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It's a Dog's Life-

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Thanks everyone for all the great photos you're posting!


Jake I will have to watch "mad max" again because I haven't seen it since I became a dog fanatic. That's a cool dog!


Casablancalover2 I'm so glad you enjoyed the hollywood dachshunds. I have more! :+)


EugeniaH, that's an awesome photo of RTT!







Petey and the Little Rascals gang


Edited by: Daisysmama on Sep 26, 2012 3:00 AM

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A 25 foot tall Nipper can be spotted in Albany NY on the 900 block of Broadway (yes, the same Broadway that goes all the way to NYC)




There's also one in Baltimore on the Maryland Historical Society roof that's 18 feet tall:



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Daisysmama, I've been meaning to say to you - you mentioned being interested in 'dog rescue': I have a friend who (as of the last time I spoke with her) works for a pet rescue firm. It's located in the southeast U.S. It's so nice to know that organizations like this are in place.

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Petey was so good, to sit and pose with that headdress.


I wonder if he ever acted like a dog? Chewed shoes, that sort of thing.


Bad Dogs.. though I say there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.




Yes, definitely separation anxiety.

I don't know what excuse to give for the owner.


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Can we post videos here? I just saw this great video



Casa (may I call you Casa?) there are no bad dogs! Not knowing the whole story I will assume they left the dog alone for too long. Yay for puppy papers! I think that page is from the 'dog of shame" or something like that page? Millions of dachshunds on that site! That dog you posted was no dummy, he or she definitely had a point to make! I don't know if Petey chewed shoes but you know what is interesting, when the "Little Rascals" film was made in 1994 they used a bull terrier, not a pit bull.



Jake, thanks for posting that info! I haven't watched "MM" yet but I plan to!



Eugenia, it's so lovely that you have a friend who rescues. It's very rewarding to save a life. The internet affords so much opportunity to get involved, even in a small way by just re-posting animals in need.



Case in point..There is a little shelter in Avenal CA that had almost no walk-ins. Migrant workers coming through that area often left their dogs and cats behind when the picking season was over and the underfunded Avenal shelter had almost 100% euthanasia rates. The lady who runs the place, Cathy, in total desperation set up a Facebook page and she would post the animals who were scheduled to be pts.



A few animal lovers heard about this place and started sharing the pictures on their Facebook pages. Word got around and within a few months that shelter became more of a "halfway house" for rescue groups all over California, and now their euthanasia rate is almost 0%. So much can be done just by passing the word on, or giving an animal a small pledge.



I know that I'm preaching to the converted here! :^0


Edited by: Daisysmama on Sep 27, 2012 6:17 AM

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Casa here!


What a great video, Daisysmama!


Be sure to watch, and watch the whole thing.. It's a great ending shot.


I love to watch them dream. When I was a young mom, Towser grew up with my sons and if Towser was having a bad dream (I could tell by his yips) I would wake him up and treat him like I did my toddler boys from a nightmare. Good memories.


Here's Daisymama's link again, folks.



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Casa, it was so thoughtful of you to repost the thread about Nico, thank you! That's so sweet of you to comfort your dog when they're having bad dreams! What kind of dog was Towser?


When Miss Daisy has very vivid dreams, she lays on her back and "runs" in her sleep. Her little paws flop around and she makes little yipping sounds, it's very cute! But actually I just love to listen to her snore.


I looked up Since You Went Away and I will try to find a copy. Big award winner!


Jake, I finally watched "Road Warrior" and well..it's a very violent film! But there were some unintended humorous moments, especially at 28:32 minutes when Max is protecting "Dog" from the crowd, and he wraps his arms around Dog's belly, and you can see that Dog is about to lick his face but Mel Gibson keeps everyone in character by moving Dog away from his face. Cute!


Here is a little bio I found:

After Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior), dog went to live with Dale and Max Aspin. Max was the stunt coordinator for the film, and his wife Dale was the animal handler and trainer, as well as being a stunt performer herself. It transpired that dog wanted to continue working, and would continually attempt to round up the other animals on their property! Dog was eventually handed to the care of another Mad Max 2 stunt man, Gerry Gauslaa, with whom dog lived out the rest of his days.





Eugenia that's a very pretty dog with Jean Arthur and many thanks to all who have been posting classic Hollywood dog photos, they are awesome. Or, Pawsome, as I like to say.

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*When Miss Daisy has very vivid dreams, she lays on her back and "runs" in her sleep. Her little paws flop around and she makes little yipping sounds*


My dog used to do that! :) He would lay on his side (or on his back), and his paws would start moving like he was chasing something. Sometimes I used to squat down and talk to him, saying, "Run, run!" - and his paws would start going a hundred miles an hour... ;) Other times I would gently put my hand on him and get him out of it...

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Btw, Daisysmama, my dog was a rescue dog of sorts - a lady found him lying on the side of a highway, and took him to her home where she had a menagerie that she adopted out. That's how I got him (in 1981).


We thought he was a mixed breed, but it turned out (educated guess) that he was a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. Here is a lookalike:



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*Towser* is so adorable! What a sweeet face! :) Thank you for posting.


This is Miss Daisy





I got Daisy from a breeder in 2000. We did not have the prolific number of breed specific rescues that exist now but I always say that "I saved her from a life of being a breed dog" although, because she has a crooked bottom tooth, her breeder did not want to breed her! I hope she's with me for a good long while yet, but I know that I will adopt from a rescue next time around. But I just want to enjoy my time with her.



*"Daisysmama, my dog was a rescue dog of sorts - a lady found him lying on the side of a highway, and took him to her home where she had a menagerie that she adopted out. That's how I got him (in 1981)."*



Eugeniua, I am so glad that lady found him and he found his forever home. I'll bet he was a really happy doggy.



TikiSoo, I have been meaning to say thank you for posting those great photos of Nipper, the RCA Victor dog. I had no idea they super-sized him on buildings like that! Also really wanted to ask you more about the work you do with dogs.


Edited by: Daisysmama on Sep 29, 2012 4:13 AM

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