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These schedules are all wonderful! Like kingrat said earlier, I do hope TCM will be poaching some of these great ideas:


Fedya: Your wonderful 'Sploitations!

filmlover: Born in Buda OR Pest

aimalac: Rosalind Russell Arrivals and Departures

Betty Boop: Film Preservation

Lonesome: Dick Van Dyke!

Capuchin:SOTM Basil Rathbone

Sansfin: SOTM Vincent Price

skimpole: Japan

audreyforever: Jerry Wald films


I will be sending my vote to the wonderful Countess by private message a little later. I appreciate all the hard work, concentration, and creativity that helped organize these delightful schedules!


Thank you!

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They are all very wonderful schedules! I will make comments on each when I am more clear-headed. I congratulate all of you for your brilliance and wit!


I also congratulate countessdelave for creating a novel Challenge and managing this Challenge.


I hope all are happy to learn our work brings more than the fun of creating a schedule and gaining the admiration and votes of our peers. A tentative schedule for December shows a day of movies which is close parallel to a day Capuchin created in TCM Programming Challenge # 21. It has five movies in a row which were his choices and only one is out of his alignment and one other movie they choose is a movie he had scheduled for another day.

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This is the last day of voting for your favorite schedule. There are some terrific ones submitted. You have until 11:59 PM, pacific time, to vote here on this thread or send me a private message. I will post the winner of the Challenge tomorrow (Tuesday, September 11th). Make your vote count!

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I congratulate all of you on your wonderful schedules! I wish also to thank countessdelave once again for her creative Challenge!


These are the highlights of the schedules for me:



I very much love your Sunday of Japanese movies. The contrasts you choose are amazing and they show the range from ridiculous to sublime. I like that you made a tribute to Sydney Greenstreet and Oscar Levant. I like them very much and I believe they are overlooked and under-appreciated. I am curious to see what TCM viewers will comment on your Saturday night movies. :)



Your Rosalind Russell tribute has many great movies and in particular *The Guilt Of Janet Ames* (1947) and *Five Finger Exercise* (1962). *The Buccaneer* (1958) is a wonderful choice for TCM Essentials.



I love the murder movies you choose for Monday night and the Columbia B-movie series movies. I like very much the Wendy Hiller tribute for her one-hundred-and-one birthday. I am sorry you have excused your own self from the voting.



It would be wonderful to have Robert Osbourne and Martin Scorsese discuss film preservation and the movies you choose are excellent for that discussion. I like the night of Enchanted movies. I love a day of Film Noir! You have created a marvelous schedule and I hope TCM Programmers steal many of these days.



George Sanders, *Il Postino* (1994), *Little Shop Of Horrors* (1986), *Goodbye, Charlie* (1964), *A New Leaf* (1971) and *Tales of Manhattan* (1942) are very wonderful choices! I like very much your tributes to Joseph Walker and Danny Kaye. I believe you have excellent taste in movies as I like what you choose. It is very sad one movie made so much trouble for your schedule.



I love your tributes to secretaries and ?Bombastic Bettys?. Maureen O?Sullivan is a worthy Star of the Month and has been long overlooked! I love the works of Anatole Litvak. I think it is wonderful idea to have a person here be your Guest Programmer! This is an excellent schedule.



I like very much your exploration of genres and your very funny exploitation theme. I believe *The Burmese Harp* (1956) is an excellent choice as TCM Import. I hope to see your Columbia's comic crooks day stolen by TCM programmers!


I wish very much that all of you could win! I will PM my vote to countessdelave later.


I thank all of you for participating and giving us all of these wonderful works!

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> {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}Good morning, Countess,

> the one that truly gets me is the one with the great puns. So, take a bow, *SansFin*, you get my vote.


I thank you very much! It has great meaning as you are a wonderful Challenge programmer and your greatness has been acknowledged by your winning past ones.

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So many great schedules, it was difficult to choose, but my vote goes to Capuchin! I loved your choice of Basil Rathbone as SOTM, and your schedule was clever and most interesting. Also, your knowledge and help to the other programmers was wonderful to see!


Also, thank you, Countess, for a fun and interesting challenge theme of Hail Columbia!

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The voting has ended for the Challenge and we have a winner. Here's the vote break down:


B-Boop- 1

Audreyforever- 1

SansFin- 4

Capuchin- 6


*Congratulations, Capuchin, you are the winner of this Challenge!*


Thanks to all who voted and to those nine who submitted great schedules: Capuchin, SansFin, AudreyForever, B-Boop, Aimalac, Skimpole, Fedya, Lonesome Polecat, Filmlover.



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Wow, me? Who stuffed the ballot box?


They were all great schedules, so we're all to be congratulated (or locked up for our lunacy). Let's hope the programmers are busy copying these themes.


Thanks to all, and a special thanks to countessdelave for running the challenge!


I can't wait to --gloat-- tell SansFin she came in second. ;)


Suggestions welcome as to when the next one should be. I'm thinking February, unless someone has a better idea or can't make it then.

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> {quote:title=aimalac wrote:}{quote}

> be sure to inform me when you have decided on the date and theme.


I'll try to remember to send PMs to anyone who's ever entered, just to give them a nudge.


If anyone has ideas on how to promote the challenge, and bring in more voters (every schedule here deserved at least a dozen votes!), please let me know!


You're free, of, course, to start jotting down ideas or making lists of movies you run across that you'd like to showcase.


I'll let the cat out of the bag on one thing -- it'll be an option (with two exempt premieres) to have a classic movie character as guest programmer!

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Mazeltov and well deserved, Capuchin. Great schedule and awesome films. Can't wait to see your challenge. I for one have tons of ideas for next time. And I already love what you've leaked here. I'll start thinking of movie characters to be guest programmers.


Yay! Congrats to us all -- pats on the back all around -- and thanks so much for the countess for running a great challenge. "L'amour, l'amour, tojours l'amour!"

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Congratulations to all who were part of the 22nd Programming Challenge!


Everyone had a winner of a schedule and Kudos to Capuchin for winning the brass ring and moderating the next Challenge.


Where every he is, I bet Path40a (the guy who created the very first Program Challenge back in 2006), would be proud of all of you!

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Thank you to you and others for their positive feedback about this Challenge.


You'll be a terrific moderator. I like the mini hint about what you have planned for the next Challenge. February sounds like a good month to me. It's after the holidays and the TCM Cruise but before the TCM Film Festival in April (presumably).

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I thank those who voted for me. They were all wonderful schedules and I know how hard it was to chose.


I am sorry to see Capuchin win. It is worse that the December schedule uses one of his schedule days from the last Challenge. It is a great strain on him to not gloat.


It means also I can not do a schedule for the next Challenge. I will surely know the details of the Challenge far in advance of his posting so I would have an unfair advantage.


It was an excellent Challenge and many great schedules! All are to be congratulated.

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Congratulations, Capuchin!


Your challenge will be a unique one, I am sure. :)


And a big GRACIAS to the Countess for organizing all the fun.


There were so many wonderful schedules, and so many hours devoted to creation of these wonderful ideas. I hope to see them sometime soon on TCM!

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