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The Girl


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My husband and I watched "The Girl" last night and we both thought it was kind of boring and real one- sided in making Hitchcock as a "low life scum ball." (My husband's wording.)


The actress who played Tippi was pretty good, and very lovely in appearance, but I really didn't find her or Jones's "Hitch" very believable at all.


While like many of you here, I have heard the stories that Hitchcock was very obsessed with Tippi and he in fact ruined her career. It is just sad to see another iconic figure have all their little weird "hang ups" out there for all to see.


I am well aware none of the iconic figures of yesterday were perfect human-beings, but I just did not realize so many of them had some pretty strange and / or weird behaviors.


That is IMHO of course.




Edited by: Lori3 on Oct 21, 2012 9:33 PM

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There's a thread in the "Films and Filmmakers" forum that deals with this issue and also the upcoming feature film with Anthony Hopkins playing Hitch.


The thread is "Hopkins as Hitchcock 2012" and it contains much discussion about the TV film and the upcoming feature film to be released on November 23, I believe.


Hedren's allegations are very sad, if true. And of course, Hitch isn't around to defend himself.

But nobody on this message board can prove one way or another what the truth is.

Hitchcock fans will defend him. Hitchcock haters will believe Hedren.

And meanwhile, life goes on...


But thanks for the link to the article about Hedren and her family viewing the TV movie, WBF25...




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