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Are there ANY films made in the year 1930?

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No there weren't. This is somewhat embarrassing, but a huge case of the clap

went around Tinsel Town just as 1930 began. And the way these folks partied

back in the day meant that it spread like wildfire. So just about everybody was

on a penicillin work "stoppage" during that year.


(Actually if you look at the films produced during 1930 and compare it with the

other years of the early thirties, 1930 is on par with those other years. And

perhaps 1930 was not as bad as some of the following years, economy-wise.)

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> {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}I have made myself look incredibly dumb and ignorant. Why oh why did I not look up "films made in 1930" before hitting that "post" button?


> All I can say is, whenever I look up a date on a film that's clearly from the early 30s, it never says "1930". Of course, the 30s ( and, uh, 20s) are the film eras I am least familiar with. But that's no excuse.

> I am seriously embarrassed. Can I "delete" the whole thread, or is it too late?



> The moral of the story is, don't go posting a thread on impulse. Save yourself from looking like an idiot by checking a few facts first. I am now going into the garden to eat worms. And read about the year 1930 in film.


There appears to be a good deal of difference of opinion as to the true date of some films from 1930/31. For example DRACULA, a film for the most part made in 1930 with a release date in February 1931, on VALENTINE's Day, no less, billed as the world's strangest love story, has been shown on separate occassions to be either a 1930 or 1931 film. In fact, it is well known that a silent version of DRACULA was made for theatres that were not yet equiped with sound equipment. This was a common practice with feature films and short subjects made in the 1930. I could be wrong, but I think the practice ended with films made in 1931. I have seen the same for LITTLE CAESAR. At times this film is listed as a 1930 film and at other times, a 1931 film. Since 1930 was the transitional year that films went all sound, (1929 was pretty evenly distributed between silent and sound films), perhaps some 1930 films were held until 1931, on purpose, to allow a bit of a buffer. Now, how should those films be listed, as 1930 films because they were made in 1930 or 1931 films because they were released in 1931? In the case of LITTLE CAESAR, perhaps it was reissued in 1931 to take advantage of that years big gangster flic THE PUBLIC ENEMY and the later film of 1931, SMART MONEY, made with the leads of both prior films. Could be that LITTLE CAESAR was simply lumped together with the two following films, rechristened as a 1931 film, and it stuck.

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> {quote:title=Bildwasser wrote:}{quote}

> This is somewhat embarrassing, but a huge case of the clap

> went around Tinsel Town just as 1930 began.



Not challenging your facts, just curious: where'd you hear THAT ?


(Ha ! I almost wrote "Where'd you pick that up ?")

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I wouldn't take that assertion too seriously. I don't really think there was

a huge case of clap going around. OTOH, I wonder if the major studios

had a medical person whose job it was to keep the stars "healthy," just

as they had people to clean up messy run ins with the law. I wouldn't be


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Some of the movies of 1930:


Title:.......................... Star:


Abraham Lincoln Walter Huston

Africa Speaks

Alias French Gertie Bebe Daniels

All Quiet On The Western Front Raymond Griffith

Animal Crackers The Marx Brothers

Anna Christie Greta Garbo

Anybody's Woman Ruth Chatterton

The Apache Kid's Escape Jack Perrin

Back Pay Corinne Griffith

The Battle Of Paris Gertrude Lawrence

Be Yourself Fanny Brice

Beau Bandit Rod La Rocque

Big Boy Al Jolson

The Big House Wallace Beery

The Big Pond Maurice Chevalier

The Big Trail John Wayne

Billy The Kid John Mack Brown

The Bishop Murder Case Basil Rathbone

The Blood Of A Poet Lee Miller

The Blue Angel Marlene Dietrich

Borderline Paul Robeson

Burning Up Richard Arlen

Call Of The Desert Tom Tyler

Canyon of the Missing Men

Caught Short Marie Dressler

Charley's Aunt Charlie Ruggles

Chasing Rainbows Bessie Love

Check And Double Check Amos 'n' Andy

The Chess Player Edithe Jehanne

Children Of Pleasure Lawrence Gray

Clancy in Wall Street

Classic Shorts of the 1930s

Conspiracy Bessie Love

The Costello Case Tom Moore

The Cuckoos Bert Wheeler

Dancing Sweeties Sue Carol

Danger Lights Louis Wolheim

The Devil To Pay Ronald Colman

The Divorcee Norma Shearer

Dixiana Bebe Daniels

Dogville Collection

Doorway To Hell Lew Ayres

Dough Boys Buster Keaton

Du Barry, Woman Of Passion Norma Talmadge

Earth Stepan Shkurat

Easy Go Buster Keaton

Eleven Men And A Girl Joan Bennett

The Fall Guy Jack Mulhall

Fast And Loose Miriam Hopkins

Feet First Harold Lloyd

Flight Commander Richard Barthelmess

The Flirting Widow Dorothy Mackaill

The Florodora Girl Marion Davies

Framed Evelyn Brent


Free And Easy Buster Keaton

Girl Of The Port Sally O'Neil

The Girl Said No William Haines

Golden Dawn Walter Woolf

Good News Mary Lawlor

The Great Divide Dorothy Mackaill

The Green Goddess George Arliss

Grumpy Cyril Maude

Half Shot At Sunrise Bert Wheeler

He Knew Women Lowell Sherman

Heads Up Charles Rogers

Hell's Angels Ben Lyon

Hell's Harbor Lupe Velez

Hell's Heroes Charles Bickford

The Highwayman Rides John Mack Brown

Holiday Ann Harding

Honey Nancy Carroll

Hook, Line And Sinker Bert Wheeler

Hot Curves

In Gay Madrid Ramon Navarro

Inside The Lines Betty Compson

It's A Great Life Rosetta Duncan

Juno And The Paycock Edward Chapman

Just Imagine El Brendel

Karloff Before Frankenstein

The King Of Jazz Paul Whiteman

L'Age D'Or Gaston Modot

Ladies Of Leisure Barbara Stanwyck

The Lady Of Scandal Ruth Chatterton

A Lady To Love Vilma Banky

A Lady's Morals Grace Moore

The Land Of Missing Men Bob Steele

The Lash Richard Barthelmess

Laurel & Hardy: Another Fine

Laurel & Hardy: Night Owls

Lawful Larceny Bebe Daniels

Let Us Be Gay Norma Shearer

Let's Go Native Jack Oakie

The Life Of The Party Winnie Lightner

Little Caesar Edward G. Robinson

Lord Byron Of Broadway Charles Kaley

Lost Zeppelin Conway Tearle

Lottery Bride Jeanette MacDonald

Love Comes Along Bebe Daniels

Love In The Rough Robert Montgomery

Loving The Ladies Richard Dix

Madame Satan Kay Johnson

Mammy Al Jolson

The Matrimonial Bed Frank Fay

The Medicine Man Jack Benny

Men Are Like That Hal Skelly

Men Of The North Gilbert Roland

Midnight Mystery Betty Compson

Min And Bill Marie Dressler

Moby Dick John Barrymore

Montana Moon Joan Crawford

Monte Carlo Jack Buchanan

Morocco Gary Cooper

Mothers Cry Dorothy Peterson

Murder! Herbert Marshall

Navy Blues William Haines

Near The Rainbow's End Bob Steele

New Moon Lawrence Tibbett

Night Work Eddie Quillan

No, No, Nanette Bernice Claire

Not So Dumb Marion Davies

A Notorious Affair Billie Dove

Numbered Men Conrad Nagel

The Office Wife Dorothy Mackaill

Oklahoma Cyclone Bob Steele

Old English George Arliss

One Romantic Night Lillian Gish

Only The Brave Gary Cooper

Our Blushing Brides Joan Crawford

Outward Bound Leslie Howard

Paradise Island Kenneth Harlan

Paramount On Parade

Parisian Belle Lawrence Tibbett

Party Girl Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Passion Flower Kay Francis

The Pay Off Lowell Sherman

People on Sunday Erwin Splettstober

Pinky Lee's Circus

Playboy Of Paris Maurice Chevalier

Playing Around Alice White

Puttin' On The Ritz Harry Richman

The Racketeer Robert Armstrong

Raffles Ronald Colman

Rain Or Shine Joe Cook

Redemption John Gilbert

Remote Control William Haines

Renegades Warner Baxter

Road To Paradise Loretta Young

Roadhouse Nights Helen Morgan

Rogue Of The Rio Grande Jose Blohr

Romance Greta Garbo

The Royal Family Of Broadway Fredric March

The Runaway Bride Mary Astor

Scarlet Pages Elsie Ferguson

The Sea Bat Charles Bickford

Second Wife Conrad Nagel

Seven Keys To Baldpate Richard Dix

Shadow Ranch Buck Jones

She Couldn't Say No Winnie Lightner

She's My Weakness Sue Carol

The Ship From Shanghai Conrad Nagel

Shooting Straight Richard Dix

Show Girl In Hollywood Alice White

The Silent Enemy

The Silver Horde Joel McCrea

Sin Takes A Holiday Constance Bennett

Sinner's Holiday Grant Withers

Sins Of The Children Robert Montgomery

Slightly Scarlet Evelyn Brent

Son Of The Gods Richard Barthelmess

Soup To Nuts Ted Healy

Spring Is Here Lawrence Gray

Street Of Chance William Powell

Strictly Unconventional Catherine Dale Owen

Sunny Marilyn Miller

Sunny Skies Benny Rubin

Sweet Kitty Bellairs Claudia Dell

The Texan Gary Cooper

They Learned About Women Joseph T. Schenck

The Thirteenth Chair Conrad Nagel

Those Darn Kids Spanky MacFarland

Those Three French Girls Fifi D'Orsay

Tom Sawyer Jackie Coogan

Top Speed Joe E. Brown

The Truth About Youth Loretta Young

Under Montana Skies Kenneth Harlan

Under The Roofs Of Paris Albert Prejean

The Unholy 3 Lon Chaney

Up The River Spencer Tracy

The Vagabond King Dennis King

War Nurse Robert Montgomery

Way For A Sailor John Gilbert

Way Out West William Haines

Whoopee! Eddie Cantor

The Widow From Chicago Alice White

Wild Company Frank Albertson

Wings of Adventure

Winning The West Richard Arlen

Wise Girls Elliott Nugent

The Woman Racket Tom Moore

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