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Who says, "It's vulgar!", in [b]Singin' in the Rain[/b]?


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You remember, the actress all done up in outrageous 1920's feathered finery at R.F. Simpson's(Millard Mitchell's) post-movie premiere, and right after he shows his guests the newfangled "talking picture".


I'm thinkin' it might be Dawn Addams(no...NOT the "Sorry about that, Chief" guy ;) ) , who is shown in an uncredited role in the film at IMDb.


Here's a picture of Ms. Addams...



(...so, are my suspicions correct here, anyone?)

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Thanks LP! I think you've got it! Yep, and acccording to Wikipedia here...




...it appears Judy Landon was the actress who played the vampish "Olga Mara", which sure seems to be the character in the film who voices the "It's Vulgar!" line.




(...btw, on a side note, Wiki says from 1954-1969 she was married to and had 5 children by actor Brian Keith...it appears she pretty much gave up her career to be wife and mother during those years...thanks again!)

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  • 9 years later...

An amazon seller is presently listing a "vintage photo" of Brian Keith and Judy Landon, with some sort of guarantee of "authenticity."    The woman in the photo is the one who played Olga in Singin in the Rain.  Let's add this to the sourcing on the name.

Judy got prominent placement and screen time for an uncredited dancer in a number of major early 1950s MGM musicals -- e.g.,  Annie Get Your Gun (1950), Showboat (1951), Royal Wedding (1951), An American in Paris (1951), The Merry Widow (1952) and The Band Wagon (1953).   Evidently MGM's team (perhaps including Fried himself?) regarded her as a beauty worthy of display.   (I agree.)

I have caught one glimpse of her in an earlier MGM musical.   She and Dorothy Tuttle bookend Lucille Ball's first appearance in DuBarry Was A Lady (1943).  Has anyone seen her in any other 1940s movies?    IMDB lists many appearances other than those I list above, but they're all 1950s.




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