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THE LEAVENWORTH CASE (1936) Donald Cook, Jean Rouverol

THE HOUSE OF A THOUSAND CANDLES (1936) Phillips Holmes, Mae Clarke

HEARTS IN BONDAGE (1936) James Dunn, Mae Clarke

THE MANDARIN MYSTERY (1936) Eddie Quillan, Charlotte Henry

LARCENY ON THE AIR (1937) Robert Livingston, Grace Bradley

STORM OVER BENGAL (1938) Patric Knowles, Richard Cromwell

WOMEN IN WAR (1940) Elsie Janis, Patric Knowles

WHO KILLED AUNT MAGGIE? (1940) John Hubbard, Wendy Barrie

MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY (1941) Dennis O'Keefe, Peter Lorre

SECRETS OF THE UNDERGROUND (1942) John Hubbard, Virginia Grey

LONDON BLACKOUT MURDERS (1942) John Abbott, Mary McLeod

THE PURPLE V (1943) John Archer, Mary McLeod

CHATTERBOX (1943) Joe E. Brown, Judy Canova

A SCREAM IN THE DARK (1943) Robert Lowery, Marie McDonald

MYSTERY BROADCAST (1943) Frank Albertson, Ruth Terry

CASANOVA IN BURLESQUE (1944) Joe E. Brown, June Havoc

THE LADY AND THE MONSTER (1944) Vera Ralston, Richard Arlen

SECRETS OF SCOTLAND YARD (1944) Edgar Barrier, Lionel Atwill

THE GIRL WHO DARED (1944) Lorna Gray, Peter Cookson

STORM OVER LISBON (1944) Vera Ralston, Erich von Stroheim

FACES IN THE FOG (1944) Jane Withers, Paul Kelly

IDENTITY UNKNOWN (1945) Richard Arlen, Cheryl Walker

THE PHANTOM SPEAKS (1945) Richard Arlen, Stanley Ridges

THE VAMPIRE'S GHOST (1945) John Abbott, Adele Mara

JELOUSY (1945) John Loder, Jane Randolph

THE FATAL WITNESS (1945) Evelyn Ankers, Richard Fraser

SCOTLAND YARD INVESTIGATOR (1945) C. Aubrey Smith, Erich von Stroheim

THE MADONNA'S SECRET (1946) Francis Lederer, Gail Patrick

MURDER IN THE MUSIC HALL (1946) Vera Ralston, William Marshall

THE FRENCH KEY (1946) Albert Dekker, Evelyn Ankers

VALLEY OF THE ZOMBIES (1946) Robert Livingston, Ian Keith

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