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Keep Calm & Carry On--The British Are Coming!

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Marsha, I'm sorry to say that I had forgotten all about this actor. When I was in college, I saw dr. Zhivago and I thought he was one of the best actors in the movies.


that would be Tom Courtenay who played Pasha in Doctor Zhivago


And I also do remember the British art film with Julie Christie, Billy Liar

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Princess of Tap - You're absolutely right. And your answers were correct. We can't read each other's mind. For the record, I was thinking about Alan Bates in The Go-Between and Far From The Madding Crowd. By the way, I appreciate your comments as I do everyone's comments which I find very helpful when participating in these Trivia Games. It's fun and that's why I play. 


It's your turn now.

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Yes, Miles-- she was James Whale's favorite and had her first major American screen role in The Invisible Man. And she was a standout in Billy Wilder's witness for the prosecution. She performed the same role on the stage for Agatha Christie. Sadly this was to be her last film appearance.


Well miles, pip pip cheerio carry on - -

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Thanks.  This Brit came to America with a traveling British music hall revue that included Charlie Chaplin.  A few years later, he returned and became a film actor in short comedies.  His early training doing pantomime and physical gags were perfect for silent movies at that time.  A few years later he was a writer and director, but circumstances occurred which allowed him to return to the screen.  He continued to work with the writers, as well as becoming a top comedy star.  He successfully made the transition to sound films and became world famous.  Who is he?  

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miles, this is a good question. I always knew that Stan Laurel came over as Charlie Chaplin's understudy, but very few people ever mention it. Apparently he was the senior one in the duo, having the talents that he had for direction and writing.


In France Laurel and Hardy or as revered as Charlie Chaplin and Jerry Lewis. I don't think people realize that in the United States

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This actor was another favorite of director James Whale.


A renowned English stage actor, he was born into the aristocracy.

He appeared on the London stage and on Broadway with Katharine Hepburn.


The movies he made with Whale are fan favorites but he also appeared in other films during his long career.


Any takers on this one?

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Nicholas joy is not the answer to my question.


However if you can prove that he fits the criteria that I gave forward then you can have question.


So I would ask you to name the films that he was in with James Whale as director.


And some information about his aristocratic background will also be useful here, as well as his place on the English stage.


So far the only part you've answered is that he was on Broadway with Katharine Hepburn.


So, Marsha has first dibs on this one--

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