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The Mountain


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Today's schedule lists an old favourite of mine that I've longed to see again. "The Mountain" Spencer Tracy; Robert Wagner. As luck would have it, I have an urgent appointment and, alas, will miss the premiere on TCM this morning.


At the very least, it prompted me to join the TCM fan community. Thank you TCM for many hours of enjoyment; Thank you Mr. Osborne, Mr. Manckiewicz and all the staff at TCM for all you do to bring us our favourites. .


Mr. Osborne--love those neckties.....



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Welcome to the TCM fan boards!

I hope that you find the time you spend here to be informative, entertaining, and maybe a bit of both.


I too am a big Spencer Tracy fan and had not seen THE MOUNTAIN for many, many years, and was very much looking forward to seeing it again. I can't recall TCM ever showing it before so it may have been a TCM premier.

Likewise, I had to be away at work, so I set my dvd recorder for what I'd hoped would be an enjoyable evening viewing my old favorite, but alas my cable provider had hiccups that day and my recording of THE MOUNTAIN was pixalatingly useless to watch.


THE MOUNTAIN isn't on the TCM schedule for the next few months and I suppose it's anyone's guess when (or if) they'll ever show it again (depends on whether its in the TCM library or they had to rent it from someone else)

I was hoping that someone on these boards might have made a good TCM recording of THE MOUNTAIN that they'd be willing to either sell or swap with me for one from my TCM collection?


I mentioned this in another Tracy thread but so far, no one seems interested.


Anyway, welcome again, lawstermind :) if you spend much time here you will find this place to be a diverse group of opinionated oldsters, youngsters and in-betweeners, but we all seem to share a common love of movies in general and classic movies in particular (whatever that term means to the individual viewer).

And most of us feel we've found both on TCM!

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I also haven't seen "The Mountain"in many years. I did record it, but haven't watched it yet. I love this movie, even though it's bit of a stretch to believe Tracy and Wagner are brothers! (They did play father and son in "Broken Lance"). And anything that Claire Trevor is in is well worth watching.









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That's right!

Tracy did have about 30 years on Wagner, age wise. Much easier to take as an uncle or father than a much, much older brother.

Let's see, my grandmother had 11 kids, the oldest born around 1925, the youngest was born in 1950... well that's a 25 year difference, so I guess thirty years is pushing the envelope, but well within probability.

Heck, Tony Randal had a kid shortly before he passed on in his 80's, of course he had a much, much younger wife at the time, but if he had a son when he was a young man of 20 or so, there could even be a 50 or 60 year difference between step brothers. ;)

I can't remember if in THE MOUNTAIN the two had the same mom or not?

If I remember, Tracy's character had some part in rearing his younger brother, and felt he was somehow to blame for his bad behavier.

I wonder if the novel (by Henry Troyat) is still available? It might enlighten us as to the birth circumstance a bit, (if it wasn't just a casting call?)

Just checked, it's out of print.

According to wikipedia Henry Troyat (1911 – 2007) "wrote over a 100 books, novels and biographies, (all in French) among them those of Anton Chekhov, Catherine the Great, Rasputin, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Ivan the Terrible and Leo Tolstoy. Troyat's best-known work is "La neige en deuil," which was adapted as an English-language film in 1956 under the title "The Mountain." "

Sounds like a writer that I'd enjoy, if more of his works were translated into English.



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