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Your Thoughts About Forum Flamewars

Guest TCMWebAdmin

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You'll find that for the most part, the rules are in the Code of Conduct. Beyond that, if you it's something you could say to my sainted Grandmother in a room crowded with her former Marine Corp sons and grandsons, it's fine. Sadly, with that as criteria, there are at least a few social misfits in this crowd. Most of them are obvious, because they get all puffed up when someone calls them on their rudeness and claim they have a right to respond in kind.


Which is funny, because they don't have that right. And many posters understand they can make their point effectively in other ways. Some folks around here could teach a class of diplomatic insults. Any takers?

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Some folks around here could teach a class of diplomatic insults. Any takers?


Is it diplomatic for me to suggest that you "think" about your second sentence in that last post of yours?


"Beyond that, if you it's something you could say to my sainted Grandmother in a room crowded with her former Marine Corp sons and grandsons, it's fine."


I just couldn't resist, no insult intended and I'm not normally one to police grammar. Besides, my grammar been deceased for a long time.

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> {quote:title=TCMWebAdmin wrote:}{quote}You'll find that for the most part, the rules are in the Code of Conduct. Beyond that, if you it's something you could say to my sainted Grandmother in a room crowded with her former Marine Corp sons and grandsons, it's fine. Sadly, with that as criteria, there are at least a few social misfits in this crowd. Most of them are obvious, because they get all puffed up when someone calls them on their rudeness and claim they have a right to respond in kind.


> Which is funny, because they don't have that right. And many posters understand they can make their point effectively in other ways. Some folks around here could teach a class of diplomatic insults. Any takers?



Not following you. Are you saying that "diplomatic" insults are allowed? What exactly is a "diplomatic" insult? If I had to hazard a guess, and I could be wrong, it would be an insult so subtle that the offended party doesn't know he/she was insulted. Am I right/wrong? Actually, the only "diplomatic" insult that I'm aware of resulted in SYLVANIA declaring war on FREEDONIA. But, if that is what floats your boat, please provide examples so the next time when we use one and are chastised for it we can say 'Michael said we can say it". Seriously, what's so wrong with simply issuing and edict saying that everyone should respect everyone else's opinion regarding TCM, it's programming policies, or any subject that is allowed on these boards, even if that opinion flys in the face of someone else's logic or facts, and no insults to fellow posters of any kind are tolerated, period. If you don't like an opinion just ignore it. But, an insult, ANY INSULT DIPLOMATIC OR OTHERWISE is not, however, an opinion. That is made as a definitive statement, not against the opinion you dislike, but against the individual giving his/her opinion. It is not made in jest, and not to teach a lesson, it is made with malice aforethought for the express purpose of belittling someone that they are sick of and baiting them into fighting back. I hope you are including those individuals under your "social misfit" umbrella as they could use a lesson in basic respect and tolerance 101, something usually learned in KINDERGARTEN.

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}Leaving here? Leaving here is like trying to "leave" cigarettes. Good luck.



Maybe that's why I'm so cranky lately?? Suffering from withdrawal...


Yes, it seems like leaving message board is like leaving the Bates Motel - you can check-in, but you can't check-out... (Or is that the Hotel California? Where "You can check-out any time you like,

But you can never leave!")


Or is the message board like the asylum in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," where you can easily escape and leave, but you've friends amongst the inmates and don't want to abandon them...


Or maybe the message board is like a mafia family, where, as Michael Corleone says in "Godfather III" - "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in."



Anyway, more like I have other things to do and am wasting too much time on message boards, this or any other... So I'm trying to cut back on the portions...

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> {quote:title=darkblue wrote:}{quote}

>> I believe an aspect of it is that they do not find a discussion as serious as others find it. I must wonder how they would feel if a doctor told them: "Pathology confirmed that your flu is actually late-stage intestinal cancer. We must discuss the balance of chemotherapy and radiation in your treatment but first I am wondering if you heard about the duck who walked into a bar."

> Yes, such critical medical issues are very much the same degree of seriousness as what people express on a TCM message board. There's no difference between what one should expect from a TCM poster from how they expect to be handled by their cancer doctor. Both treatments are life-and-death.


The scenario I described is not "life-and-death". You are going to die. Such discussions concern quality of life during your time remaining.


Discussions on this forum do not involve pain but they are matters of quality of life. The difference is that instead of one person affected extensively it is an extensive number of people affected a tiny amount.


It has been shown many times that a movie or tribute will air because a poster cheerfully campaigned for it. Such selections and the knowledge that the big corporation will listen to little people raises the quality of life for all viewers and posters.


Injecting humor into serious discussions as was done on this thread is belittling and mean-spirited.


It is openly declaring that the opinions of the other posters are not worthy of serious consideration.


It is saying the concerns of the other posters serve no purpose but to take up space until a juvenile's need to call attention to himself leads to the injection of lame or half-witted remarks.


Such actions are more damaging to the group than the worst foul-mouthed troll as it makes the forum unattractive to reasonable people.


It can be noted that the majority of those who abused others in this way are ones who have not contributed greatly to the knowledge base or increased appreciation or awareness of movies.


Those who wished this thread to remain serious are mostly those who have helped others in many ways to know, find and open themselves up to movies. They are also ones who have affected programming by their reasonable requests made in respectful ways.


Humor has its place. I have participated in the 20th Century Vole and the dreaded rear-end thread and have made statements which I hope people found humourous in many other threads. Whether such things are appropriate are a matter of time and place.

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> {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}

> > I feel that I do "follow the rules" here.

> I am curious as to how you follow the rules. Is it that you ask a deliberate question of: "Does this post follow the rules?" before you submit it or is it that your nature is in accord with the rules so you would nearly never write a post which might violate the rules?


> I believe a reasonable person will stay within the limits of reasonable rules even when they do not know them.


I'm not sure if you are suggesting that sometimes I personally do not follow the rules, or if you are merely examining the whole issue around the rules of the TCM Messageboards, which basically means its Code of Conduct.


Since you and I have always gotten along beautifully here, I will work on the assumption that it is the latter.


I have read the TCM Code of Conduct. Like, I suspect, most people, "skim" might be a better word than intensive in-depth reading. But I'm pretty sure I've understood the gist of it, which is, basically, do not break any laws, under no circumstances make racist, sexist, homophobic, or xenophobic comments, do not make comments of a political or religious nature, and , to conclude, exercise common sense and courtesy when posting here.

Or, as I put it here a few posts back, follow the universal Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.


I feel that 95% of the time I follow the above prescribed behaviour. ( Ok, maybe 94% of the time.)


There does seem to be a disagreement here as to when it is appropriate to add humour to a thread, there seem to be two different camps on the matter.

Although I wrote, I believe, two posts here on the subject, posts which I took some time to think through before I wrote them, I have not received any specific responses to either of them. I am not sure if the people who object to making jokes on "serious" threads have even read them.


Edited by: misswonderly on Sep 14, 2012 11:54 PM

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*"It can be noted that the majority of those who abused others in this way are ones who have not contributed greatly to the knowledge base or increased appreciation or awareness of movies."* - SansFin


How very insightful. And it is so true. Few discuss films or TCM anymore. Why they gather here is beyond me. It's not like they are making friends. I only observe them being unfriendly and hectoring certain others.


I believe there is a group that spends more time exchanging PMs than participating in Forum discussions. They've become very adept at conducting whisper campaigns against others here all through the backchannels of the PM system. It is rather creepy.

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> But these message boards are not real life. No one is literally interrupting someone else when they "inject" a joke, pun, or any other attempt at humour. In many ways internet message boards work in styles and approaches very different from Real Life .




While we may not all be together in person and having a conversation, the virtual conversations that occur here at TCM City are conversations.


In real life would you approach a group of people having a conversation about how to make these forums a better place for all or Lauren Bacall as SOTM or any other conversation that happens here and interrupt that conversation to ask a question that has nothing to do with what is being discussed? Would you interrupt that conversation to try to turn the discussion to Lauren Bacall's posterior? Would you interrupt that conversation to turn the conversation to something completely different than what is being discussed? (all three examples have happened in various threads).


If not, then why is it okay to do it here?


Once the conversation is interrupted and others join the conversation to add to the humor or join the new conversation that bears little resemblance to the original topic, the thread often doesn't recover. The people who were engaging in the original conversation often tend to disengage and the conversation goes off on a different tangent and the original conversation is forgotten. The message being sent is to those engaged in the original conversation is their time and interest doesn't matter as much as how funny can the rest of us can be.


No one is saying that there should be no humor here at TCM City.


All that is being asked is some discretion and thought take place before writing the post that is going to interrupt the discussion.


Should posting at TCM be a contest to see who can post the "funny" fastest or should it be used as open mic night?


Perhaps it can be a place where people give some thought not only to what they write but how it will fit into the conversation already going on.


That's all that's being asked here.

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I haven't quite grasped this thread, I've just gone through a few posts. Though I am curious as to the various cabals that exist. Kyle, names, please! Whom do you suspect?


LZ, I understand your point. I sometimes get frustrated when a thread gets off the subject. But you use "real life" as an example. A "real-life" conversation doesn't always stay on the straight and narrow of the topic. One thing leads to another, to another, etc., and hopefully it's all in the realm of the general subject.


There are some posters who get nasty, but I think we're very far from the point where George Brent (with or without his rear end) would stamp "prognosis negative" on this site!

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*"But there's always a connection between the first lighter post to a previous post, even if the previous post was deadly serious. Even in the most serious real life conversations, asides and tension breakers occur..."* - darkblue


No. I can't sign on with that reason giving permission to add light-hearted commentary to any thread. If you haven't participated in the discussion up to that point, you definitely don't have permission to come in and crack wise.


Persons that behave in such a manner are just interlopers and posting for self amusement. Others may also find it amusing, I'm sure. But the persons that are actually invested in the thread topic and engaging in a conversation are the only ones that have permission to bring humor into their discussion. At the very least, it is they that have the right to make that choice. Otherwise, it is just disruption from "outside sources."


I've witnessed people pop in to threads and make comments of a non-sequitor style as if they are Tom Servo and Crow. Not all threads in the forums are a "bad movie" needing or deserving mst3k commentary. If one isn't participating in a discussion prior to that point, who are they to decide it suddenly "needs" such commentary.


Edited by: hlywdkjk on Sep 14, 2012 8:14 PM

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In one post, you are complaining about PMs; in your most recent post, you seem to want an entire thread to be PM! Perhaps you don't realize that any member of this board has the right to enter any thread at any time, and post a comment. According to the site's rules, of course.



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> {quote:title=Swithin wrote:}{quote}

> In one post, you are complaining about PMs; in your most recent post, you seem to want an entire thread to be PM! Perhaps you don't realize that any member of this board has the right to enter any thread at any time, and post a comment. According to the site's rules, of course.

Inquiring minds want to know whose permission do we ask to express our opinion ?:|

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I haven't spoken up in this thread since the very beginning, however darkblue, I absolutely agree with most of your comments in this thread, and especially this latest comment of yours here:


"Way too much being made here. Way too much. I'm beginning to think a little Valium would do wonders for all this overwroughtness."


Yep, I also think there seems to be more than a few folks around here who evidently think of this TCM message board as more akin to some kind of "University level cimema history course" than just a relaxed and informal gathering of people who enjoy "talkin' movies" and possibly occasionally the "peripheral" to it, WHICH thank God might include the occasional attempt at levity.


(btw...no religious connotation was EITHER expressed NOR implied by the use of the name "God" here...it was JUST an expression, folks!) ;)


However, I DO have to disagree with the last sentence in your latest posting, when you stated:


"Worst idea for a TCM thread I've seen in a long time, my opinion."


Ya see, by reading this entire thread, I NOW think I have a VERY good idea who I can occasionally kid around with here at TCM's message board while discussing films, AND who I think appears to be SO friggin' "serious-minded" that ANY attempts at kiddin' around with THEM would most likely just be met with a stern and icy response...that is IF they decided to even respond back at ALL to me!


And thus, at least I think this thread has been VERY helpful in THAT regard!



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I found this article on Message Board Netiquette at http://www.lotsofkids.com/forums/Help/Netiquette.php and it's written by Michelle Lehmann.


Good stuff and most here will agree with all of it. I would point out numbers 7, 8, 9, 14, 16, and 17 for special notice.


It would be nice if this thread resulted in something good coming out of it so that everybody using the message board will be satisfied. Maybe a special section on "TCM Message Board Netiquette" to go with the TCM Code of Conduct would work? The Code of Conduct being the rules as stated and then the Netiquette section being how they are applied and how users are expected to behave based on the rules.

We have to remember/realize that TCM owns the message board and they make the rules and enforce the rules as they see fit, that includes how they interpret the rules. It doesn't matter if users misunderstand, misinterpret or are ignorant of the rules. What TCM says goes.



As for using PM, I do think that, as number 8 states, much stuff in the forums should be sent privately through PM. No need for all of us to have to view certain items that others don't find appropriate.

I think number 7 below covers it with "Keep your messages appropriate and courteous at all times."



Anyway, I'm not perfect myself and have allowed myself to be baited into inappropriate things on this message board. There seem to be users on the message board who are expert trolls and good at what they do. Why they are on the message board is an unanswered question?

Also, as one who has in the past said I would never contact the TCMAdmin, I now understand why that is necessary and will do so in future.

And after reading some of the comments on this thread, started by the TCMAdmin remember, I certainly don't envy Michael the job. (Talk about the disrespect that Michael has had to tolerate in this thread!)



Hopefully something good will come of this thread and help solve what appears to be a longstanding problem here that really only serves to tarnish the image of TCM.

I mean, why TCM would want to be associated with some of the nonsense on this message board, I don't know?



Anyway, it's 12:30 a.m. on a Friday night, so hopefully this has helped enlighten people, while at the same time helping to cure anyone's insomnia...



*{size:14px}Message Board Netiquette* We have received many request as to what constitutes "Message Board Etiquette". In order to offer some guidance to individuals posting on Internet forums, we present a list of expected behavior, which we hope will be helpful. These rules can also be applied to chat rooms, article comments, and other public feedback areas. Note that this list has been compiled after extensive research and discussion with various forum owners. The following are general guidelines which are accepted and acknowledged throughout the Internet community, and thus are not specifically directed to the Lotsofkids community members.



*If you are posting on a forum, you should keep in mind the following*:

1 *Get Educated*# . Read the Terms of Service or Rules of Play for the particular website. While most sites will have similar rules, there can be key differences from community to community, so it's a good idea to acquaint yourself with what is allowed and what is not. In addition, many forums may have special "house rules", such as which topics should be posted in which folders. These guidelines are often labeled READ THIS FIRST or GUIDELINES, or are included in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).



2 *Read Before Participating*# . It's best to browse a message board for a while before you post your first message. Read a couple week's worth of messages the first time you visit a board, and then read new messages for another couple of days. You'll see what topics are hot and which are cold, you'll get to know some of the key participants, and you'll become familiar with the demeanor of the board.



3 *Communicate Clearly*# . Write clearly when you compose a message. Review your message carefully before clicking *Send*. Typos can be confusing. Remember, if your message can be misunderstood, it will be.



4 *Refrain from using ALL CAPS*# . Typing in all capital letters is frowned upon; it's the equivalent of screaming. It's considered an aggressive way to post and it doesn't come off as being very friendly. It also makes your message more difficult to read. Moderators often delete topics or posts that use ALL CAPS.



5 *Utilize Formatting Codes and Smilies*# . Since tone can be difficult to convey simply using the written word, most forums are equipped with coding options (such as HTML and BB Code) and smileys. Using these options can help clarify what you are saying. Italicizing a word may help the reader understand what you are stressing. Putting a winking smiley in your message will help show you are just kidding or teasing and help avoid a person taking a comment personally.



6 *Correction and Retraction*# . If you realize that you made a mistake in a previous message, please add a new message acknowledging the mistake and correcting it promptly. You will find most people are understanding of mistakes if they are dealt with immediately.



7 *Be Respectful, Kind and Honest*# . Don't issue personal attacks, use profanity, or post threatening, abusive, harassing, or otherwise offensive language or images. Keep your messages appropriate and courteous at all times. Please disagree with other opinions respectfully. If you are unsure if something is unappropriate, ask yourself these questions: Would you say it to the person if she were standing right in front of you? Would you say it to your best friend or loved one? Are you calling someone names? How would you feel and react if faced with the same message from someone else? If it would anger or upset you, you might consider re-framing your thoughts in a less objectionable tone.



8 *Personal Communication*# . Personal messages, and especially critical comments, are more appropriate when sent directly and privately. Many forums have a private messaging feature that can be utilized for this purpose. If not, an e-mail to the individual is also an acceptable option.



9 *Problems with Another Poster*# . If you find yourself having a problem with another poster, it is poor form to voice your concerns on the forum. It is much better to contact the moderator or webmaster privately through email or private-message.



10 *Respect Family-Friendly Sites*# . Because of the nature of the internet, you cannot be sure who may be reading your post. If you are on a site that is considered family-friendly, try to use only appropriate language in your post. Consider that children may also read your messages.



11 *Trolls*# . Ignore "trolls." Some people get a thrill from posting flames (really obnoxious messages) just to get a rise out of others. The best way to make them go away is to ignore them; they'll get bored and go somewhere else.



12 *Be Careful When Posting Personal Information*# . Be careful about including private information about yourself, such as phone numbers and street addresses. It's not only a personal risk to you, but can also make other members of a community feel uncomfortable or wary. If you must share information of that nature, it should be sent by e-mail or private message.



13 *Be Kind to Newcomers a/k/a Noobs*# . Writing a first topic on a forum can be daunting, so please be friendly and welcoming. Also, while trolls are a reality, and sometimes members may feel apprehensive about opening up to those they don't know, remember that everyone was a "newbie" at one time or another. It is best to extend the benefit of the doubt to guests and new members.



14 *Respecting the Forums*# . Most Message Boards and Forums are provided as a service to the internet community. As a result, posting on forums should be viewed as a privilege, not a right. You would not consider acting hostile or inappropriately in a restaurant or other "public" location, and therefore you should not expect the right to do so on a forum.



15 *Respecting the Moderators and Owners*# . Just as the world needs law enforcement to help keep the peace, Message Boards often employ moderators to help enforce the rules and keep things running smoothly. Most do so on a voluntary basis. While you may not agree with them, moderators are there for the general better of the community, and should be afforded respect and courtesy. If you have a problem with a moderator, you should contact the webmaster privately through email or private-message.



16 *Freedom of Speech*# . The U.S. Bill of Rights allows citizens the right to free speech in a public forum without limitations imposed by the# State/Government# . Most message boards are not actually public forums, but rather private forums open to the public. While you will find most communities allow free and open discussion, private communities have a right to limit what is discussed and how it is discussed, as well as defining what is appropriate behavior for their forums. Freedom of speech is not the right to say something anywhere you want, but the right to say it somewhere. Freedom of Speech is the right to find another forum where you can speak your mind, or the right to start your own community in which to discuss what you wish. If you do not like the rules of a particular community, it is best if you find another which is more to your comfort level.



17 *Remember the Golden Rule*# . It is very easy to misinterpret a person's word when you cannot see them and/or hear their tone, so please keep in mind the Golden Rule of Message Board Etiquette: Its not just what you say, its how you say it.




{size:11px}***This article may be reproduced for non-commercial use, as long as credit is given to the author.***









Article by: Michelle Lehmann

2007 - Lotsofkids.com


Edited by: RMeingast on Sep 15, 2012 12:30 AM

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darkblue wrote:

Added: While I was composing this response to kyle, I had no idea that Dargo2 had made an unexpected return to the thread. So my appraisal of his first response may be erroneous - but as it's my impression, and was from the start, I've decided to let it stand.



Nope dark, there was no need for your addendum there. You pretty much correctly sized up by initial response and the reasons for it pretty darn well. Yep, I pretty much knew this was going to be one of "hang-wringing" kind'a threads here. Yep, and so my initial response WAS to make light of it with my 'J.C. "Flippant"' joke, as I had NO doubt that this thread was going to elicit all these "overwrought"(as I feel you so expertly defined it) little complaints about the "style" of other people's postings, and even if that "style" had nothing whatsoever to do with "trolls" or "bullies".


You may also remember I just a little later in this thread stated the following:


"Eeh! Have any of you folks around here ever read the stuff posted on the Yahoo News feedback forums or any of their equivalents? Now THERE'S ya some REAL "Flamewars".


Compared to those, THIS PLACE is filled with potential nominees for the U.S. Department of State AMBASSADORSHIPS!


(...think I'm KIDDIN'???...then just take a sec to check out the morons...err...I mean the folks posting on THOSE!!!)"



And I STILL think I hit the ol' nail RIGHT on the head when I stated THAT!

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*"Perhaps you don't realize that any member of this board has the right to enter any thread at any time, and post a comment."* - swithin


It is one thing to enter into a thread and add to the discussion taking place. Of course everyone here has the ability and right to do that.


It something altogether different to enter a thread and post the non-sequitor equivilent of a "belch" believing it (and themself) to be oh so funny. It's not. And they're not. It is just inconsiderate and disrespectful to other Forum Members.


Still, I don't expect any of them to stop such behavior. I know they feel they have the right to post where and when they want. "I can do whatever I want within the guidelines of the Code Of Conduct." There are some people that can put their hand in their armpit and make funny noises too. I just thought such people would prefer to hang out at the Message Boards for the Cartoon Network where such a skill is still held in high regard and not at the Forums for TCM.


Besides, who am I to judge, right? As TCM Apologist #1, I am biased against anyone and anything that could be interpreted as being negative about TCM or this place, right?



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Well Kyle, once again, you are talking about your lack of appreciation of a certain "style" of postings in threads, NOT "Flamewars" nor "Trolls" nor "Bullies", which I'm almost sure this thread WAS supposed to be about.


And, while YOU may not care to read those occasional innocuous little non-sequitors which evidently you feel are the equalivant to an "armpit ****", IF those occasional innocuous non-sequitors ARE cleverly done, I personally often find those little "respites" in an otherwise "earnestly written" thread VERY amusing, and I have a feeling that many others around here do, also.


(...yep, I kind of view 'em as "Hitchcockian" in a way...you know, kind of how Hitch would often insert a bit of comic-relief JUST before or JUST after he's scared the ever-lovin' you-know-what out of ya!) ;)

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*(...yep, I kind of view 'em as "Hitchcockian" in a way...you know, kind of how Hitch would often insert a bit of comic-relief JUST before or JUST after he's scared the ever-lovin' you-know-what out of ya!) ;)*


From now on, I think we should call those little asides in posts, MacGuffin armpit-****


Pardon the gaucheness, folks :^0

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Hum, this current flow of comment would be best posted to


[FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION|http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?messageID=8680363]


I appreciate a communication detour now and then. Gives fresh perspective. I think about times of going to a party and the conversation never drifted from the original topic..

h5. "oh, look at the time, it's getting late, I have to up early in the morning.."

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> {quote:title=TCMWebAdmin wrote:}{quote}*The following does not necessarily represent the views of the TCM network.*


> The level of vitriol and ugliness around here is a bit high. In a community of people who watch TCM and love movies, it seems odd to me that some people can't keep from posting nasty and unpleasant comments about each other.


> No one posting here (including myself) has the absolute right to do so. There is no absolute freedom of expression here and there is content that the forum's code of conduct expressely forbids. TCM reserves the right to remove any content and ban any user at any time. You agree to be governed by that policy when you post here: It doesn't matter whether you like it or not.


> These forums do exist so that TCM viewers can share their opinions, positive and negative, about the network and the movies it shows. They do not exist so that you can post negative comments about other users.


> That said... why do you think *you* should be able to be rude, mean, cruel, flippant, disrespectful, etc. about other users? If you disagree with someone else, why can't you just make your objections known without resorting to insults? If you dislike someone else, why do you feel you have to engage with them? How does a post about *2001* turn into a hate fest?


> No recriminations... share what you think. I'm genuinely interested and I'm not going to hold what you say here against you. Although, I suppose I will have to put you on post-moderation if you can't be nice about it.




Here's the original post, for those who seem to have forgotten. I don't see where Michael's emphasis was on "levity". It was on trolls and bullies and people going out of their way to be mean to one another.


You may continue...

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> {quote:title=darkblue wrote:

> }{quote}Wow, Meingast. For a member who isn't here anymore, you sure are here a lot.






I think I'll stick around after all... I'm no Gil Carter, maybe only an Art Croft... But I think I better stick around...


Or as a famous person once said,

think it was Genghis Khan (from the movie "The Wrath of Khan") ;) ,


"Veni, vidi, blogi, abivi, reveni!" - "I came, I saw, I blogged, I left, and I came back!":)

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Since this thread seems to have been hanging around near the top for a while, I looked in. I don't understand the acrimony that crops up from time to time, but I think having no sense of humor is conducive to creating an acrimonious climate. If you take everything SO seriously, you may therefore be too quick to become offended by differening opinions.


I think you should lighten up. You seem to have set yourself up as the judge of what "adds to the discussion" and what is a "non-sequitor." But I think we need to keep in mind that we all have opinions, and that one person's addition to the discussion is another person's "belch." It may be those who don't recognize that who are creating the climate of intolerance that leads to the problems here.

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Reading some of the comments below, I don't know if the users making them are attempting some sort of Monty Pythonesque form of satire to represent some of the styles of types of posts some users on the message board get annoyed with?

I'm not the brightest bunny in the forest, so maybe I'm missing something about all the nasty and rude comments in this thread below??

I thought the idea of the thread is to try and come up with ideas about how to improve the message board?


As for users posting photos and injecting humour (seemingly bizarre at first and out of nowhere), maybe they could add a comment at the top of their post warning other users of what is to come?

Like some post a "spoiler alert" at the beginning to warn others about what is to follow.

That way, people a bit slower on the uptake, like moi, will read it and will have some idea of what is happening (Sorry, but we're not all geniuses on the message board)...


As for users expecting a more in-depth and serious discussion about films on the message board

("university-level course," or whatever), what's wrong with that?

If that is the general tenor of a thread, why jump in and "hijack" it??

If you want to ridicule the users on the thread, do it by PM.

I don't think I jump into a less-than-serious thread and all of a sudden try and change it to a severely serious one? I don't think I've ever done that on this message board?

I've never gone into the George Brent thread and tried to hose down all the silliness...

So why do users feel they can do that in a serious thread?

At least without a warning like "Levity Alert," or "Let There Be Levity," or something...


Anyway, time to go for now and I bid y'all adieu...





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