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I believe this is a British channel. I have cable so I don't know much about it.


Either their website is broken or this channel is fond of replaying the same handful of films over and over during the course of the week. If those are the films they commonly show, I guess it's no great loss.

> {quote:title=Sepiatone wrote:}{quote}Never heard of it. JUST French movies? Oh, well. ANY channel that doesn't have "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is ACES with me!

I just happened to see some of that a couple of nights ago and can't comprehend why people want to watch this stuff. A good reminder of why I hardly watch even scripted TV series anymore.


I was just a youngin then, but I remember when TLC showed heart operations in the 1990s (like in this fine Kids in the Hall sketch - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRPOlQVKvmA.) Those were the days...

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TLC now stands for The Ludicrous Channel. :( The only thing we're learning is how to use the channel delete function.


Cinemoi seems not only to show French movies but movies and shorts from thoughout the world - old and new. They just did a documentary on Audrey Hepburn in their "Stars of The Silver Screen" and now talking about Sophia Loren.


They are showing "Georgy Girl" (1966) today and reairing "Beat The Devil" at 3:00pm


They have *Great Directors* segment. This channel seems to be quite interesting.

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Since your first post about this channel, I've glanced at it a few times but all I see are some British movies from the 1980s. They look like made-for-TV movies. Also a few documentaries with British film reviewers talking about old Hollywood stars. Thanks for letting us know about this channel. :)

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It only started on DirecTV on Wednesday, I checked it out a couple of times, but it's hard to figure out what's playing. When I tuned in, the program guide said it a French film (I've forgotten which one), but actually they were showing the British Film GEORGY GIRL. They wasn't a heck of a lot on the guide as to information on upcoming films. I'm not blaming DirecTV as I assume Cinemoi didn't get them the info soon enough.


As for anything else, I didn't watch long enough to see if they ran commecials or edited versions. If that's the case they've lost me already. What little I did see, the print quality was excellent. I'm going to have to take a closer look over the weekend.

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There weren't any commercial breaks in the last 30 minutes of *Girl on a Motorcycle* (I didn't see the first hour).


What a hoot. Marianne Faithfull couldn't act. I mean, she could barely even sit in front of rear-projection photography! And yet here she is flailing about wildly. And then there's a psychedlic sex scene iwth Alain Delon. Awful, awful movie, but one of those films that's so awful it's funny. Especially the ending.


Why couldn't TCM have shown this in their salute to Jack Cardiff? ;-)

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Their schedule for Sky TV/Virgin is different from the one for DirecTV. On the former

they are showing Diabolique and The Wages of Fear every day. The latter had The

Collector on a few nights ago and I caught a bit of Beat the Devil They are showing

Contempt tonight at 11. Looks like it will be worthwhile, just have to keep a close eye

on the schedule.


They had The Collector scheduled for two and a half hours, but it's only two hours long,

so I thought they had commercials. No, they didn't. After The Collector was shown, they

had half a hour of various promos.

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I think the U.S. schedule would, at least to some extent, have to be different because of various rights issues. Some films might be available to them in the UK but not be in this country. Much like TCM can't always get the Canadian rights to films shown here.



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We should make allowances for their limited movies because they are getting started off. I remember when FOX 11 first started broadcasting in my area back in the 1980's, the material they had was limited and even showed some CED videodisc movies and at the time made me wonder was that legal.


Cinemoi also discuss film fashion designers, I've seen some outfits a few days ago that was reallly over the top.


"All That Jazz" played last night and that one has been presented many times on Encore the past few months. Its the only Roy Scheider movie I don't like. Oh well perfect timing for me to see the creepy "Orphan" (2009) movie for the first time and on *Lifetime* of all places (and edited very little to boot).


Got a kick out of seeing Jack Palance in "Contempt" (1963) aka "Le Mépris" in French, Not your usual Palance movie, lol. Brigitte Bardot is a name you don't hear much nowadays.


Cinemoi should have access to some of the Euro/spaghetti westerns i.e. "For A Few Dollars More" (1964)


Edited by: hamradio on Sep 22, 2012 8:31 PM

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At the moment Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth are playing oposite themselves. TCM is showing GILDA and on Cinemoi it's Glenn and Rita in AFFAIR IN TRINIDAD. So far with TRINIDAD, GEORGY GIRL and ALL THAT JAZZ in the first week's schedule it looks like they've struck deals with both Sony and Fox.

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Yes, it may take a little while for things to get up to par, but so far it's been fairly

well handled. Jack Palance, Brigitte Bardot, and Fritz Lang certainly make an

odd trio. Of course BB was big in the 1950s and 1960s, but she is almost eighty

years old, so you wouldn't expect to hear too much about her these days. They

had those all around black bars during Contempt, which made the picture look

like a perfect square. I have an older TV, so there was nothing I could do about it.


I noticed that just before All That Jazz played there was one of those warnings

about the picture fitting the format, but I just had a quick glance, so I don't know

if it also had the warning about the movie being edited for content and to fit in the

time frame. I hope not. Cinemoi will likely not have the quantity of films that TCM

does, but I think it will show some interesting ones from time to time.

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FredCDobbs wrote:

<< They seem to be the most boring and unknown British and American films ever made. >>


There are a lot of movies made on a limited budget that can't foot the advertising bill and only played in scattered theatres. Some goes completely into obsurity after initial release. "Starcrash" (1978), "The Great Brain" (1978) and "The Wilderness Family" (1975) are such films. I haven't seen them since they played in my downtown theatre.


By the way some of those boring British, French and films from other countries that appears on TCM are called *Foreign Imports.* Some I've seen are better than Sominex. :)

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Well it's only been on DirecTV for about two weeks. They did run Contempt,

though that's the only French film I've seen so far. They have also shown

Beat the Devil, Repulsion, Lilith, Georgy Girl, and White Mischief. There was

also an interesting movie/interview with Fellini. They've also shown quite a few

movies that are similar to the ones IFC used to show, and without commercials

(so far). It won't be movies all day like TCM, but it's a channel that shows some

good films occasionally.

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It's a tragedy when IFC started showing commercials. :(

I recorded the uncut, widescreen version of "Halloween" just before they started doing this.


This leaves TCM and Encore showing the older classics without commercials or editing.


By the way "Rooster Cogburn" (1975) is coming up at 12:00AM tonight (RIGHT NOW) on Encore Western.

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Excuse me, but All That Jazz, along with Jaws is one of the best movies Mr. Scheider ever made. And it's a heck of alot better than such nonsense as The Men's Club, Night Game, The Fourth War, Cohen & Tate, etc. I have always respected Mr. Scheider's talent and he made some good movie's [ mostly in the 70's ] and All That Jazz is certainly one of them.

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>I just came across a new channel on Directv 259 called Cinemoi the French Movie Channel.


Coming up next will be THE CHASE, which is Marlon Brando's worst film from 1966, and right after that will be THE PASSENGER, which is Michelangelo Antonioni's great mystery film. The mystery is "what's this film about"?? This film was designed to be seen multiple times, so the audience can try to figure out the plot.

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> {quote:title=hamradio wrote:}{quote}I just came across a new channel on Directv 259 called *Cinemoi* the French Movie Channel. The first movie I've seen on it just now was "Beat The Devil" (1953).


> If anyone have seen this, what is the quality? (or is it very new?)

> http://www.cinemoi.tv/


Someone else mentioned this channel some time ago and I looked it up:



Says "French Movie Channel" below logo...

Is based in Britain...


Have no idea why a "French Movie Channel" shows so many non-French (and mostly British or American) films??



Maybe because they are relatively new (3 years old) and figure they need to air Hollywood and Brit films to get an audience?? Maybe people weren't satisfied with only French films??

Who knows??



I don't subscribe to satellite, so don't get it...



Don't need it, either, as in Ontario there is TFO, a French-language TV channel that airs French programming and films. French and English are the official languages of Canada and so in Ontario TFO provides French programming for French-speaking people in Ontario.

It's mostly funded by the Ontario government:




The films they air are commercial-free, as they are on TVO's "Saturday Night at the Movies"

(TVO is the English-language counterpart to TFO. Most of TVO's funding comes from the Ontario government. So both TFO and TVO are like PBS in the United States.).



You can view their film schedule here: http://www1.tfo.org/Cine/horaire-tfo



"Le Testament du docteur Cordelier" was aired last night:




After the film above, they aired Yasujirō Ozu's 1933 silent flick "Passing Fancy" ("Dekigokoro"): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dekigokoro



Anyway, it's an excellent TV channel.

French films are aired in French, non-French films are subtitled in French.

Silent films have the original title cards in whatever language, Japanese, German, Italian, etc., with French title cards below them.

So it does help if you understand French if you watch this channel.

'Tho if they air German or Italian films or whatever, you can get by if you know those languages but not French.



Anyway, like I wrote, it's an excellent channel. French films (and international films) chosen by French-speaking people.

A true "French Movie Channel."

And I'm not even going to mention the French-language CBC channels that air French and international films, they're also pretty good.



It's too bad that Americans can't seem to get it on cable or by satellite??

I asked that question in another thread a while back...

Oh well...


Edited by: RMeingast on Nov 10, 2012 6:32 PM

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I have always thought wouldn't it be nice if Directv gave us one channel *directly* from Britian, Canada and Australia. Is that techincally or legally possible?


Back in the early 1990's CSPAN aired the Moscow evening news at 2:00am and it was pretty neat. They had to drop it due to budget cuts.

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