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Well, I've been pondering what might "Cinematic Journeys" entail for TCMFF 2013?


*Apollo 13* with Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Bill Paxton, and Kevin Bacon?


*Around The World in Eighty Days* with Michael Andersen, Jr.,whose father was the director Michael Andersen? Marion Ross, who was an extra?


*The Sound of Music* with Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer and the entire Von Trapp family players?


*Gidget Goes to Rome* with James Darren and Cindy Carol?


*It It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium* with Ian McShane? Marty Ingels?


*Travels With My Aunt* with Maggie Smith?


*How Sweet It Is* with Debbie Reynolds and James Garner?


*Julia* with Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave?


*Gidget Goes Hawaiian* with James Darren, Carl Reiner, Michael Callan and Vickie Trickett?


*The Americanization of Emily* with Julie Andrews and James Garner?

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"Cinematic Journeys" is an interesting theme. I guess that I start thinking of things like Brief Encounter, The Lady Vanishes and oddities like Stolen Harmony or Non-Stop New York, that actually involve modes of transportation. Stolen Harmony has an unusual streamlined bus and Non-Stop New York has private cabins and even an outdoor balcony on an airplane.


Perhaps we'll see Blade Runner.

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There are many kinds of cinematic journeys, not just those that involve transportation.


Life is a journey, some say. Or the journey to find oneself.


Some ideas:


*Outward Bound* or its remake *Between Two Worlds*


*The Grapes of Wrath*


*Lust for Life*


*The Petrified Forest*


*The Wizard of Oz*


*The Incredible Journey*

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Countess and lzcutter, I would love to attend screenings of all the wonderful films you ladies have mentioned, especially *Brief Encounter*, *The Wizard of Oz* and several others. With "Cinematic Journeys," the possibilities are fascinating to ponder.


I would also like to see *Harvey Girls*, and maybe Anglea Lansbury might be willing to introduce it. She was certainly at her loveliest during the filming of that popular musical, and there is quite a bit of train travel, a lively song about trains, and a "train" on several lovely gowns.



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To me, every movie is a cinematic journey...into another person's life, travels through space and time, and beyond our sweet life on this earth into heaven and hell. But since it is about travels, these are titles that I think of (and I am trying to not duplicate anything that may have been at a previous festival)


America, America (by ship)

TheThief of Bagdad (1940) (by Genii and flying carpet)

Harry and Tonto (by hitchhiking)

Destination Moon (by rocket)

Disney's Peter Pan (by pixie dust)

Around the World in 80 Days (by balloon, train, ship, etc.)

Cimarron (1931) (by covered wagon)

Show Boat (1951) (by, um, showboat))

Destination Tokyo (by submarine)

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (early airplanes)

Easy Rider (by motorcycle)

Superman the Movie (you will believe a man can fly)

Sahara (by tank)

5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (by imagination)

The Incident (by subway)

Chariots of Fire (by foot)

Somewhere in Time (by time travel)

and, of course,

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles






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Kyle, wonderful to see you posting here. I'd definitely enjoy a screening of *Stagecoach!*

I've actually been to Lordsburg!


Filmlover, I enjoy your list and ideas. Maybe it is time for Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda to introduce *Easy Rider* to the TCMFF2013 crowd!

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Oh YES!!!!!


Now this is a theme I can get into! Fashion's nifty to look at and all but I don't live eat sleep & breathe it.



Since I grew up as a military brat I **totally** get travel.



Movie-wise we could repeat a little with *Sullivan's Travels* and (especially for those of us who don't cruise) we could do *In The Heat Of The Night* with Norman Jewison & Scott Wilson (it was his first movie and I know if asked Scott would be happy to come to TCMFF) in attendance



But I also vote for

*It Happened One Night* Quintissential comedic road trip movie and Frank Capra to boot

*Airplane!* I have had the privilege of meeting David Zucker and he's just so gifted at doing funny on the fly (pun accidental but I like it so I'm keeping it).he'd be terrific at TCMFF

Something by Albert Brooks--all of his films are 'cinematic life journeys'

*Avalon* (let's get Barry Levinson to TCMFF to talk about his homage to the American immigrant experience)

*The Best Years Of Our Lives* in honor of our military present & past

*Since You Went Away* the first and last word in being a part of a military family

I've also got *Tracks* (with Dennis Hopper) in mind for screening on the private rail journey I'm furiously working up...it prominently features AMTRAK in its storytelling

So how about *The Palm Beach Story* to fit in both trains and Preston Sturges



Oh and one of the possible rail cars I might be booking for whoever wants to split the cost is in fact the AT&SF No. 33. It is so very *The Harvey Girls* from the outside I think SueSueApplegate would approve (and if she wants to join us perhaps we'll screen *The Major & The Minor* just for her :)



AT&SF No 33 is a business car (aka the "corporate jet" of the Victorian age up to about the time Lindbergh flew the Atlantic) Business cars have bedrooms, bathrooms, a formal dining area (and its own kitchen) and a lounge that opens onto the open observation platform.



I am told by private car owners if you put a car with an open observation platform on as the last car on an AMTRAK train you can indeed go out on the platform (even at the up to 90 miles an hour an AMTRAK train can go) and relive **a lot** of movie scenes while seeing America from Chicago to Los Angeles the way movie stars could when AMTRAK's Southwest Chief was the route of the Santa Fe Super Chief, the fabled 'train of the stars'. I am pumped about seeing the Arizona & New Mexico deserts from a platform...



PS My best friend is calling my potential charter "Club Car TCM" ;-)



But hooray there are so many excellent prospects for cinematic journeys and travel movies. This theme has me all like a kid on Christmas Eve!

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Thanks, VDO. I would love to see Angela Lansbury introduce *The Harvey Girls* on the big screen at TCMFF 2013, as well as *The Razor's Edge,* possibly introduced by one or more of the surviving children of the stars of that film.


And I'm sure Joan Collins would spice up the pre-film fanfare for *The Opposite Sex!*


Precodes like *The Smiling Lieutenant* with Maurice Chevalier and *Torch Singer* with Claudette Colbert would be nice, too.

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{font:Times New Roman}Ok. For what it’s worth, here are my suggestions for the 2013 “travel theme:”{font}



*{font:Times New Roman}Exotic (sometimes tropical) locales:{font}*



{font:Times New Roman}*Mutiny on the Bounty* –* 1962*. I know that many prefer the original with Clark Gable, but this is the one I know from my youth. {font}



{font:Times New Roman}*South Pacific* -*1958* (with Mitzi Gaynor in attendance if she can be persuaded){font}



{font:Times New Roman}*Hawaii* – *1966* (with Julie Andrews); perhaps if they show *Sound of Music* (SOM) she can do double duty{font}



{font:Times New Roman}*Valley of the Kings* - *1954* (w/ Eleanor Parker) – She lives in Palm Springs. Don’t know if she’d be willing/able to come, but if they have SOM she and Julie could do a double. {font}



{font:Times New Roman}*Topkapi* - *1964* - Max Schell ? Too much to ask ?) {font}



*{font:Times New Roman}Odysseys:{font}*



{font:Times New Roman}*Jason and the Argonauts* (1963) - 50^th^ anniversary – Dare we hope for Honor Blackman ? Her health and age could be an issue. {font}



{font:Times New Roman}*Lost Horizon *(original 1937 with Ronald Coleman and/or 1975 remake with Michael York (see comment MOTOE in planes, trains, and automobiles, below). {font}



{font:Times New Roman}*Trains, Planes, and Automobiles*:{font}



{font:Times New Roman}*Murder on the Orient Express* (Michael York dong double duty with LH ? See above) {font}



{font:Times New Roman}*Airport* (Jacqueline Bissett in attendance ?). I know she’s a big fan of the network. She could also do double duty on MOTOE – see above{font}



{font:Times New Roman}*The Great Race* (one of my all time favorites – actually saw it on the big screen when it came out). None of the major characters is still living; not sure who else is connected with the film who could show up? {font}



*{font:Times New Roman}Possible Presenters/Participants: {font}*



{font:Times New Roman}*Terrance Stamp* – Billy Bud, Far From the Madding Crowd, Superman {font}



{font:Times New Roman}*Julie Christie* (tough ? yeah, I know): *Far From the Madding Crowd* and *Dr. Zhivago* {font}



{font:Times New Roman}*Miscellaneou*s:{font}



{font:Times New Roman}Jacques Tati’s *Mr. Hulot’s Holiday* (1953){font}



{font:Times New Roman}*Roman Holiday* (also 1953)





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I think it is High time TCM brings *The High And The Mighty* back into the family. Haven't seen it since its appearance on the channel in the early-2000s. Because the film hasn't been overexposed on TCM, it would be a great addition to the Festival's Travel theme.

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Great suggestion, dear Kyle!

> {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}{quote}

> > I think it is High time TCM brings The High And The Mighty back into the family.

> And the dreamy Bill Wellman, Jr. could talk about it! :)

Excellent point, lzcutter. Then the adorable Bill Wellman, Jr. *COULD* talk about it in his dulcet tones. The actual DC-4 used in the film actually had its own interesting history, as well as the determination of the final onscreen cast. Here's hoping!


As a lighthearted companion piece, *Dear Ruth (1947)* with William Holden and Joan Caulfield would be perfect. The Ernest Gann screenplay of *The High and The Mighty* and Norman Krasna's play converted to the screen by Arthur Sheekman for *Dear Ruth* are great contrast pieces about World War II.

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Thanks SueSue for alerting me to this thread!

My addition to your ongoing list is *On the Town*! It was the first on-location shot for an MGM musical. It would be fun to have the Sinatra kids there to talk about it. Speaking of them, it would be fascinating for them to show *Robin and the 7 Hoods* and have Frank Jr talk about them filming it in Vegas when (1) Frank Jr was kidnapped and (2) JFK was assassignated.


And, just for fun, how about *The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming*? It would be a blast to hear Carl Reiner talk about that.

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h2. HELP!

This knight on horseback keeps crashing out of my closet every night! And now some little people have started doing the same! I need this to stop but I don't know how. All I have is this map that was left behind...


Copy of HolesMap


So if the Film Festival could please take me on this cinematic journey through time, things might calm down around here.


Copy of Time-Bandits-a5096fc4


It would do wonders for the circles under my eyes!

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Loosely quoting our friend Ben M., "Movies are in my blood."


Hey! Let's take _that_ Cinematic Journey!




*Fantastic Voyage* won two Academy Awards, one for Art Direction and one for Special Effects. And it stars Friend of TCM Raquel Welch.



Could be fun...

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"There's no place like home."

Especially when it is named St. Cloud and what is there is "Heavenly."


Copy of SweetBirdOfYouth1962LRG


"Heavenly" is still around in the person of Shirley Knight. I would really enjoy hearing her thoughts on this film and of working with Paul Newman, Ed Begley and Mildred Dunnock.


Copy of Youth01


But if we can't go home again, how about a trip to the *Dark At The Top Of The Stairs* ?


Copy of Stairs_LC


Shirley Knight was nominated for an Oscar for each of these films.


But if neither of those would fit into the travel itinerary, there is a risky and wild subway ride we could take instead.


Copy of dutchman-shirley-knight



A screening with Shirley Knight would be heavenly.

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Kyle, you have amazing choices! Shirley Knight would be a fantastic addition to the festival this year. She also portrayed Sister Maria in a film written and directed by James Clavell entitled *Five Gates to Hell...*



It's been several years since I've seen this film, but Miss Knight was riveting in this story set in Vietnam in 1950. Neville Brand was also powerful as Chen. Knight was also in *The Group*, the wonderful 1980's telefilm *Playing For Time, As Good as It Gets,* and *Petulia.*



Unfortunately, I can't reduce the poster on my mobile, but I wanted to add it.


As I am a great admirer of Paddy Chayefsky, I would thoroughly enjoy one of his great cinematic "journey" films, *The Americanization of Emily.*

Who wouldn't enjoy teatime with Julie Andrews ... americanizationofemily.png

or a sip of aged Tennessee whiskey with James Garner?



Might I suggest one of the favorite film experiences of both James Garner and Julie Andrews?


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"When will you make an end?"

"When I am finished!"


One of the more interesting parts of past Film Festivals has been the inclusion of screenings related to notable anniversaries or other current events occuring during or around the time of the Film Festival. We have been entertained in this manner with both *Royal Wedding* in 2011 and *A Night To Remember* in 2012. So far for 2013, such a timely screening has not yet been announced. And I don't know if one is planned.


Today I got a touch of "Pope Fever" and was drawn into the spectacle of all that was happening in Rome. Perhaps, even though the Film Festival is six weeks away, it might find a place this year for a Papal spectacle from Hollywood.



Program Cover


No. I am not thinking of *Shoes Of The Fisherman*. Nor Otto Preminger's *The Cardinal*. I was thinking *The Agony and the Ecstasy* and its story of painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the location of the secretive Papal Conclave, could still find a place on the schedule. The battle of wills between Michaelangelo and Pope Julius II is ridiculously entertaining. Both Charlton Heston and Rex Harrison are mesmerizing in their roles.



(Click Through for a Larger, Readable Version)


But equally fascinating is the recreation of the locations and of Michaelangelo's artwork. That's why, for a Special Guest to introduce the film, I was hoping TCM could convince Lily Kilvert of the Motion Picture Academy to speak about the challenges of doing the seemingly impossible - to build and decorate a second Sistine Chapel in the 20th Century. Ms. Kilvert participated in the most recent episode of the "Academy Conversations" series on TCM and spoke with Robert Osborne about the Art Direction of *The Grapes Of Wrath* and *The Leopard* so I think she might have a good insight into this historical and artistic film.




Now, I do have one caveat to this dream addition. The film was made in both Cinemascope and Todd-AO and I would really want it to be a Todd-AO screening for the Festival. That would certainly make the event more unique. (Does Todd-AO need a special projector?)


But I would only want the Festival to present the "Roadshow" version of the film. The "reserved seat" presentations included a documentary prologue about the art of Michaelangelo titled "The Artist Who Did Not Want To Paint". The added feature of the prologue really sets up the film well. And you get to see some amazing art on screen and not just the studio artist's recreations featured in the dramatic film.


So that is my last-minute wish and recommendation for the 2013 Film Festival. If there is still room for one more epic, multi-hour extravaganza, I couldn't think of a better choice. It would be a screening for all the others that may have a touch of "Pope Fever". Of course, by the end of April, it's just possible everyone's fever will have broken and no one will be the least bit interested any longer in anything related to the election of Francis I.


And if there is no more room on the schedule for another film, all I can say as we await the release of the 2013 line-up grid...

"When Will You Make It Done?"


Edited by: hlywdkjk on Mar 14, 2013 12:40 AM

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Wonderful suggestion, Kyle. I also would welcome this beautiful film, and it would be nice to add a Carol Reed venture to the mix. The difficulties of filming Michaelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel presented many challenges, and I would enjoy hearing about how such a monumental feat was accomplished.


The fact that "Sexy" Rexy Harrison didn't much cotton to Charlton Heston probably added to the tension needed between the characters of Pope Julius II and Michaelangelo, and even though the film lost money at the box office, it still is a masterpiece of historical recreation, and would be lovely to experience it grace the big screen again.





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