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Film title from 1934 or 1935


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Hi Guys- From a post I made in 2009...pieced all the info together and am reposting, hope that's OK




Hi Guys-


Trying to figure out the title of a film or short that came out in 1934 or 1935.


My Dad was hired as an extra at age 5, to be in a scene where a male actor (He has a vague memory of a tall, slender fellow, with a build like Jimmy Stewart, or maybe Fred MacMurray) is standing on the rearmost outside deck of a passenger train car, holding a small child, age two or younger, while waving goodbye to all the onlookers as the train begins to accelerate away from a "Single Spur" track.


Dad was there with two other friends, and all three of them were paid 50 cents each to wave to the actor in question while the train was pulling away. He mentions that to the best of his memory, there were around maybe 50-100 other extras who were also waving goodbye, and a small group of actors up close to the back of train doing same.


This was filmed in "Palms", an area of LA, and was walking distance from his home in Palms, but the scene was not filmed at a traditional Train Station.


He mentions that it was just a switcher locomotive pulling one observation car, filmed from behind so as to give the illusion of a full length train leaving a station.


Obviously, I have no idea if this particular scene even made it into the film in question, but it would be nice afte 80 years, to be able to tell Dad what movie he might have been in!


He's adamant that the year was 1934, and in the Palms district of L.A., because of the house he was living in at the time, so the film in question would have to have been released in 1934, or 1935 I'm thinking?


For all we know, this could have been a film short.


Dad did mention that there was a lot of "Excitement in the air", which might lead one to believe that the actor in question was quite well known, but this is only speculation of course.


In another search from a few years ago, Gary Cooper's name popped up as the possible actor in question, but dad mentions that Cooper's hair is too light, but I suppose a dye job is possible. Another name that was brought up was Joel McCrae.


The only actual title that was offered was "42nd Street" (1933), or a short, "42nd Street Special"...this is a year or two too early, but I suppose it's possible...have not seen these yet, so I'm ignorant to comment for or against.


Any help/leads would be so appreciated; I've been trying to figure out what film this was for about 15 years now.


Thanks so much in advance,




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> This was filmed in "Palms", an area of LA, and was walking distance from his home in Palms, but the scene was not filmed at a traditional Train Station.


Palms is located near the old MGM studios (now Sony) in Culver City. 20th Century Fox is located nearby but not as close as MGM. Plus, there used to be working train tracks near the MGM Studios.


Perhaps it was a film produced by MGM or possibly Selznick International (located near MGM)? Selznick Interntational (now the Culver Studios) was in business beginning in 1935.


Don't know if that helps, but I hope it does.

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Thanks so much LZ; any info is good info!


As an aside, I retrieved this information from dad today, and will add it in to future posts:


When dad lived in this area in Palms, he experienced the Long Beach earthquake of March 10, 1933. In addition, during his family's stay in the area, he witnessed an overflight of the famed dirigible, U.S.S. Macon. The Macon first went into service in April, 1933, and crashed on February 12, 1935...By 1936, the family moved to San Diego, so his time frame is right on the money.


So, I guess I shouldn't rule out 1933 as a year either.


BTW, anyone have any other ideas on where else I may post this request, in addition to TCM & IMDB???


Thanks again,







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You've probably already done this, but if you google "1934 movies with trains", or the other years you mentioned, you may get some ideas. The movie "Twentieth Century" with John Barrymore was a 1934 film. Also, the original "Silver Streak" with Charles Starrett, and "The Hurricane Express" with a young, slender John Wayne, were made about that time. Of course, there were many movies with train scenes in that era.

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Hi Guys-


Thanks for the continued good info. Someone at IMDB sent me this clip from "Mr. Deed's goes to Washington", and except for the small child being a tuba (And dad is adamant about the actor holding a small child, not a tuba), this clip looks almost identical to what he describes:




Another note, dad notices two rows of tracks in this clip, and he thinks their was only one set.


I'll check out the John Barrymore and other actor's films

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