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Films that TCM has yet to show.


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Woman on the Run


I Wake Up Screaming

I Wanted Wings

Come Next Spring

Six of a Kind

Bring on the Girls

The Cat and the Canary

Duffy's Tavern

Miss Susie Slagle's


and if they have ot show movies fromt he 70's and 80's where are these films?


What's Up, Doc?

At Long Last Love

Marathon Man

Gable and Lombard

Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who saved Hollywood

Hign Anxiety

To Be Or Not To Be











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Gable And Lombard was on Encore Love a couple of nights ago. I almost taped it but I was runing out of DVR space. Fatso was on THIS a couple of nights ago, (insert cheesy wire mesh insert lawsuit here joke here.)


I kind of wish TCM would air Fedora, Billy Wilder's weird penultimte film, (even though I found it of VHS,)


No channel is perfect.

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I'd be very curious to know the state of the materials of COME NEXT SPRING. It was filmed in "Trucolor", which was a horrid Eastman process. LAST COMMAND has, thankfully, survived nicely. I have an LPP print that mirrors the gorgeous 35mm print Paramount sent to cable stations. My COME NEXT SPRING, also LPP, is very yellow. Of course there is no relation between 16 and 35 negs - made for different purposes - but it does offer commentary on studio attention. Many Trucolor titles are now distributed only in B&W. Let's hope COME NEXT SPRING has a better fate in store.


An interesting bit of trivia - when composers were being "auditioned" for COME NEXT SPRING, Nelson Riddle composed a theme and title song. However, Max Steiner won out and scored the picture, writing his own title theme. But Riddle did not let his melody go to waste. He recycled it as "Wait For Me", the title song and theme for the Frank Sinatra western JOHNNY CONCHO.


Here is Max's main title, sung by Tony Bennett:





Here is Nelson Riddle's demo recording, sung by studio vocalist:





Here is Sinatra singing "Wait For Me":



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> The fact TCM has never shown "High Anxiety" is no surprise to me. Apparently TCM is not a fan of Mel Brooks.


TCM is a big fan of Mel Brooks. He has appeared at the TCM Film Festival twice. The first year, when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ( I think TCM helped pay for the star) and this year when he introduced *Young Frankenstein*.


A few years ago, TCM Original Programs produced a documentary of Dick Cavett interviewing Mel about his life and his career.


One reason many of his films don't air on the channel is they produced at Universal, Fox and Paramount. TCM has to rent all the films it shows. Many of Brooks' films are very popular and other movie channels like the Encore channels, Starz, the Fox movie channel and even HBO and Showtime are competing against TCM for the rights to broadcast the films.


And, sometimes, they can outbid TCM for those rights.

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Fatso was the only film directed by Ann Bancroft. Here is an idea for a TCM theme night, The only film directed by a major star. For Example:


Night Of The Hunter: Charles Laughton

One Eyed Jacks: Marlon Brando

Bruno: Shirley McClaine (maybe not Bruno, it's not a very good film.)

Hide In Plain Sight: James Caan

Posse or Scalawag: Kirk Douglas, (ok two films sue me)


I'm sure other people can think of others.


Sorry if I deviated from the theme.

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> {quote:title=aimalac wrote:}{quote} Apparently TCM is not a fan of Mel Brooks. I've tried to include Mel Brooks as one of my favorites on Turners Classic Union and it comes back saying he doesn't exist.

That is a shame and needs to be fixed, but I do recall that at one of the TCM Festivals, TCM's own Manksie-Wanksie-Boo-Boo interviewed Mel, which I guess was something of an atonement for his grandfather Joe's *extreme dislike and public trashing* of Brooks.

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Every other station seems to show Mel Brooks films, I don't need to turn to TCM to see them. The only rarity among Brooks films seems to be my favorite, The Twelve Chairs. Brooks is very much in the public eye, partly because of his continuing work, his theater work, etc. He's well enough covered, IMHO, so that TCM doesn't have to take up space/time with his films. And we could get into the "classic" argument again, but I think the major point is that TCM doesn't need to show films that are readily -- if not constantly -- available on other stations.




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>Every other station seems to show Mel Brooks films, I don't need to turn to TCM to see them.


I agree. Because TCM does not have sister channels like Encore does, and there are only so many programming hours in a year, we cannot expect TCM to show everything. At least most of these are out on home video, available as streaming titles or are being shown on other channels.


If they were locked away in a vault or embroiled in litigation, then it would be much more urgent.


Focus energies on something like LETTY LYNTON, a pre-code that we may not see again in our lifetime.

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> {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:}{quote}I recorded (Fatso) back in May or June of this year, and I know FMC has rescheduled it at least once since then.

"(Makes the sound Sideshow Bob makes when he repeatedly steps on the rakes in the Cape Feare espisode of The Simpsons )"


That movie.


(again makes sound)


You know Anne Bancroft directed it, not Brooks, right?

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Over the past decade, TCM has shown *Young Frankenstein* just once (I think) during a line-up of Frankenstein films.


It also included *Blazing Saddles* and *Spaceballs* in a month saluting "Movie Spoofs" - the same month that included *Austin Powers, International Man Of Mystery* and the first "Naked Gun" movie.




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I'm not trying to hijack this thread and turn it into a "Mel Brooks" thread, but like I mentioned earlier. When TCM first launched its Classic Union I got on it and was updating my page and selecting my favorites and when it came to selecting Mel Brooks as a favorite, it came back with nothing. I posted blogs and notified TCM's Union and every now and then would return and try adding him to my favorites and still nothing. Yesterday after I posted my original post to this thread, I went to TCM's Union and tried again and still couldn't add Mel Brooks to my favorites and never received any word from TCM's union that they were working on the problem. This has been since they first put the Union on the site. I believe I was one of the 'beta' members. Now we can go back to the original theme of this thread.

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