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All The Silents I've Seen (What next?)


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{font:Verdana}{size:small}Just for kicks, I thought I might list all the silents I've seen (It's not that many {font}21.gif{font:Verdana}{size:small} ). Ones I didn't like so much will have a {font}tongue.gif{font:Verdana}{size:small} face beside them, and ones I loved get a {font}happy2.gif{font:Verdana}{size:small} . Once you've read my list, give me some recommendations! {font}happy.gif{font:Verdana}{size:small} Here goes, in random order:{font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}(Also, I'm only counting feature-length unless it's a monumental film){font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- A Trip to the Moon (1902) {font}happy2.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- The Great Train Robbery (1903) {font}happy2.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- Bangville Police (1913) {font}happy2.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- Mickey (1918) {font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- The Poor Little Rich Girl (1917) {font}happy2.gif{font:Verdana}{size:small} {font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- The Blue-Bird (1918) {font}happy2.gif{font:Verdana}{size:small} {font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- West Point (1928) {font}happy2.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- Metropolis (1927) {font}happy2.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- A Modern Musketeer (1917) {font}tongue.gif{font:Verdana}{size:small} {font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- Wild Oranges (1924){font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- The Wind (1928) {font}happy2.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- Our Modern Maidens (1929) {font}tongue.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- The Mark of Zorro (1920) {font}happy2.gif{font:Verdana}{size:small} {font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- The Hands of Orlac (1924){font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- One Week (1920){font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- A Sailor Made-Man (1921){font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- J'Accuse (1919) {font}tongue.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- Broken Blossoms (1919){font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- It (1927){font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- The Scarlet Letter (1926) {font}happy2.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- La Boheme (1926) {font}tongue.gif{font:Verdana}{size:small} {font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- Sunrise (1927) {font}happy2.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- Pandora's Box (1927) {font}happy2.gif

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- The Racket (1928) It was so-so{font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- Wild Orchids (1928?){font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}- Wings (1927){font}

{font:Verdana}{size:small}I'm {font}*sure*{font:Verdana}{size:small} I'm forgetting some, but there's most!{font}

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