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Where's Robert?


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I'm sure that somebody must have already asked and answered this question earlier this month, but since I don't know where that thread is I'll beg your pardon and ask it again....


*Where is Robert Osborne? ?:|*


Is he ill?

or is he on another vacation?

if the latter, is this (will this be) a regularly scheduled vacation month as part of a new contract deal with TCM?


I am enjoying Ben Mankiwicz as the evening host, but each week I keep expecting to see Robert's face again, and then Ben comes on and simply says that he is covering for Robert Osborne, but makes no mention why, or where Bob might be?


If he's taking a vacation, or whatever, I would like to know, and if he is ill, as a concerned fan, I'd also like to know.


Thanks for anyone willing to give me a heads up on this.


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Thanks for the link slaytonf

I kinda figured that is what is going on, but wanted confirmation. Thanks!


Sure wish the word "vacation" was a real word in my vocabulary.

The only way I ever come anywhere close to getting one is between contracts and jobs.


I think that Ben Mankiewicz has come a long way and does very very well in carrying more of Robert's load each year. When the time comes for Robert to retire (which I hope is not for a very long time, yet), I think Ben will be well groomed for the role of full-time evening host.

"Retire," hmmm, that's another word that sounds like a fantasy for me.

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