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It's a Dog's Life-

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Oh, I love Daisy! Towser wouldn't wear hats, but he liked to wear shirts, and for Halloween (and only on Halloween) we would dress him as a Cub Scout, wearing one of my sons shirts and kerchiefs. He was the unofficial mascot for our pack.


You can be grateful and not disappointed that Daisy was rejected for breeding. Not every woman can be a mother, but all women can be fulfilled. Living their dreams -- even for dachshunds. Daisy looks fulfilled to me, sparkly outfitted and all.


The Dachshunds I have met are very much companion dogs, the tag-alongs, even without the leash. And so gently friendly. Such sweethearts. There are two regulars at the shop I work at some nights and both are the most gentlemanly dogs I have ever seen, they even wait patiently on the bench while their mothers change clothes, never complaining.

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casablancalover and daisysmama, I love the pictures of Towser and Daisy! cb, Towser looks so much like my dog it's amazing... Jake, the Pointers are gorgeous. Thanks for posting those. This is one of my current "go-to" threads...


musicalnovelty, sorry to hear you haven't met a dog you liked, but I share your love for cats, too. :)


While I love all dogs, if I were to have a particular breed, it would be a Lab (chocolate or black), or some other cuddly, follow-you-around everywhere dog. Because I live alone and spend much of time out of the apartment (working, etc.), I won't allow myself to have a pet and have him/her be alone all day. I've seen what that does to animals. So I pet-sit for my coworkers' animals when they are away. Not only to I get to be with animals, but I make a little money, too!

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Well, EH, I wouldn't call 'em gorgeous but, instead, fine, fine lookin' dogs.


My first dog, and best, was the result of a daddy who was 100 percent

Springer Spaniel mated with his mother who was 100 percent Pointer.


Result: one fine dog I still have fond memories of.









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Casa, thank you! You will notice there are some flowers missing from the side of the hat. That's because she tried to kill it before I managed to get a photo of her "almost* sitting still. She'd just run around and dragged her head on the pavement before she tired herself out. We were in the park near my house at a Halloween function for dogs. She put on quite the show!


I'm very lucky that I live in an area that is tolerant of small dogs so I take Daisy everywhere with me, and she is a very good well behaved girl.


Speaking of which, one of the great things about having a dog is you really make friends. I lived in this neighborhood for about 10 years before I met many of the locals, when I had 2 cats.


Cats are great, but a dog is a whole other experience. All animals are wonderful in their own way


Eugenia, I think you have really conquered the issue! That's great thinking!


Jake what a gorgeous dog! I've heard that long haired dachshunds are also part spaniel. There is a theory that Spanish royalty bred smooth coat dachshunds and the smaller breed spaniels to create the LH.


Here is one more photo of her before a costume event, which she grew to tolerate for a little while.




I love all the photos please keep posting!

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*Speaking of which, one of the great things about having a dog is you really make friends*


This reminds me of a great story. Some years back a friend and I were relaxing in a park where a lot of people love to run and bike, and many bring their dogs. At one point a man and a woman with their dogs came together. They were talking for a long time while the dogs got acquainted, and my friend and I were fascinated because it looked like these people instantly hit it off. We wondered to each other later if it turned out that they started dating... all through some casual circumstance of two dogs pulling toward one another. :x


Jake, again, great dog pics. Before I had gotten my terrier, I considered getting a Springer Spaniel but realized its personality/behavior wouldn't be good for our home.

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*Jake what a gorgeous dog! I've heard that long haired dachshunds are also part spaniel. There is a theory that Spanish royalty bred smooth coat dachshunds and the smaller breed spaniels to create the LH.*


Why, thank you. My beloved dog was a favorite with the ladies when I

was a very young man.


Many folks think the Dachshunds are cute little cuddly dogs. They are

but don't ever think they don't have the hunting instinct and will willingly

go down a narrow hole after their prey.


In the park I walk in, I regularly see responsible owners with their leashes

and poop bags walking the handsome breed the Dachshunds.


I like 'em.



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"*She's an agent and talent scout but she's hoping to get into pictures herself someday"*


Hahaha that's fabulous!: And looks every inch the part. :^0




Casa, that looks like such fun at Ft. Myers.



Jake, Thank you for your kind and wise words about dachshunds. If allowed Daisy would chase every feral cat who sleeps in our carport at night!


How about a little more dog humor :P







Finance, were you looking for the perfect sexy dog?





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> {quote:title=casablancalover2 wrote:}{quote}


> h4. 101 Dalmations


Actually it's spelled Dalmatians.

But that word seems to be a tough one for a lot of people. Years ago when I worked at a large toy store when I'd do computer inventory searches on merchandise based on the Disney movies named after 101 of those pooches I found that I'd find WAY more matches if I deliberately keyed in the word misspelled as "dalmations" than when I used the correct spelling.

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Thanks for the gentle correction, musicalnovelty. Got it.


It's now too late for me to fix; sorry, it stands with my bad. Ironically, Dalmatian misspelled was caught on my spell checker but I must have been Disney misty-eyed and missed it.



Forgive me


Edited by: casablancalover2 on Oct 1, 2012 5:22 PM

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Oh, no, Jake. Not min pins. I once lived next door to a couple that had two of them. We couldn't even use our back yard or deck. They were so loud. Beyond annoying. For the first time in my life I had bad thoughts about living things.



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