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It's a Dog's Life-


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h3. RIP, Maximilian



It has been a tough, challenging day. The 1st of the month usually is, with bills and all, but this one is tear-stained as well. My Max, the Mini Schnauzer who stayed with the ex, died today from liver disease and kidney failure. He was the world's sweetest dog, and he will be so missed. Even though he didn't live with me, I thought of him often, and always felt he was happier staying with the ex; he is heartbroken too,


I know Max like to sleep at your feet if you were working at the computers, and Max loved to watch TV too. Yes, he would watch TV, sitting on a lap, looking out for things to bark at. Other dogs, motorcycles, cats,... Horses he just stared at . He loved watching the dog food and dog treat commercials, although he had special diet due to his liver condition.


Thank you for being here, Daisysmama, so I may post about it. It helps, I wished I could have seen him one last time. But it also helps to know he was surrounded by love at the end.



Edited by: casablancalover2 on May 1, 2013 8:04 PM

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:( My thoughts are with you. I've been in that position but in my case Barney returned all my love by checking himself out shortly before my friend and I were to take him to the vet. I know your heart is broken but remember the love you gave Max and he to you. He was a real cutie.

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Dear Casa, my deepest sympathies go out to you and Max's dad. It is so terribly painful when we have to say goodbye. I have some familiarity with the medical conditions he suffered from and take consolation in the idea that his spirit is freed from pain and is running and playing somewhere "over the rainbow bridge" just as he did as a puppy. He had a wonderful life during which he was loved and spoiled. He was a very handsome and I am sure, loving boy!


My thoughts and prayers are with you.




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Thanks, everybody. I know it was difficult for Max at the end, for it is hard to explain to a dear furry friend why he didn't feel well, and all we can do is provide comfort and love, which indeed he had received. It's so sweet to know- that is what he would provide for us when we were sick in bed. Many times. Our pets do teach us to love, when we love, unconditionally.


I will use the snipping tool for the Rainbow Bridge and send it to my ex, and my sons. Thank you Daisysmama for preparing it. That was so nice.

Now we just need time to heal once again a broken heart.


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HI All, I haven't been around much because I dropped my laptop and broke the screen, so I had to fix another computer I had loaned to a tenant, who just filled it with malware and such, and it's taken a couple of days.


Charlotte I hope you are feeling better. I know it takes time. Sending everyone virtual hugs.


Cute story :)






Edited by: Daisysmama on May 5, 2013 9:18 AM

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I am not quite ready to watch at puppy videos again, but that does not mean they shouldn't be posted here.


I absolutely request some pics and favorite stories be posted again. those will cheer me up. I watch the Kentucky Derby all 2 1/2 minutes and had to smile about how Max would watch those "Big Dogs" running when he watched TV.


Sorry about your mal-adventures, Sharon, and I hope things will be back to an acceptable normal for you.

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I was so fried last night I forgot to post the link! I just refuse to pay someone $150 or so to clean my registry although its a fair fee because it is such tedious work. I am *almost* running clean.


Daisy loves to watch tv. She takes her place at the top cushion of a lounger that is closest to the tv. If I turn it off she barks, and I thinks she's a tv addict!


But when I watch the Dog Whisperer I can just see her thinking "yeah buddy, I'd like to see you try that around here" :)


Here is the little story I meant to post.









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Thanks for continuing to post all these photos & stories!










Teddy, my polydactyl cat who just turned one year old (or is about too) had a serious and extremely expensive health scare March-April. He's doing great now though. If I ever learn how to post photos I'll put up one of him with my dog Kiwi (to keep it on topic!).

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Casa, Hope you are doing better today! Just want you to know I am thinking of you.


Calamity, I would love to see! You can upload to a photo storing such as photobucket.com or a photo editing site like lunapic.com and get a link from them, and then you just post an exclamation mark at the beginning and end of the url.


I'm so glad to hear your polydactyl cat is doing well.


Kevin Spacey with his new pound puppy, who he named "Boston"




A heroic dog story.










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*Without googling*, *can you name the movie this quote is from?*




*Did someone say Tootsie?*






This is a very moving and somewhat difficult to watch video about "Janie" a Los Angeles stray who was hit by a car and brought to the busy animal emergency hospital at a shelter in downtown L.A.


Janie was not going to make it because no one could touch her, so Eldad Hagar went over to see what he could do.





And this is Janie today in her new "forever home"



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  • 1 month later...

Hi Guys, So sorry for not logging in for the past month or so. I had a sudden death in my family and really just kind of lost the spirit for awhile.


I am logging on tonight to ask you to please pray for Daisy. She's sick. She's having trouble breathing. It looks like pneumonia but it could be lung cancer. I won't know until tomorrow.


Please keep Daisy in your prayers. Thank you for being great friends.

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Oh, Daisysmama, I am so sorry!! :(


I have no doubt that despite Daisy's having battled tumors most of her life, etc., she had a wonderful life with you. Like you say, she is no longer in pain and I'm sure she is out chasing geese somewhere around the clouds...


I hope you will find comfort soon and please feel free to keep posting. You have friends here.



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:| Daisymama: Daisy showed her love for you by checking herself out so you would not have to do it for her even if you knew it was the right thing. I know you are grieving but know you gave her all the love you could and she returned hers the same way. That's something we don't always accomplish with each other no matter hard we try. You have happy and loving memories to warm your heart.


The night I decided my Barney's time had come, I wanted him with me but he insisted on being outside in his special place. I gave in thinking he had the right to be where he wanted on his last night on Earth.


He stayed out there that morning without eating while a friend offered to pick us up that afternoon and take us to the vet. I played with him at lunch and went inside. When I came out again he was slipping away. I guess it was his way of repaying me for that night outside. It made it easier to let go. I have a small figurine that reminds me of him on my computer tower and the memory of that floppy head to make me smile.

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Hi Daisy,


I thought I'd let others respond before me. I am truly sorry for your loss.


I've had many pets in my life and I know what you are going through.


You will always remember her and at times when you least expect it.







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