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{font:Arial}Way back in the days that followed the Jurassic era, movie patrons got to see two movies with their paid admissions. As a kid, I often found this practice to be a little frustrating in the way that theatres paired the movies that they showed……{font}



{font:Arial} {font}



{font:Arial}I liked sci-fi, fantasy, Westerns, and ‘horror.’ If I wanted to see The 7^th^ Voyage of Sinbad, I might also have to watch something like Some Like It Hot. That was especially hard to do if I wanted to watch Sinbad a 2^nd^ or 3^rd^ time (if I liked a movie, I couldn’t just watch it one time, and then leave).{font}



{font:Arial} {font}



{font:Arial}That memory moved me to come up with some amusing (to me!) pairings of movie titles, only. Put together, they could be one complete thought, or they could be combined into the title of a new story. Here goes…….{font}



{font:Arial} {font}



{font:Arial}Dial M For Murder …. Boy, Did I Get A Wrong Number!{font}



{font:Arial}When A Stranger Calls …. My Name Is Nobody{font}



{font:Arial}When Harry Met Sally …. A Night To Remember{font}



{font:Arial}Tomorrow The World …. The World Is Not Enough{font}



{font:Arial}The Whole Town’s Talking …. About Last Night{font}



{font:Arial}Some Came Running …. From Russia, With Love{font}



{font:Arial}Something Wicked This Way Comes …. It Came From Outer Space{font}



{font:Arial}Some Like It Hot …. Don’t Go Near The Water{font}



{font:Arial}Man’s Favorite Sport? …. Beat The Devil{font}



{font:Arial}To Be Or Not To Be …. To Have And Have Not{font}



{font:Arial}The Great Escape …. Lover, Come Back{font}



{font:Arial}Hellzapoppin’ …. Because They’re Young{font}



{font:Arial}The Secret Of My Success …. I Know What You Did Last Summer{font}



{font:Arial}The Dark Knight Rises …. When The Wind Blows{font}



{font:Arial}If Tomorrow Comes …. Strike Up The Band{font}



{font:Arial}Bye, Bye Birdie …. Hello, Dolly{font}



{font:Arial}Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? …. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly{font}



{font:Arial}When The Bough Breaks …. I’ll Cry Tomorrow{font}



{font:Arial}What Women Want …. Payback{font}



{font:Arial}Move Over Darling …. Make Way For Tomorrow{font}



{font:Arial}The Joker Is Wild …. Because Of You{font}



{font:Arial}A Star Is Born …. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea{font}



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Troy McClure was a character on the Simpsons voiced by Phil Hartman. When he died the character went away. He was a has been actor whose films credits were always mentioned it the conversation. For example "Hi I'm Troy McClure, you might remember me from such films as Today Will Kill Tommorrow We Die, and Gladys The Groovy Mule."


Other Films, or projects he was in:


Welcome To Nordstrom's, (informational Kiosk)


Mommy, What That On That Mans Face?


Lepper In The Backfield


Alice Doesn't Live Anymore


They Came To Burgle Carnagie Hall


Man Versus Nature, The Road To Victory, (mentioned on his last appearence)








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I have a vague memory of those, also. I seem to recall that in my neck of the woods, there was a string of song titles that included Tobacco Road, by Lou Rawls. In class, a sheet of paper would pass from student to student, and each one would write a song title to add to the train of thought.


I haven't thought of that since the mid 1960s....thanks!

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