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Ships Ahoy A Fun Movie To Watch


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Forget the plot, the plot is stupid, pay no attention to the plot


Overlook the acting, the acting is pretty bad as you would expect by the 1942 extra actors.


WATCH for Rare Tommy Dorsey Band footage with Buddy Rich on drums and Frank Sinatra singing. The opening number of Cheerokee rocks with Buddy really pounding the drums. Look for Buddy later in movie bouncing drum sticks to the female dancer in an upbeat number started by Burt Lahr and Red Skelton corning around.


WATCH for Red Skelton as he provides good physical slapstick at points in movie


WATCH for Burt Lahr, who is in great vaudville form and only a couple years after the lion in OZ. HIs timing is perfect, his voices are great......Red and Burt trade some great comedy banter


Burt Lahr to me steals the picture, but Red is good also....and Frank Sinatra and Buddy Rich in this Tommy Dorsey Band is much better music than most old movies.


Oh, there are some women, some ham male actors and a very weak plot, please don't let them stop you from waiting for the good parts. It really is alot of talent in one movie, well worth your time....Oh, the plot, World War II and some bad actors as Nazis and Japanese pretending to be American Military as they dupe the doll with the gams into delivering a secret weapon in a luggage bag. In the end, our hero bad actors show up to save the day. ...In short, they could have threw out the script and just had more Sinatra and Buddy Rich songs, a few Dorsey classics would have been nice.....and more Red Skelton and Burt Lahr.....but it is, what it is....so overlook the bad plot and ham actors for the music and comedy in this film, because the music and comedy makes this a CLASSIC.


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I watched this again a few days ago. I caught it coming on. I called my brother, who later said he couldn't get into it being old and the corny plot and bad acting.....After consideration, I remembered I didn't like it the first time either.......Mrs Powell really dances in this as well....but she is also used in the really bad and boring World War II spy scenes and she is among some really lousy actors in those.....So I say pay no attention to those plot scenes, fast forward if possible, and just watch the comedy and musical numbers as if it is a vaudville show or a tv variety show, because the plot of the movie is really bad...but the comedy and the musical numbers are pretty classic considering Mrs Powell, Tommy Dorsey, Buddy Rich, Frank Sinatra, Burt Lahr and Red Skelton.


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I think the best acting in the movie comes from Buddy Rich, who looks like he actually doesn't MIND being in the same room with Sinatra, something that couldn't be said off camera or off stage.



But if you DIG that "big band" vibe, this is a good movie for that.






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