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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Week of October 1st!!!


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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Week of October 1st!!

October is a grooving hard month on TCM! But first, a shout out to tonight's "Egyptian Antiquities" theme, which previews some of the classic horror in store for us during October! Prime time programming was never so coolio with Boris Karloff himself starring in the 1932 THE MUMMY, with Zita Johann and David Manners, and with an opening sequence that is one of the most chilling in all of horror!!! This is followed up by a very rare Charlie Chan airing, CHARLIE CHAN IN EGYPT (1935)!! With the original Charlie, Warner Oland, doing it up big! And finally, Abbott and Costello in their swan song, with the sexy Marie Windsor, ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE MUMMY (1955)!! And tonight's Silent Sunday feature: Jean Hersholt in THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES (1928) looks pretty groovin'!

Mondays in October will be all about Spence, as he's our Star of the Month! And this Monday is my favorite with his earliest flicks and lots of pre-codes!! It kicks off at 6:30pm EST with the documentary, THE SPENCER TRACY LEGACY (1987)!! Then, ME AND MY GAL (1932) with Joan Bennett!!! Next up is Spence with Loretta Young and the sassy Glenda Farrell in A MAN'S CASTLE (1933)!!! Next up the rare THE POWER AND THE GLORY (1933), with the lovely Helen Vinson and Ralph Morgan joining Spence in a riveting pre-code drama!! Claire Trevor joins up with Spence in DANTE'S INFERNO (1935)!! Next it's Bette Davis her own bad self with Spence in 20,000 YEARS IN SING SING (1932) an early prison drama that rocks! Spence gets out of control in THE SHOW-OFF (1934) with Madge Evans, and then he mixes it up with Virginia Bruce, Jimmy Stewart and my main man Lionel Atwill in THE MURDER MAN (1935)!!

And just when you think the party is over, we are still partying into the morning hours with Spence, as he rocks into nearly mid-day most of the month!! 6am we find him rocking it with the lovely Myrna Loy in the crime flick WHIPSAW (1935)!!! Next, he's hanging with the blonde bombshell herself, Jean Harlow, in RIFFRAFF (1936)!!! Not to be outdone, Luis Rainer gets into the act in Frank Borzage's BIG CITY (1937)!! Joan Crawford can't stay away from Spence and mixes it up with him in MANNEQUIN (1937), and finally, whew!!, Spence shows up with Franchot Tone in THEY GAVE HIM A GUN (1937)!!! What a block of Spence!!! If you're digging on Spence and you love his earliest flicks, as I do, Monday night and Tuesday are totally rocking!!

And up next on Tuesday, 2:30pm EST, the Marx Bros enter the fray with a double bill of laughter, A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935) and A DAY AT THE RACES (1937), what many feel are their best MGM flix!!

Wednesday daytime is totally groovy with a daytime tribute block to my main man, James Gleason!!!! My faves include the 6:30am EST screening of an early talkie, THE MATRIMONIAL BED (1930), with Frank Fay and Lilyan Tashman!!! Next James mixes it up with Edna May Oliver and Robert Armstrong in THE PENGUIN POOL MURDER (1932), a racy pre-code mystery!! Speaking of mysteries, William Powell and Jean Arthur team up in a "Thin Man" knock off, with Gleason, in THE EX-MRS BRADFORD (1936)!! And Eddie Albert shows up with Gale Storm and James in THE DUDE GOES WEST (1948)!!! Also starring Barton MacLane in this western comedy!!

And as if that wasn't enough, Wednesday evening features Classic Horror, and what a doozy of a lineup!!! Starts off with my main man Lionel Atwill starring with the lovely Fay Wray and spunky Glenda Farrell in THE MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM (1933), notable for it's early 2-color Technicolor!! Atwill can't be stopped as he shows up again in DOCTOR X (1932), another early technicolor effort, with my man Lee Tracy and the lovely Fay Wray showing up again (and that's always a good thing!!). And my main man Lionel appears with another Lionel--Barrymore that is!--along with Bela Lugosi, Carroll Borland and Jean Hersholt in MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935)!!! It's a Universal monster mash with Lon Chaney, Jr, John Carradine and...wait for it....my main man Lionel Atwill, in HOUSE OF DRACULA (1945)!!! Next it's ZOMBIES OF MORA TOW (1957), NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968), and the moody atmospheric Val Lewton classic, I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE (1942) with Tom Conway, Frances Dee, and James Ellison!!

Thursday night features a groovy lineup of Bob's picks, and I'm digging what's on the back end of the lineup, starting at 1:30am, Bogie and Bette Davis in the crime drama, MARKED WOMAN (1937) also featuring my man men Eduardo Ciannelli and Allen Jenkins, along with the luscious Lola Lane!! Dance hall girls, gangsters, crime...Warner Bros snap crackle pop dialogue and pacing...can't beat it!! Wow, I haven't seen this next flick in forever, and I can't wait to check it again, SHADOW OF DOUBT (1935) with my main man Ricardo Cortez, Virginia Bruce and Constance Collier in another crime drama!! And rounding out the overnight grooves is Otto Kruger, along with Una Merkel, Ben Lyon and Isabel Jewel in the pre-code drama, THE WOMEN IN HIS LIFE (1933), and oh yeah, there is lots of pre-code raciness, as well as stark realism, in this flick!!

Friday daytime is in the horror theme of the month, with my men Wheeler and Woolsey mixing it up in MUMMY'S BOYS (1936)!!! Love these guys!!! Next it's the luscious Brenda Marshall in SINGAPORE WOMAN (1941), then a 1966 B, THE REPTILE!!! Val Lewton's sensational mood piece, THE CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE (1944) with Tom Conway, then a flick I've not seen before, THE FOUR SKULLS OF JONATHAN DRAKE (1959)!! A little later, at 2:45pm EST, the amazing Jacques Tourneur classic, CURSE OF THE DEMON (1959) with Dana Andrews and Peggy Cummins!!

Friday night is all about American Politics on Film and it kicks off with a new documentary, NIGHT AT THE MOVIES: HOLLYWOOD GOES TO WASHINGTON!! This is followed by two of Frank Capra's best films: MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON (1939) and MEET JOHN DOE (1941)!!

As usual, Saturday mornings totally groove on TCM, this time with Robert Taylor, the drop-dead sexy Cyd Charisse, Lee J Cobb, Kent Smith and John Ireland in PARTY GIRL (1958) and sleazy crime flick, in color yet!!! Next up it's the lovely Loretta Young and Cary Grant in BORN TO BE BAD (1934)!!! A bit later, it's this week's "Whistler" entry, this time the last in the series and the only one without Richard Dix in the title role, Michael Duane takes over, with Lenore Aubert and Richard Lane in THE RETURN OF THE WHISTLER (1948)!! I will miss Dix, but I'm looking forward to seeing this one, which is the one I have never seen before! Next up, Jungle Jim rocks the jungle in JUNGLE MANHUNT (1951)!! I'm digging these Jungle Jim flix, though I'm always waiting to hear Johnny give the Tarzan yell, discard those clothes and go vine swinging at any moment!

Next Sunday's Silent Feature is a double bill, THE BUSHER (1919) and HEADIN' HOME (1929), the latter featuring Babe Ruth himself!!! And, following that, the horror film I have come to love the most, the Carl Theodor Dreyer masterpiece, VAMPYR (1932)--also known at NOT AGAINST THE FLESH!! Man this one is so atmospheric!!! I dig it, totally!!!

What a totally grooving week!!! Thank you for these amazing flix, TCM!!! You guys rock the house!
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Last night was totally outrageosly wicked!!! And tonight is going to rock and roll with a night and most of tomorrow filled with very early Spence performances!!! Can't wait! The documentary kicks it off tonight at 6:30pm EST, and then wow...lots of pre-codes and early 30's Spence!

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> {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}

> I can't stay up all night and I can't record all night.

> How can I watch all these movies??


Perhaps you can watch half the night and record the other half?


I have an embarrassment of riches as much more than one hundred hours of movies were recorded for me while I was away. This month has also many evenings and nights filled with movies I wish to watch. It is on evenings such as this that I am paring down the list as I do not like the vast majority of Spencer Tracy movies.

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Sans Fin, so glad to hear you are totally grooving to this month's offerings on TCM!!! Sorry you aren't a huge Spence fan, and frankly, there are stretches of his career that I'm less a fan of, but this week is my favorite probably with the early 30's flix! :) I'm a total early 30's groupie!! :)


What is totally rocking is seeing how full our board is with discussing all these amazing OLD movies!!! I dig it!

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