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Sexier than Clark Gable

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finance wrote: I turned on THE RISE AND FALL OF SUSAN LENOX in the lobby of my gym today. People were gaping at the screen like Martians had invaded. Nobody seemed to have the slightest idea who Gable or Garbo were.


No offense here finance, BUT somethin' tellin' me you were most likely the oldest person at your gym today.


(...and I'm sorry to tell ya, but no MATTER how hard ya work at it, you ain't NEVER gonna again have the abs those freakin' kids around there are sportin') ;)

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Well, I THINK he took his fathers advice of: "It's better to LOOK good, than to FEEL good!", and so the last anyone ever heard of the guy, he's STILL lookin' good but not FEELIN' any cheques generated from his questionable acting skill comin' into his home in Sherman Oaks California lately.


(...but don't quote me on this...ya see, I COULD have his father confused with some guy they occasionally ask to host the Oscar Ceremony!)

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I couldn't resist this. I noted in an earlier post here that what is sexy to one person may not be sexy to another person.Our "tastes" or what we find attractive is very subjective.


While I admit that Flynn was a very handsome man, he is not my type and he doesn't give my heart that "little flutter."






I will take even an unshaven John Garfield thank you. I like the 'tough guy" persona.

His looks are dark,brooding, maybe a little dangerous,and he also conveys (to me)

that he "understands" the "ladies." Yes, my heart is fluttering.



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I totally agree wtih Robert Mitchum being right up...something about his eyes, not to mention his whole demeanor. Also for me, in the completely opposite way, Tyrone Power could do no wrong. He was an amazingly appealing man who looked born to wear almost anything they put him in. I love Clark, but it looks funny now to see him in those pants pulled up to his chin.

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Please - just a note from kathy who posted some time back:



Never did I mean to denigrate the very handsome Clark Gable in any way, shape or form. I've always loved him and his legendary status will last forever. He was a great actor who - like so many in his time - was often taken for granted (he and so many others) and I dislike this fact very much. He portrayed so many fine performances in many films and of course - Rhett - will always be his and his legend.



I never meant this thread to turn into statements against Clark, some of which have been quite mean. But when I read that J. Garfield was considered by some to be some giant actor or something - well, this I had to respond to. Please - I beg you that fit into this - take your worship of JG to the thread where it belongs. OK - I don't like him and never did. Good Lord, how can one even think of 'handsome/sexier' about him?!?



I'm leaving this thread now. Maybe it's because I don't like to see a legend such as Clark spoken of so disrespectfully.









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McCrea's legs ... oh yes! And McCrea himself kissing Jean Arthur on the steps ... incredibly sexy. I never got that from Gable. He just didn't do it for me. There are some good kissers and some great kissers, and McCrea was a great kisser.

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Not me. On the other hand, I saw McCrea the other day in a film in which he played a wrestler called THE SPORT PARADE or something like that. Compared to today's vision of male physique, he was positively flabby and skinny at the same time. I kept thinking put that shirt back on.


As for Gable. There is nothing sexier than Gable in a "wife beater" working out with Joan Crawford in DANCING LADY. It makes me ... well, you can guess what I was going to say ... everytime.

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