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"Proc?s de Jeanne d'Arc" (Bresson)


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Was able to catch Robert Brasson's 1962 film "Procès de Jeanne d'Arc" yesterday on TCM.

Never had seen it before. Very ponderous film but based on actual historical records, so as a "history geek" I enjoyed it.

More like a documentary on her life using non-actors:



"New York Times" review by Bosley Crowther here:



It reminded me of the films I've seen by Portuguese director Manoel de Oliviera on TFO, the French language TV channel in Ontario, Canada. "Le soulier de satin" is one example I've seen. Very much like a stage play and very talky: http://www1.tfo.org/Cine/critiques/le-soulier-de-satin-3e-partie'>http://www1.tfo.org/Cine/critiques/le-soulier-de-satin-3e-partie


Read about Oliviera here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manoel_de_Oliveira


TFO French movies here:



Examples of films TFO airs: http://www1.tfo.org/Cine/horaire-tfo


Watched "Last Year at Marienbad" last night too on TFO:



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The Diary of a Country Priest (Bresson 1961) is now available on Netflix. I had seen it a long time ago and had it on the Netflix SAVE list. A young priest's first assignment, a small village that seems a 'wicked' place and that seems to have nothing but hostility to the new arrival. It's not clear to me why. The villagers seem to attribute negative qualities to the priest that are not really shown to us. If anything he is just too devout, too earnest. I believe he must be a saint. I am not religious and don't know about these things, ha. But I enjoyed the film. The long scene with the Countess is great, this young's priest greatest triumph. He is completely misunderstood by the older priest and has the proof to set it right but refuses to do so. He won't be defensive, he will let it be. A pretty good film, to say the least. The actor Laydu is wonderful as the young priest.

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