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I heard that Spence's nose got frostbit when he was playing with Wagner on "The Mountain."


A little off-topic, here, but since you all are Spencer Tracy fans I thought I'd mention how bummed I am since yesterday night.

I was all excited about TCM showing THE MOUNTAIN (1956) yesterday. I can't recall ever seeing it on TCM before (maybe it was a premier?) and I hadn't seen the movie for decades and was really looking forward to watching it last night, when I got off from work.

I'd set my dvd recorder in anticipation.

Then, when I hit play I got a nice intro but just as things were beginning to get good, my cable provider failed me. Pixilation & freeze-ups ruined the movie for me.


Does anybody know if TCM will be rescreening THE MOUNTAIN again anytime soon?

I didn't see it on next months (November's) schedule.

If not, I was wondering if any of you Tracy o'**** might have made an SP DVD recording of THE MOUNTAIN that turned out good. If so, would you consider making a copy and mailing it to me for a renumeration of cost of disc, postage, and your time? Or perhaps we could swap for one of my recordings that you may not have? (NOTE: I only record on quality Taiyo Yuden or genuine Verbatim dvds in HQ for movies less than 65 min long, & SP for movies up to 128 min or 3 or more hrs long using multiple discs, & SPP for movies that are over 128 min but less than 160 min long) If any of you are willing, would you please let me know what you think is fair in a PM?

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The Web page for it on the TCM database does not show any dates, so don't look for it for the next few months:





The way to check a movie's air date is to type the title in the search box at the top right of the TCM homepage. On the search results page, click the movie you want, and it will take you to the movie's Web page. Under the title, air dates will be listed, also an option to have a reminder e-mailed to you. Every month or so, check to see if it will be shown.

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Thanks again for the link slaytonf.

Yeah I see it's not listed as a TCM replay in the foreseeable future.

Too bad for me.

I don't suppose you might know anybody who made a decent TCM recording of THE MOUNTAIN that they'd be willing to sell or trade with me, do you?

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