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Loretta Young's legacy: Films, sainthood, victimized by Clark Gable

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Loretta Young was gorgeous when she was in her teens and early 20s (not that she wasn't beautiful all of her life)! Be sure to see her in "Platinum Blonde," which was released in 1931 when she was 18. She actually outshines Jean Harlow, which is stunning when you consider Harlow's status as an ultimate sex symbol.


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It's worth noting that Loretta was in *a* *lot of stuff* before The Farmer's Daughter (maybe 60 or more films) She did 11 more films after it, but *within six years of winning best actress*, she retired from films and took the act to TV.


Russell kept on working and got one more nomination and did some big movies later in her career, refusing spporting status even.


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> {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:

> ....}{quote}*Not Featured*

> KISMET (1930) with Otis Skinner & David Manners

> THE DEVIL TO PAY (1930) with Ronald Colman & Frederic Kerr

> THE SECOND FLOOR MYSTERY (1930) with Grant Withers & H.B. Warner

> THE MAN FROM BLANKLEY'S (1930) with John Barrymore

> THE RIGHT OF WAY (1931) with Conrad Nagel

> TOO YOUNG TO MARRY (1931) with Grant Withers & O.P. Heggie

> THREE GIRLS LOST (1931) with Lew Cody & John Wayne

> THE DEVIL'S IN LOVE (1933) with Victor Jory & Vivienne Osborne

> ZOO IN BUDAPEST (1933) with Gene Raymond & O.P. Heggie

> THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD (1934) with George Arliss, Boris Karloff & Robert Young

> THE WHITE PARADE (1934) with John Boles

> BULLDOG DRUMMOND STRIKES BACK (1934) with Ronald Colman & Charles Butterworth

> CARAVAN (1934) with Charles Boyer & Jean Parker

> THE CALL OF THE WILD (1935) with Clark Gable & Jack Oakie (airs on November 7)

> SHANGHAI (1935) with Charles Boyer & Warner Oland

> CLIVE OF INDIA (1935) with Ronald Colman & Colin Clive

> THE CRUSADES (1935) with Henry Wilcoxon & Ian Keith

> RAMONA (1936) with Don Ameche & Kent Taylor

> LADIES IN LOVE (1936) with Janet Gaynor, Constance Bennett & Simone Simon

> PRIVATE NUMBER (1936) with Robert Taylor & Basil Rathbone

> CAFÉ METROPOLE (1937) with Tyrone Power & Adolphe Menjou

> SECOND HONEYMOON (1937) with Tyrone Power, Stuart Erwin & Claire Trevor

> LOVE UNDER FIRE (1937) with Don Ameche

> WIFE, DOCTOR AND NURSE (1937) with Warner Baxter & Virginia Bruce

> LOVE IS NEWS (1937) with Tyrone Power, Don Ameche & Dudley Digges

> FOUR MEN AND A PRAYER (1938) with Richard Greene, George Sanders & David Niven

> THREE BLIND MICE (1938) with Joel McCrea, David Niven & Stuart Erwin

> THE STORY OF ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL (1939) with Don Ameche, Henry Fonda & Charles Coburn

> ETERNALLY YOURS (1939) with David Niven & Hugh Herbert

> HE STAYED FOR BREAKFAST (1940) with Melvyn Douglas & Alan Marshal

> THE MEN IN HER LIFE (1941) with Conrad Veidt & Dean Jagger

> THE LADY FROM CHEYENNE (1941) with Robert Preston & Edward Arnold

> CHINA (1943) with Alan Ladd & William Bendix

> AND NOW TOMORROW (1944) with Alan Ladd, Susan Hayward & Barry Sullivan

> LADIES COURAGEOUS (1944) with Geraldine Fitzgerald & Dianne Barrymore

> THE PERFECT MARRIAGE (1947) with David Niven & Eddie Albert

> THE BISHOP'S WIFE (1948) with Cary Grant & David Niven (airs on December 23 & 24)

> MOTHER IS A FRESHMAN (1949) with Van Johnson & Rudy Vallee

> THE ACCUSED (1949) with Robert Cummings & Wendell Corey

> COME TO THE STABLE (1949) with Celeste Holm & Hugh Marlowe (airs on December 24)

> HALF ANGEL (1951) with Joseph Cotten & Cecil Kellaway

> PAULA (1952) with Kent Smith & Alexander Knox

> BECAUSE OF YOU (1952) with Jeff Chandler & Alex Nicol

> IT HAPPENS EVERY THURSDAY (1953) with John Forsythe & Frank McHugh

Also not (yet) featured: THE SHOW OF SHOWS (1929) - WB.

Sure, it's an all-star revue movie, but even if Loretta's not the only star, I think it should be included (she does get to appear with her sister Sally Blane).


Anyway, as noted, the listings are not yet finalized, so there still could be some changes to what's been posted.


Loretta trivia:

(Not too hard for her fans, I'm sure):

In what film did Loretta appear with all three of her sisters?

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I agree that Young before say the mid forties was very good looking but after that less so. I don't know if it was her hair styles or that her face appeared to get more narrow. But in the 30s with those big eyes she was something. I also enjoy many of the movies she was in.

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> {quote:title=Arturo wrote:

> }{quote}*Loretta trivia:*

> *(Not too hard for her fans, I'm sure):*

> *In what film did Loretta appear with all three of her sisters?*


> Being a fan, that is easy of course: THE STORY OF ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL.

Okay, that wasn't too hard.

How about this: Can you name one in which Sally Blane and Polly Ann Young co-starred?


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Finance wrote:

{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}*I never found Young to be a particular beauty as advertised. Certainly not in the league of Tierney, Gardner, Lamarr, Hayworth, Turner,Garbo, Bergman et al.*


I must agree. Young was pretty, and she aged spectacularly well, better than any of the ladies mentioned above and possibly better than anyone from that era other than Lena Horne. I remember when she appeared at the Oscars in the late 1970s and the next day at work all the middle-aged women in the office were buzzing about how marvelous she looked. But to me her looks were not in the same league as the other legendary ladies mentioned above.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is bound to be disagreement on this.



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