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Mack Sennett's films on DVD


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where can I buy last night's Mack Sennett shorts on DVD ?


Where can I watch "thirst 1917". My DVR goofed just before the ending. I'm **** off. I hoped nothing would go wrong tonight , but it did. Something always has to go wrong when I record tv programs. My DVR either goofs up and something else happens.



spend $12 on a 3 pack of 8 hour videos at walgreens and record in my parents' room instead of my room (where I have a DVR).

No need to switch videos and no worries about the DVR screwing up.


It's been a hard day for me. I hoped for no problems. Right now , I feel so **** i feel like destroying my DVR. Unreliable piece of crap ! THE VCR WINS. HANDS DOWN. X-( X-( the hell with other alternatives. DVDR's , DVDr's and all of that other new junk.


I've had it with DVR goofs. I need to learn how to start using the timer on my VCR-DVDR. Get rid of DirecTV's DVR. A regular cable box cost less.


HERE'S WHAT HAPPENDED. (maybe some of you had the same problem) : the last short of the night was on. It was 'Thirst'. The screen went black , then the picture came on and a boy stole another boy's bike. Then, there was this big chase and a car fell through a roof of some house. I tried rewinding back on my DVR , but it wouldn't allow me. It was like 3 minutes before the ending of the short.


Where can I watch that movie ? I want to see what I missed.


I've done all I could to prevent any thing from going wrong tonight. Every thursday night , I make sure I'm home by 5pm , in time to record. But it's been frustrating because of TCM's scedule and DirecTV's guide does not match. Movies start either too early or too late and the wrong movie is listed on the guide.


I feel so angry , I feel like getting a hammer and smashing that DVR. I am sick and tired of screw ups. The DVR would always freeze during a movie. And I would always have to reset it. I'm tired of it. TCM is not the kind of channel that re-runs rare stuff like mack sennett. Sure they re-run younger films , but not silent rarities like sennett films.


Right now , I wish I did what I should of done a week ago. Buy those 8 hour tapes without thinking twice. And forget about switching tapes. I always take a risk by taping in my bedroom. Stupid me , I take the risk. X-(


Am I the only one who had trouble taping these movies ?


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i'm sick and tired of stuff going wrong. Last week , I sucessfully recorded the movies. Two more pain in the butt weeks to go. TCM's crazy thursday scheduling leaves me to figure out when each shorts ends and begins. Why don't they just say sennett shorts 1916-17 ? why list each short in the schedule ? it messes people up.


Next week , I'll probably run out of tape. The week after that , my DVR will either freeze or the power might go out. Who knows. Something bad always has to happen. I have a lot of bad luck.


An 8 hour cassette is the only solution.




Edited by: TCMfan23 on Sep 14, 2012 2:16 PM

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You are repeating yourself.


It also sounds like you need to get a NEW and better DVR if your current one keeps acting funny like you say it does. I have a secondhand DVR my parent gave me several years ago when they got a new one. The one I have is a Tivo Series 2...only the second Tivo DVR ever put on the market...and I never have any of the problems that you described, which is why I say you need to get a new one and a better one. What I have, for an older DVR, works just fine.


Also, no need to repeat your question about Thirst...give people a chance to read your original post and someone who might know TIME to answer the question.

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The Sennett Films, and also an Roscoe Arbuckle Anthology will be coming out on DVD from Cine Museum sometime in the coming months. Probably early next year. I doubt that the set will be out this year yet. Time is running short.


As we got into 1916 and '17 the quality of the films improved dramatically. I loved all three of the Arbuckle's. Especially, the Waiters Ball. I commented yesterday that FATTY AND MABEL ADRIFT, and TEDDY AT THE THROTTLE with Gloria Swanson were both Two-reelers, not one reelers. But I didn't notice that most of the others were also to reelers, with only one reel running times listed on the schedule. Throwing everything off track.


The Ben Turpin film, A CLEVER DUMMY which I had not seen before was just hilarious and highly innovative. We want more Ben! It would be great if this same company could bring us the fully restored A SMALL TOWN IDOL (1921). Possibly Turpin's best feature film with a huge supporting cast of greats. Looking forward to the premiere of the Mabel Normand feature MICKEY (1918) next week. I never thought I would see this on TCM. Also the Sennett Bathing Girl shorts and more.

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