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Animation Night


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I like these, never seen them before i.e. "Mr Bug Goes To Town" (great animation

). Mr Magoo coming up plus some silents. I knew there were a lot in film vaults. Thanks TCM for acquiring them, the programmer must took notice to the animation request thread last year :) Nice departure from today's CGI animation.


What else is out there?


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Those charactors in the "Fudget Budget" cartoon looks likes the one on the side of the old Leatherwood milk cartoon. Talk about bringing back memories. I think (not positive) he was called Mr. Moo.


I'm watching the old B&W cartoons on TCM, what is this 16mm night? :^0


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> {quote:title=undeadkyle wrote:}{quote}Really enjoyed "Ragtime Bear". Going to have search out more of the theatrical Magoo, as I am mostly familiar with the later TV versions. Also kudos to TCM for going ahead and showing "Lightning Sketches". It's interesting to see as a historical piece.



Yes, I watched some of the animated shorts and they were good stuff...

Just as funny as anything today... Or as well-done as anything in the case of "The Tell-Tale Heart,"

for example.


Watched "Lightning Sketches`` and was a bit taken aback at first at the ``ethnic caricatures`` of a ``****`` and a ``cohen`` but that was the times, I guess, in 1907.

You can see what I`m referring to here:



But different times. As you wrote it`s an historical piece and you take that into consideration.


In general, the animation was enjoyable to watch and me have no complaints...

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