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This Weekend on TCM is Groove-a-licious!!!


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Wow, what a weekend on TCM!!! And me, with nothing better to do than watch lots and lots of TCM this weekend, groovy!!!


The grooves kick in for me in the wee hours of Saturday, 3:30am EST, to be exact, with one of my guilty pleasures, THE WASP WOMAN, a low budget sci fi flick (with lots of sexy dames!) from 1959!


Then it's a pre-code musical delight with Dick Powell, Ginger Rogers and Pat O'Brien in TWENTY MILLION SWEETHEARTS (1934)! This is a pretty rare flick that I've only seen once before, and looking forward to it once again--joining in the fun is Allen Jenkins and Grant Mitchell!!! This is followed by my main man, Warren William, as Perry Mason in THE CASE OF THE LUCKY LEGS (1935)!! If you've never seen Warren's take on the attorney, you gotta check it out, and OMG, Genevieve Tobin as Della is to die for!!!! Hotcha!!


Up next is a relatively rare James Whale directed classic, ONE MORE RIVER, from 1934, starring one of his faves, Colin Clive, along with Diana Wynard, Frank Lawton and C. Aubrey Smith! I've not seen this one before and really looking forward to checking it out!


Next up is this week's entry from "The Whistler" series, and man, this low-budget series really hits the mark with psychological thriller and moody atmosphere!! This time Richard Dix (who always stars except in the final entry of the series, but as a different character each time!) is joined by Lynn Merrick in VOICE OF THE WHISTLER (1945), and as usual, there are some twists and turns in this entry! Gotta check it out!


Next is this week's Jungle Jim entry, CAPTIVE GIRL (1950) with Johnny Weissmuller and Buster Crabbe in the same flick!! And lots of scantily clad Leopard Goddesses to boot!! This jungle flick is followed by the classic NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS (1958), with Andy Griffith, what a hiliarious flick this one is!!


This Saturday's Essentials is the F W Murnau classic silent flick, SUNRISE (1927) with Janet Gaynor and George O'Brien!!


Sunday morning, 6am EST, finds us grooving with Joan Crawford, William Powell, Robert Montgomery, Nigel Bruce and Frank Morgan in the 1937 remake, THE LAST OF MRS CHEYNEY!! Both versions rock, and this one is fun!


Later in the morning, James Whale returns with his 1931 horror classic, FRANKENSTEIN!!! I never tire of this awesome flick, with Colin Clive, Boris Karloff, the lovely Mae Clarke, and my main men Edward Van Sloan and Dwight Frye!!!


This Sunday's Silent feature is THE MERRY WIDOW (1925) with Mae Murray and John Gilbert (in his prime!!) directed by Erich Von Stroheim! I've not seen this one yet, and really look forward to it!


And just when you thought the weekend was over, to finish us off at 4:45 AM on Monday morning, an early rare talkie, one I've not seen before, JAZZ HEAVEN from 1929, starring Johnny Mack Brown!!


What a tripping groovy weekend!!! Thank you, TCM!!! You guys totally rock the house!

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>I am wondering what The Great Library Misery (1938) concerns.


I saw that. It's funny.


A guy moves into a town and wants to check a book out of the library, but the librarian tells him he needs to own property there, or get someone to sign for him, and get a drivers license, and do other stuff.


After a long bureaucratic series of hassles, it took him about 6 months to finally be able to check out a book.


Some towns used to require proof of local citizenship because professional book thieves traveled around the country stealing books out of libraries. Rare books are now guarded in a special room, but they used to be out among the regular books, until librarians finally became aware of the traveling book thieves.

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Clive made some great films and some I'd never heard of -- a Colin Clive festival would be nice. I'd particularly like to see him as Mr. Rochester in the early version of Jane Eyre. It doesn't seem to be highly rated, but I enjoy many of those early Hollywood Dickens adaptations, and it also has Ethel Griffies as Grace Poole.



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TCM ran a Clive film titled The Right to Live (1935), and I recorded it. I've watched it a couple of times. He is a famous flyer, but he is crippled in a plane crash. He eventually feels sorry for his wife, and he finds a way for her to marry another man so she will be happy again. It's a very interesting film, with Clive in it a lot.

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