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*This is the voting thread for the 22nd TCM Programming Challenge: Hail Columbia*.


Nine incredible schedules were posted but only one can win this Challenge. The person who receives the most votes gets to moderate the next Challenge.


*Here are the voting requirements*: you are eligible to vote if you were a registered member of the TCM message boards no later than *July 1, 2012* OR you submitted one of the nine schedules in this Challenge. Only one vote per member, please.



Voting is open from now until *11:59 PM (pacific time) on Monday, September 10, 2012*. Cast your vote on this thread or send me a private message. You may find it useful to check out the original information and Challenge requirements in this link: http://forums.tcm.com/thread.jspa?threadID=165802&tstart=0&messageID=8665328#8665328



Please consider including comments about what you liked in each schedule. Everyone worked very hard and it's always a pleasure for the challengers to receive positive feedback.



Here are the nine participants of this Challenge:








Lonesome Polecat




At this juncture, I must point out that Lonesome Polecat used eleven premieres instead of ten and has recused herself from the voting.



Fedya did not technically complete his schedule by the deadline. The pertinent information of actor/actress and Director are missing.



Both Fedya and Lonesome Polecat created marvelous schedules and I hope that all of you will laud their fine efforts, along with all of the other participants.



One note: kingrat sent me a PM a few days ago, regretting not having the opportunity to complete a schedule. I'm sure he'll be around for the next Challenge.



I am posting all schedules and notes. Please reread and wait until I get all nine posted before commenting or voting. It might take a bit of time to cull everything and do some reformatting.



I will announce the winner on *Tuesday, September 11th*.

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{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}

*Capuchin's Schedule for June 16 to 22, 2013*


SOTM -- Basil Rathbone

Columbia Tribute -- Monday Evening


Daytime Themes -- *If TCM's programmers moonlighted for other cable channels.*

Evening Themes -- Cheesy Alliterations



*Court TV*

6:00AM *Witness For The Prosecution* (1957) Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich, Charles Laughton, Dir: Billy Wilder, Small Prod,, 116mins, P/S

8:00AM *Madeleine* (1950) Ann Todd, Norman Wooland, Leslie Banks. Dir: David Lean, Cineguild, 101mins, P/S

9:45AM *The Wreck Of The Mary Deare* (1959) Gary Cooper, Charlton Heston, Michael Redgrave. Dir: Michael Anderson, Blaustein-Baroda, 105mins, P/S

11:30AM *None Shall Escape* (1944) Marsha Hunt, Alexander Knox, Henry Travers. Dir: André De Toth, Columbia, 85mins, P/S

1:00PM *Term Of Trial* (1962) Laurence Olivier, Simone Signoret, Sarah Miles. Dir: Peter Glenville, Romulus, 113mins, P/S

3:00PM *LeProces de Jeanne d'Arc* (1962) Florence Delay, Jean-Claude Fourneau, Roger Honorat. Dir: Robert Bresson, Delahaie Prod., 65mins, P/S

4:15PM *The Trials of Oscar Wilde* (1960) Peter Finch, Yvonne Mitchell, James Mason. Dir: Ken Hughes, Viceroy, 123mins, P/S

6:30PM *One Way Pendulum* (1964) Eric Sykes, George Cole, Julia Foster. Dir: Peter Yates, Woodfall, 90mins, P/S


*Sherlockian Sunday*

*SOTM -- Basil Rathbone*

8:00PM *The Flirting Widow* (1930) Dorothy Mackaill, Basil Rathbone, Leila Hyams. Dir: William Seiter, First National, 72mins, P/S

9:15PM *A Notorious Affair* (1930) Billie Dove, Basil Rathbone, Kay Francis. Dir: Lloyd Bacon, First National, 69mins, P/S

10:30PM *Fingers At The Window* (1942) Basil Rathbone, Lew Ayres, Laraine Day. Dir: Charles Lederer, MGM, 81mins


*Silent Sunday Night*

12:00AM *The Great Deception* (1926) Basil Rathbone, Aileen Pringle, Ben Lyon. Dir: Howard Higgin, Kane Prod., 60mins, Exempt

1:00AM *The Masked Bride* (1925) Basil Rathbone, Mae Murray, Francis X. Bushman. Dir: Christy Cabanne, MGM, 60mins


*TCM Import*

2:00AM *Autopsia de un fantasma* (1968) Basil Rathbone, John Carradine, Amadee Chabot. Dir: Ismael Rodríguez, Películas Rodríguez, 95mins, Exempt


3:45AM *Sherlock Holmes in Terror by Night* (1946) Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Alan Mowbray. Dir: Roy William Neill, Universal, 60mins, P/S

4:45AM *The Black Sleep* (1956) Basil Rathbone, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr. Dir: Reginald LeBorg, Bel-Air, 73mins, P/S



*DIY Network*

6:00AM *Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House* (1948) Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, Melvyn Douglas. Dir: H C Potter, RKO, 94mins

7:45AM *Frankenstein* (1931) Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Mae Clarke. Dir: James Whale, Universal, 70mins, P/S

9:00AM *How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying* (1967) Robert Morse, Michele Lee, Rudy Vallee. Dir: David Swift, Mirisch, 121mins, P/S

11:15AM *How to Murder a Rich Uncle* (1957) Nigel Patrick, Charles Coburn, Wendy Hiller. Dir: Nigel Patrick, Warwick, 79mins, P/S

12:45PM *How To Stuff A Wild Bikini* (1965) Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Brian Donlevy. Dir: William Asher, AIP, 93mins, P/S

2:30PM *How to Marry a Millionaire* (1953) Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall. Dir: Jean Negulesco, Fox, 95mins, P/S

4:15PM *How to Save a Marriage And Ruin Your Life* (1968) Dean Martin, Stella Stevens, Eli Wallach. Dir: Fielder Cook, Nob Hill, 102mins, P/S

6:00PM *How To Murder Your Wife* (1965) Jack Lemmon, Virna Lisi, Terry-Thomas. Dir: Richard Quine, Murder Inc, 118mins, P/S


*Mystery Monday* (Columbia Mysteries)

8:00PM *5 Against the House* (1955) Kim Novak, Guy Madison, Brian Keith. Dir: Phil Karlson, Columbia, 84mins, Premiere #1

9:30PM *Who Killed Gail Preston?* (1938) Rita Hayworth, Don Terry, Robert Paige. Dir: Leon Barsha, Columbia, 61mins, Premiere #2

10:45PM *Murder in Greenwich Village* (1937) Richard Arlen, Fay Wray, Raymond Walburn. Dir: Albert S. Rogell, Columbia, 68mins, Premiere #3

12:00AM *The Shadow* (1937) Rita Hayworth, Charles Quigley, Marc Lawrence. Dir: Charles C. Coleman, Columbia, 59mins, Premiere #4

1:00AM *The Ninth Guest* (1934) Donald Cook, Genevieve Tobin, Hardie Albright. Dir: Roy William Neill, Columbia, 65mins, Premiere #5

2:15AM *The Crime of Helen Stanley* (1934) Ralph Bellamy, Shirley Grey, Gail Patrick. Dir: D Ross Lederman, Columbia, 58mins, Premiere #6

3:15AM *The Woman from Tangier* (1948) Adele Jergens, Stephen Dunne, Ian MacDonald. Dir: Harold Daniels, Columbia, 66mins, Premiere #7

4:30AM *Pushover* (1954) Fred MacMurray, Phil Carey, Kim Novak. Dir: Richard Quine, Columbia, 88mins, P/S



*Travel Channel*

6:00AM *London After Midnight* (1927) Lon Chaney, Marceline Day, Henry B Walthall. Dir: Tod Browning, MGM, 47mins

7:00AM *Fire Over England* (1937) Laurence Olivier, Flora Robson, Vivien Leigh. Dir: William F Howard, London Film, 89mins, P/S

8:30AM *Bonnie Scotland* (1935) Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, June Lang. Dir: James Horne, Hal Roach, 80mins, P/S

10:00AM *Carnival in Flanders* (1935) Francoise Rosay, Andre Alerme, Louis Jouvet. Dir: Jacques Feyder, Films Sonores Tobis, 110mins, P/S

12:00PM *Pan-Americana* (1945) Audrey Long, Phillip Terry, Robert Benchley. Dir: John H Auer, RKO, 84mins

1:30PM *Flying Down To Rio* (1933) Dolores Del Rio, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. Dir: Thornton Freeland, Radio Pictures, 89mins, P/S

3:00PM *Escapade In Japan* (1957) Teresa Wright, Cameron Mitchell, Jon Provost. Dir: Arthur Lubin, RKO, 93mins

4:45PM *China Sky* (1945) Randolph Scott, Ruth Warrick, Ellen Drew. Dir: Ray Enright, RKO, 78mins

6:15PM *Forbidden Planet* (1956) Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen. Dir: Fred M Wilcox, MGM, 98mins


Train Travelin' Tuesday

8:00PM *The Train* (1964) Burt Lancaster, Paul Scofield, Jeanne Moreau. Dir: John Frankenheimer, Dear Film, 133mins, P/S

10:15PM *The Lady Vanishes* (1938) Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Dame May Whitty. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock, Gainsborough, 96mins, P/S

12:00AM *Shanghai Express* (1932) Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook, Anna May Wong. Dir: Josef von Sternberg, Paramount, 80mins, P/S

1:30AM *Murder In The Private Car* (1934) Russell Hardie, Charles Ruggles, Una Merkel. Dir: Harry Beaumont, MGM, 63mins

2:45AM *The Ghost Train* (1941) Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch, Kathleen Harrison. Dir: Walter Forde, Gainsborough, 85mins, P/S

4:15AM *Strangers On A Train* (1951) Farley Granger, Ruth Roman, Robert Walker. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock, WB Pictures, 101mins, P/S



*The Weather Channel*

6:00AM *The Hurricane* (1937) Dorothy Lamour, Jon Hall, Mary Astor. Dir: John Ford, Goldwyn, 110mins, P/S

8:00AM *Tess of the Storm Country* (1922) Mary Pickford, Lloyd Hughes, Gloria Hope. Dir: John S. Robertson, Mary Pickford Company, 118mins, P/S

10:00AM *The Rains Came* (1939) Myrna Loy, Tyrone Power, George Brent. Dir: Clarence Brown, Fox, 103mins, P/S

11:45AM *The Wind* (1928) Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson, Montagu Love. Dir: Victor Sjostrom, MGM, 82mins

1:15PM *Rain* (1932) Joan Crawford, Fred Howard, William Gargan. Dir: Lewis Milestone, Feature Prod, 94mins, P/S

3:00PM *Noah's Ark* (1929) Dolores Costello, Noah Beery, George O'Brien. Dir: Michael Curtiz, WB, 100mins

4:45PM *Monsoon* (1943) John Carradine, Gale Sondergaard, Sidney Toler. Dir: Edgar G Ulmer, Atlantis, 82mins, P/S

6:15PM *Key Largo* (1948) Humphrey Bogart, Edward G Robinson, Lauren Bacall. Dir: John Huston, WB Pictures, 100mins, P/S


*Wednesday Weddings*

8:00PM *The Pleasure of His Company* (1961) Fred Astaire, Lilli Palmer, Debbie Reynolds. Dir: George Seaton, Perlsea, 115mins, Premiere #8

10:00PM *June Bride* (1948) Bette Davis, Robert Montgomery, Fay Bainter. Dir: Bretaigne Windust, WB Pictures, 96mins, P/S

11:45PM *Royal Wedding* (1951) Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford. Dir: Stanley Donen, MGM, 93mins

1:30AM *Double Wedding* (1937) William Powell, Myrna Loy, Florence Rice. Dir: Richard Thorpe, MGM, 87mins

3:00AM *The Wedding Night* (1935) Gary Cooper, Anna Sten, Ralph Bellamy. Dir: King Vidor, Howard Prod, 83mins, P/S

4:30AM *Haunted Honeymoon* (1940) Robert Montgomery, Constance Cummings, Robert Newton. Dir: Arthur B Woods, MGM British Studios, 83mins, P/S



*Animal Planet*

6:00AM *King Kong* (1933) Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot. Dir: Merian C Cooper & Ernest B Schoedsack, RKO, 100mins

7:45AM *The Yearling* (1946) Gregory Peck, Jane Wyman, Claude Jarman Jr. Dir: Clarence Brown, MGM, 128mins

10:00AM *The Black Stallion* (1979) Kelly Reno, Mickey Rooney, Terry Garr. Dir: Carroll Ballard, Omni Zoetrope, 118mins, P/S

12:00PM *The Jungle Book* (1942) Sabu, Joseph Calleia, John Qualen. Dir: Zoltan Korda, Alexander Korda Films, 108mins, P/S

2:00PM *Safari* (1956) Victor Mature, Janet Leigh, John Justin. Dir: Terence Young, Warwick, 90mins, P/S

3:30PM *Hatari!* (1962) John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli, Red Buttons. Dir: Howard Hawks, Malabar, 157mins, P/S

6:15PM *Mysterious Island* (1961) Michael Craig, Michael Callan, Joan Greenwood. Dir: Cy Endfield, Ameran, 101mins, P/S


*Thinkin' Thursday*

8:00PM *Sitting Pretty* (1948) Robert Young, Maureen O'Hara, Clifton Webb. Dir: Walter Lang, Fox, 83mins, P/S

9:30PM *Lost Angel* (1943) Margaret O'Brien, James Craig, Marsha Hunt. Dir: Roy Rowland, MGM, 91mins

11:15PM *Lust For Life* (1956) Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, James Donald. Dir: Vincente Minnelli, MGM, 121mins

1:30AM *Charly* (1968) Cliff Robertson, Claire Bloom, Lilia Skala. Dir: Ralph Nelson, ABC, 103mins, P/S

3:15AM *Genius At Work* (1947) Wally Brown, Alan Carney, Bela Lugosi. Dir: Leslie Goodwins, RKO, 61mins

4:30AM *The Mad Genius* (1931) John Barrymore, Marian Marsh, Donald Cook. Dir: Michael Curtiz, WB, 81mins



*Food Network*

6:00AM *If You Could Only Cook* (1935) Herbert Marshall, Jean Arthur, Leo Carillo. Dir: William A Seiter, Columbia, 72mins, P/S

7:15AM *Our Daily Bread* (1934) Karen Morley, Tom Keene, John Qualen. Dir: King Vidor, Vidor Prod., 74mins, P/S

8:30AM *Breakfast for Two* (1937) Barbara Stanwyck, Herbert Marshall, Glenda Farrell. Dir: Alfred Santell, RKO, 68mins

9:45AM *Kisses For Breakfast* (1941) Dennis Morgan, Jane Wyatt, Shirley Ross. Dir: Lewis Seiler, WB, 82mins

11:15AM *My Kingdom for a Cook* (1943) Charles Coburn, Marguerite Chapman, Bill Carter. Dir: Richard Wallace, Columbia, 81mins, P/S

12:45PM *Oliver Twist* (1922) Jackie Coogan, Lon Chaney, Gladys Brockwell. Dir: Frank Lloyd, Coogan Prod., 74mins, P/S

2:00PM *Christmas In Connecticut* (1945) Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, Sydney Greenstreet. Dir: Peter Godfrey, WB, 101mins

3:45PM *The Man Who Came To Dinner* (1942) Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan, Monty Woolley. Dir: William Keighley, WB, 112mins

5:45PM *Satyricon* (1970) Martin Potter, Hiram Keller, Max Born. Dir: Federico Fellini, PEA, 128mins, P/S


*Femme Fatale Friday*

8:00PM *Mata Hari* (1931) Greta Garbo, Ramon Novarro, Lionel Barrymore. Dir: George Fitzmaurice, MGM, 89mins

9:30PM *The Devil Is A Woman* (1935) Marlene Dietrich, Lionel Atwill, Edward Everett Horton. Dir: Josef von Sternberg, Paramount, 79mins, P/S

11:00PM *Cleopatra* (1912) Helen Gardner, Pearl Sindelar, Harley Knoles. Dir: Charles Gaskill, Gardner Picture Players , 88mins, P/S

12:30AM *Framed* (1947) Glenn Ford, Janis Carter, Barry Sullivan. Dir: Richard Wallace, Columbia, 82mins, P/S


*TCM Underground*

2:00AM *Kitten With a Whip* (1964) Ann-Margret, John Forsythe, Peter Brown. Dir: Douglas Heyes, Universal, 82mins, Exempt


3:30AM *Solomon And Sheba* (1959) Yul Brynner, Gina Lollobrigida, George Sanders. Dir: King Vidor, Small Prod,, 139mins, P/S




6:00AM *Alibi Ike* (1935) Joe E Brown, Olivia de Havilland, Ruth Donnelly. Dir: Ray Enright, WB, 72mins

7:15AM *The Cowboy Quarterback* (1939) Marie Wilson, Bert Wheeler, William Demarest. Dir: Noel Smith, WB, 56mins

8:15AM *Indianapolis Speedway* (1939) Pat O'Brien, Ann Sheridan, John Payne. Dir: Lloyd Bacon, WB, 82mins

9:45AM *Kill the Umpire* (1950) William Bendix, Una Merkel, Ray Collins. Dir: Lloyd Bacon, Columbia, 78mins, P/S

11:15AM *The Story Of Seabiscuit* (1949) Shirley Temple, Barry Fitzgerald, Lon McCallister. Dir: David Butler, WB Pictures, 98mins, P/S

1:00PM *Six Day Bike Rider* (1934) Joe E Brown, Maxine Doyle, Frank McHugh. Dir: Lloyd Bacon, First National, 69mins, P/S

2:15PM *Genevieve* (1953) John Gregson, Dinah Sheridan, Kenneth More. Dir: Henry Cornelius, Rank, 86mins, P/S

3:45PM *Elmer The Great* (1933) Joe E Brown, Patricia Ellis, Frank McHugh. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy, First National, 72mins, P/S

5:00PM *Ladies Day* (1943) Lupe Velez, Eddie Albert, Patsy Kelly. Dir: Leslie Goodwins, RKO, 62mins

6:15PM *Angels In The Outfield* (1951) Paul Douglas, Janet Leigh, Keenan Wynn. Dir: Clarence Brown, MGM, 99mins


*Supernatural Satuday*


8:00PM *Angel On My Shoulder* (1946) Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, Claude Rains. Dir: Archie Mayo, Rogers Prod., 100mins, P/S


10:45PM *Scrooge* (1970) Albert Finney, Alec Guinness, Edith Evans. Dir: Ronald Neame, Cinema Center, 113mins, P/S

11:45PM *Gildersleeve's Ghost* (1944) Harold Peary, Marion Martin, Frank Reicher. Dir: Gordon Douglas, RKO, 64mins

1:00AM *I Married An Angel* (1942) Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Edward Everett Horton. Dir: Maj W S Van Dyke II, MGM, 85mins

2:30AM *The Woman In White* (1948) Gig Young, Eleanor Parker, Sydney Greenstreet. Dir: Peter Godfrey, WB Pictures, 109mins, P/S

4:30AM *The Ghost Breakers* (1940) Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, Paul Lukas. Dir: George Marshall, Paramount, 85mins, P/S



5 Against the House

Who Killed Gail Preston?

Murder in Greenwich Village

The Shadow

The Ninth Guest

The Crime of Helen Stanley

The Woman from Tangier

The Pleasure of His Company



1910's -- 1

1920s -- 7

1930s -- 32

1940s -- 29

1950s -- 18

1960s -- 15

1970s -- 3

{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}

*Capuchin's Schedule notes for June 16 to 22, 2013*


SOTM -- Basil Rathbone

Columbia Tribute -- Monday Evening


Daytime Themes -- *If TCM's programmers moonlighted for other cable channels.*

Evening Themes -- Cheesy Alliterations


There are times that, for one reason or another, I'm not particularly interested in watching the movie on TCM. So I start channel surfing. This led me to wonder what it would look like if TCM programmers moonlighted by creating schedules for other cable channels.


Court TV would be all about trials, DIY Network would show How To movies, etc.


I thought about a particular news channel's possible line-up (a mixture of fantasies and famous lies), but discretion is the better part of valor, and I decided not to light that fuse.


Basil Rathbone is SOTM. I'm able to put him on Sunday because of his silent and foreign movies. *Autopsia de un fantasma* (1968) translates roughly to Autopsy of a Ghost. It's really tacky but kinda so bad it's good. As part of my cheesy alliterations, I called it Sherlockian Sunday, but there's only one Holmes movie.


When I think of Columbia Pictures, the first thing that comes to mind is mystery movies. I picked some I barely remember, not having seen them in decades.


The rest of the schedule is rather self-evident. I picked mostly movies I know and like to fit the theme for the day or evening.


I know 4 of the premieres on Columbia night didn't have to go against the overall count, but I don't usually use a lot of premieres anyway because most of the great movies have already been on TCM.



5 Against the House

Who Killed Gail Preston?

Murder in Greenwich Village

The Shadow

The Ninth Guest

The Crime of Helen Stanley

The Woman from Tangier

The Pleasure of His Company


I wasn't keeping track of the years of the movies I chose. It wound up looking about normal for my preferences (heavy on the 30s and 40s).



1910's -- 1

1920s -- 7

1930s -- 32

1940s -- 29

1950s -- 18

1960s -- 15

1970s -- 3

{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}

Capuchin's Schedule for June 16 to 22, 2013


SOTM -- Basil Rathbone

Columbia Tribute -- Monday Evening


Daytime Themes -- *If TCM's programmers moonlighted for other cable channels.*

Evening Themes -- Cheesy Alliterations


There are times that, for one reason or another, I'm not particularly interested in watching the movie on TCM. So I start channel surfing. This led me to wonder what it would look like if TCM programmers moonlighted by creating schedules for other cable channels.


Court TV would be all about trials, DIY Network would show How To movies, etc.


I thought about a particular news channel's possible line-up (a mixture of fantasies and famous lies), but discretion is the better part of valor, and I decided not to light that fuse.


Basil Rathbone is SOTM. I'm able to put him on Sunday because of his silent and foreign movies. *Autopsia de un fantasma* (1968) translates roughly to Autopsy of a Ghost. It's really tacky but kinda so bad it's good. As part of my cheesy alliterations, I called it Sherlockian Sunday, but there's only one Holmes movie.


When I think of Columbia Pictures, the first thing that comes to mind is mystery movies. I picked some I barely remember, not having seen them in decades.


The rest of the schedule is rather self-evident. I picked mostly movies I know and like to fit the theme for the day or evening.


I know 4 of the premieres on Columbia night didn't have to go against the overall count, but I don't usually use a lot of premieres anyway because most of the great movies have already been on TCM.



5 Against the House

Who Killed Gail Preston?

Murder in Greenwich Village

The Shadow

The Ninth Guest

The Crime of Helen Stanley

The Woman from Tangier

The Pleasure of His Company


I wasn't keeping track of the years of the movies I chose. It wound up looking about normal for my preferences (heavy on the 30s and 40s).



1910's -- 1

1920s -- 7

1930s -- 32

1940s -- 29

1950s -- 18

1960s -- 15

1970s -- 3

{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}

{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}


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*Skimpole's Schedule*

December 23 to December 29, 2012

Star of the Month: Max von Sydow

Columbia Tribute Night: Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sunday December 23, 2012









06:00 AM House (1977) Toho C-88 min Kimiko Ikegami, Yoko Minmada D:Nobohiko Obayashi P/S



07:30 AM My Neighbor Totoro (1988) Toho C-86 min Chika Sakamoto, Noriko Hidaka D: Hayao Miyazaki P/S



09:00 AM The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums (1939) Shochiku Eiga BW-143 min Shotaro Hanayagi, Kakuko Mori, D: Kenji Mizoguchi Premiere #1



11:30 AM Rashomon (1950) Daiei BW-88 min Takashi Shimada, Toshiro Mifune D: Akira Kurosawa P/S



01:00 PM Tokyo Story (1953) Shochiku BW-136 min Chishu Ryu, Chieko Higashiyama, Setusko Hara D; Yasujiro Ozu P/S



03:30 PM Sansho the Baliff (1954) Daiei BW-125 min Kinuyo Tanaka, Yoshiaki Hanayagi D: Kenji Mizoguchi P/S



05:45 PM Floating Clouds (1955) Toho BW-123 min Hideko Takamine, Masayuki Moro D; Mikio Naruse Premiere #2



08:00 PM Ran (1985) Toho C-161 min Tatsuya Nikadi, Miede Harada D: Akira Kurosaws P/S



10:45 PM Grave of the Firefiles (1988) Studio Ghibli C-93 min Tsutomu Tatumi, Ayano Shiraishi, D: Isao Takahata P/S



12:30 AM (Silent) I was born, but... (1932) Shochiku BW-100 min Tatsuo Saito, Tamio Aoki, Hideo Sugawara D: Yasujiro Ozu P/S



02:15 AM (Foreign) Branded to Kill (1967) Nikkatsu BW-98 min Joe Shishido, Koji Nanbara D: Seijun Suzuki EXEMPT



04:00 AM (Foreign) Sonatine (1993) Shouchiku Daichi Kougyo C-94 min Beat Takeshi, Aya Kokumai D: Takeshi Kitano EXEMPT









Monday, December 24, 2012









05:45 AM The Innocents (1961) 20th Century Fox BW-100 min Deborah Kerr, Martin Stephens, Michael Redgrave D: Jack Clayton P/S



07:30 AM The Thin Man (1934) MGM BW-93 min William Powell, Myrna Loy D: W.S. Van Dyke P/S



09:15 AM The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) RKO BW-88 min Joseph Cotton, Agnes Moorhead, Tim Holt D: Orson Welles P/S



10:45 AM The Ascent (1977) Mosfilm BW-111 min Boris Plotnikov, Vladimir Gostyukhin D: Larisa Shepitko P/S



12:45 PM The Shop Around the Corner MGM BW-97 min James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, Frank Morgan D; Ernest Lubitsch P/S



02:30 PM The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) Paramount BW-91 min Bob Hope, Marilyn Maxwell D; Sidney Lanfield P/S



04:15 PM The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944) Paramount BW-99 min Betty Hutton, Eddie Bracken D: Preston Sturges P/S



06:00 PM Little Women (1933) RKO BW-115 min Katherine Hepburn, Joan Bennett, Paul Lukas D: George Cukor P/S



08:00 PM (Star of the month Max von Sydow) The Seventh Seal (1957) Svensk Filmindustrei BW-96 min Max von Sydow, Gunnar Bjornstrand, Bengt Ekerot D: Ingmar Bergman P/S



09:45 PM Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) Orion C-106 min Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Michael Caine, Dianne Wiest, Max von Sydow D: Woody Allen P/S



11:45 PM The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) United Artists C-260 min Max von Sydow, Charleton Heston D: George Stevens P/S



04:15 PM Europa (AKA Zentropa) (1991) Nordisk C/BW-113 min Max von Sydow, Jean-Marc Barr, Barbara Sukowa, Eddie Constantine Premiere #3









Tuesday, December 25, 2012









06:15 AM Scrooge (1951) United Artists BW-86 min Alastair Sim, Mervyn Jones D: Brian Desmond Hurst P/S



07:45 AM Holiday (1938) Columbia BW-95 min Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn D: George Cukor P/S



09:30 AM Miracle on 34th Street (1947) 20th Century Fox BW-96 min Maureen O'Hara, Edmund Gwenn, Natalie Wood D: George Seaton P/S



11:15 AM Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945) MGM BW-106 min Edward G. Robinson, Margaret O'Brien D: Roy Rowland P/S



01:15 PM The Immigrant (1917) Mutual Film Corp BW-20 min Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance D: Charles Chaplin P/S



01:45 PM The Gold Rush (1925) United Artists BW-82 min Charles Chaplin, Georgia Hale D: Charles Chaplin P/S,



03:15 PM The Circus (1928) United Artists BW-73 min Charles Chaplin, Merna Kennedy D: Charles Chaplin P/S



04:30 PM City Lights (1931) United Artists BW-82 min Charles Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill D: Charles Chaplin P/S



08:00 PM Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) Paramount BW-92 min Victor Moore, Beulah Bondi D; Leo McCarey P/S



09:45 PM Meet me in Saint Louis (1944) MGM C-113 min Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien D: Vincente Minneli P/S



11:45 PM The Long Day Closes (1992) British Film Institute C-85 min Marjorie Yates, Leigh McCormichk D:Terrence Davies Premiere #4



01:45 AM Fanny and Alexander (1982) Svenka Filminstitutet C-188 min Bertil Guve, Erland Josephon Gunn Wallgren D: Ingmar Bergman P/S



04:30 AM Conquest of the Pole (1912) Pathe Freres BW-31 min George Melies, Fernande Albany D: Georges Melies P/S









Wednesday, December 26, 2012









05:15 AM The Man Who Came To Dinner (1942) WB BW-112 min Bette Davis, Monty Woolley, Billy Burke. D: William Keighley P/S



07:15 AM Doctor Zhivago (1965) MGM C-200 min Omar Shariff, Julie Christie, Alec Guiness D: David Lean P/S



10:45 AM The Bells of St. Mary's (1945) RKO BW-126 min Bing Crosby, Ingrid Bergman D: Leo McCarey P/S



01:00 PM The Flowers of Saint Francis (1950) Cineriz BW-83 min Aldo Fabrizi, Severino Pisacane D: Roberto Rosselini P/S



02:30 PM Diary of a Country Priest (1951) Union Generale Cinematographique BW-115 min Claude Laydu, Jean Riveyre, Rachel Berendt, D: Robert Bresson P/S



04:30 PM Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) Orion C-104 min Woody Allen, Martin Landau, Mia Farrow D: Woody Allen P/S



06:15 PM A Taste of Cherry (1997) Kanoon C-95 min Homayon Ershadi, Abdolrahman Bagheri D: Abbas Kiarostami P/S



08:00 PM The More the Merrier (1943) Columbia BW-104 min Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, Charles Coburn D: George Stevens P/S



10:00 PM The Shining (1980) Warner Bros C-144 min Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Scatman Crothers D: Stanley Kubrick Premiere#5



12:30 AM Bullitt (1968) Warner Bros C-113 min Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn D: Peter Yates P/S



02:30 AM The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936) BW-82 min William Powell, Jean Arthur D: Stephen Roberts P/S



04:00 AM The Absent Minded Professor (1961) Walt Disney BW-97 min Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson D: Robert Stevenson P/S









Thursday, December 27, 2012









05:45 AM Conflict (1945) Warner Bros BW-87 min Humphrey Bogart, Syndey Greenstreet, Alexis Smith D: Curtis Bernhardt P/S



07:15 AM The Barkleys of Broadway (1949) MGM C-109 min Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Oscar Levant D: Charles Waters P/S



09:15 AM The Maltese Falcon (1941) Warner BW-101 min Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Syndey Greenstreet, D: John Houston P/S



11:00 AM The Band Wagon (1953) MGM C-113 min Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse, Oscar Levant D: Vincente Minnelli P/S



01:00 PM Morocco (1930) Paramount BW-82 min Marlene Dietrich, Gary Cooper, Adolphe Menjou D: Josef von Sternberg P/S



02:30 PM The Blue Angel (1930) UFA BW-103 min Marlene Dietrich, Emil Jannings D: Josef von Sternberg P/S



04:15 PM The Scarlet Empress (1934) Paramount BW-110 min Marlene Dietrich, John Lodge, Sam Jaffe D: Josef von Sternberg P/S



06:15 PM Angel (1937) Paramount BW-91 min Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, Melvyn Douglas, Edward Everett Horton D: Ernst Lubitsch P/S


08:00 PM M (1951) Columbia BW-88 min David Wayne, Howard Da Silva D: Joseph Losey EXEMPT


09:45 PM Tess (1979) Columbia C-186 min Natassja Kinski, Peter Firth D: Roman Polanski EXEMPT



01:00 AM Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) Columbia C-128 min Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins D: Francis Ford Coppola EXEMPT



03:15 AM Punch-Drunk Love (2002) Columbia C-95 min Adam Sandler, Emily Watson D: Paul Thomas Anderson EXEMPT



05:00 AM Groundhog Day (1993) Columbia C-101 min Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell D: Harold Ramis P/S




Friday, December 28, 2012









06:45 AM The Thing from Another World (1951) BW-87 min Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan, James Arness D: Christian Nyby, Howard Hawks P/S



08:15 AM Johnny Belinda (1948) Warner Bros BW-102 min Jane Wyman, Lew Ayres D: Jean Negulesco P/S



10:00 AM All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) Universal BW-138 min Louis Wolheim, Lew Ayres D: Lewis Milestone P/S



12:30 PM 2046 (2004) Mei Ah C-129 Tony Leung, Gong Li, Faye Wong D: Wong Kar-Wai Premiere#6



02:45 PM The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) Touchstone C-75 min Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Catherine O'Hara D: Henry Selick P/S



04:00 PM The Mirror (1975) Mosfilm C/BW-107 min Margarita Terekhova, Ignat Danitsev, Larisa Tarkoskaya, Anatoli Solonitsyn, D: Andrei Tarkovsky P/S



06:00 PM Phantom (1922) Decla-Bioscop BW-117 min Alfred Abel, Grete Berger D: F.W. Murnau P/S



08:00 PM Sunrise (1927) Fox BW-95 min George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor, Margaret Livingstone D: F.W. Murnau P/S



09:45 PM Tabu (1931) Paramount BW-84 min Mahati, Anne Chevalier, D: F.W. Murnau Premiere#7



11:15 PM The Haunted Castle (1921) Uco Bw-70 min Alfred Korf, Lulu Kyser-Korf D: F.W. Muranu P/S



12:30 AM Nosferatu (1922) Film Arts Guild BW-94 min Max Schreck, Gustav von Wagenhim, Great Schroeder D: F. W. Murnau P/S



02:15 AM (Underground) Manoel on the Island of Marvels (1985) Rita Films C-130 min Amanda Bacelar, Isabel Branco, Jose de Freitas D: Raul Ruiz EXEMPT



04:30 AM (Underground) Je t'aime, Je t'aime (1968) Europa Fox C-91 min Claude Rich, Olga Georges-Picot, Anouk Ferjac D: Alain Resnais EXEMPT










Saturday, December 29, 2012









06:15 PM Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953) Discina Films BW-114 min Jacques Tati, Nathalie Pascaud D: Jacques Tati P/S



08:15 PM Spirited Away (2001) Studio Ghibli C-124 min Rumi Hiiragari, Miyu Irino D: Hayao Miyazaki P/S



10:30 PM Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) Universal C-138 min Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore, James Fox D: George Roy Hill P/S



01:00 PM That's Entertainment! (1974) MGM C-135 min D: Jack Haley, Jr., P/S



03:16 PM One Real Wonders Just one More Time (1974) C-9 min P/S



03:30 PM That's Entertainment! Part II (1976) MGM c-129 min Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly D: Gene Kelly P/S



05:45 PM That's Entertainment! III (1994) MGM C-120 min Gene Kelly, Lena Horne, June Allyson D: Bud Freidgen, Michael J. Sheridan P/S



07:48 PM One Real Wonder, we must have Music (1941) BW-11 min P/S



08:00 PM (Essentials) Scenes from a Marriage (1974) Cinematograph AB C-168 min Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson D: Ingmar Bergman P/S



11:00 PM Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988) British Film Institute C-85 min Pete Postelthwaite, Freda Dowie, Lorraine Ashbourne D: Terrence Davies Premiere#8



12:30 AM A Day in the Country (1936) Pantheon Productions BW-40 min Sylvia Bataille, Georges D'Arnoux, Jane Marken D: Jean Renoir P/S


01:15 AM Mother and son (1997) Severny Fond C-70 min Alexei Ananishnov, Gudrun Geyer D: Alexander Sokurov Premiere#9


02:30 AM The Mother and the **** (1973) Elite Films BW-210 min Jean-Pierre Leaud , Bernadette Lafont, Francois Lebrun, D: Jean Eustache Premiere #10



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*Skimpole's notes:*



After having done all day tributes first for French movies, them Italian ones, I believed that Japan deserved a try. Sunday is the Emperor's birthday, and I thought Japanese movies were more deserving of a tribute than the Japanese royal house. I didn't want to start the day with one of my premieres, so the first two movies are chronologically later than it. After it, we proceed chronologically until we get to our Sunday Silents.


Monday-The movies until the evening deal with such Christmas themes as snow, or events that take place on or near Christmas eve. The Innocents is there because The Turn of the Screw is actually a story told on Christmas Eve. Then we have four movies from star of the month Max von Sydow.


Tuesday-More movies on or about Christmas. We also have a Chaplin afternoon to comemorate the 35th anniversary of his death. Then for the evening we have four particular movies about families, with a Melies movie about the North Pole rounding out the evening.


Wednesday-We start off with such Christmas themes as guests who don't leave and enormous amounts of snow. Then we have five movies dealing with religious themes. Just to make sure that TCM isn't only for Christians, we have Woody Allen pondering an unjust universe and several Muslims pondering the morality of suicide. December 26/Boxing Day is also the feast of Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr (and by a complete coincidence, the name of my brother). So we have movies by directors George Stevens and Stephen Roberts, as well as one starring Steve McQueen. Having Stella Stevens in The Nutty Professor would be an obvious option, but why not choose Robert Stevenson's The Absent Minded Professorinstead. Last but not least, we have the only great film made from a Stephen King novel, The Shining which brings us to back to another winter theme, Snow!


Thursday-It's brithday time as we start off with movies for birthday boys Sydney Greenstreet and Oscar Levant, and then for birthday girl Marlene Dietrich. Then it's our Columbia tribute night.


Friday-We start off with another extremely rude winter guest, then we have two movies from birthday boy Lew Ayres. We then have two movies which involve Christmas celebration, another movie involving snow, and then a five movie tribute to birthday boy director F.W. Murnau.


Saturday-What better way to deal with the holiday season than the best movie about being on holiday? We then have a classic animated movie, and then a movie from birthday girl Mary Tyler Moore. TCM usually has the That's Entertainment! sometime around this year, and who am I to disagree? Finally for this evening we have five particularly powerful movies about family and love.

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*Aimalac's Schedule:*

Sunday June 2, 2013 Leo Gorcey death

44th anniversary of SOTM Leo Gorcey's departure.


Lucky Losers (1950). 70 minutes. Monogram Pictures. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The Bowery Boys, Hillary Brooke. D: William Beaudine. p/s


Pepe (1960). 195 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Cantinflas, Dan Dailey, Shirley Jones. D: George Sidney. p/s


Let's Get Tough (1942) 62 minutes. Monogram Pictures. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The East Side Kids. D: Wallace Fox. p/s no 'article' on TCMDB, but movie was previously shown 11/15/07.

Columbia Short Subjects one hour block


Money Squawks (1940). 18 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Andy Clyde, Shemp Howard. D: Jules White. exempt Columbia Short.


Three Little Pigskins (1934). 20 minutes Columbia Pictures Corp. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curley). D: Ray McCarey. exempt Columbia Short.


Where The Pest Begins (1945). 17 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Shemp Howard, Tom Kennedy. D: Harry Edwards. exempt Columbia Short.


Live Wires (1946). 65 minutes. Monogram Pictures. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The Bowery Boys. D: Phil Karlson. p/s


Boys Of The City (1940). 68 minutes. Monogram Pictures. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The East Side Kids. D: Joseph H. Lewis. p/s


Maisie Gets Her Man (1942). 86 minutes. MGM. SOTM Leo Gorcey, Ann Southern, Red Skelton. D: Roy Del Ruth. p/s


Dead End (1937). 93 minutes. Samuel Goldwyn. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The Dead End Kids, Humphrey Bogart, Joel McCrea, Sylvia Sidney. D: William Wyler. p/s


Crashing Las Vegas (1956). 62 minutes. United Artists. SOTM Leo Gorcey and The Bowery Boys. D: Jean Yarbrough. p/s


Essentials Jr.


It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) 192 minutes original version. United Artists. SOTM Leo Gorcey, Spencer Tracy and Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Ethel Merman, Mickey Rooney, Dick Shawn, Phil Silvers, Terry-Thomas, Jonathan Winters, Edie Adams, Dorothy Provine, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, Peter Falk. D: Stanley Kramer. p/s

TCM Silent Sunday


It's The Old Army Game (1926) 70 or 77 minutes. Paramount. W.C. Fields, Louise Brookes. D: A. Edward Sutherland. exempt silent Sunday.

TCM Imports


La Pupa Del Gangster (1975). 90 minutes. Campagnia Cinematografica Champion. Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni. D: Giorgio Capitani. Exempt TCM Import


Ghosts - Italian Style (1967). 92 minutes. MGM. Sophia Loren, Vittorio Gassman. D: Renato Castellani. p/s


The Man From The Diners Club (1963). 96 minutes. Columbia Pictures. Danny Kaye, Cara Williams, Telly Savalas. D: Frank Tashlin. p/s no 'article' on TCMDB, but movie was previously shown 7/26/07.

Monday June 3, 2013 Leo Gorcey birth

96th anniversary of SOTM Leo Gorcey's arrival.


Francis (1950). 91 minutes. Universal International Pictures. Donald O'Connor, Chill Wills, Tony Curtis. D: Arthur Lubin. p/s


Fighting Fools (1949). 69 minutes. Monogram Pictures. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The Bowery Boys. D: Reginald LeBorg. p/s


Born To Sing (1942). 82 minutes. MGM. SOTM Leo Gorcey, Virginia Weidler. D: Edward Ludwig. Original TCM Library


Sunday Punch (1942). 76 minutes. MGM. SOTM Leo Gorcey, William Lundigan, Jean Rogers, Dan Dailey. D: David Miller. p/s

Columbia Short Subjects one hour block


Jiggers My Wife (1946). 18 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Shemp Howard, Tom Kennedy. D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Shorts.


The Taming Of The Snood (1940). 20 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Buster Keaton D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


Triple Crossed (1959). 16 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Joe Besser). D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


Kid Dynamite (1943). 66 minutes. Monogram Pictures. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The East Side Kids. D: Wallace Fox. p/s


The Dead End Kids At Military School (1939). 62 minutes. Warner Bros. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The Dead End Kids. D: William Clemens. Original TCM Library.


Mr. Wise Guy (1942). 70 minutes. Monogram Pictures. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The East Side Kids, Billy Gilbert. D: William Nigh. p/s no 'article' on TCMDB, but movie was previously shown 11/15/07.


Destroyer (1943). 99 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. SOTM Leo Gorcey, Edward G. Robinson, Glenn Ford. D: William A Seiter p/s


Invisible Stripes (1939). 81 minutes. Warner Bros. SOTM Leo Gorcey, George Raft, William Holden, Humphrey Bogart. D: Lloyd Bacon. p/s



Out Of The Fog (1941). 85 Minutes. Warner Bros. SOTM Leo Gorcey, Ida Lupino, John Garfield. D: Anatole Vitvak. p/s


They Made Me A Criminal (1939) 92 minutes. Warner Bros. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The Dead End Kids, John Garfield, Claude Rains, Ann Sheridan. D: Busby Berkeley. p/s


Mannequin (1937) 95 minutes. MGM. SOTM Leo Gorcey, Spencer Tracy, Joan Crawford. D: Frank Borzage. p/s


Luv (1967). 93 minutes. Columbia Pictures. Jack Lemmon, Peter Falk, Elaine May. D: Clive Donner. p/s


Let No Man Write My Epitaph (1960). 105 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Shelly Winters, James Darren. D: Phillip Leacock. p/s


Zotz! (1962). 87 minutes. Columbia Pictures. Tom Poston, Jim Backus, Fred Clark. D: William Castle. p/s

Tuesday June 4, 2013 Rosalind Russell

106 anniversary of Rosalind Russell's arrival.


Craigs Wife (1936). 73 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Rosalind Russell, Billie Burke. D: Dorothy Arzner. p/s


His Girl Friday (1940). 92 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Rosalind Russell, Cary Grant. D: Howard Hawks. p/s


A Woman Of Distinction (1950). 85 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Rosalind Russell, Ray Milland, Edmond Gwenn. D: Edward Buzzell. p/s


Tell It To The Judge (1949). 87 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Rosalind Russell, Robert Cummings, Gig Young. D: Norman Foster. p/s

Columbia Short Subjects


Scheming Schemers (1956). 16 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Shemp) D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


So You Won't Squawk (1941). 20 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Buster Keaton. D: Del Lord. Exempt Columbia Short.


Pick A Peck Of Plumbers (1944). 17 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Shemp Howard. D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


The Guilt Of Janet Ames (1947). 83 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Rosalind Russell, Melvyn Douglas, Sid Caesar. D: Henry Levin. p/s


She Wouldn't Say Yes (1945). 87 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Rosalind Russell, Lee Bowman. D: Alexander Hall. Premier #1


Five Finger Exercise (1962). 109 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Rosalind Russell, Jack Hawkins. D: Daniel Mann. p/s


The Trouble With Angels (1966). 112 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Rosalind Russell, Hayley Mills. D: Ida Lupino. p/s



Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows (1968). 93 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Rosalind Russell, Stella Stevens, Susan Saint James. D: James Neilson. p/s


My Sister Eileen (1942). 96 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Rosalind Russell, Brian Aherne, Janet Blair. D: Alexander Hall. p/s


Auntie Mame (1958). 143 minutes. Warner Bros. Rosalind Russell, Forrest Tucker. D: Morton DaCosta p/s


Roughly Speaking (145). 117 minutes. Warner Bros. Rosalind Russell, Jack Carson. D: Michael Curtiz. p/s


Mrs. Pollifax-Spy (1971). 110 minutes. United Artists. Rosalind Russell, Darrin McGavin, Nehemiah Persoff. D: Leslie H. Martinson p/s

Wednesday June 5, 2013 Ronald Reagan

9th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan's departure.


Clancy Street Boys (1943). 66 minutes. Monogram Pictures. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The East Side Kids. D: William Beaudine. p/s


Hellcats Of The Navy (1957). 82 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Ronald Reagan, Nancy Davis. D: Nathan Juran. p/s


That Hagen Girl (1947). 83 minutes. Warner Bros. Ronald Reagan, Shirley Temple. D: Peter Godfrey. p/s.


Storm Warning (1951). 93 minutes. Warner Bros. Ronald Reagan, Ginger Rogers, Doris Day. D: Stuart Heisler. p/s

Columbia Short Subjects one hour block


Pardon My Berth Marks (1940). 20 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Buster Keaton. D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Shorts.


Outer Space Jitters (1957). 17 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Joe Besser) D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Shorts.


Open Season For Saps (1944). 18 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Shemp Howard. D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


Kings Row (1942). 127 minutes. Warner Bros. Ronald Reagan, Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings. D: Sam Wood. p/s


Million Dollar Baby (1941). 100 minutes. Warner Bros. Ronald Reagan, Priscilla Lane, Jeffery Lynn. D: Curtis Bernhardt. p/s


Hells Kitchen (1939). 82 minutes. Warner Bros. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The Dead End Kids, Ronald Reagan. D: Lewis Seiler, E.A. DuPont. p/s


The Girl From Jones Beach (1949). 78 minutes. Warner Bros. Ronald Reagan, Virginia Mayo, Eddie Bracken. D: Peter Godfrey. p/s



She's Working Her Way Through College (1952). 104 minutes. Warner Bros. Ronald Reagan, Virginia Mayo. D: H. Bruce Humberstone. p/s


Bedtime For Bonzo (1951). 83 minutes. Universal. Ronald Reagan. D: Frederick DeCordova. p/s


Angels Wash Their Faces (1939). 86 minutes. Warner Bros. SOTM Leo Gorcey, The Dead End Kids, Ronald Reagan, Ann Sheridan. D: Ray Enright. p/s


Bonzo Goes To College (1952). 80 minutes. Universal Pictures. Maureen O'Sullivan, Edmund Gwenn, Charles Drake. D: Frederick DeCordova Premier #2


So You Want To Be In Pictures (1947). 11 minutes. Warner Bros. George O'Hanlon, Jack Carson, Ronald Reagan. D: Richard L. Bare. Exempt Original TCM Library


Go West Young Lady (1941). 70 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Penny Singleton, Glenn Ford, Ann Miller. D: Frank R. Strayer. p/s


Africa Speaks -- English (1933) 11 minutes. Warner Bros. Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy. D: Roy Mack. p/s no 'article' on TCMDB, but movie was previously shown 9/17/08.


Swing Your Lady (1938). 77 minutes. Warner Bros. Humphrey Bogart, Frank McHugh, Penny Singleton. D: Ray Enright. p/s


So You Want To Give Up Smoking (1942). 11 minutes. Warner Bros. George O'Hanlon. D: Richard L. Bare. Exempt Original TCM Library.

Thursday June 6, 2013 D-Day

69th anniversary of the G.I.'s arrival on Omaha Beach in Normandy.


Patton (1970). 172 minutes. 20th Century Fox Film Corp. George C. Scott, Karl Malden. D: Franklin Schaffner. p/s


36 Hours (1965). 115 minutes. MGM. James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Rod Taylor. D: George Seaton. p/s

Columbia Short Subjects 75 minute block


You Natzy Spy (1940). 18 minutes. Columbia Pictures. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curley). D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


I'll Never Heil Again (1941). 18 minutes. Columbia Pictures. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curley). D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


Yankee Doodle Andy (1941). 18 minutes. Columbia Pictures. Andy Clyde, Tom Kennedy. D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


They Stooge To Conga (1943). 18 minutes. Columbia Pictures. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curley). D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


Prelude To War (1942). 52 minutes. Warner Bros Documentary Archive Footage. D: Frank Capra (uncredited), Anatole Litvak (uncredited). p/s


The Nazis Strike (1943). 41 minutes. Warner Bros Documentary Archive Footage. D: Frank Capra (uncredited), Anatole Litvak (uncredited). p/s


Divide And Conquer (1943). 57 minutes. Warner Bros Documentary Archive Footage. D: Frank Capra (uncredited), Anatole Litvak (uncredited). p/s


The Battle Of Britain (1943). 54 minutes. Warner Bros. Documentary Archive Footage. D: Frank Capra (uncredited), Anthony Veiller (uncredited). p/s


The Battle Of Russia (1943). 83 minutes. Warner Bros Documentary Archive Footage. D: Frank Capra (uncredited), Anatole Litvak (uncredited). p/s


The Battle Of China (1944). 65 minutes. Warner Bros Documentary Archive Footage. D: Frank Capra (uncredited), Anatole Litvak (uncredited). p/s


War Comes To America (1945). 70 minutes. Warner Bros Documentary Archive Footage. D: Frank Capra (uncredited), Anatole Litvak (uncredited). p/s


Saving Private Ryan (1998). 169 minutes. Paramount. Tom Hanks, Matt Damon. D: Steven Spielberg. p/s



The Longest Day (1962) 178 minutes. 20th Century Fox Film Corp. John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda D: Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton, Bernhard Wicki, Darryl, F. Zanuck. p/s


The Great Dictator (1940). 125 minutes. Charles Chaplin Productions. Charlie Chaplin, Jack Oakie, Billy Gilbert. D: Charles Chaplin. p/s


Kelly's Heroes (1970). 144 minutes. MGM. Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Don Rickles. D: Brian G. Hotton. p/s


To Be Or Not To Be (1942). 99 minutes. United Artists. Jack Benny, Carol Lombard. D: Ernst Lubitsch. p/s


Victory Quiz (1942) 9 minutes. MGM. Pete Smith. D: Will Jason. TCM's Original Library.

Friday June 7 2013 Dean Martin

96 anniversary of Dino's arrival.



Bells Are Ringing (1960). 126 minutes. MGM. Dean Martin, Judy Holiday. D: Vincente Minnelli. p/s


Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed? (1963). 103 minutes. Paramount. Dean Martin, Elizabeth Montgomery, Carol Burnett. D: Daniel Mann. p/s


Who Was That Lady? (1960). 115 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Dean Martin, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh. D: George Sidney. p/s

Columbia Short Subjects one hour block


No Dough Boys (1944). 17 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curley). D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


Home On The Rage (1938). 17 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Andy Clyde, Shemp Howard. D: Del Lord. Exempt Columbia Short.


The Spook Speaks (1940). 18 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Buster Keaton. D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


Hollywood Or Bust (1956). 95 minutes. Paramount. Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis. D: Frank Tashlin. Premier#3


How To Save A Marriage And Ruin Your Life (1968). 102 minutes. Columbia Pictures. Dean Martin, Stella Stevens, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson. D: Fielder Cook. Exempt Columbia Title #1.


The Silencers (1966). 102 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Dean Martin, Stella Stevens, Daliah Lavi. D: Phil Karlson p/s


The Ambushers (1967). 102 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Dean Martin, Senta Berger, Janice Rule. D: Henry Levin. Exempt Columbis Title #2.



Murderers' Row (1966). 105 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Dean Martin, Ann-Margret, Karl Malden. D: Henry Levin. p/s


The Wrecking Crew (1968). 105 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. Dean Martin, Elke Summer, Sharon Tate. D: Phil Karlson Exempt Columbia Title #3.

TCM Underground


Gilda Live (1980). 96 minutes. Warner Bros. Gilda Radner, Don Novello. D: Mike Nichols. exempt Underground feature.


Kiss Me Stupid (1964). 125 minutes. Mirisch Corp. Dean Martin, Kim Novak. D: Billy Wilder p/s


Scarred Stiff (1953). 108 minutes. Paramount. Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Lizabeth Scott. D: George Marshall. p/s

Saturday June 8, 2013 Andrew Jackson

168th anniversary of Andrew Jackson's departure.


Mr.Destiny (1990). 110 minutes. Touchstone Pictures (Walt Disney live action). James Belushi, Linda Hamilton, Michael Caine. D: James Orr. Premier #4


It's A Wonderful Life (1946). 130 minutes. Liberty Films (Production), RKO Pictures (Distribution). Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore. D: Frank Capra. Premier #5


The Final Countdown (1980). 103 minutes. United Artists. Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen. D: Don Taylor. Premier #6

Columbia Short Subjects one hour block


Boobs In Arms (1940). 18 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Curley). D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


Rumpus In The Harem (1956). 16 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Shemp). D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


Sappy Bull Fighters (1959). 16 minutes. Columbia Pictures Corp. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, Joe Besser). D: Jules White. Exempt Columbia Short.


Man Of Conquest (1939). 105 minutes. Republic Pictures.Edward Ellis, Richard Dix. D: George Nichol Jr. Premier #7


The Buccaneer (1938). 126 minutes. Paramount. Fredric March. D: Cecille B. DeMille. p/s


Lone Star (1952). 94 minutes. MGM. Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Lionel Barrymore. D: Vincent Sherman. p/s


Private Screenings: Charlton Heston (1998). 59 minutes. TCM Original Production. Charlton Heston, Robert Osborne. D: Tony Barbon. p/s




The Buccaneer (1958). 119 minutes. Paramount. Yul Brynner, Charlton Heston. D: Anthony Quinn. p/s


The Presidents Lady (1953). 96 minutes. 20th Century Fox Film Corp. Charlton Heston, Susan Hayward. D: Henry Levin. Premier #8


The Remarkable Andrew (1942). 81 minutes. Paramount Pictures. William Holden, Brian Donlevy. D: Stuart Heisler. Premier #9


Old Hickory (1939). 17 minutes. Warner Bros. Hugh Sothern. D: Lewis Seiler. TCM Original Library.


The Gorgeous Hussy (1936). 103 minutes. MGM. Lionel Barrymore, Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor. D: Clarence Brown. p/s


It's A Wonderful Life (colorized) (1946). 130 minutes. Paramount? Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore. D: Frank Capra. Premier #10


*Aimalac's Notes:*

{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}

Star Of The Month - Leo Gorcey

June 2nd - June 8th 2013

Theme - Arrivals & Departures

Sunday June 2nd Leo Gorcey Departing

Monday June 3rd Leo Gorcey Arriving

Tuesday June 4th Rosalind Russell Arriving

Wednesday June 5th Ronald Reagan Departing

Thursday June 6th Allied Forces Arriving

Friday June 7th Dean Martin Arriving

Saturday June 8th President Andrew Jackson Departing

Mini-Theme "What If" - What would life be like if ...?

Mr. Destiny (1990)

It's A Wonderful Life (1946)

The Final Countdown (1980)

It's A Wonderful Life - The Colorized Version

TCM Essentials Jr.

It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)

TCM Silent Sunday Night

It's The Old Army Game (1926)

TCM Imports

La Pupa Del Gangster (1975) - Italy

TCM Underground Feature

Gilda Live (1980)

TCM Essentials

The Buccaneer (1958)

Special Features

1 hour block of Columbia Short Subjects from Noon to 1PM daily with the exception of June 6th where the War effort forced the Columbia Shorts to start an hour earlier and run 15 minutes longer.

Hail Columbia

Friday June 7th

Hail Columbia Premiers

How To Save A Marriage And Ruin Your Life (1968)

The Ambushers (1967)

The Wrecking Crew (1968)


She Wouldn't Say Yes (1945)

Bonzo Goes To College (1952)

Hollywood Or Bust (1956)

Mr. Destiny (1990)

It's A Wonderful Life (1946)

The Final Countdown (1980)

Man Of Conquest (1939)

The Presidents Lady (1953)

The Remarkable Andrew (1942)

It's A Wonderful Life (1946) - colorized

Liberty Films produced It's A Wonderful Life and RKO had it's distribution

In 2006 Paramount created a colorized version of "It's' A Wonderful Life"

Titles with no 'Article' on TCM's DataBase but previously shown on TCM

Let's Get Tough (1942)

previously shown 11/15/07

The Man From The Diners Club (1963)

previously shown 7/26/07

Mr. Wise Guy (1942)

previously shown 11/15/07

Africa Speaks -- English (1933)

previously shown 9/17/08

Titles with no 'Article' on TCM's DataBase but part of TCM's original library

Born To Sing (1942) - MGM

The Dead End Kids At Military School (1939) - Warner Brothers

So You Want To Be In Pictures (1947) - Warner Brothers

So You Want To Give Up Smoking (1942) - Warner Brothers

Victory Quiz (1942) - MGM

Old Hickory (1939) - Warner Brothers

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*Filmlover's Schedule:*

Sunday, August 11, 2013
























*Born in Budapest*












6 am Ben-Hur (MGM, 1959) Charlton Heston; Music by *Miklos Rozsa* D: William Wyler 223 min.












10 am Watch On The Rhine (WB, 1943) *Paul Lukas* D: Herman Shumlin 112 min.












12 noon Judgement at Nuremberg (UA, 1961) Spencer Tracy; cinematography by *Ernest Laszlo* D: Stanley Kramer187 min.












3:15 pm I Confess (WB, 1953) Montgomery Clift; screenplay by *George Tabori* D: Alfred Hitchcock 95 min.












5:00 pm The Man From Beyond (Kino, 1922) *Harry Houdini* D: Burton L. King 68 min. PREMIERE












6:15 pm Queen of Outer Space (Allied Artists, 1958) *Zsa Zsa Gabor* D: Edward Bernds 80 min.












8:00 pm THE ESSENTIALS Casablanca (WB, 1942) Humphrey Bogart; D: *Michael Curtiz*103 min.












10 pm The Wild One (Col., 1954) Marlon Brando; D: *Laslo Benedek* 80 min. p/s












11:30 pm SILENT SUNDAY NIGHT Lonesome (Univ., 1928) Barbara Kent; D: *Paul Fejos* 69 min.












12:45 am TCM IMPORTS The Shop On Main Street (Prominent Fiilms, 1968) Ida Kaminska; D: *Jan Kadar* 128 min. p/s












3 am A Farewell To Arms (Fox, 1957) Rock Hudson; D: *Charles Vidor* 159 min. PREMIERE












Cartoon: Bacall To Arms (WB, 1946) cartoon characters of Bogart and Bacall 8 min.

























Monday , August 12, 2013

























*Joan Davis*


6:00 am Show Business (RKO, 1944) Eddie Cantor, Joan Davis D: Edwin L. Marin 90 min.













7:30 am If You Knew Susie (RKO, 1948) Eddie Cantor, Joan Davis D: Gordon Douglas 91 min.












9:15 am Around the World (RKO, 1944) Kay Kyser, Joan Davis D: Allan Dwan 81 min.

























*Ordering a Double-Double*












10:45 am The Man in the Iron Mask (UA, 1939) Louis Hayward D: Rowland V. Lee 110 min. p/s












12:45 pm Wonder Man (Samuel Goldwyn, 1945) Danny Kaye D: H. Bruce Humberstone 98 min. p/s

























*In My Imagination*












2:30 pm The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Samuel Goldwyn, 1947) Danny Kaye D: Norman Z. McLeod 111 min. p/s












4:30 pm The Seven Year Itch (Fox, 1955) Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell D: Billy WIlder 105 min. p/s












6:30 pm Play It Again, Sam (Par., 1972) Woody Allen D: Herbert Ross 86 min. p/s

























*Murder Made Merry*


8 pm Murder, He Says (Par., 1945) Fred MacMurray D: George Marshall 87 min. p/s













9:30 pm Murder By Death (Col., 1976) Peter Falk D: Robert Moore 95 min.p/s












11:15 pm Arsenic and Old Lace (WB, 1944) Cary Grant D: Frank Capra 119 min.












1:30 pm A Shot In The Dark (UA, 1964) Peter Sellers D: Blake Edwards 103 min. p/s












3:30 How To Murder Your Wife (UA, 1965) Jack Lemmon D: Richard Quine 119 min. p/s










































Tuesday, August 13, 2013

























*Forgotten All-Star Extravaganzas*












6:00 am Forever And A Day (RKO, 1943) Charles Laughton, Buster Keaton, Claude Rains D: Edmund Goulding, Cedric Hardwicke, Frank Lloyd, Victor Saville, Robert Stevenson, Rene Clair, Herbert Wilcox 105 min.












7:45 am Follow the Boys (Univ., 1944) George Raft, Orson Welles, Marlene Dietrich, W.C. Fields D: Eddie Sutherland 122 min. PREMIERE












10:00 am Duffy’s Tavern (Par., 1945) Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour, Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake D: Hal Walker 97 min. PREMIERE

























*Janis Paige*












11:45 am Hollywood Canteen (WB, 1944) Dane Clark, Janis Paige D: Delmer Daves 124 min.












Short: I Won’t Play (WB, 1944) Dane Clark, Janis Paige D: Crane Wilbur 18 min.












2:15 pm Her Kind of Man (WB, 1946) Dane Clark, Janis Paige D: Frederick De Cordova 81 min.












3:45 pm The Time, The Place and the Girl (WB, 1946) Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, Janis Paige D: David Butler 105 min.












5:45 pm Silk Stockings (MGM, 1957) Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse, Janis Paige D: Rouben Mamoulian 118 min.

























*Hail, Columbia: B-movie series*


8:00 pm Blondie (Col., 1938) Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake D:Frank R. Strayer 68 min.













Short: Disorder In The Court (Col., 1936) Three Stooges D: Jack White 16 min.












9:30 pm The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (Col., 1939) Warren William D: Peter Godfrey 69 min.












Short: To Heir Is Human (Col., 1944) Una Merkel, Harry Langdon D: Harold Godsoe 20 min.












11:00 pm Meet Boston **** (Col. 1941) Chester Morris, Richard Lane D: Robert Florey 61 min,












Short: Two Nuts In A Rut (Col., 1948) Gus Schilling, Richard Lane D: Edward Bernds 19 min.












12:30 pm Crime Doctor (Col., 1943) Warner Baxter D: Michael Gordon 66 min.












Cartoon: Ragtime Bear (UPA/Col., 1949) Mr. Magoo (voice: Jim Backus)












Cartoon: The Fox and the Grapes (Col., 1941) Fox and the Crow (voices: Mel Blanc) 8 min.












2:00 am I Love A Mystery (Col., 1945) Jim Bannon D: Henry Levin 68 min.












Short: The Champs Step Out (Col. 1951) Max Baer and Max Rosenbloom D: Edward Bernds 18 min.












3:30 am The Whistler (Col., 1944) Richard Dix D: Wiliam Castle 59 min.












Short: So You Won’t Squawk (Col. 1941) Buster Keaton D: Del Lord 20 min.












5:00 am Ellery Queen, Master Detective (Col., 1940) Ralph Bellamy D: Kurt Neumann 58 min.










































Wednesday, August 14, 2013

























*Columbia Recasting*












6 am Death of a Salesman – Alan Hale as Willy Loman, James Cagney as Biff, Una O’Connor as Linda Loman, Frank McHugh as Happy D: Elia Kazan 115 min.












8 am The Solid Gold Cadillac – Joan Crawford as the spokesperson for a large corporation D: Richard Quine 99 min.












10 am Lost Horizon (1962) Frank Sinatra, Julie Andrews, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. D: Frank Capra 120 min.












12 noon On the Waterfront – Gary Cooper as dockworker/architect Terry, Jean Arthur as reporter Edie, Edward Arnold as governor Johnny Friendly D: Elia Kazan 108 min.

























*Elissa Landi*












2:00 pm The Sign of the Cross (Par., 1932) Frederic March, Elissa Landi D: Cecil B. DeMille 125 min. p/s












4:15 pm The Count of Monte Cristo (UA, 1934) Robert Donat, Elissa Landi D: Rowland V. Lee 113 min. p/s












6:15 pm Enter Madame (Par., 1935) Cary Grant, Elissa Landi D: Elliot Nugent 83 min. PREMIERE

























*STAR OF THE MONTH – Jane Wyatt*












8:00 pm We’re Only Human (RKO, 1935) Preston Foster, Jane Wyatt D: James Flood 68 min.












9:15 pm Lost Horizon (Col., 1937) Ronald Colman, Jane Wyatt D: Frank Capra 133 min p/s












11:30 pm Kisses for Breakfast (WB, 1941) Dennis Morgan, Jane Wyatt D: Lewis Seiler 81 min.












1:00 am The Navy Comes Through (RKO, 1942) Pat O’Brien, Jane Wyatt D: A. Edward Sutherland 82 min.












2:30 am Boomerang! (Fox, 1947) Dana Andrews, Jane Wyatt D. Elia Kazan 88 min. p/s












4:00 am Task Force (WB, 1949) Gary Cooper, Jane Wyatt D: Delmer Daves 117 min. p/s










































Thursday, August 15, 2013

























*Wendy Hiller – 101 st Birthday*












6:00 am Pygmalion (Loews, 1939) Leslie Howard, Wendy Hiller D: Anthony Asquith, Leslie Howard 96 min. p/s












7:45 am Major Barbara (Pascal, 1941) Wendy Hiller, Rex Harrison D: Gabriel Pascal 121 min p/s












10:00 am I Know Where I’m Going (Independent Producers,1945) Wendy Hiller D: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger 92 min. p/s












11:45 am Something of Value (MGM, 1957) Rock Hudson, Wendy Hiller D: Richard Brooks 114 min.












1:45 pm Separate Tables (UA, 1958) Deborah Kerr, Rita Hayworth, Wendy Hiller D: Delbert Mann 100 min. p/s












3:45 pm A Man For All Seasons (Col., 1966) Paul Scofield, Wendy Hiller D: Fred Zinnemann 120 min. p/s












5:45 pm Murder On the Orient Express (Par., 1974) Albert Finney, Wendy Hiller D: Sidney Lumet 128 min. p/s

























*A Tribute to Ennio Morricone*












8 pm THE ESSENTIALS The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (UA, 1967) Clint Eastwood D: Sergio Leone 163 min. p/s












11:00 pm The Untouchables (Par., 1987) Kevin Costner, Sean Connery D: Brian De Palma 119 min. PREMIERE












1:15 am Cinema Paradiso (Mirimax, 1990) Philippe Noiret D: Giuseppe Tomatore 123 min. p/s












3:30 am The Battle of Algiers (Allied Artists, 1967) Jean Martin D: Gillo Pontecorvo 121 min. p/s










































Friday, August 16, 2013

























*Take 2 – Same film, cut, reshot, retitled for American audiences*












6:00 am Gone To Earth (Rank, 1952) Jennifer Jones D: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger 110 min. PREMIERE












8:00 am The Wild Heart (RKO, 1952) Jennifer Jones D: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, Rouben Mamoulian 82. min.

























*Two Delightful Supporting Actors*

























Walter Connolly












9:30 am The Music Goes ‘Round (Col. 1936) Harry Richman, Walter Connolly D: Victor Schertzinger 85 min.












11:00 am First Lady (WB, 1937) Kay Francis, Walter Connolly D: Stanley Logan 82 min.

























James Gregory












12:30 pm The Manchurian Candidate (UA, 1961) Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey D: John Frankenheimer 127 min. p/s












2:45 pm Beneath the Planet of the Apes (Fox, 1970) Charlton Heston D: Ted Post 95 min. PREMIERE

























*Really, Really Bad Guys*












4:30 pm The Mask of Fu Manchu (MGM, 1932) Boris Karloff D: Chales Brabin 69 min.












6:00 pm Brute Force (Univ., 1947) Hume Cronyn D: Jules Dassin 98 min. p/s

























*Rare Early Technicolor Movies*












8:00 pm The Toll of the Sea (Metro, 1923) Anna May Wong D: Chester M. Franklin 41 min. p/s












8:45 pm King of Jazz (Univ., 1930) Bing Crosby D: John Murray Anderson 98 min. PREMIERE












10:30 pm Whoopee! (Goldwyn, 1930) Eddie Cantor D: Thornton Freeland 85 min. PREMIERE












12 mid. Becky Sharp (RKO, 1935) Miriam Hopkins D: Rouben Mamoulian 85 min.












1:30 am TCM UNDERGROUND Doctor X (WB/First National, 1932) Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray D: Michael Curtiz 77 min.












3:00 am TCM UNDERGROUND Mystery of the Wax Museum (WB, 1933) Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray D: Michael Curtiz 78 min.












4:30 am God’s Country and the Woman (WB, 1937) George Brent D: William Keighley 90 min.










































Saturday, August 17, 2013

























*Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell, Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Couple*












6:00 am Day-Time Wife (Fox, 1939) Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell D: Gregory Ratoff 72 min. p/s












7:15 am The Mark of Zorro (Fox, 1940) Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell D: Rouben Mamoulian 93 min. p/s












Cartoon: The Scarlet Pumpernickel (WB, 1959) Daffy Duck 7 min.












9:00 am Brigham Young – Frontiersman (Fox, 1940) Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell D: Henry Hathaway 113 min. p/s












11:00 am Blood and Sand (Fox, 1941) Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell D: Rouben Mamoulian 125 min. p/s












Cartoon: Bully for Bugs (WB, 1953) Bugs Bunny as a matador 7 min.

























*Saturday Matinee Double Bill*












1:15 pm Cat People (RKO, 1942) Simone Simon, Kent Smith D: Jacques Tourneur 73 min.












Cartoon: Scaredy Cat (WB, 1948) Porky Pig, Sylvester 7 min.












2:45 pm The Curse of the Cat People (RKO, 1944) Simone Simon, Kent Smith D: Gunther von Fritsch, Robert Wise 70 min.












Cartoon: Claws For Alarm (WB, 1954) Porky Pig, Sylvester 7 min.

























*Ronald Colman – Suave and Sinister*












4:15 pm The Prisoner of Zenda (UA, 1937) Ronald Colman, Madeleine Carroll D: John Cromwell 101 min. p/s












Cartoon: The Two Mouseketeers (MGM, 1952) Tom and Jerry 8 min.












6:15 pm A Double Life (Univ., 1948) Ronald Colman, Signe Hasso D: George Cukor 105 min p/s

























*Ann Sheridan – The Perfect Woman For A Saturday Night*












8:00 pm THE ESSENTIALS Kings Row (WB, 1942) Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings, Ronald Reagan D: Sam Wood 127 min.



10:15 pm Wine, Women and Horses (WB, 1937) Barton MacLane, Ann Sheridan D: Louis King 64 min.






11:30 pm The Footloose Heiress (WB, 1937) Craig Reynolds, Ann Sheridan D: William Clemens 61 min.






Cartoon: Hollywood Steps Out (WB, 1941) various stars, including Ann Sheridan 8 min.







12:45 am Naughty But Nice (WB, 1939) Ann Sheridan, Dick Powell D: Ray Enright 90 min.







2:30 am Broadway Musketeers (WB, 1938) Margaret Lindsay, Ann Sheridan D: John Farrow 63 min.







3:45 am Shine On Harvest Moon (WB, 1944) Ann Sheridan, Dennis Morgan D: David Butler 113 min.



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*Filmlover's notes*:


*Star of the Month* ? I was surprised to see that Jane Wyatt hasn?t ever been the SOTM, but I guess it is because few know how many films she made besides Lost Horizon. Was there ever an actress that had a friendlier smile? I had the good fortune to have met her in later years at a memorial of Frank Capra at the Directors Guild, and she was just as lovely as ever.


*Born in Budapest* ? this idea came about when I was watching something that mentioned several major film people who were born in Hungary. I was surprised that some of the most famous people in golden age Hollywood were from Budapest.


*Forgotten All-Star Extravaganzas* ? these are similar to Thank Your Lucky Stars, Hollywood Canteen, and Stage Door Canteen. The ones I have chosen have been forgotten or ignored, but the studios? star power was incredible. Each has dozens of the greatest stars Hollywood produced, except Forever And A Day also featured nearly 50 stars of Hollywood and England.

*Janis Paige* ? Speaking of Hollywood Canteen, it?s the film I use in the section right after the extravaganzas. Many of us have seen it, and I consider the sections of it with soldier Dane Clark and WB studio guide Janis Paige to be among the best. This and the short, I Won?t Play, were good examples of the studio grooming its talent into stars. Clark and Paige made another film together, included here. I have added two other Paige films, including the one she is likely best known for, Silk Stockings, in which she and Fred Astaire sing Stereophonic Sound. Special note: Ms. Paige will be celebrating her 90th birthday with a special show in a San Francisco nightclub in Sept. 2012. Check her website.

*For the Columbia requirement of the schedule*, I chose to highlight their marvelous B-movie series and their comedy team shorts.

*Columbia Recasts* - taking up countessdelave?s invitation, I recast some Columbia gems for Wednesday morning.

I am sure Harry Cohn might have thought some scripts were too depressing in their drama, so he decided to lighten up Death of A Salesman by bringing in some WB stalwarts.

However, in the case of The Solid Gold Cadillac, he saw an opportunity to go serious and use Joan Crawford, who has lost her husband but discovers he has a single share of stock in a soft-drink company. She goes to the stockholders meeting and, well, you know the rest of the story, she rises in popularity and becomes a spokeswoman for the corporation, but the pressures of the job cause her to take her frustrations out on her kids, especially her daughter, who ends up writing a tell-all book and narrating the film.

Lost Horizon (1962) is not a recast but a remake done during Sinatra?s Ratpack period. He plays Bobby ?the Voice? Conway, a film star turned Vegas lounge act, who has lost his singing ability. He is on a plane and kidnapped to Shangri-La. Other passengers include his brother George (Dean Martin), who has a drinking and gambling problem, Fran (Shirley MacLaine), an elevator operator who is on the verge of suicide because of a bad love relationship, Lovett (Joey Bishop), a humorless man with no talent, and Barnard (Cesar Romero), a con man who likes to wear pasty makeup and a green wig. At Shangri-La, Bobby meets Maria (Julie Andrews) who teaches him how to sing again. Bobby is not sure he wants to go back to the world outside. Chang (Sammy Davis, Jr.) tells Bobby that the leader of Shangri-La wants to meet him. ?The High Lama?? Bobby asks. Chang replies, ?Well, that depends on what he?s been smokin?.? In the meeting with the High Lama (Bing Crosby), Bobby is asked to take over for him.

Cohn decides he doesn?t want to have union troubles so he has the script of On the Waterfront rewritten to feature a failed architect turned dock worker (Gary Cooper) giving up on his potential. Reporter Edie (Jean Arthur) goes to the docks to find out his story. Millionaire governor Johnny Friendly (Edward Arnold) doesn?t want the story to come out.

*Wendy Hiller* - I should have done a schedule last time because then I could have noted that today, August 15 th, is British actress Wendy Hiller?s 100 th birthday. But maybe TCM can do a 101 st birthday in next year?s Summer Under The Stars. (By the way, I realize that my schedule occurs during the month August 2013, the SUTS month, and doesn?t fit that particular star-a-day format, but hopefully they can borrow some themes.)

*Take 2* ? this is a case of a 1952 British film by Powell and Pressburger, starring Jennifer Jones, called Gone To Earth (meaning gone into hiding). It was 110 minutes, but producer David O. Selznick thought it didn?t showcase enough of his wife, Jones. He took the film, cut it, had Rouben Mamoulian shoot some new sequences with the same cast, and basically made it a different film, this time running only 82 minutes and called ?The Wild Heart.?

The rest are pretty self-explanatory.

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*B-BOOP's Schedule*:

Sunday April 28, 2013





06:00 AM MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935) Dir: Tod Browning



Cast: Lionel Barrymore, Elizabeth Allen, Bela Lugosi



Bw-64 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






07:15 AM DARK DELUSION (1947) Dir: Willis Goldbeck



Cast: Lionel Barrymore, James Craig, Lucille Bremer



Bw-90 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






08:45 AM THE SECRET HEART (1946) Dir: Robert Z. Leonard



Cast: Claudette Colbert, Walter Pidgeon, June Allyson



Bw-97 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






10:30 PM KEY LARGO (1948) Dir: John Huston



Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Lauren Bacall



Bw-100 mins Warner Bros.






12:15 PM CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS (1937) Dir: Victor Fleming



Cast: Freddie Bartholomew, Spencer Tracy, Lionel Barrymore



Bw-118 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






02:15 PM THE VALLEY OF DECISION (1945) Dir: Tay Garnett



Cast: Gregory Peck, Greer Garson, Lionel Barrymore



Bw-118 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






04:15 PM ON BORROWED TIME (1939) Dir: Harold S. Bucquet



Cast: Lionel Barrymore, Cedric Hardwicke, Beulah Bondi



Bw-99 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






06:00 PM DOWN TO THE SEA IN SHIPS (1949) Dir: Henry Hathaway



Cast: Richard Widmark, Lionel Barrymore, Dean Stockwell



Bw-120 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s






08:00 PM CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS (1953) Dir: John H. Auer



Cast: Gig Young, Mala Powers, William Talman



Bw-90 mins Republic Pictures Premiere # 1






10:00 PM THE RACE TO SAVE 100 YEARS (1998) Dir: Scott Benson



Cast: Martin Scorsese, Peter Brooks, Ron Ratberg



Bw/C-57 mins Turner Entertainment Company P/s






11:00 PM METROPOLIS REFOUND (2010) Dir: Evangelina Loguercio



Cast: Cary Grant, Howard Hawks, Luciano Berriatua



Bw/C-54 mins Turner Classic Movies P/s






12:00 AM THE LOST WORLD (1925) Dir: Harry 0. Hoyt



Cast: Wallace Beery, Lewis Stone, Bessie Love



Bw-100 mins First National Pictures P/s






01:45 AM A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902) Dir: Georges Mêliés



Cast: Georges Mêliés, Victor André, Bleuette Bernon



Bw-14 mins Georges Mlis P/s






02:00 AM THE FORBIDDEN QUEST (1994) Dir: Peter Delpeut



Cast: Joseph O’Conor, Roy Ward



Bw-75 mins Ariel Film Productions Exempt Premiere






03:15 AM METROPOLIS (1927) Dir: Fritz Lang



Cast: Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Rudolph Klein-Rogge



Bw-153 mins Universum Film P/s






SHORT 100 YEARS AT THE MOVIES (1994) Dir: Chuck Workman



Cast: Clara Bow, Charlie Chaplin, Rin Tin Tin



Bw-9 mins Turner Entertainment Company P/s









Monday April 29, 2013






06:00 AM THE DEVIL-DOLL (1936) Dir: Tod Browning



Cast: Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O’Sullivan, Frank Lawton



Bw-79 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






07:30 AM THE MAN WITH TWO FACES (1934) Dir: Archie Mayo



Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Mary Astor, Ricardo Cortez



Bw-72 mins First National Pictures P/s






08:45 AM TWO-FACED WOMAN (1941) Dir: George Cukor



Cast: Greta Garbo, Melvin Douglas, Constance Bennett



Bw-94 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






10:30 AM SYLVIA SCARLET (1936) Dir: George Cukor



Cast: Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Brian Aherne



Bw-95 mins RKO Radio Pictures{color:red}






12:15 PM THE BELLBOY (1960) Dir: Jerry Lewis



Cast: Jerry Lewis, Alex Gerry, Bob Clayton



Bw-72 mins Paramount Picture P/s






01:30 PM THE DARK MIRROR (1946) Dir: Robert Siodmak



Cast: Olivia De Havilland, Lew Ayres, Thomas Mitchell



Bw-85 mins Universal Pictures Premiere # 2






03:00 PM NAZI AGENT (1942) Dir: Jules Dassin



Cast: Conrad Veidt, Ann Ayars, Frank Reicher



Bw-83 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






04:30 PM THE MAGIC FACE (1951) Dir: Frank Tuttle



Cast: Luther Adler, Patricia Knight, William Shirer



Bw-90 mins Columbia Pictures {color:black}Premiere # 3






06:00 PM A STOLEN LIFE (1946) Dir: Joshua Logan



Cast: Bette Davis, Glenn Ford, Walter Brennan



Bw-109 mins Warner Bros.



08:00 PM THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939) Dir: Victor Fleming



Cast: Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger



Bw/C-101 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






10:00 PM THE ENCHANTED COTTAGE (1945) Dir: John Cromwell



Cast: Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young, Herbert Marshall



Bw-92 mins RKO Radio Pictures






11:45 PM THE ENCHANTED FOREST (1945) Dir: Lew Landers



Cast: Edmund Lowe, Harry Davenport, Brenda Joyce



Bw-82 mins Jack Schwarz Productions P/s






01:15 AM ENCHANTED ISLAND (1958) Dir: Allan Dwan



Cast: Dana Andrews, Jane Powell, Don Dubbins



C-94 mins Warner Bros. P/s






03:00 AM BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (1944) Dir: Edward A. Blatt



Cast: John Garfield, Paul Henreid, Sydney Greenstreet



Bw-112 mins Warner Bros.






05:00 AM THE JOHN GARFIELD STORY (2003) Dir: David Heeley



Cast: Julie Garfield, Hume Cronyn, Richard Dreyfuss



C-58 mins Turner Classic Movies









Tuesday April 30, 2013






06:00 AM SATURDAY’S HERO (1951) Dir: David Miller



Cast: John Derek, Donna Reed, Sidney Blackmer



Bw-111 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






08:00 AM THE GLASS WALL (1953) Dir: Maxwell Shane



Cast: Vittorio Gassman, Gloria Grahame, Ann Robinson



Bw-80 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






09:30 AM CITY OF FEAR (1959) Dir: Irving Lerner



Cast: Vince Edwards, John Archer, Steven Ritch



Bw-75 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






10:45 AM DESTR0YER (1943) Dir: William A. Seiter



Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Glenn Ford, Marguerite Chapman



Bw-99 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






12:30 PM SCANDAL SHEET (1952) Dir: Phil Karlson



Cast: Broderick Crawford, Donna Reed, John Derek



Bw-82 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






02:00 PM PAULA (1952) Dir: Rudolph Maté



Cast: Loretta Young, Kent Smith, Alexander Knox



Bw-80 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






03:30 PM SHOCKPROOF (1949) Dir: Douglas Sirk



Cast: Cornel Wilde, Patricia Knight, John Baragrey



Bw-79 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






05:00 PM ADDRESS UNKNOWN (1944) Dir: William Cameron Menzies



Cast: Paul Lukas, Carl Esmond, Peter Van Eyck



Bw-72 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






06:15 PM THE GENE KRUPA STORY (1960) Dir: Don Weis



Cast: Sal Mineo, Susan Kohner, James Darren



Bw-102 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






08:00 PM NIGHT OF THE GENERALS (1967) Dir: Anatole Litvak



Cast: Peter O’toole, Omar Sharif, Tom Courtenay



C-148 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






10:45 PM MURDER BY CONTRACT (1958) Dir: Irving Lerner



Cast: Vince Edwards, Phillip Pine, Herschel Bernardi



Bw-81 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






12:15 AM OUT OF THE DEPTHS (1945) Dir: D. Ross Lederman



Cast: Jim Bannon, Ross Hunter, Ken Curtis



Bw-61 mins Columbia Pictures Exempt Premiere






01:30 AM STRANGE FASCINATION (1952) Dir: Hugo Haas



Cast: Cleo Moore, Hugo Haas, Mona Barrie



Bw-90 mins Columbia Pictures Exempt Premiere






03:00 AM NONE SHALL ESCAPE (1944) Dir: Andre DeToth



Cast: Marsha Hunt, Alexander Knox, Henry Travers



Bw-85 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






04:30 AM SECRET COMMAND (1944) Dir: Eddie Sutherland



Cast: Pat O’Brien, Carole Landis, Chester Morris



Bw-81 mins Columbia Pictures P/s




Wednesday May 1, 2013






06:00 AM THE BLACK CAT (1934) Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer



Cast: Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, David Manners



Bw-70 mins Universal Pictures P/s






07:15 AM THE SCARLET CLUE (1945) Dir: Phil Rosen



Cast: Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland, Benson Fong



Bw-65 mins Monogram Pictures P/s






08:30 AM THE BLACK KNIGHT (1954) Dir: Tay Garnett



Cast: Alan Ladd, Patricia Medina, Andre Morell



C-87 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






10:00 AM SLIGHTLY SCARLET (1956) Dir: Allan Dwan



Cast: John Payne, Rhonda Fleming, Arlene Dahl



Bw-99 mins RKO Radio Pictures






11:45 AM BLACK MAGIC (1949) Dir: Gregory Ratoff



Cast: Orson Welles, Nancy Guild, Akim Tamiroff



Bw-105 mins United Artists P/s






01:30 PM THE SCARLET EMPRESS (1934) Dir: Josef Von Sternberg



Cast: Marlene Dietrich, John Lodge, Sam Jaffe



Bw-104 mins Paramount Productions P/s






03:15 PM {color:black}THE BLACK ORCHID (1959) Dir: Martin Ritt



Cast: Sophia Loren, Anthony Quinn, Mark Richman



Bw-96 mins Paramount Pictures P/s






05:00 PM SCARLET ANGEL (1952) Dir: Sidney Salko



Cast: Yvonne De Carlo, Rock Hudson, Richard Denning



C-80 mins Universal Pictures Premiere # 4






06:30 PM BLACK ANGEL (1946) Dir: William Neill



Cast: Dan Duryea, June Vincent, Peter Lorre



Bw-80 mins Universal Pictures {color:black}Premiere # 5






08:00 PM SCARLET STREET (1945) Dir: Fritz Lang



Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Dan Duryea



Bw-102 mins Universal Pictures P/s






10:00 PM THE BURGLAR (1957) Dir: Paul Wendkos



Cast: Dan Duryea, Jayne Mansfield, Martha Vickers



Bw-90 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






11:45 PM CRISS CROSS (1949) Dir: Robert Siodmak



Cast: Burt Lancaster, Yvonne De Carlo, Dan Duryea



Bw-88 mins Universal Pictures P/s






01:15 AM TERROR STREET (1953) Dir: Montgomery Tully



Cast: Dan Duryea, Elsy Albiin, Ann Gudrun



Bw-83 mins Hammer Film Productions Premiere # 6






02:45 AM STORM FEAR (1956) Dir: Cornel Wilde



Cast: Cornel Wilde, Dan Duryea, Jean Wallace



Bw-89 mins United Artists P/s






04:15 AM TOO LATE FOR TEARS (1949) Dir: Byron Haskin



Cast: Lizabeth Scott, Don DeFore, Dan Duryea



Bw-100 mins Republic Pictures P/s









Thursday May 2, 2013






06:00 AM THE FILE ON THELMA JORDON (1950) Dir: Robert Siodmak



Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Wendell Corey, Paul Kelly



Bw-100 mins Paramount Pictures P/s






07:45 AM WICKED AS THEY COME (1957) Dir: Ken Hughes



Cast: Arlene Dahl, Phil Carey, Herbert Marshall



Bw-94 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






09:30 AM OBSESSION (1949) Dir: Edward Dmytryk



Cast: Robert Newton, Sally Gray, Phil Brown



Bw-96 mins J Arthur Rank Organization P/s






11:15 AM CRY OF THE CITY (1948) Dir: Robert Siodmak



Cast: Victor Mature, Shelley Winters, Richard Conte



Bw-95 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s






01:00 PM THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (1944) Dir: Fritz Lang



Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Raymond Massey



Bw-99 mins RKO Radio Pictures






02:45 PM THE PROWLER (1951) Dir: Joseph Losey



Cast: Van Heflin, Evelyn Keyes, John Maxwell



Bw-92 mins United Artists P/s






04:30 PM NIGHT AND THE CITY (1950) Dir: Jules Dassin



Cast: Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney, Googie Withers



Bw-95 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s






06:15 PM KISS ME DEADLY (1955) Dir: Robert Aldrich



Cast: Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker, Paul Stewart



Bw-105 mins United Artists P/s






08:00 PM DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944) Dir: Billy Wilder



Cast: Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward G. Robinson



Bw-106 mins Paramount Pictures P/s






10:00 PM SUNSET BLVD (1950) Dir: Billy Wilder



Cast: William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich Von Stroheim



Bw-115 mins Paramount Pictures P/s






12:00 AM BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND DAWN (1950) Dir: Gordon Douglas



Cast: Mark Stevens, Edmond O’Brien, Gale Storm



Bw-92 mins Columbia Pictures P/s






01:45 AM WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS (1956) Dir: Fritz Lang



Cast: Dana Andrews, Rhonda Fleming, George Sanders



Bw-100 mins RKO Radio Pictures






03:30 AM DETOUR (1946) Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer



Cast: Tom Neal, Ann Savage, Claudia Drake



Bw-69 mins PRC Pictures P/s






04:45 AM ROADBLOCK (1951) Dir: Harold Daniels



Cast: Charles McGraw, Joan Dixon, Lowell Gilmore



Bw-73 mins RKO Radio Pictures





Friday May 3, 2013






06:00 AM LA STRADA (1954) Dir: Federico Fellini



Cast: Anthony Quinn, Giulietta Masina, Richard Basehart



Bw-108 mins Janus Films {color:black}P/s






08:00 AM CIRCUS GIRL (1937) Dir: John H. Auer



Cast: June Travis, Robert Livingston, Donald Cook



Bw-64 mins Republic Pictures Premiere # 7{color:red}






09:15 AM CHARLIE CHAN AT THE CIRCUS (1936) Dir: Harry Lachman



Cast: Warner Oland, Keye Luke, George Brasno



Bw-72 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s






10:30 AM CIRCUS CLOWN (1934) Dir: Ray Enright



Cast: Joe E. Brown, Patricia Ellis, Dorothy Burgess



Bw-65 mins First National Pictures P/s






11:45 AM TRAPEZE (1956) Dir: Carol Reed



Cast: Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Gina Lollobrigida



C-106 mins United Artists P/s






01:45 PM THE BIG CIRCUS (1959) Dir: Joseph M. Newman



Cast: Victor Mature, Red Buttons, Rhonda Fleming



C-109 mins Allied Artists Pictures P/s






03:45 PM 3 RING CIRCUS (1955) Dir: Joseph Pevney



Cast: Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Zsa Zsa Gabor



C-110 mins Paramount Pictures Premiere # 8






05:45 PM CIRCUS WORLD (1964) Dir: Henry Hathaway



Cast: John Wayne, Rita Hayworth, Claudia Cardinale



C-135 mins Paramount Pictures {color:black}Premiere # 9






08:00 PM THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (1952) Dir: Cecil B. DeMille



Cast: Charlton Heston, Betty Hutton, James Stewart



C-154 mins Paramount Pictures P/s






10:45 PM RING OF FEAR (1954) Dir: James Edward Grant



Cast: Clyde Beatty, Mickey Spillane, Pat O’Brien



C-93 mins Warner Bros. P/s






12:30 AM NIGHT TIDE (1963) Dir: Curtis Harrington



Cast: Dennis Hopper, Linda Lawson, Gavin Muir



Bw-84 mins American International Pictures P/s






02:00 AM CHAINED FOR LIFE (1952) Dir: Harry L. Fraser



Cast: Violet Hilton, Daisy Hilton, Allen Jenkins



Bw-70 mins Renato Spera Productions Exempt Premiere






03:15 AM FREAKS (1932) Dir: Tod Browning



Cast: Wallace Ford, Leila Hyams, Olga Baclanova



Bw-64 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






04:00 AM NIGHTMARE ALLEY (1947) Dir: Edmund Goulding



Cast: Tyrone Power, Joan Blondell, Coleen Gray



Bw-112 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s





Saturday May 4, 2013






06:00 AM DICK TRACY (1945) Dir: William Berke



Cast: Morgan Conway, Anne Jeffreys, Mike Mazurki



Bw-61 mins RKO Radio Pictures









Cast: Mel Blank



C-8 mins Warner Bros.






07:15 AM WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (1988) Dir: Robert Zemeckis



Cast: Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy



C-104 mins Touchstone Pictures P/s






09:00 AM HOW I WON THE WAR (1967) Dir: Richard Lester



Cast: John Lennon, Michael Crawford, Michael Hordern



C-109 mins United Artists P/s






SHORT BACK FROM THE FRONT (1943) Dir: Jules White



Cast: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard



Bw-19 mins Columbia Pictures Exempt Short






11:15 AM MOBY DICK (1956) Dir: John Huston



Cast: Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart, Leo Genn



C-116 mins Warner Bros. P/s






01:15 PM THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951) Dir: Robert Wise



Cast: Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe



Bw-92 mins Twentieth Century Fox P/s






03:00 PM THE TIME MACHINE (1960) Dir: George Pal



Cast: Rod Taylor, Alan Young, Yvette Mimieux



C-103 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer






04:45 PM JAILHOUSE ROCK (1957) Dir: Richard Thorpe



Cast: Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler, Mickey Shaughnessy



Bw-96 mins Metro Goldwyn Mayer P/s






06:30 PM I SAW WHAT YOU DID (1965) Dir: William Castle



Cast: Joan Crawford, John Ireland, Leif Erickson



Bw-82 mins Universal Pictures P/s






08:00 PM LIFEBOAT (1944) Dir: Alfred Hitchcock



Cast: Tallulah Bankhead, Walter Slezak, William Bendix



Bw-98 mins Twentieth Century Fox Premiere # 10






10:00 PM DIAL M FOR MURDER (1954) Dir: Alfred Hitchcock



Cast: Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings



C-105 mins Warner Bros. P/s






12:00 AM SPELLBOUND (1945) Dir: Alfred Hitchcock



Cast: Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Michael Chekhov



Bw-116 mins United Artists P/s






02:00 AM THE BIRDS (1963) Dir: Alfred Hitchcock



Cast: Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, Jessica Tandy



C-120 mins Universal Pictures P/s






04:00 AM PSYCHO (1964) Dir: Alfred Hitchcock



Cast: Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin



Bw-109 mins Paramount Pictures P/s


*B-Boop's Notes*:


Sunday April 28, thru Saturday May 4, 2013





SUNDAY: April 28, 2013















From 8:00PM until 10:00PM, Robert Osbourne will be joined in the



studio with very special co-host Martin Scorsese who will present



a special screening of CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS from 1953.



Mr. Scorsese and Mr. Osbourne will also discuss the importance



of film preservation and restoration work, The ongoing efforts of



The Film Foundation, founded by Mr. Scorsese in 1990 and also



The Story of Movies, an educational project sponsored by



The Film Foundation, Turner Classic Movies, and IBM.






The Film Foundation has preserved and restored over 450



endangered films that might have otherwise been lost forever.



<span style="" Ahttp://www.film-foundation.org/{font:}






The Story of Movies project is an education program designed



to expose new generations to classic cinema and to teach them



about the cultural, artistic, and historical significance of film.



This educational program is available, free of charge, to middle



schools across the country, with the goal of teaching young



students how to understand and interpret the language of film



and visual images. <span style="" http://www.storyofmovies.org/{font:}






At 10:00PM we have THE RACE TO SAVE 100 YEARS, a brief



documentary on film preservation covering the replacement



of nitrate film with safety film and various other problems



faced by archivists. We also get a glimpse into the restoration



efforts done with MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, GONE WITH THE



WIND and others.






At 11:00PM is METRPOLIS REFOUND, a documentary which



discusses the history of Fritz Lang’s 1927 film masterpiece,



METROPOLIS and the discovery of a nearly 100% complete



print found in an Argentinean film museum in 2008. We watch



as the film is returned to the Murnau Foundation in Germany



and undergoes a complete and painstaking restoration.









THE LOST WORLD (1925) This is the very first filmed version of



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s tale of the forgotten world where ancient



dinosaurs still roamed the Earth and the forerunner to every such



film since then, from KING KONG in 1933 to JURASSIC PARK in



1993. Tonight we have the most complete restoration to date, the



1998 *George Eastman House Restoration which features nearly*






*<span style="" Arial Black","sans-serif"; color: #33333 vault located in the Czech Republic and smaller clips recovered </span>*



*<span style="" Arial Black","sans-serif"; color: #33333 from several addition sources. While not complete, the total </span>*



*<span style="" Arial Black","sans-serif"; color: #33333 running time is now 100 minutes as compared to the 64 minute </span>*



*<span style="" Arial Black","sans-serif"; color: #33333 version that was the only commercially available film until 2007. </span>*{font:} {font:}










While visiting Ireland in 1931 a documentary film maker hears about



an old man who worked as a ship’s carpenter and who may know of



the fate of the legendary Hollandia, a Norse ship which set sail for



Antarctica in 1905 and was never seen again. We learn that his name



is J.C. Sullivan, the lone survivor of the expedition, and as he begins



to tell the story of the Hollandia, he produces an old sea chest filled



with dusty old film canisters. The pictures, as he refers to them; “She’s



still here - in the pictures” he says, and as he tells an incredible story,



we get to watch the moving pictures as proof. The message of this film



is quite clear. All film must be preserved for our future generations.






3:15AM – METROPOLIS (1927)



The final film for this special evening dedicated to film restoration



and preservation will conclude with a presentation of the complete



2010 restoration of METROPOLIS featuring nearly 30 minutes of



additional and recently restored film along with the original musical



score written for the film by Gottfried Huppertz in 1926 and performed



by the Rundfunk (Radio) Symphony Orchestra, Berlin, as conducted by



Frank Strobel.









MONDAY: April 29, 2013









Continuing on from Metropolis in which Brigitte Helm



portrayed five different roles we will begin a day of



movies in which one or more actors or actresses



portray multiple roles or identities.









Keeping the multiple role theme alive until 10:00PM



the first stop on our journey to enchanted places will



be 1939’s THE WIZARD OF OZ. The final film of the



evening’s theme will be 1944’s BETWEEN TWO WORLDS



starring John Garfield, starting at 3:00AM after which we



will present the TCM short film documentary, THE JOHN



GARFIELD STORY to close out the evening.









TUESDAY: April 30, 2013












Highlights include Anatole Litvak’s NIGHT OF THE GENERALS



from 1967, MURDER BY CONTRACT from 1958, NONE SHALL



ESCAPE from 1944, and two TCM Premieres starting with



OUT OF THE DEPTHS from 1945, directed by D. Ross Ledermann



at 12:15AM and STRANGE FASCINATION from 1952, directed



by Hugo Haas at 1:30AM.









WEDNESDAY: May 1, 2013









Today will feature movies with either scarlet or black in the title



beginning with 1941’s THE BLACK CAT and concluding with our



star of the month, Dan Duryea, starring in 1946’s BLACK ANGEL.









Keeping the scarlet and the black theme alive until 10:00PM



We’ll continue our set of films featuring star of the month Dan



Duryea with 1945’s SCARLET STREET.












THURSDAY: May 2, 2013












Highlights include KISS ME DEADLY from 1955 at 6:15PM,






from 1950 at 10:00PM.









FRIDAY: May 3, 2013












Today’s tribute to the circus and sideshows begins with Fererico



Fellini’s LA STRADA from 1954. Other highlights include the rarely



seen Circus World starring John Wayne and the ultimate circus



film of all time, Cecil B. DeMille’s THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.



At 10:45PM look for the famous Flying Wallenda’s high wire act



performing in 1954’s RING OF FEAR. They are the family members



of Nik Wallenda, the man who successfully walked the high wire



across Niagara Falls in June of 2012.









Tonight’s TCM Underground feature is CHAINED FOR LIFE from



1952. It’s the story of a pair of conjoined twins and when one of



them commits a murder, the courts must decide the fate of the



twin who did not take part in the crime. The film stars Violet and



Daisy Hilton who were real life conjoined twins who also starred



In Tod Browning’s FREAKS from 1932 which follows immediately



after tonight’s TCM Underground feature and the evening will



conclude with Nightmare Alley from 1947 shown at 4:00AM.









SATURDAY: May 4, 2013









What do Elvis Presley, Dick Tracy, Moby Dick, Roger Rabbit,



William Castle, John Lennon, Daffy Duck, Klaatu, The Three



Stooges, and Time Travel all have in common? The answer



Is nothing. Nothing except a fun filled Saturday morning and



afternoon beginning with a Saturday morning favorite, DICK



TRACY from 1945, followed immediately with the animated



Short, THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY starring Daffy Duck,



who plays none other than Duck Twacy while Mel Blanc supplies



the imaginative voices of all the characters in this short and



a few more in our next film, 1988’s animated nod to the classic



film noir style of the 40’s and 50’s, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?



Next, British director Richard Lester teams up with Beatle John



Lennon to supply some wartime humor in HOW I WON THE WAR



From 1967 followed by BACK FROM THE FRONT, a Columbia



Pictures short from 1943 featuring The Three Stooges. Try not



To laugh as Moe Howard impersonates Adolf Hitler while Larry



and Curley pose as a couple of Hitler’s henchmen in order to



capture an enemy destroyer during WW2. Next, Gregory Peck



delivers one of his finest performances as the peg-legged Captain



Ahab, in the film adaptation of Herman Melville’s MOBY DICK from



1956. Saturday afternoon features THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD






and Joan Crawford in William Castle’s I SAW WHAT YOU DID.















Tonight’s TCM Essentials film is Alfred Hitchcock’s suspenseful



1944 film, LIFEBOAT. Filmed entirely within the confines of a



single set and nominated for three Academy Awards; best



director, best cinematography, and best screenplay, the film



stars Tallulah Bankhead, Walter Slezak, and William Bendix.



{color:black}When an ocean liner is torpedoed in the North Atlantic by a



German U-boat during WWII, eight assorted people of varying



backgrounds, the only survivors, are stranded together in



a lifeboat. Their grim situation is complicated further when



they pick up a ninth passenger who turns out to be the captain



of the Nazi U-boat that torpedoed them.






10:00PM Our evening with Alfred Hitchcock continues with






will close out with Anthony Perkins in PSYCHO from 1964 at 4:00AM.


















































































































1900 – 1909 01



1910 – 1919



1920 – 1929 02



1930 – 1939 13



1940 – 1949 35



1950 – 1959 37



1960 – 1969 10



1970 – 1979



1980 – 1989 01



1990 – 1999 03



2000 – 2009 01



2010 – 2013 01









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*LonesomePolecat’s schedule*
Version 2.0

*Week of January 13-19, 2013*

STAR OF THE MONTH : *George Sanders*
SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS : *Cyrano di Bergerac* (1925)
TCM IMPORTS : *Il Postino* (1994)
TCM UNDERGROUND: *Little Shop Of Horrors* (1986)
THE ESSENTIALS: *Tales of Manhattan* (1942)

1. *The Abductors* (1957)
2. *Carousel* (1956)
3. *The Daring Young Man* (1942)
4. *Goodbye, Charlie* (1964)
5. *Mary Poppins* (1965)
6. *Much Ado About Nothing* (1993)
7. *A New Leaf* (1971)
8. *Viva Max* (1969)
9. *What a Way to Go* (1964)
10. *What’s so Bad About Feeling Good?* (1968)

1. *He Stayed for Breakfast* (1940)
2. *Say it with Sables* (1928)
3. *Submarine* (1928)
4. *What a Woman!* (1943)

-----------------------SUNDAY, JANUARY 13, 2013-------------------

*A Dick Van Dyke Show Cast Reunion*
6:00am: Morey Amsterdam (Buddy Sorrell) in *Beach Party* (1963) dir William Asher AIP 101min (p/s)
7:45am: SHORT: Rose Marie (Sally Rogers) in *Baby Rose Marie the Child Wonder* (1929) dir Bryan Foy, WB 8min
8:00am: Rose Marie (Sally Rogers) in *Top Banana* (1954) dir Alfred E Green UA 100min (p/s)
9:45am Anne Morgan Guilbert (Millie Helper) *Viva Max* (1969) dir Jerry Paris (Jerry Helper), Columbia 93min PREMIERE
11:30am: Richard Deacon (Mel Cooley) in *The Young Philadelphians* (1959) dir Vincent Sherman WB 136min (p/s)
2:00pm: Carl Reiner (Alan Brady) in *The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!* (1966) dir Norman Jewison 126min MGM (p/s)
4:15pm: Mary Tyler Moore (Laura Petrie) in *What’s so Bad About Feeling Good?* (1968) dir George Seaton UNIVERSAL 94min PREMIERE
6:00pm: Dick Van Dyke (Rob Petrie) in *What a Way to Go* (1964) dir J Lee Thompson FOX 111min PREMIERE

*Poetry in motion*
8:00pm *The Barretts of Wimpole Street* (1934) Norma Shearer & Fredric March, dir Sidney Franklin MGM 109min
10:00pm *The Petrified Forest* (1936) Leslie Howard & Bette Davis, dir Archie Mayo WB 82min (p/s)
11 :30pm *SILENT SUNDAY NIGHTS: Cyrano di Bergerac* (1925) Pierre Magnier & Linda Moglia, dir Augusto Genina KINO 113min EXEMPT
1:30am *TCM IMPORTS: Il Postino* (1994) Mossimo Troisi & Philippe Noiret, dir Michael Radford Miramax 108min EXEMPT

----------------MONDAY JANUARY 14, 2013--------------------------

*Tribute to Joseph Walker, Columbia’s Amazing Cinematographer*
3:30am *The Awful Truth* (1937) Irene Dunne & Cary Grant, dir Leo McCarey 91min
5:15am *Say it with Sables* (1928) Francis X Bushman & Helene Chadwick, dir Frank Capra, Columbia 70min COLUMBIA PREMIERE #1
6:30am *His Girl Friday* (1940) Cary Grant & Rosalind Russell, dir Howard Hawks, Columbia 92min (p/s)
8:15am *It Happened One Night* (1934) Clark Gable & Claudette Colbert, dir Frank Capra, Columbia 105min (p/s)
10:00am *Mr. Smith Goes to Washington* (1939) James Stewart & Jean Arthur, dir Frank Capra 131min
12:15pm *American Madness* (1932) Walter Huston & Pat O'Brien, dir Frank Capra, Columbia 75min (p/s)
1:30pm *He Stayed for Breakfast* (1940) Loretta Young & Melvyn Douglas, dir Alexander Hall, Columbia 86min COLUMBIA PREMIERE #2
3:00pm *Platinum Blonde* (1931) Jean Harlow & Robert Williams, dir Frank Capra, Columbia 89min (p/s)
4:30pm *What a Woman!* (1943) Rosalind Russell & Brian Aherne, dir Irving Cummings 94 min COLUMBIA PREMIERE #3
6:15pm *Submarine* (1928) Jack Holt & Dorothy Revier, dir Frank Capra Columbia 103min COLUMBIA PREMIERE #4

*75th ANNIVERSARY of 1938*
8:00pm *You Can’t Take It With You* (1938) Jean Arthur & James Stewart, dir Frank Capra, Columbia 126min (p/s)
10:15pm *The Lady Vanishes* (1938) Margaret Lockwood & Michael Redgrave, dir Alfred Hitchcock, Gaumont /PD 96min (p/s)
12:00am *Bringing Up Baby* (1938) Cary Grant & Katharine Hepburn, dir Howard Hawks RKO 102min (p/s)
1:45am *The Adventures of Robin Hood* (1938) Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland, dir Michael Curtiz & William Keighley WB 102min (p/s)
3:30am *Angels With Dirty Faces* (1938) James Cagney & Pat O'Brien, dir Michael Curtiz WB 97min (p/s)
5:15am *The Dawn Patrol* (1938) Errol Flynn & Basil Rathbone, dir Edmund Goulding WB 103min (p/s)
7:00am *Jezebel* (1938) Bette Davis & Henry Fonda, dir William Wyler WB 105min (p/s)

-----------------------TUESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2013-----------------

8:45am *The Rainmaker* (1956) Burt Lancaster & Katharine Hepburn, dir Joseph Anthony, Paramount 122min (p/s)
10:00am *Last of the Comanches* (1953) Broderick Crawford & Barbara Hale, dir Andre DeToth, Columbia 85min (p/s)
11:30am *A Walk in the Sun* (1946) Dana Andrews & Lloyd Bridges, dir Lewis Milestone, FOX 117min (p/s)
1:30pm *High Noon* (1952) Gary Cooper & Grace Kelly, dir Fred Zinnemann, UA 85min (p/s)
3:00pm *The Goddess* (1958) Kim Stanley & Lloyd Bridges, dir John Cromwell, Columbia 104min (p/s)
4:45pm *The Daring Young Man* (1942) Joe E Brown & Marguerite Chapman, dir Frank R Strayer, Columbia 73min PREMIERE
6:00pm *The Happy Ending* (1969) Jean Simmons & Shirley Jones, dir Richard Brooks UA 117min (p/s)

*Oh to be a Botanist*
8:00pm *A New Leaf* (1971) Walter Matthau & Elaine May, dir Elaine May, Paramount 102 min PREMIERE
9:45pm *Five Came Back* (1939) Chester Morris & Lucille Ball, dir John Farrow 75min (p/s)
11:00pm *Ball of Fire* (1941) Gary Cooper & Barbara Stanwyck, dir. Howard Hawks, RKO, 112 min (p/s)
1:00am *Grand Illusion* (1937) Jean Gabin & Erich Von Stroheim, dir Jean Renoir, Criterion 114min (p/s)

---------------------WEDNESDAY JANUARY 16, 2013------------------------

3:00am *The Outsiders* (1983) C. Thomas Howell & Matt Dillon, dir Francis Ford Coppola WB 91min (p/s)
4:45am *Treasure of the Sierra Madre* (1948) Humphrey Bogart & Walter Huston, dir John Huston WB 126min (p/s)
7:00am *A Matter of Time* (1976) Liza Minnelli & Ingrid Bergman, dir Vincente Minnelli 97min (p/s)
8:45am *Strangers on a Train* (1951) Robert Walker & Patricia Hitchcock, dir. Alfred Hitchcock, WB, 101min (p/s)
10:30am *On Golden Pond* (1981) Henry & Jane Fonda, dir Mark Rydell, Universal 109min (p/s)
12:30pm *Red River* (1948) Harry Carey Sr & Jr, dir Howard Hawks & Arthur Rosson UA 133min (p/s)
2:45pm *Paper Moon* (1973) Ryan & Tatum O’Neal, dir Peter Bogdanovich, Paramount 102min (p/s)
4:30pm *The Abductors* (1957) Victor McLaglen & Gavin Muir, dir Andrew McLaglen FOX 80min PREMIERE
6:00pm *Much Ado About Nothing* (1993) Emma Thompson & Phyllida Law, dir Kenneth Brannagh, Samuel Goldwyn, 111min PREMIERE

*Well, of course they look alike*
8:00pm *The Whole Town’s Talking* (1935) Edward G Robinson & Jean Arthur, dir John Ford, Columbia 93min (p/s)
9:45pm *The Scapegoat* (1959) Alec Guinness & Bette Davis, dir Robert Hamer, MGM 93min (p/s)
11:30pm *Callaway Went Thataway* (1951) Howard Keel & Fred MacMurray, dir Norman Panama & Melvin Frank MGM 82min (p/s)
1:00am *The Great Dictator* (1940) Charlie Chaplin & Paulette Goddard, dir Charles Chaplin UA 126min (p/s)
3:15am *The Great Race* (1965) Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood, dir. Blake Edwards WB, 160m (p/s)

---------------------THURSDAY JANUARY 17, 2013------------------------

*You Can Con Me Anytime*
6:00am*How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying* (1967) Robert Morse & Michele Lee, dir David Swift, UA 122min (p/s)
8:15am *The Lady Eve* (1941) Barbara Stanwyck & Henry Fonda, dir Preston Sturges, Paramount 94min (p/s)
10:00am *The Sting* (1973) Robert Redford & Paul Newman, dir George Roy Hill, Universal, 129min (p/s)
12:15pm *Animal Crackers* (1930) The Marx Brothers & Margaret Dumont, dir Victor Heerman, Paramount 97min (p/s)
2:00pm *The Music Man* (1962) Robert Preston & Shirley Jones, dir Morton da Costa WB 150min (p/s)
4:30pm *Road to Morocco* (1942) Bing Crosby & Bob Hope, dir David Butler, Paramount 83min (p/s)
6:00pm *Goodbye, Charlie* (1964) Tony Curtis & Debbie Reynolds, dir Vincente Minnelli FOX 117min *PREMIERE*

8:00pm *1776* (1972) William Daniels & Howard Da Silva, dir Peter H Hunt, Columbia 142min (p/s)
10:30pm *8 ½* (1963) Marcello Mastroianni & Anouk Aimee, dir Frederico Fellini, Columbia 138min (p/s)
1:00am *M* (1931) Peter Lorre & Otto Wernick, dir Fritz Lang, Paramount 111min (p/s)
3:00am *-30-* (1959) Jack Webb & William Conrad, dir Jack Webb WB 96min (p/s)

---------------------------FRIDAY JANUARY 18, 2013-----------------------------

4:45am *The Court Jester* (1956) Danny Kaye & Glynis Johns, dir Melvin Frank & Norman Panama, Paramount 101min (p/s)
6:30am *Hans Christian Andersen* (1952) Danny Kaye & Farley Granger, dir Charles Vidor, Samuel Goldwyn 112min (p/s)
8:30am *Wonder Man* (1945) Danny Kaye & Virginia Mayo, dir Bruce Humberstone, Samuel Goldwyn 98min (p/s)
10:15am *The Inspector General* (1949) Danny Kaye & Walter Slezak, dir Henry Koster WB 102min (p/s)
12:00pm *The Secret Life of Walter Mitty* (1947) Danny Kaye & Virginia Mayo, dir Norman Z McLeod, Samuel Goldwyn 110min (p/s)
2:00pm *A Song is Born* (1948) Danny Kaye & Virginia Mayo, dir Howard Hawks, Samuel Goldwyn 113min (p/s)
4:00pm *Up In Arms* (1944) Danny Kaye & Dana Andrews, dir Elliott Nugent, Samuel Goldwyn, 105min (p/s)
5:45pm *White Christmas* (1954) Danny Kaye & Bing Crosby, dir Michael Curtiz, Paramount, 121min (p/s)

8:00pm *Leave Her to Heaven* (1945) Gene Tierney & Cornel Wilde, dir John M Stahl FOX 110min (p/s)
10:00pm *Double Indemnity* (1944) Barbara Stanwyck & Fred MacMurray, dir Billy Wilder, Paramount 107min (p/s)
12:00am *The Postman Always Rings Twice* (1946) Lana Turner & John Garfield, dir Tay Garnett, MGM 113min (p/s)

---------------SATURDAY JANUARY 19, 2013--------------------

Alan Menken & Howard Ashman
2:00am *TCM UNDERGROUND: Little Shop of Horrors* (1986) Rick Moranis & Ellen Greene, dir Frank Oz WB 94min (exempt)
Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown
3:45am *Singin’ in the Rain* (1952) Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor, dir Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly MGM 103min (p/s)
Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe
5:30am *Gigi* (1958) Leslie Caron & Louis Jourdan, dir Vincente Minnelli, MGM 115min (p/s)
George & Ira Gershwin
7:30am *Shall We Dance* (1937) Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, dir Mark Sandrich, RKO 109min (p/s)
Jimmy Van Heusen & Sammy Cahn
9:30am *Robin and the 7 Hoods* (1964) Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin, dir Gordon Douglas, WB 123min (p/s)
Harry Warren & Al Dubin
11:45am *Gold Diggers of 1933* (1933) Ruby Keeler & Joan Blondell, dir Mervyn LeRoy WB 97min (p/s)
Jay Livingston & Ray Evans
1:30pm *The Lemon Drop Kid* (1951) Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell, dir Sidney Lanfield, Paramount 91min (p/s)
Richard & Robert Sherman
3:15pm *Mary Poppins* (1965) Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke, dir Robert Stevenson, Disney 139min PREMIERE
Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II
5:45pm *Carousel* (1956) Gordon MacRae & Shirley Jones, dir Henry King FOX 128min PREMIERE

8:00pm *THE ESSENTIALS: Tales of Manhattan* (1942) George Sanders & Edward G Robinson, dir Julien Duvivier FOX 118min (EXEMPT PREMIERE)
10:00pm *All About Eve* (1950) Bette Davis & George Sanders, dir Joseph Makiewicz, FOX, 138min (p/s)
12:30am *Rebecca* (1940) Laurence Olivier & George Sanders, dir Alfred Hitchcock UA 130min (p/s)
2:45am *Lured* (1947) Lucille Ball & George Sanders, dir Douglas Sirk UA 102min (p/s)
4:30am *Foreign Correspondent* (1940) Joel McCrea & George Sanders, dir Alfred Hitchcock UA 120min (p/s)


1920s- 3
1930s- 21
1940s- 23
1950s- 19
1960s- 13
1970s- 5
1980s- 3
1990s- 2

-------------------*LP’s Notes: Version 2.0-*---------------

Because of an oversight on my part, I scheduled a Fox film called *TALES OF MANHATTAN*as one of my Columbia premieres. Therefore I had until The Deadline to shuffle the Joseph Walker tribute section of my schedule a bit to insert a new Columbia premiere, *WHAT A WOMAN! *I had to change a couple of Joseph Walker films for timing reasons. (Don’t ask me which ones, I forget, since Joseph Walker made way too many amazing classic movies to keep track of.) Then *TALES OF MANHATTAN *sounded so interesting and a few people mentioned they wanted it shown on TCM, so I took advantage of my SOTM George Sanders’ presence in the film and made *TALES OF MANHATTAN *the Essentials (so I could get an extra premiere in there), thus bumping *LURED *down in the schedule and *HANGOVER SQUARE *out. Other than that, the schedule is exactly the same as posted previously, since it would have felt like cheating to go crazy improving the schedule I first posted. Sorry about all that, mates! Carry on

NOTE: If you have read these notes the first time I posted them, there is almost no difference from here on out

Can you believe I found a week with TWO classic movie star centennials? Not just one, but two! Both Lloyd Bridges and Danny Kaye turn 100 this week in January 2013. Both are completely awesome in completely different ways. So I just had to pick this week. It was too good to pass up. Danny Kaye hasn’t been SOTM and should be, but I made him SOTM last time, so this was the perfect way to highlight one of my favorites.

*A Dick Van Dyke Show Cast Reunion*
We start off with a look at the cast of the classic DICK VAN DYKE SHOW. I’ve been wanting to do a tribute of his show for a while, partly because it was out 50 years ago, but mostly because the show rocks. With this set of films we can see that the show’s amazing cast was one of its greatest assets. All those awesome people in one TV show. One cast member, Jerry Paris, is featured as a director (directing his TV wife, Anne Morgan Guilbert) because this series kick-started his directing career. Rose Marie is shown both as she is in the DICK VAN DYKE SHOW and as Baby Rose Marie. Finally, out of all the movies the show’s headliner was in, I chose WHAT A WAY TO GO, partly because I always find a way to schedule this movie (call it a superstition or tradition, either one), but mostly because Dick Van Dyke is great in this. It shows off his genuine acting, his likeability, and especially his skills as a silent film comedian. It also highlights the talents of other ‘60s stars like Shirley MacLaine, Paul Newman, and Gene Kelly.

These are films that feature poetry and poets. Highlighted in this bunch is my import for the night, IL POSTINO (which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1995). This is hands down one of my favorite foreign films ever made—right up there with Kurosawa’s best for me. It’s a beautiful film in terms of music (Best Score 1995), acting, writing, cinematography (gorgeous Italian landscape), and poetry. It’s the story of a postman on a tiny Italian island whose one client is none other than Pablo Neruda. Everyone should watch it. Can’t say enough. The last poet in this section is Longfellow Deeds, who just happens to also fall in the next category…

*Tribute to Joseph Walker, Columbia’s Amazing Cinematographer*
I used this challenge as an excuse to highlight one of Early Sound’s best cinematographers: Joseph Walker. This man is such a brilliant DP. At a time when other films looked stagey and horrible, his camera was free and his lighting was impeccable. Think of that gorgeous shot of Robert Williams kissing Jean Harlow through that very Art Deco fountain in PLATINUM BLONDE, or the African American guy taking his hat off to Abraham Lincoln in MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, or the frightening run on the bank in AMERICAN MADNESS, or thousands of other memorable moments. He was Capra’s favorite DP, so this section is very thick with Capra’s best (I’m quite a Capra fan), and some of his lesser known films as well. I can’t believe there are Capra films, for example, that have never been shown on TCM before. Get on that, TCM.

*75th ANNIVERSARY of 1938*
Because one of Joseph Walker’s films, the best picture winner YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU, is 75 years old, I had to highlight other great movies from that same year. Too many greats to list, so I took just a small sampling. The late 30s-early 40s were a wonderful time—one of the best—and must be celebrated, don’t you agree?

*Oh to be a Botanist*
These films feature botanists—an odd profession to have in a movie, but nonetheless interesting. A NEW LEAF has the funniest botanist: Elaine May. Great movie that she wrote and directed herself about Walter Matthau’s pursuit of a wife dumb enough to marry him after he loses his entire fortune.

We know there are many talented people in The Film Industry whose sons or daughters (or beyond) went on to make great careers of their own. (Not unlike our friend Lloyd Bridges.) But rarely do they work together in the same film. And when they do, I think it’s pretty nifty (and sometimes Oscar worthy). So these films are specifically ones in which a parent and child(ren) are all working together on the same project. Often they’re all actors (as with the O’Neals, Careys, Fondas, and Emma Thompson & her mom). And sometimes dad is the director (Hitchcock & Minnelli), or maybe Junior is directing Dad (McLaglen & Huston). But rarely do we get the feat we do in THE OUTSIDERS, which really should be subtitled: A COPPOLA PRODUCTION. We got Francis directing, we got most if not all of his kids working on the film in one way or another, and to make it even more special, Francis’ dad is writing the score. Three generations in one film. Oh the fights there must have been!

*Well, of course they look alike*
These films are all about random people and their doppelgangers—not relatives, but just look-alikes. They’re tales of “say, you look just like…” which lead to the doppelganger switching places with their famous counterpart. In all cases, both characters are played by the same person (that must have been so much fun), which leads me to say, “Well of course they look alike!”

*You Can Con Me Anytime*
Here we have a small sampling of cinema’s most likeable con artists. These are all swindlers, thieves, and crooks who are so likeable they make the seemingly straight-laced public root for them, laugh with them, and love them. If Robert Redford and Paul Newman lied in my face and I knew it, I’d probably still let them rob me blind. And if Robert Morse’s J Pierpont Finch was gunning for my job, I’d just give it to him. In the case of GOODBYE CHARLIE the liar is Debbie Reynolds who is a dead male jerk come back to life is a female’s body, and uses that to his/her advantage. I think it’s one of Debbie’s best performances, so here it is.

For those of you who don’t remember, Sesame Street, being privately funded, was always “brought to you by the letter E” or “the number 2”. So these are movies with only numbers or a single letter for a title. (I’m a child of the 80s—I have to tribute the Muppets somehow).

These three films involve Femme Noirs and people dumb enough to marry them. Then they have the nerve to be shocked when they get killed. Wow, really, people?

Because TCM has been doing these “Art of Collaboration” interviews, I decided to run with that idea and highlight great songwriting teams. Many tune writers and lyricists flitted about writing songs with different people, but these people stayed with their partners over multiple projects to great success. It must be tough to depend on someone to write half your song. Some teams wrote directly for the screen (from the early sound era to Disney’s heyday), some took Broadway by storm, and some wrote popular songs that were later put into films. Of course I picked films that included my favorites of their songs, although our TCM Underground pick LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is actually the only one I can legally show (thanks, Ebenezer Disney). In the case of MARY POPPINS and CAROUSEL, I chose what I think to be the teams’ best scores overall. Many of these films also feature their respective teams’ Oscar-nominated or –winning songs. A special shout out to the Damon Runyon film THE LEMON DROP KID which, unbeknownst to many, features the first appearance of Livingston & Evans’ most recorded song: “Silver Bells.”

Finally we end the night with our SOTM, George Sanders. How could this amazing Oscar-winning actor with one of the top 10 voices of all time never have been SOTM before? This guy ‘s films could easily be broken up into a whole evening of him as The Falcon, then The Saint, then the rest. What I have here are my favorite performances of his (except the one I can’t show: THE JUNGLE BOOK) which just happen to comprise of two Best Picture Winners, his Oscar-winning performance, a Hitchcock film, and two of the best Halloween movies. The reason I put the SOTM on a Saturday (which doesn’t really happen, but it wasn’t part of the rules!) was to make one of his films the Essentials. LURED blew my mind the first time I saw it. It’s a murder suspense film but I couldn’t predict who the killer was immediately! How cool is that? You really can’t tell until the film wants you to know. That is quite a feat. Plus it has a great cast. And for me, The Essentials is best when it highlights great films that many people haven’t even heard of let alone seen. So in this case it’s, “Okay, you’ve all seen REAR WINDOW and VERTIGO, so here’s a great not-so-famous thriller you need to see.”

And with that bizarre slogan, it is with a heavy heart that we say farewell to all our friends at the TCM Message Boards.

NOTE: Because of my Very-Typical-of-Me mistake, TALES OF MANHATTAN is now my Essentials pick, but it still holds the same principal of being quite a good film that not too many people have seen and might be overlooked otherwise. It’s pretty lucky for me I could schedule the movie elsewhere and not have to delete any of my premieres. George Sanders saves the day again


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*Audreyforever's Schedule*:


Week of May 5th-11th, 2013


Star of the Month: Maureen O'Sullivan

Spotlight: Hail Columbia!

Silent Sunday Nights: The Social Secretary (1916)

TCM Imports: Le Jour Se Leve (1939)

TCM Underground: Putney Swope (1969)

The Essentials: Humoresque (1946)




1. The Time of Their Lives (1946)

2. The Social Secretary (1916)

3. Criminals of the Air (1937)*

4. Lazybones (1925)

5. Three Cheers for Love (1936)



*5th Columbia Premiere



Columbia Premieres:

1. Attorney for the Defense (1932)

2. Counsel for Crime (1937)

3. Fugitive Lady (1934)

4. Atlantic Adventure (1935)



Films by Decade:

10s- 1

20s- 7

30s- 34

40s- 35

50s- 20

60s- 6

70s- 2



*SUNDAY, MAY 5th, 2013*






6:00AM Northwest Passage (1940) 126m. MGM. Spencer Tracy, Robert Young. D: King Vidor. p/s



8:15AM Unconquered (1947) 147m. Paramount. Gary Cooper, Paulette Goddard. D: Cecil B. Demille. p/s



10:45AM The Howards of Virginia (1940) 116m. Columbia. Cary Grant, Martha Scott. D: Frank Lloyd. p/s



12:41PM The Declaration of Independence (1938) 17m. WB. p/s



1:00PM Drums Along the Mohawk (1939) 104m. Fox. Henry Fonda, Claudette Colbert. D: John Ford. p/s



2:50PM Give Me Liberty (1936) 22m. WB. p/s



3:15PM The Time of Their Lives (1946) 82m. Bud Abbott, Lou Costello. D: Charles Barton. PREMIERE #1



4:43PM The Bill of Rights (1939) 22m. WB. p/s



5:15PM 1776 (1972) 142m. Columbia. William Daniels, Howard Da Silva. D: Peter H. Hunt. p/s



7:42PM Sons of Liberty (1939) 20m. WB. p/s






8:00PM Beauty and the Boss (1932) 66m. WB. Marian Marsh, David Manners. D: Roy Del Ruth. p/s



9:15PM Wife vs. Secretary (1936) 88m. MGM. Clark Gable, Jean Harlow. D: Clarence Brown. p/s



11:00PM Ever Since Eve (1937) 80m. WB. Marion Davies, Frank McHugh. D: Lloyd Bacon. p/s






12:30AM The Social Secretary (1916) 52m. Fine Arts. Norma Talmadge, Kate Lester. D: John Emerson. PREMIERE #2



1:30AM His Secretary (1925) 70m. MGM. Norma Shearer, Lew Cody. D: Hobart Henley. p/s






2:45AM Le Jour se Leve (1939) 93m. Productions Sigma. Jean Gabin, Jaqcueline Laurent. D: Marcel Carne. p/s



4:30AM Trouble in Paradise (1932) 83m. Paramount. Kay Francis, Herbert Marshall. D: Ernst Lubitsch. p/s



*MONDAY, MAY 6th, 2013*






6:00AM Frontier Hellcat (1964) 98m. Columbia. Stewart Granger, Pierre Brice. D: Alfred Vohrer. p/s



7:45AM The Little Hut (1957) 90m. MGM. Ava Gardner, Stewart Granger. D: Mark Robson. p/s



9:15AM Moonfleet (1955) 87m. MGM. Stewart Granger, George Sanders. D: Fritz Lang. p/s



10:45AM All the Brothers Were Valiant (1953) 95m. MGM. Robert Taylor, Stewart Granger. D: Richard Thorpe. p/s



12:30PM Scaramouche (1952) 115m. Stewart Granger, Janet Leigh. D: George Sidney. p/s



2:30PM The Wild North (1952) 97m. MGM. Stewart Granger, Cyd Charisse. D: Andrew Marton. p/s



4:15PM Soldiers Three (1951) 92m. MGM. Stewart Granger, Walter Pidgeon. D: Tay Granett. p/s



6:00PM King Solomon's Mines (1950) 103m. MGM Stewart Granger, Deborah Kerr. D: Compton Bennett. p/s









8:00PM The Stork Club (1945) 98m. Paramount. Betty Hutton, Dan Defore. D: Hal Walker. p/s



9:45PM The Fleet's In (1942) 93m. Paramount. Dorothy Lamour, William Holden. D: Victor Schertzinger. p/s






11:30PM Moon Over Miami (1941) 91m. Fox. Betty Grable, Don Ameche. D: Walter Lang. p/s



1:15AM Sweet Rosie O'Grady (1943) 74m. Fox. Betty Grable, Robert Young. D: Irving Cummings. p/s






2:45AM Neptune's Daughter (1949) 93m. MGM. Esther Williams, Red Skelton. D: Edward Buzzell. p/s



4:30AM On The Town (1949) 98m. MGM. Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra. D: Stanley Donen. p/s



*TUESDAY, MAY 7th, 2013*






6:15AM Going Places (1938) 84m. WB. Dick Powell, Anita Louise. D: Ray Enright. p/s



7:30AM The Day the Bookies Wept (1939) 64m. RKO. Joe Penner, Betty Grable. D: Leslie Goodwins. p/s



8:45AM White Mane (1953) 47m. UA. Alain Emery, Laurent Roche. D: Albert Lamorisse. p/s






10:00AM Fingers at the Window (1942) 80m. MGM. Lew Ayres, Laraine Day. D: Charles Lederer. p/s



11:30AM The Bribe (1949) 98m. MGM. Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner. D: Robert Z. Leonard. p/s



1:15PM The Glass Key (1942) 85m. Paramount. Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake. D: Stuart Heisler. p/s






2:45PM I Was An American Spy (1951) 85m. AA. Ann Dvorak, Gene Evans. D: Lesley Selander. p/s



4:15PM Nazi Agent (1942) 83m. MGM. Conrad Veidt, Ann Ayres. D: Jules Dassin. p/s



5:45PM 36 Hours (1963) 115m. MGM. James Garner, Eva Marie Saint. D: George Seaton. p/s






8:00PM Stage Mother (1933) 85m. MGM. Alice Brady, Maureen O'Sullivan. D: Charles Brabin. p/s



9:30PM Woman Wanted (1935) 67m. MGM. Joel McCrea, Maureen O'Sullivan. D: George B. Seitz. p/s



10:45PM The Voice of Bugle Ann (1936) 72m. MGM. Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O'Sullivan. D: Richard Thorpe. p/s



12:15AM My Dear Miss Aldrich (1937) 74m. MGM. Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O'Sullivan. D: George B. Seitz. p/s



1:45AM Spring Madness (1938) 67m. MGM. Maureen O'Sullivan, Lew Ayres. D: S. Sylvan Simon. p/s



3:00AM West Point of the Air (1935) 89m. MGM. Wallace Beery, Maureen O'Sullivan. D: Richard Rossen. p/s



4:30AM Between Two Women (1937) 88m. MGM. Franchot Tone, Maureen O'Sullivan. D: Maureen O’Sullivan.



*WEDNESDAY, MAY 8th, 2013*









6:00AM Broadway Bill (1934) 104m. Columbia. Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy. D: Frank Capra. p/s



7:45AM In a Lonely Place (1950) 94m. Columbia. Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Grahame. D: Nicholas Ray. p/s






9:30AM The Awful Truth (1937) 91m. Columbia. Irene Dunne, Cary Grant. D: Leo McCarey. p/s



11:15AM My Sister Eileen (1942) 96m. Columbia. Rosiland Russell, Brian Aherne. D: Alexander Hall. p/s






1:00PM You Were Never Lovelier (1942) 97m. Columbia. Fred Astaire, Rita Hayworth. D: William A. Seiter. p/s



2:45PM Pal Joey (1957) 111m. Columbia. Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra. D: George Sidney. p/s






4:45PM The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (1953) 89m. Columbia. Mary Evans, Hans Conreid. D: Roy Rowland. p/s



6:15PM Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) 94m. Columbia. Robert Montgomery, Claude Rains. D: Alexander Hall. p/s






8:00PM Attorney for the Defense (1932) 70m. Columbia. Edmund Lowe, Evelyn Brent. D: Irving Cummings. EXEMPT



9:15PM Counsel for Crime (1937) 61m. Columbia. Otto Kruger, Julie Bishop. D: John Brahm. EXEMPT



10:30PM Fugitive Lady (1934) 66m. Columbia. Florence Rice, Neil Hamilton. D: Albert S. Rogell. EXEMPT



11:45PMAM Atlantic Adventure (1935) 68m. Columbia. Nancy Carroll, Lloyd Nolan. Albert S. Rogell. EXEMPT



1:00AM Criminals of the Air (1937) 61m. Columbia. Rosiland Keith, Rita Hayworth. D: Charles C. Coleman. PREMIERE #3



2:15AM Don't Gamble with Love (1936) 65m. Columbia. Ann Sothern, Bruce Cabot. Dudley Murphy. p/s



3:30AM Escape to Glory (1940) 64m. Columbia. Pat O'Brien, Constance Bennett. D: John Brahm. p/s



4:45AM Three Girls About Town (1941) 75m. Columbia. Joan Blondell, John Howard. D: Leigh Jason. p/s



*THURSDAY, MAY 9th, 2013*






6:15AM Out of the Fog (1941) 85m. WB. Ida Lupino, John Garfield. D: Anatole Litvak. p/s



7:45AM The Snake Pit (1948) 108m. Fox. Olivia De Havilland, Mark Stevens. D: Anatole Litvak. p/s



9:45AM Goodbye Again (1961) 120m. UA. Ingrid Bergman, Yves Martand. Anatole Litvak. p/s



{font:Arial}♪♪♪ {font}CLAIRE DE LUNE & OTHER DEBUSSY TREATS {font:Arial}♪♪♪{font}



12:00PM Without Love (1945) 110m. MGM. Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy. D: Harold s. Bucquet. p/s



2:00PM Music for Millions (1944) 121m. MGM. June Allyson, Jose Iturbi. D: Henry Koster. p/s



4:15PM The Secret Heart (1946) 97m. MGM. Claudette Colbert, Walter Pidgeon. D: Robert Z. Leonard. p/s



6:00PM Dodsworth (1936) 101m. Goldwyn. Walter Huston, Mary Astor. D: William Wyler. p/s






8:00PM The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) 110m. Societe Generale Des Films. Maria Falconetti, Eugene Silvain. D: Carl Theodore Dreyer. p/s



10:00PM Lazybones (1925) 80m. Fox. Madge Bellamy, Buck Jones. D: Frank Borzage. PREMIERE #4



11:30PM Sunrise (1927) 94m. Fox. George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor. D: F.W. Murnau. p/s



1:15AM City Lights (1931) 87m. Charles Chaplin Productions. Charles Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill. D: Charles Chaplin. p/s






3:00AM The Pilgrim (1923) 59m. UA. Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance. D: Charles Chaplin. p/s



4:00AM The Navigator (1924) 59m. MGM. Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire. D: Donald Crisp, Buster Keaton. p/s



5:00AM For Heaven's Sake (1926) 58m. Paramount. Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston. D: Sam Taylor. p/s



*FRIDAY, MAY 10th, 2013*






6:00AM Mannequin (1937) 95m. MGM. Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy. D: Frank Borzage. p/s



7:45AM East Side, West Side (1949) 108m. MGM. Barbara Stanwyck, James Mason. D: Mervyn Leroy. p/s



9:45AM Artists & Models (1937) 97m. Universal. Jack Benny, Ida Lupino. D: Raoul Walsh. p/s



11:30AM Funny Face (1957) 103m. Paramount. Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire. D: Stanley Donen. p/s






1:15PM Too Hot to Handle (1938) 107m. MGM. Clark Gable, Myrna Loy. D: Jack Conway. p/s



3:15PM Madame Curie (1943) 126m. MGM. Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon. D: Mervyn Leroy. p/s



5:30PM The High and the Mighty (1954) 141m. Paramount. John Wayne, Laraine Day. D: William Wellman. p/s






8:00PM Three Cheers For Love (1936) 61m. Paramount. Eleanore Whitney, Robert Cummings. D: Ray McCarey. PREMIERE #5



9:15PM Sensations of 1945 (1945) 86m. Andrew L. Stone. Eleanor Powell, Dennis O'Keefe. D: Andrew L. Stone. p/s



10:45PM Born to Sing (1942) 82m. MGM. Virginia Weilder, Ray McDonald. D: Edward Ludwig. p/s



12:15AM The Thrill of Brazil (1946) 91m. Columbia. Evelyn Keyes, Ann Miller. D: S. Sylvan Simon. p/s






2:00AM Putney Swope (1969) 84m. Herald. Stanley Gottlieb, Allen Garfield. D: Robert Downey, Sr. p/s



3:30AM Performance (1970) 105m. Goodtimes. James Fox, Mick Jagger. D:Donald Cammell. p/s



5:30AM Crisis in Morality (1962) 26m. Al Sanders, Bob Burnham. p/s



*SATURDAY, MAY 11th, 2013*






6:00AM Green Dolphin Street (1947) 141m. MGM. Lana Turner, Donna Reed. D: Victor Saville. p/s



8:23AM Jammin the Blues (1944) 10m. WB. p/s



8:45AM Star Dust (1940) 90m. Fox. Linda Darnell, John Payne. D: Walter Lang. p/s



10:17AM Rufus Jones For President (1933) 21m. WB. p/s



10:45AM Summertime (1955) 99m. UA. Katharine Hepburn, Rossano Brazzi. D: David Lean. p/s






12:45PM Gun Fury (1953) 83m. Columbia. Rock Hudson, Donna Reed. D: Raoul Walsh. p/s



2:15PM Man of the West (1958) 100m. UA. Gary Cooper, Julie London. D: Anthony Mann. p/s



4:00PM Escape From Fort Bravo (1953) 99m. MGM. William Holden, Eleanor Parker. D: John Sturges. p/s



5:45PM The Unforgiven (1960) 125m. UA. Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn. D: John Huston. p/s






8:00PM Humoresque (1946) 125m. WB. Joan Crawford, John Garfield. D: Jean Negluesco. p/s



10:30PM Juke Girl (1942) 90m. WB. Ann Sheridan, Ronald Reagan. D: Curtis Bernhardt. p/s



12:15AM Background to Danger (1943) 80m. WB. George Raft, Brenda Marshall. D: Raoul Walsh. p/s



1:45AM Perfect Strangers (1950) 88m. WB. Ginger Rogers, Dennis Morgan. D: Bretaigne Windust. p/s



3:30AM Clash By Night (1952) 105m. RKO. Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Ryan. D: Fritz Lang. p/s



5:30AM Now Playing: January 2013



{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}

*Notes on Audreyforever’s Schedule*:




I have always been fascinated with the American Revolution, so I decided to give a tribute to it. Included in the tribute are the great WB short subjects about the founding fathers and the founding of this great nation. Secretaries are the spotlight Sunday night, focusing on the screwball side to the women’s occupation.






Stewart Granger is one of my favorites, and so there wasn’t a better time to give him a tribute than on his centennial. Featured throughout the day are his swashbuckling films at MGM and some of his westerns. At night we have a showcase of “Bombastic Bettys”. The Fleet’s In is a great film with Ms. Hutton stealing the show.






The movie themes of the day are a play on famous classic movie titles such as The Most Dangerous Game and Dial M for Murder. Some of the chosen films are movies I have always wanted to see but never got around to them. At night the spotlight is on Maureen O’Sullivan. What is shocking to me is that even though she was a famous actress at MGM, she has never been SOTM or have received a SUTS day. Giving credit where credit is due!






HAIL COLUMBIA! Throughout the day we are celebrating the best examples of film at Columbia Studios, and then at night are some rare 30s dramas and comedies never before seen. One can only dream this will happen at TCM in the future!






In the morning we have a bday tribute to the wonderful director, Anatole Litvak. In the afternoon I decided to shed light on the films that included wonderful pieces by Claude Debussy, my favorite pianist. My favorite night of scheduling appears on this night, when EugeniaH, one of our very own users, is the Guest Programmer. Great picks Genie! The night ends with a three hour tribute to the holy trinity of silent comedians.






In the morning we have models shining in the celluloid, with a nice Universal pick- Artists & Models. Box Office Kings and Queens, such as Gable, Loy, Garson, and Wayne, take up the afternoon. At night we have a wonderful line up of films with great tap dance sequences. Make sure you check out Three Cheers for Love, which has Eleanore Whitney tapping away!!!






The morning begins with films that share titles with famous jazz-standards. Ben Mankewicz will be introducing a selection of westerns with major stars of the era, such as Holden and Lnacaster in the afternoon. The schedule ends with the Essentials, which just happens to be Humoresque, a film I believe is one of the greatest of the studio era. In addition to that particular films we have others that were also produced by WB’s very own Jerry Wald.


{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}




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*Fedya's Schedule:*

JUNE 21-27, 2013


TCM shows every genre of film and then some


SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2012


Anthologies contain multiple genres, all in one


0600 *Easy Money* (1948, Gainsborough, 94 min, p/s)

0745 *It's a Big Country* (1951, MGM, 89 min)

0915 *Dead of Night* (1945, Ealing, 103 min, p/s)

1100 *The Yellow Rolls Royce* (1964, MGM, 122 min)

1315 *We're Not Married* (1952, Fox, 86 min) PREMIERE #1

1445 *If I Had a Million* (1932, Paramount, 83 min p/s)

1615 *On Our Merry Way* (1948, UA, 98 min)

1800 *Trio* (1950, Gainsborough, 91 min, p/s)

Short: Lionpower from MGM (1967, MGM, 27 min)


Religious movies


2000 Religious love story: *The Sign of the Cross* (1932, Paramount, 122 min, p/s)

2215 Religious musical: *The Singing Nun* (MGM, 1966, 97 min)

0000 Silent Sunday Nights: Religious melodrama: *The White Sister* (1923, Inspiration, 143 min)

0230 TCM Imports: Religious war movie: *The Burmese Harp* (1956, Nikkatsu, 116 min)

0430 Religious noir: *Red Light* (1949, Roy Del Ruth, 83 min, p/s)




0600 Religious fantasy movie: *The Bishop's Wife* (1947, RKO, 109 min)

0800 Religious biopic: *The Passion of Joan of Arc* (1928, Société générale, 114 min, p/s)


Disaster movies


1000 Disaster biopic: *Scott of the Antarctic* (1948, Ealing, 111 min, p/s)

1200 Disaster prestige: *San Francisco* (1936, MGM, 115 min)

1400 Disaster musical: *The Unsinkable Molly Brown* (1964, MGM, 128 min)

1615 Disaster sci-fi: *Capricorn One* (1977, Associated General, 123 min, p/s)

1830 Disaster comedy: *The Producers* (1968, Embassy, 88 min, p/s)


Columbia's comic crooks


2000 *Surprise Package* (1960, Columbia, 100 min)

2145 *The Happening* (1967, Columbia, 101 min)

2330 *The Big Mouth* (1967, Columbia, 107 min) Exempt from premiere total

Short: You're Next (1940, Columbia, 18 min)

0145 *The Lady and the Mob* (1939, Columbia, 66 min) Exempt from premiere total

Short: Fraidy Cat (1951, Columbia, 18 min)

0315 *So You Won't Talk* (1940, Columbia, 69 min) Exempt from premiere total

0430 *Miss Grant Takes Richmond* (1949, Columbia, 87 min)




Publishing in every genre


0600 Pressroom romcom: *His Girl Friday* (1940, Columbia, 92 min)

0745 Pressroom drama: *Dateline USA* (1952, Fox, 87 min, p/s)

Short: On the Front Page (1926, Hal Roach, 22 min) PREMIERE #2

0945 Pressroom mystery: *While the City Sleeps* (1956, RKO, 100 min)

1130 Pressroom epic: *Cimarron* (1931, RKO, 123 min)

1345 Pressroom noir: *The Big Clock* (1949, Paramount, 95 min, p/s)

1530 Pressroom fantasy: *It Happened Tomorrow* (1944, UA, 85 min, p/s)

1700 Pressroom gangster: *Picture Snatcher* (1933, WB, 77 min)

1830 Pressroom horror: *Doctor X* (1932, WB, 76 min)


Doctor movies


2000 Doctor horror: *The Return of Doctor X* (1939, WB, 62 min)

2115 Doctor falls in love with patient movie: *This Woman is Dangerous* (1952, WB, 100 min, p/s)

2300 Doctor noir: *Where Danger Lives* (1950, RKO, 92 min)

0045 Doctor gangster: *The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse* (1938, WB, 87 min)

0230 Doctor Comedy: *Doctor in the House* (1954, Rank, 92 min, p/s)

0415 Doctor biopic: *Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet* (1940, WB, 103 min)




0600 Doctor melodrama: *One Man's Journey* (1933, RKO, 72 min)


Chick flicks


0715 Chick flick doctor film: *Mary Stevens, MD* (1933, WB, 72 min)

0830 Chick flick noir: *Leave Her to Heaven* (1945, Fox, 110 min, p/s)

1030 Chick flick military: *So Proudly We Hail* (193, Paramount, 126 min, p/s)

1245 Woman abandons her son only to meet him 20 years later picture: *To Each His Own*(1946, Paramount, 122 min, p/s)

1500 Chick flick detective movie: *Nancy Drew, Detective* (1938, WB, 66 min)


Lady spies


1615 Lady spy by choice: *Carve Her Name With Pride* (1958, Rank, 119 min, p/s)

1815 Lady spy impressed into service: *Above Suspicion* (1943, MGM, 91 min)


2000 Teenage girl spies: *Thirteen Frightened Girls* (1963, Columbia, 89 min, p/s)


Teen flicks


2145 Teen crime movie: *Teenage Crime Wave* (1955, Columbia, 77 min, p/s)

Short: Teenagers on Trial (1955, RKO, 19 min)

2330 Teens on the job: *The Youngest Profession* (1943, MGM, 82 min)

0100 Teen stalkers: *The Unguarded Moment* (1956, Universal, 95 min, p/s)

0245 Teen drama: *Wild Boys of the Road* (1933, WB, 68 min)

0400 Teen musical: *Babes on Broadway* (1941, MGM, 118 min)




The "So bad it's good" movie


0600 So bad it's good, with "teens": *High School Confidential!* (1958, MGM, 85 min)

0730 So bad it's good courtroom drama: *The Story of Mankind* (1957, WB, 100 min, p/s)

0915 So bad it's good backstge movie: *The Oscar* (1966, Paramount, 119 min, p/s)

1115 So bad it's good crime movie: *Skidoo* (1968, Paramount, 97 min, p/s)

1300 So Bad it's good disaster movie: *The Crowded Sky* (1960, WB, 105 min, p/s)

Short: Script Girl (1938, WB, 20 min)

1515 So bad it's good Christmas movie: *Santa Claus Conquers the Martians* (1964, Jalor, 81 min, p/s)

1645 So bad it's good scifi: *They Came From Beyond Space* (1967, Amicus, 85 min, p/s)

1830 So bad it's not even so bad it's good: *Dondi* (1961, Allied Artists, 99 min, p/s)


Star of the Month Peter Lorre has done a lot of different genres of film


2000 Lorre in a psychological thriller *M* (1931, Nero-Film AG, 110 min, p/s)

2200 Lorre in sci-fi *Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea* (1961, Fox, 105 min) PREMIERE #3

0000 Lorre in a comedy *Arsenic and Old Lace* (1944, WB, 118 min)

0215 Lorre in a teen flick *Muscle Beach Party* (1964, Alta Vista, 99 min, p/s)

0400 Lorre in a musical *Silk Stockings* (1957, MGM, 117 min)






0600 Western musical: *Paint Your Wagon* (1969, Paramount, 158 min)

0845 Western noir: *No Name on the Bullet* (1959, Universal, 77 min, p/s)

1015 Western comedy: *Support Your Local Sheriff!* (1969, UA, 92 min)

1200 Western scifi: *Westworld* (1973, MGM, 88 min)

1330 Western romcom: *The First Traveling Saleslady* (1956, RKO, 92 min)

1515 Western courtroom drama: *Sergeant Rutledge* (1960, WB, 111 min)

Short: Calgary Stampede (1948, WB, 18 min)


War films


1730 War western: *They Died With Their Boots On* (1941, WB, 140 min)

2000 War police procedural: *The Man Who Never Was* (1956, Fox, 103 min) PREMIERE #4

Short: I Won't Play (1944, WB, 18 min)

2215 War mystery: *Stalag 17* (1953, Paramount, 120 min, p/s)

0030 War thriller: *36 Hours* (1965, MGM, 115 min)

0230 War Underground: *Men Behind the Sun* (1988, Sil-Metropole, 95 min)

0415 *Black Sun* (1995, TF, 91 min)




0600 War comedy: *Operation Mad Ball* (1957, Columbia, 105 min, p/s)

Short: Winning Your Wings (1942, US Army Air Forces, 18 min, p/s)




0815 War Docudrama: *Resisting Enemy Interrogation* (1944, First Motion Picture Unit, 70 min, p/s)

0930 Courtroom docudrama: *Boomerang* (1947, Fox, 88 min, p/s)

1100 Spy docudrama: *The House on 92nd Street* (1945, Fox, 88 min, p/s)

1230 Medical docudrama: *The Killer That Stalked New York* (1950, Columbia, 76 min, p/s)

1400 Political docudrama: *The Phenix City Story* (1955, Allied Artists, 100 min, p/s)


Not Quite Blaxploitation Cinema


1545 Smacksploitation: *Mildred Pierce* (1945, WB, 111 min)

1745 Plaquesploitation: *Cactus Flower* (1969, Columbia, 103 min, p/s)

Slacksploitatoin short: Putting Pants on Philip (1927, Hal Roach, 19 min, p/s)

2000 Tracksploitation: TCM Essential: *The Killing* (1956, UA, 85 min, p/s)

2130 Taxploitation: *The Mating Game* (1959, MGM, 96 min)

2315 Backsploitation: *Dinner at Eight* (1933, MGM, 111 min)

0115 Stacksploitatoin: *Storm Center* (1956, Phoenix/Columbia, 85 min, p/s)

0245 Hacksploitation: *Strait-Jacket* (1964, Columbia, 93 min, p/s)

0430 Waxploitation: *The Mystery of the Wax Museum* (1933, WB, 77 min)

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TCM shows a broad spectrum of movies, in almost every genre. I decided to display this by picking out a bunch of broad genres, and then showing a whole range of sub-genres within each main genre.


Sunday morning and afternoon start out with a bunch of anthology movies, which in theory contain several different genres within each movie. (At least, they can; not all of them do.) There's comedy, drama, and horror, as well as both American and British movies. The afternoon concludes with the short Lionpower from MGM, which was MGM's 1967 look at the movies that were going to be coming out from MGM in the "four seasons of LIONPOWER!"


Sunday being Sunday, I figured it would also be a good day for religion-themed movies, which includes the Silent Sunday Nights film, the Lillian Gish version of *The White Sister*, and theTCM Import, *The Burmese Harp*, about a Japanese soldier who becomes a monk to escape the war.


The religious movies end with a biopic, which is a good way to tie together the religious movies with the next theme, disaster movies. OK, technically *The Producers* isn't a disaster, but the plot involves Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder trying to produce a disaster.


A comedic movie about crooks trying to create a disaster is a good segue into Monday night, and the Columbia theme: Columbia's comic crooks. It's a night of movies from Columbia that are about criminals and gangsters, with a relatively comic bent. *So You Won't Talk* is supposedly a remake of *The Whole Town's Talking*, starring Joe E. Brown in the Edward G. Robinson role(s).


There are a lot of movies set in the world of newspapers and magazines, and I decided to highlight these with a bunch of films across a range of dramas. I'll grant that *Cimarron* might be a bit of a stretch, but Richard Dix and Irene Dunne do play newspaper publishers.


We go from one horror movie with a newspaperman (again, I'll admit calling *Doctor X* a newspaper movie is a bit of a stretch) to a horror movie about a doctor, *The Return of Doctor X*, which is really worth watching for poor Humphrey Bogart's pallid performance. It kicks off a night of doctor movies, including two with Edward G. Robinson as the doctor, and one with Robert Mitchum!


The last of the doctor movies stars Kay Francis, which is a good way to kick off a day of "chick flicks" with strong female protagonists on Wednesday. Eventually we get to a bunch of movies with female spies, although they're relatively different genres of spy films.


This is especially true of the last one, *Thirteen Frightened Girls*, which was directed by William Castle. Yes, that William Castle. That's a good way to kick off a night of teen movies.


The last teen movie, early Thursday morning, is *High School Confidential*, which I'm not certain has any actual teens despite the high school setting. It's also hilariously bad. That makes it a good movie to start a day of films that are "So bad they're good". Howl along at Tony Bennett's emoting in *The Oscar* or Carol Channing doing a strip-tease in *Skidoo*, among others. The bad news is that *Dondi* is terrible, and has no redeeming quailities that I can think of. If you ever need to punish your children, make them watch *Dondi*.


I know Peter Lorre wasn't exactly a star by Hollywood standards, although he was a more than dependable actor. He also appeared in a broad range of movies, so I decided to highlight that broad range in one of his days as Star of the Month. The last of his films that I selected being a musical, I figured I'd have to start with a musical for Friday morning, in my day of Westerns. The Westerns continue until Friday night, when we get war movies (of course, following after a war movie set in the Old West).


This brings us to TCM Underground, and two movies that probably will never be shown on TCM because from what I've read (I'll admit to not having seen either of them), they're too brutal. *Men Behind the Sun* is about [unit 731|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unit_731], a Japanese installation which engaged in testing biological and chemical weapons on Chinese and Soviet POWs, as well as nasty medical experiments. *Black Sun*, from the same director, is about the [Rape of Nanking|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanking_Massacre].


The last of the war movies isn't so much a docudrama as an instructional film designed for recruits to learn about the interrogation tactics Nazis would use. That, I suppose, is close enough to a docudrama to seque into a day of docudramas.


TCM has shown blaxploitation movies in TCM Underground, but I don't think there are enough of them to do an entire day. So I had to do the next best thing, which is movies that aren't quite blaxploitation. We start off with "Smacksploitation Cinema", as everybody only watches*Mildred Pierce* to see Mildred give Veda the smack she richly deserves. That's followed by Walter Matthau as a dentist in *Cactus Flower* and a Laurel and Hardy short about slacks.


We then have this week's TCM Essential, *The Killing*, which is one of Stanley Kubrick's earliest movies, about robbing a racetrack of a day's betting profits.


On the rest of Saturday night, we have, in order, Paul Douglas as an alleged tax evader; Jean Harlow's back being used as the punchline of a joke; Bette Davis as a librarian who refuses to remove a book about Communism from her stacks; Joan Crawford axe-murdering the Six-Million Dollar Man; and one that speaks for itself.


I believe I actually only used four premieres (I'm not certain whether both Laurel and Hardy shorts aired in the Hal Roach salute or not). I'm always a bit afraid to select a premiere because I'll worry that I'm going to run out of premieres and then have to scramble to complete the schedule with previously-aired movies.


As for the premieres, *We're Not Married* is a Fox film about a soon-to-be Justice of the Peace who jumps the gun by marrying five couples a week early, and then the consequences for each of those couples for their marriages not being valid;


*On the Front Page* is a Stan Laurel (apparently without Oliver Hardy!) silent two-reeler;


*Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea* involves Peter Lorre on a submarine that's on a mission to restore the Van Allen Belts before Earth overheats; and


*The Man Who Never Was* is a dramatization of the story of [Operation Mincemeat|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mincemeat].

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*SansFin's TCM Programming Challenge 22 Schedule*


April 14, 2013 to April 20, 2013


Vincent Price is the Star of the Month.

Columbia Pictures night is on Monday.

There are three Columbia Pictures Premieres, two Exempt Columbia Pictures short films and ten other Premieres.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion

6:00 AM *The Egg And I* (1947) 108 min. Universal. Cast: Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray, Marjorie Main. Dir: Chester Erskine, P/S

8:00 AM *A Kid For Two Farthings* (1956) 96 min. LFP. Cast: Celia Johnson, Diana Dors, David Kossoff. Dir: Carol Reed, P/S

9:45 AM *Hide-Out* (1934) 81 min. MGM. Cast: Robert Montgomery, Maureen O'Sullivan, Mickey Rooney. Dir: WS Van Dyke II

11:15 AM *The Good Earth* (1937) 138 min. MGM. Cast: Paul Muni, Luise Rainer, Walter Connolly. Dir: Sidney Franklin

1:45 PM *First Men in the Moon* (1964) 103 min. Columbia. Cast: Edward Judd, Martha Hyer, Lionel Jeffries. Dir: Nathan Juran, P/S

3:30 PM *Ma And Pa Kettle* (1949) 76 min. Universal. Cast: Marjorie Main, Percy Kilbride, Richard Long. Dir: Charles Lamont, P/S

5:00 PM *Ma And Pa Kettle At The Fair* (1952) 78 min. Universal. Cast: Marjorie Main, Percy Kilbride, James Best. Dir: Charles Barton, P/S

6:30 PM *Ma And Pa Kettle Back On The Farm* (1951) 80 min. Universal. Cast: Marjorie Main, Percy Kilbride, Richard Long. Dir: Edward Sedgwick, P/S


The Old Country

Russian Musical Comedies

8:00 PM *Jolly Fellows* (1934) 96 min. Moskinokombinat. Cast: Leonid Utyosov, Lyubov Orlova, Mariya Strelkova. Dir: Grigori Aleksandrov, Premiere # 1

9:45 PM *Tsirk* (1936) 90 min. Mosfilm. Cast: Lyubov Orlova, Vladimir Volodin, Yevgeniya Melnikova. Dir: Grigori Aleksandrov, Premiere # 2


Vera Kholodnaya, Queen of the Screen

11:15 PM *Be Silent, Sorrow, Be Silent* (1918) 44 min. Kharitonov. Cast: Vera Kholodnaya, Pyotr Chardynin, Konstantin Khokhlov. Dir: Pyotr Chardynin, Premiere # 3


Silent Sunday Night

12:00 AM *Her Sister's Rival* (1916) 66 min. Khanzhonkov. Cast: Vera Kholodnaya, Lydia Koreneva, Olga Rakhmanova. Dir: Yevgeni Bauer, Exempt Silent


1:15 AM *Deti veka* (1915) 38 min. Khanzhonkov. Cast: Vera Kholodnaya, Arseniy Bibikov, V. Glinskaya. Dir: Yevgeni Bauer, Premiere # 4


TCM Import

2:00 AM *Island of the Dead* (1993) 86 min. Sojusitalofilm. Cast: Vera Kholodnaya. Dir: Oleg Kovalov, Exempt Import


Russian Musical Comedy

3:30 AM *Volga, Volga* (1938) 104 min. Mosfilm. Cast: Igor Ilyinsky, Vladimir Volodin, Pavel Olenev. Dir: Grigori Aleksandrov, Premiere # 5


Columbia Musical Comedy Shorts

5:15 AM *Umpa* (1933) 16 min. Columbia. Cast: Jack Osterman, Lois January, Gloria Shea. Dir: Con Conrad, Exempt Columbia Short

5:35 AM *My Wife's an Angel* (1943) 23 min. Columbia. Cast: Jerry Cooper, Kathryn Givney, Allen Jenkins. Dir: Ben K. Blake, Exempt Columbia Short


Monday, April 15, 2013

Dancing cheek-to-cheek is floor play

6:00 AM *Shall We Dance* (1937) 109 min. RKO. Cast: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edward Everett Horton. Dir: Mark Sandrich

8:00 AM *Anything Goes* (1956) 106 min. Paramount. Cast: Bing Crosby, Donald O'Connor, Jeanmaire. Dir: Robert Lewis, P/S

10:00 AM *Alexander's Ragtime Band* (1938) 105 min. Fox. Cast: Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Don Ameche. Dir: Henry King, P/S

11:45 AM *Down to Earth* (1947) 101 min. Columbia. Cast: Rita Hayworth, Larry Parks, Marc Platt. Dir: Alexander Hall, P/S

1:30 PM *The Eyes of the Mummy* (1918) 63 min. Projektions-AG Union. Cast: Pola Negri, Harry Liedtke, Emil Jannings. Dir: Ernst Lubitsch, P/S

2:45 PM *Invitation to the Dance* (1956) 93 min. MGM. Cast: Gene Kelly, Igor Youskevitch, Claire Sombert. Dir: Gene Kelly

4:30 PM *Flying Down To Rio* (1933) 89 min. Radio Pictures. Cast: Dolores Del Rio, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. Dir: Thornton Freeland, P/S

6:00 PM *Yolanda And The Thief* (1945) 108 min. MGM. Cast: Fred Astaire, Lucille Bremer, Frank Morgan. Dir: Vincente Minnelli


The Old-Old-Old Country

8:00 PM *The Man Called Flintstone* (1966) 89 min. Columbia. Cast: Alan Reed, Mel Blanc, Jean Vander Pyl. Dir: Barbera and Hanna, Columbia Premiere # 1

9:30 PM *Wholly Moses!* (1980) 103 min. Columbia. Cast: Dudley Moore, Laraine Newman, James Coco. Dir: Gary Weis, Columbia Premiere # 2

11:15 PM *Slave of Babylon* (1953) 82 min. Columbia. Cast: Richard Conte, Linda Christian, Maurice Schwartz. Dir: William Castle, Columbia Premiere # 3

12:45 AM *Thief of Damascus* (1952) 78 min. Columbia. Cast: Paul Henreid, John Sutton, Jeff Donnell. Dir: Will Jason, P/S

2:15 AM *A Thousand and One Nights* (1945) 93 min. Columbia. Cast: Cornel Wilde, Evelyn Keyes, Phil Silvers. Dir: Alfred E Green, P/S

4:00 AM *Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger* (1977) 113 min. Columbia. Cast: Patrick Wayne, Taryn Power, Jane Seymour. Dir: Sam Wanamaker, P/S


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A hangover is the wrath of grapes

6:00 AM *Auntie Mame* (1958) 143 min. WBP. Cast: Rosalind Russell, Forrest Tucker, Coral Browne. Dir: Morton Da Costa, P/S

8:30 AM *The Case of the Lucky Legs* (1935) 78 min. WB. Cast: Warren William, Lyle Talbot, Allen Jenkins. Dir: Archie Mayo

10:00 AM ***** Tonk* (1941) 105 min. MGM. Cast: Clark Gable, Lana Turner, Frank Morgan. Dir: Jack Conway

11:45 AM *The Philadelphia Story* (1940) 112 min. MGM. Cast: Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart. Dir: George Cukor

1:45 PM *Pillow Talk* (1959) 102 min. Arwin. Cast: Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Tony Randall. Dir: Michael Gordon, P/S

3:30 PM *Teacher's Pet* (1958) 120 min. Paramount. Cast: Clark Gable, Doris Day, Gig Young. Dir: George Seaton, P/S

5:30 PM *Smart Blonde* (1936) 59 min. WB. Cast: Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane, Wini Shaw. Dir: Frank McDonald

6:30 PM *Two Faced Woman* (1941) 90 min. MGM. Cast: Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas, Constance Bennett. Dir: George Cukor


Star of the Month Vincent Price

8:00 PM *Fall of the House of Usher* (1960) 79 min. Alta Vista. Cast: Vincent Price, Mark Damon, Myrna Fahey. Dir: Roger Corman, Public Domain

9:30 PM *Diary of a Madman* (1963) 96 min. Kent Prods.. Cast: Vincent Price, Nelson Olmsted, Nancy Kovack. Dir: Reginald Le Borg, P/S

11:15 PM *The Fly* (1958) 94 min. Fox. Cast: Vincent Price, David Hedison, Patricia Owens. Dir: Kurt Neumann, Premiere # 6

1:00 AM *Up in Central Park* (1948) 84 min. Universal. Cast: Vincent Price, Deanna Durbin, Dick Haymes. Dir: William A. Seiter, Premiere # 7

2:30 AM *The Masque Of The Red Death* (1964) 86 min. Alta Vista. Cast: Vincent Price, Hazel Court, Jane Asher. Dir: Roger Corman, P/S

4:00 AM *Twice-Told Tales* (1963) 120 min. Kent Prods.. Cast: Vincent Price, Sebastian Cabot, Beverly Garland. Dir: Sidney Salkow, P/S


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I thought I saw an island near Alaska but it was only an optical Aleutian

6:00 AM *Robinson Crusoe* (1954) 90 min. Tepeyac. Cast: Daniel O'Herlihy, Jaime Fernández, Felipe de Alba. Dir: Luis Buñuel, P/S

7:30 AM *Miss Robin Crusoe* (1953) 75 min. Eastern. Cast: Amanda Blake, George Nader, Rosalind Hayes. Dir: Eugene Frenke, P/S

8:45 AM *Father Goose* (1964) 115 min. Granox. Cast: Cary Grant, Leslie Caron, Trevor Howard. Dir: Ralph Nelson, P/S

10:45 AM *Isle Of The Dead* (1945) 71 min. RKO. Cast: Boris Karloff, Ellen Drew, Helene Thimig. Dir: Mark Robson

12:00 PM *Horrors of Spider Island* (1960) 89 min. Intercontinental. Cast: Harald Maresch, Helga Franck, Alexander D'Arcy. Dir: Fritz Böttger, Public Domain

1:30 PM *Island of Lost Souls* (1932) 70 min. Paramount. Cast: Charles Laughton, Richard Arlen, Bela Lugosi. Dir: Erle C Kenton, P/S

2:45 PM *Island of Doomed Men* (1940) 67 min. Columbia. Cast: Peter Lorre, Rochelle Hudson, Robert Wilcox. Dir: Charles Barton, P/S

4:00 PM *Attack of the Crab Monsters* (1957) 62 min. Los Altos. Cast: Richard Garland, Pamela Duncan, Russell Johnson. Dir: Roger Corman, P/S

5:15 PM *Lost Lagoon* (1958) 79 min. Bermuda. Cast: Jeffrey Lynn, Peter Donat, Leila Barry. Dir: John Rawlins, P/S

6:45 PM *Black Moon* (1934) 69 min. Columbia. Cast: Jack Holt, Fay Wray, Dorothy Burgess. Dir: Roy William Neill, P/S


The Old-Fashioned Way Of Getting Ahead: Cheating

8:00 PM *Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines* (1965) 138 min. Fox. Cast: Stuart Whitman, Sarah Miles, Terry-Thomas. Dir: Ken Annakin, Premiere # 8

10:30 PM *Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies* (1969) 120 min. Champion. Cast: Bourvil, Peter Cook, Tony Curtis. Dir: Ken Annakin, Premiere # 9

12:30 AM *The Great Race* (1965) 160 min. WBP. Cast: Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood. Dir: Blake Edwards, P/S

3:15 AM *Burn 'Em Up O'Connor* (1939) 70 min. MGM. Cast: Dennis O'Keefe, Harry Carey, Cecilia Parker. Dir: Edward Sedgwick

4:30 AM *Genevieve* (1953) 86 min. Rank. Cast: John Gregson, Dinah Sheridan, Kenneth More. Dir: Henry Cornelius, P/S


Thursday, April 18, 2013

A man needs a mistress just to break the monogamy

6:00 AM *The Affairs of Anatol* (1921) 95 min. Famous Players. Cast: Gloria Swanson, Wallace Reid, Bebe Daniels. Dir: Cecil B DeMille, P/S

7:45 AM *Avanti!* (1972) 140 min. Mirisch. Cast: Jack Lemmon, Juliet Mills, Clive Revill. Dir: Billy Wilder, P/S

10:15 AM *Fifth Avenue Girl* (1939) 83 min. RKO. Cast: Ginger Rogers, Walter Connolly, Tim Holt. Dir: Gregory La Cava

11:45 AM *Any Wednesday* (1966) 109 min. WBP. Cast: Jane Fonda, Jason Robards Jr, Dean Jones. Dir: Robert Ellis Miller, P/S

1:45 PM *Madame Du Barry* (1934) 79 min. WB. Cast: Dolores Del Rio, Reginald Owen, Victor Jory. Dir: William Dieterle

3:15 PM *Possessed* (1931) 76 min. MGM. Cast: Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Wallace Ford. Dir: Clarence Brown

4:45 PM *Sawdust And Tinsel* (1953) 93 min. Sandrews. Cast: Åke Grönberg, Harriet Andersson, Hasse Ekman. Dir: Ingmar Bergman, P/S

6:30 PM *A Story of Floating Weeds* (1934) 86 min. Shochiku. Cast: Koji Mitsui, Choko Iida, Takeshi Sakamoto. Dir: Yasujiro Ozu, P/S


Old Men With Young Ideas

8:00 PM *Woman Of Straw* (1964) 117 min. Relph. Cast: Gina Lollobrigida, Sean Connery, Ralph Richardson. Dir: Basil Dearden, P/S

10:00 PM *Limelight* (1952) 132 min. Celebrated Prods.. Cast: Charles Chaplin, Claire Bloom, Buster Keaton. Dir: Charles Chaplin, P/S

12:15 AM *Baby Doll* (1956) 114 min. Newtown. Cast: Karl Malden, Carroll Baker, Eli Wallach. Dir: Elia Kazan, P/S

2:15 AM *Sabrina* (1954) 113 min. Paramount. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, William Holden. Dir: Billy Wilder, P/S

4:15 AM *Funny Face* (1957) 103 min. Paramount. Cast: Fred Astaire, Audrey Hepburn, Kay Thompson. Dir: Stanley Donen, P/S


Friday, April 19, 2013

Those who jump off a bridge in Paris are in Seine

6:00 AM *Irma La Douce* (1963) 143 min. Mirisch. Cast: Shirley MacLaine, Jack Lemmon, Lou Jacobi. Dir: Billy Wilder, P/S

8:30 AM *Love In The Afternoon* (1957) 130 min. Allied Artists. Cast: Gary Cooper, Audrey Hepburn, Maurice Chevalier. Dir: Billy Wilder, P/S

10:45 AM *A Scandal in Paris* (1946) 100 min. Pressburger. Cast: George Sanders, Signe Hasso, Carole Landis. Dir: Douglas Sirk, P/S

12:30 PM *Good Girls Go to Paris* (1939) 75 min. Columbia. Cast: Melvyn Douglas, Joan Blondell, Alan Curtis. Dir: Alexander Hall, P/S

1:45 PM *Bluebeard* (1944) 72 min. PRC. Cast: John Carradine, Jean Parker, Nils Asther. Dir: Edgar G Ulmer, Public Domain

3:00 PM *An American in Paris* (1951) 113 min. Loew's. Cast: Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Oscar Levant. Dir: Vincente Minnelli, P/S

5:00 PM *Is Paris Burning?* (1966) 175 min. Marianne Prods.. Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, Leslie Caron. Dir: René Clément, P/S


We Make Money The Old-Fashioned Way: We Steal It

8:00 PM *I Was an Adventuress* (1940) 81 min. Fox. Cast: Erich von Stroheim, Peter Lorre, Vera Zorina. Dir: Gregory Ratoff, Premiere # 10

9:30 PM *Jewel Robbery* (1932) 68 min. WB. Cast: William Powell, Kay Francis, Helen Vinson. Dir: William Dieterle

10:45 PM *The Last of Mrs. Cheyney* (1937) 98 min. MGM. Cast: Joan Crawford, William Powell, Robert Montgomery. Dir: Richard Boleslawski

12:30 AM *Arsene Lupin* (1932) 84 min. MGM. Cast: John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Karen Morley. Dir: Jack Conway


TCM Underground

2:00 AM *Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels* (1998) 107 min. Summit. Cast: Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher, Nick Moran. Dir: Guy Ritchie, Exempt Underground


4:00 AM *Kismet* (1955) 113 min. MGM. Cast: Howard Keel, Ann Blyth, Dolores Gray. Dir: Vincente Minnelli


Saturday, April 20, 2013

She was only a moonshiner's daughter but he loved her still

6:00 AM *The Moonshiner's Daughter* (1933) 20 min. RKO. Cast: Mary Carr, Russell Simpson, Lucile Browne. Dir: Albert Ray

6:30 AM *Thunder Road* (1958) 92 min. DRM Prods.. Cast: Robert Mitchum, Gene Barry, Keely Smith. Dir: Arthur Ripley, P/S

8:15 AM *A Wicked Woman* (1934) 73 min. MGM. Cast: Mady Christians, Charles Bickford, Betty Furness. Dir: Charles Brabin

9:30 AM *Attack of the Giant Leeches* (1959) 62 min. AIP. Cast: Ken Clark, Yvette Vickers, Jan Shepard. Dir: Bernard L. Kowalski, Public Domain

10:40 AM *Them Thar Hills* (1934) 20 min. Hal Roach. Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch. Dir: Charles Rogers, P/S

11:00 AM *Drunken Angel* (1948) 98 min. Toho. Cast: Takashi Shimura, Toshiro Mifune, Reizaburo Yamamoto. Dir: Akira Kurosawa, P/S

12:45 PM *The Good Old Soak* (1937) 76 min. MGM. Cast: Wallace Beery, Una Merkel, Eric Linden. Dir: J Walter Rubin

2:15 PM *Lucky Night* (1939) 82 min. MGM. Cast: Myrna Loy, Robert Taylor, Henry O'Neill. Dir: Norman Taurog

3:45 PM *What Price Hollywood?* (1932) 88 min. RKO. Cast: Constance Bennett, Lowell Sherman, Neil Hamilton. Dir: George Cukor

5:15 PM *The Hallelujah Trail* (1965) 156 min. Mirisch. Cast: Burt Lancaster, Lee Remick, Jim Hutton. Dir: John Sturges, P/S


The 101st Anniversary Of The Death Of Bram Stoker

TCM Essentials

8:00 PM *Dracula* (1931) 75 min. Universal. Cast: Bela Lugosi, Dwight Frye, Helen Chandler. Dir: Tod Browning, P/S


9:30 PM *The Return of the Vampire* (1944) 69 min. Columbia. Cast: Bela Lugosi, Frieda Inescort, Nina Foch. Dir: Lew Landers, P/S

10:45 PM *Nosferatu* (1922) 84 min. Prana-Film GmbH. Cast: Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Alexander Granach. Dir: F W Murnau, Public Domain

12:15 AM *Condemned to Live* (1935) 67 min. Invincible. Cast: Ralph Morgan, Pedro de Cordoba, Maxine Doyle. Dir: Frank R. Strayer, Public Domain

1:30 AM *Mark Of The Vampire* (1935) 60 min. MGM. Cast: Lionel Barrymore, Elizabeth Allan, Bela Lugosi. Dir: Tod Browning

2:30 AM *Dracula Has Risen From the Grave* (1969) 92 min. Hammer. Cast: Christopher Lee, Rupert Davies, Veronica Carlson. Dir: Freddie Francis, P/S

4:15 AM *House Of Dark Shadows* (1970) 97 min. MGM. Cast: Jonathan Frid, Joan Bennett, Grayson Hall. Dir: Dan Curtis


Silent Sunday Night

*Her Sister's Rival* (1916)

TCM Import

*Island of the Dead* (1993)

TCM Underground

*Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels* (1998)

TCM Essentials

*Dracula* (1931)


Columbia Premieres:

*The Man Called Flintstone* (1966)

*Wholly Moses!* (1980)

*Slave of Babylon* (1953)



*Jolly Fellows* (1934)

*Tsirk* (1936)

*Be Silent, Sorrow, Be Silent* (1918)

*Deti veka* (1915)

*Volga - Volga* (1938)

*The Fly* (1958)

*Up in Central Park* (1948)

*Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines* (1965)

*Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies* (1969)

*I Was an Adventuress* (1940)



1910s: 4

1920s: 2

1930s: 31

1940s: 17

1950s: 26

1960s: 17

1970s: 3

1980s: 1

1990s: 2

{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}

*SansFin's TCM Programming Challenge 22 Programming Notes*


April 14, 2013 to April 20, 2013


Vincent Price is my Star of the Month.

Columbia Pictures night is on Monday.

There are three Columbia Pictures Premieres, two Exempt Columbia Pictures short films and ten other Premieres.


I admit that it is not possible to justify the themes of the daytimes. Each person has an aspect of their inner self of which they are not proud. My shame is that I love wordplay. Inherent in puns is that the worst are the best. I have tried to chose the best. You may take that to mean they are the worst.


My Star of the Month is Vincent Price. The two TCM Premieres for this night are: *The Fly*(1958) and *Up in Central Park* (1948). I wished also to show *Laura* (1944). It is sad to say he is not a star of it and so it was not worth precious Premiere status.


*Jolly Fellows* (1934) and *Tsirk* (1936) are wonderfully funny. There are prints of them with subtitles in English. The former movie is available for viewing in full on YouTube and the latter movie has clips which are available for viewing on YouTube.


Vera Kholodnaya had a life as dramatic as her movies. She was named: "The Queen of the Screen" and she starred in a hundred movies before she was murdered by the French to hide a scandal when she was only twenty-five years of age. *Be Silent, Sorrow, Be Silent* (1918) is available for viewing in full in twelve parts on YouTube. My TCM Import is: *Island of the Dead* (1993) which is Oleg Kovalov's documentary of her.


My Columbia Pictures Premieres are: *The Man Called Flintstone* (1966), *Wholly Moses!*(1980) and *Slave of Babylon* (1953).


My TCM Underground is a modern film. *Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels* (1998) is a funny, gory, witty and violent comedy with many sexual references. It is so very over-the-top I believe none can be seriously offended by its content.


I celebrate the One-Hundred-and-One anniversary of Bram Stoker's death with *Dracula* (1931) as the week's TCM Essential and variations of the story the remainder of the evening.


Silent Sunday Night

*Her Sister's Rival* (1916)

TCM Import

*Island of the Dead* (1993)

TCM Underground

*Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels* (1998)

TCM Essentials

*Dracula* (1931)


Columbia Premieres:

*The Man Called Flintstone* (1966)

*Wholly Moses!* (1980)

*Slave of Babylon* (1953)



*Jolly Fellows* (1934)

*Tsirk* (1936)

*Be Silent, Sorrow, Be Silent* (1918)

*Deti veka* (1915)

*Volga - Volga* (1938)

*The Fly* (1958)

*Up in Central Park* (1948)

*Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines* (1965)

*Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies* (1969)

*I Was an Adventuress* (1940)



1910s: 4

1920s: 2

1930s: 31

1940s: 17

1950s: 26

1960s: 17

1970s: 3

1980s: 1

1990s: 2

{font}{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}


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Countess, I know how hard it is to get all the bolding, etc. done, so great work on that! And thank you for being a fantastic moderator!!!


To all: I have won two Challenges before, and thus had the honor of being moderator twice. I am not sure if my current schedule would get any votes, but I would like to ask you to not vote for my schedule. I would like someone else to get a chance to be moderator next time. "It's an honor just to be nominated." : )

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Thanks, countessdelave, for running a great challenge! Inspired idea, and a lot of hard work to keep together.


Nit: I know some people love my writing, but my program notes don't need to be in the post twice. ;)


The highlights for me --



Opening with Japan

Max von Sydow for SOTM.

The Nightmare Before Christmas followed by The Mirror



You Can Con Me Anytime

So I Married a Femme Noir

A New Leaf and Tales of Manhattan





Rosalind Russell

The Buccaneer as an Essential




Murder Made Merry

I Love a Mystery

Your recasting a movie



Restored theme

Black and Scarlet

Film Noir! Film Noir! Film Noir!




Secretaries Gone Crazy

Maureen O'Sullivan as SOTM

Jerry Wald tribute

It'd be nice to see a poster as guest programmer.




'Ploitation movies!


They're all great schedules!

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You know, it's funny, but I tried yesterday to get on and just quickly put LURED back as my "Essential," which it was in my first draft, but the website wouldn't let me on the entire day no matter what server I used. I guess it was "a sign" that someone else needs to moderate the next challenge. :)


Well I believe I commented on all the schedules in the previous thread except SansFin, the last schedule:



I LOVE VINCENT PRICE AS SOTM!! He's also one who has been on my SOTM list for a while. Awesome schedule, great themes, lots of great movies. Lots of clever titles like "In Seine" and "optical aleutian". I have always wanted to see THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES. And is THE MAN CALLED FLINSTONE a movie of the classic animated tv series? Because that is so cool. Great schedule.


As for the vote, since apparently I can't vote for Fedya, who totally blew my mind with Peter Lorre and that brilliant "blaxploitation" bit (I am still in awe over that one), I'll have to re-read the schedules again and ponder this matter a bit.


Good luck to all. Great schedules all around.


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I'm sorry you weren't able to access the website yesterday. I did okay in the morning and the evening but had problems accessing during the afternoon. I guess there was a lot of Labor Day traffic.




I'm sorry that you've recused yourself from the vote but that doesn't mean you won't get some kudos for your work. Thanks to both you and Capuchin for your kind words to me.

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Congratulations to all the contestants! I hope TCM will be poaching some of these great ideas.



In trying to choose one out of all, what struck me most was Capuchin's way of proving to us that not all mysteries or Westerns or any other genre are the same kind of film. This is a rich way of thinking about genre in movies, and for that reason my vote goes to Capuchin.



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> {quote:title=kingrat wrote:}{quote}

> what struck me most was Capuchin's way of proving to us that not all mysteries or Westerns or any other genre are the same kind of film.


I wonder how it'd have turned out if I'd meant to do that. :)


Thanks for the vote!

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I have to say, It was easier creating a schedule than it is deciding which is best. I will say, I was leaning toward LonesomePolecat from the start with the "Dick Van Dyke Show" tribute and many of the other films chosen. When LonesomePolecat withdrew from consideration, it really didn't make my choice any easier. Everyone had so many good titles and themes that losing to this competition is no disgrace. However one thing that I found particularily good was filmlover's Columbia recasting. After seeing his recasting ideas, I was tempted to change my already submitted schedule to include a Columbia recast of Elvis Presley as Conrad Birdie in "Bye Bye Birdie".



My vote goes for filmlover for an excellent schedule and congratulations to everyone else on a job well done.



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Well, as I said, any of the schedules would be a worthy winner. I liked LonesomePolecat's "Dick Van Dyke" tribute before he pulled out of the running. I liked filmlover's Columbia recasting before I found he pulled out of the running. Because I feel all the schedules are equally excellent choices the only basis of difference is the themes. My next and I hope final choice is Capuchin's moonlighting programming.



So I'm casting my vote for Capuchin.



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