a big, Big, BIG lovely vision.


Look at that thug with the rifle behind her! A girl can't even go on a bit of a rampage in the city without someone making a federal case out of it.

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Three cheers for the wonderful Allison Hayes! She died way too young! Why didn't she become a major star? She certainly had the talent, the looks, and the opportunities. I've enjoyed her in so many movies, in so many genres. I think she even had a stab at a television series, which I thought would change things for her. Well, that's Hollywood!









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