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"Charlie Chan in Egypt"


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Thanks for the reminder. I'm ready to watch and record. :)


Warner Oland always claimed to be half Asian. Here he is with his wife, Edith Oland (who also looks Asian), during their trip to China in the 1930s. His Charlie Chan movies were a big hit in China.



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Oland has a very interesting role in Shanghai Express, in which he plays a man who is half Chinese but who identifies himself as Chinese. Eugene Pallette asks him a fairly outrageous question about why? Oland also plays Dr. Yogami, an Asian, in Werewolf of London.

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> Warner Oland always claimed to be half Asian. Here he is with his wife, Edith Oland (who also looks Asian), during their trip to China in the 1930s




Anti-miscegenation laws prohibiting marriage between whites and people of color were on the books here in California until 1949.


Cameraman James Wong Howe fell in love with writer Sanora Babb, who was white. They had to keep their love affair on the down low and weren't able to marry until the law was repealed in 1949.


But they could own a restaurant together prior to their marriage.


Go figure.


I don't know if that applies to Warner Oland and his wife but I thought it worth mentioning on the off-chance it does.

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Thanks for the information.


In every old still photo I've ever seen of Warner Oland, he looks at least half Asian. Sweden is not far from Asian territory. Sweden is near Russia and Eastern Russia is mainly Asian.


Here is some information on Howe's wife, and him too:






I saw "Japanese War Bride" in 1952, so I guess that was after the law was changed.



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I didn't get to see it Sunday night, but I imagine it was the same print we've seen for decades with the opening & end credits missing and replaced (with music taken from a scene in the middle of the movie played under the replaced opening & end titles) and the director's name misspelled.


Hey, I'm still hoping some day a good complete print will be found.

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I fell asleep a bit after they started X-raying the Sarcophogus (sp?) didn't mean to, Benadryl, long day...and the fact that it didn't hold my interest (for whatever reason, maybe even my problem.)


It was interesting in moments and atmospheric; I didn't pick up on any enthusiasm in Warner Oland's performance, and I know he was a good actor because of Shanghai Express and Werewolf of London. It seemed to me like he was tired of doing it, and I can understand.


Speaking of which, holy s*** this was my first introduction to *STEPIN FETCHIT* who played (OMG) *SNOWSHOE THE MANSERVANT* (again, sp? not that it matters. You get the idea.)



I have to say, from a personal standpoint, he hindered my enjoyment of the film. Period.



That said, *thanks TCM* for serving this to us and not feeling the need to sprinkle any sugar on it (did Manksie-BooBoo get all indignant about it in the outro? (again, didn't see, was asleep) Seems like something that would cheese him off (and, actually, *I understand completely* if it did and he did.)



He *didn't mention Fetchit in the intro*, which *seems to me* to be *the best place to do so,* you know: *CAUTION : inn-teresting film to follow, but be warned: there's some ingredients that haven't aged well and their boquet may o-ffend those of you with delicate palettes, sensibilities, etc.*



(The metaphors seem less didactic, I think)



But again, *thanks* *TCM* for showing it un-cut (?) and not showing From Here to Eternity AGAIN! and showing it in prime time and letting us see how far we've come by letting us all have a little peek at where we used to be.



ps- Charlie Chan in Egypt is a *terrible* title. Anyone thinK of anything better? Charlie Chan and the Curse of the X-Ray Mummy at least stands out.



Edited by: AddisonDeWitless on Oct 1, 2012 11:24 AM

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