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> {quote:title=joyrider wrote:}{quote}If you use Comcast these free movies are on Channel 1. (not exactly free since it cost $85 minimum per month to subscribe)


> Across 110th Street

> Mirage

> Conqueror Worm

> Twins Of Evil :)

What is the meaning of "free"?


Those who are in business don't know. And Comcast, just like TCM, is indeed a business.




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Of course when it comes to Comcast "free" means you pay. Its orwellian doublespeak. If you punch up "FREE MOVIES" using channel 1 you'll see them. BTW this is election year propaganda with TWINS OF EVIL & CONQUEROR WORM having witch burnings & torture due to religious insanity..... hint hint ..... gop/xtian .......... hint hint .... war on women .....hint hint

Conqueror Worm is only 86 min. altho it says 98 min. these two are letterbox. :)

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The only movies that are *free* are those that were given to one as a *gift.*


To date "Enter The Dragon" is the only freebie I've ever received.


Recorded or downloaded movies still requires one to pay a cable/satellite/internet bill in one form or another. This don't include the cost blank DVD's and tapes.

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"Ain't nuthin' free under the sun. Got to pay for everything, one way or another."


I think I just made that up, but it seems as though it ought to be in some movie, probably a Western. it's kind of an amalgam of lines I've heard from a certain kind of film.


Also, "There's no free lunch", a line so common it's almost a cliche.

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Or as a lyric to a blues song. Yep, a western with the older hand telling some

green kid that he's going to have to pay, maybe with a push push in the sage-

bush. Ouch. A Lonesome Cowboys type of thing.


I still consder YT to be free. By the by, some kind soul there has posted many

episodes of the old The Fugitive TV show, uncut and commercial-free to coin a

phrase, and the visual quality is quite good, just for anyone's information.

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