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Wed. Oct 3 6:30AM 1930's The Matrimonial Bed is on


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This hasn't aired on TCM since December 2003. It costars Frank Faye, James Gleason (this is part of his day-long TCM tribute), Lilyan Tashman, and Marion Byron.


If you're not into the earliest WB talkies, the charm of this one might escape you. If you do like the precodes you might want to give it a look.

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> {quote:title=William wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=calvinnme wrote:}{quote}This hasn't aired on TCM since December 2003.

> I'd like to know...Where can I find this sort of info? Is it on this site?

> Thanks

> Bill

Quite frankly, it's just an educated guess. If you go to imdb, the only reviews posted of this movie prior to mine were several written from December 2003 to January 2004. Not one review was posted after that until I wrote mine in 2008. I am simply assuming it is too big of a coincidence that all of those people found old tapes of that movie independently and all posted in such a short time period - three posted on December 30, 2003 alone! The only logical conclusion is that TCM showed it either on December 30,2003 or just a day or so prior to that date.

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> {quote:title=markbeckuaf wrote:}{quote}This flick is definitely on my "must watch" list this coming week!!! I also grooved to your review on imdb, calvininme!!!

Thank you Mark! I have hundreds of imdb reviews that nobody has ever voted on, and some that have collected negatives that I don't understand. It would be great if imdb would allow comments like Amazon does so you could get an idea of what you're doing right or wrong. At any rate, it's a hobby I've enjoyed over time.


I'd like to know what is up with that imdb reviewer planktonrules. He's written 13,000 very well thought out imdb reviews in seven years. However does he do it?



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While interesting and always gratifying to see a REAL classic on TCM - how I wish they would spin off a REAL classic station - I found the film odd.


Fay was apparently a vaudeville comedian, hence the heavy handed (with eye makeup, ick) acting mixed with some very good subleties, but the ending had me puzzled.



a. wasn't bigamy a fact in 1930? It would have been a piece of cake to annul the other marriages.



b. why the faux happy ending, since this was a pre-code movie? Was the audience happy with the outcome? I wasn't.



Otherwise, it was very nice to have a break from the usual stuff on TCM. Oh, and wasn't that Dickie Moore at the end? Those kids sure were close together in age, weren't they?



Well, as least I know the Penguin Pool Murders is a guaranteed enjoyment.


Yup, just as I thought, delightful. And to think the first time I saw Edna May Oliver was in a Warners Bros. cartoon: "my, my, they got me". Here's to the educational value in music and classic movies of the WB cartoons in the 1950s!



Now THAT was a good ending.

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Interesting - I don't know which came first, but William Powell in the Thin Man movies (don't know which one) pronounced 'suspects' as ****- pects , accent on the last syllable.


In today's Ex-Mrs. Bradford, he just pronounced it as **** -pects, accent on the first syllable.


I thought it a speech pattern of Bill, but perhaps not? Something that minor couldn't have been scripted, could it?


Speaking of which, my future husband Warren pronounces my as muh. So cute.

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Thanks, calvininme! It was on my DVR list for sure!!! Looking forward to checking it out later! With tonight's TCM lineup, will have to wait though!!


James Gleason is definitely one of my main men from classic hollywood!! I totally dig him and though I've seen them many times before, I also DVR'd PENGUIN POOL MYSTERY and THE EX-MRS BRADFORD, both old school coolio mysteries, which I totally groove to as well!

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Both very good, mark, and for the first time I sat through The Clock for James. If one didn't come away in love with love, they must be dead. Odd part, though, was Judy turning her head at the end to Robert as he shipped off to possible death. A kiss on the cheek??? After all the loooooooove? Very odd.


But thank you, James, you and the Mrs. (how cute, Mrs. Gleason in the film too) were charming.


But I guess TCM doesn't have enough JG movies, they've moved on to Leo McCarey with one of the ickiest actors on the planet, Senor Boyer.


mark, The Matrimonial Bed is definitely a must-see, although the end disappoints. Well, it did me.

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Oh, I did too. In fact, I liked Fay more than Gleason in this movie.


Did you note Fay's reactions? I very much admire when an actor can do that, turn or react or just sit, without chewing scenery or otherwise mucking up the other actors. It had the feel of a play, which I assume it was originally, and it's too bad I don't DVR, I would like to see it again.


I'll have to add Frank Fay to my new list of unheard of actors, like Richard Dix, who amaze me with their talents. At least Frank didn't die at 53!


I just wish it had a more realistic ending.


Oh, and of no interest to anyone but me, I notice I'm most smiley when I see an opening with Radio Pictures, RKO Pictures, or Warner Vitaphone Pictures. :)

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Nope, you're spot on, mark.


Penguin Pool Murder was shown directly after, and there was our (okay my) James, true to form. While decent in Matrimonial Bed, it was a part better suited to a taller, more handsome man, since he was a rebound from Frank Fay, who might not be bad looking without the eye makeup.


Trust me, you will enjoy it, mark. I'll be interested in hearing your views.

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Sorry, I'm lazy, and just noticed my post was in the Films and Filmmakers thread, and I won't check there, so can someone answer me here? Thanks.




This movie hasn't been on since 2011???????


Movie goers today are too callous for their own good. I'd rather be naive and happy!


Good point, redriver. I wouldn't.


I am jaded and cynical and even I was appreciating the anvil LOVE!!! of the movie, BUT at the end, when Judy turned her head to the about to leave and he might be killed Wagner, I was blown away.


Can anyone explain the ending to me? They were married, they did show them having spent a night together, they did show them kiss on the mouth, WHY FOR THEIR LAST KISS DID SHE TURN HER FACE TO HIM?


Otherwise, you had to be dead not to get hit by the ISN'T LOVE WONDERFUL anvil of this movie.


Oh, but James and Mrs. Gleason were wonderful and glorious.

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