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Worst movie you've ever seen?

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twinkeee wrote: 'sn't that true of a LOT of movies though, you keep hoping it will get better.........




Well twinkeee, IF you're talkin' about this hope springing up after a lot of REPEATED viewings of movies, then I hope you know that Dr. Freud down there would probably have told ya that THAT'S one of the signs of insanity! Yep..."Doing the same thing over and over, but hoping for a different outcome!"


(...yeah, I knew what ya really meant...I just couldn't resist posting this old saw, that's all) ;)

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someone else saw what I saw in Gump




Actually, I can't say that I saw what you did.




My biggest issue with the movie was just the overall "silliness" of some of the stories as they played out for him. (and the way it was all presented as if it all were just this amazing "life journey"). That and the fact that all the "emotional" aspects seemed a bit overdone.. way too overdone in places... almost like they were trying too hard. And again.. I will also say.. for me I think I was just expecting it to be SO wonderful (based on all the folks who told me how wonderful it was, that I had it built up to be something it wasn't.. and felt let down)




Having said that.. the one "redeeming" part for me was that I did like some of the humor. (at least in places) My favorite part was when they showed Lt. Dann's ancestors as they each met their doom in battle one by one. ha. I liked that bit.

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In talking about bad movies, there's porn, then there's porn with ugly actors, then there's porn with ugly actors doing disgusting or unconscionable things, and finally there's the same porn but they forgot to take the lens cap off.

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It's my understanding that REDS bombed at the Box Office. I remember being on an overseas flight back then where they showed REDS on the flight, could not believe it since it was a well known fact that it had bombed, not a good choice.


Another movie in that time period that also did not go over was "Heaven's Gate", what a disaster!



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>Addison said: Really, Dark Shadows as a comedy? For effin real? What about Dark Shadows struck you as being funny, Tim Burton? Like "hah-hah" funny? Did Mars Attacks! teach you nothing, Tim Burton. I hate you, Tim Burton.




That made me laugh all day. Thanks for articulating why I too will not bother seeing a Tim Burton film. He's reduced himself to a "goth kids brand"


As for my hatred of Forest Gump, not only is it an awful movie, but it contains incredibly talentless Tom Hanks. I absolutely HATE when people think the quotes from that movie are cute or funny. Really?


"Life is like a box of chocolates....you never know what you're gonna get"

Uh, you're going to get a _chocolate,_ ****.


And Wayne, thanks for the heads up on Hannibal. I thought maybe Hopkins' stellar acting might make this worthwhile. Instead, sounds like he sold out.


As for hating When Harry Met Sally, I think it's a very well paced film with clever dialogue. It hits the mark all the way through. I can see though, that many people dislike the hip urban philosophic type of charactors, but that certainly isn't enough to call it a bad film.


As for Breakfast at Tiffany's; you're supposed to be confused, then hate Holly, then feel badly for her when you find out her reasons behind the hedonism. I think the film has aged very badly, especially as the viewer matures.

The best thing about it is Holly's wardrobe.

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The mention of REDS reminds me of a movie that may be the worst of them all: Mississippi Burning. I was in SNCC that summer, and the way the FBI was depicted as heroic in that Philadelphia case almost made me throw up.

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> The best thing about it is Holly's wardrobe.


That much is true. That's the only thing in that movie that is interesting at all... besides the cat.


UGH! I do not like the formatting in the forum. Sorry for all the edits.


Edited by: magnoliasouth on Oct 27, 2012 12:36 PM

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}The kid in A THOUSAND CLOWNS, Barry Gordon, later became, I believe, the president of SAG.


He certainly did. Catch the *Alfred Hitchcock Presents* episode The Day of the Bullet; he was the most frightening child you'll ever see. I also saw him doing song and dance on variety shows and comedy on Dick Van Dyke's second sitcom. He's a very versatile performer.

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There are ever so many wonderfully bad movies I've seen thanks to MST3K, and bad for different reasons. My favorite in terms of badness I think is *SPACE MUTINY*. This 80s Star Wars rip off is bad all around, from the 40 year old ingenue to the band uniform/leotard costumes. But it's very special because of one mistake: a character is very obviously killed in one scene--it's a major plot point--yet somehow she's alive and working at her desk a couple scenes later. Three editors and not one noticed?! Such an obviously hilarious error! There were lots of jokes like, "It's nice of you to give that dead woman another chance," and, "Look alive! Oh, sorry."

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I'm saddened, but not surprised, to see quite a number of movies that are my favorites, and also great films, listed as some folk's worsts. :P:D


About *Forrest Gump* - I think Hanks is a decent actor, but that film is like a box of bland, overly sweet, flavorless, cheap chocolates. :)


The most awful film I have seen in a theater in the past year or so, and been sorely tempted to walk out of, was *The Green Hornet*.

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>LonesomePolecat said: My favorite in terms of badness I think is SPACE MUTINY.


You know, It's in my top 5 too. And a fellow MST cinefile never saw it. I raved on about it so she rented it and came back to say, "It was alright."


"Alright? Did you not hear, "Nice of you to give the dead girl her job back"? Or Dirk McBeefchunk scream for his purse? "Now Santa gets a present". Or the beautiful ending, "...and his eyes open. Um, eyes open. OPEN"

But especially the floor polisher chase scene!


These stinkers really show you how & why films succeed or why they fail. I just requested Night of the Lepus from reading this thread.

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I also j'adore Space Mutiny on MST. It's available on u-yay ube-tay, I put it on the way some people put on Eat a Peach when they come home to chill out.


You may already know this but Cissy "Grandma Daughter" Cameron *is* Cameron Mitchell's daughter in real life! She also married Reb Brown after the film wrapped (as opposed to that "entertainment lawyer in Sherman Oaks") I have no idea if they're still together.


Also also, the late John Phillip Law is Calgon- he was also Diabolik and it is obvious the director was having him try to copy the Diabolik laugh- *a lot*. It did not occur to me that he was also Diabolik (and Sinbad) until I saw the episode for about the fifteenth time.


Let me go put on my warrior muu-muu....

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There are so many bad movies out there, that to qualify as truly *the bottom* of the barrel, a film's badness must be multifaceted and not just account for film's shortcomings- but the afterlife of the movie over which it has no control.


I don't watch movies made nowadays for the most part. I, by accident, caught some of Good Luck Chuck on cable a few years ago and it broke me- but used to, every year there was some movie that went over total gangbusters, that everyone loved and gooed and raved over and bought the soundtrack while I stood alone in the corner grumbling about how sh***y I thought it was.


In 1993 it was The Piano in 1994 it was Pulp Fiction (although I didn't *hate* Pulp Fiction, I just didn't see what the big honkin' deal was), in 1995 is was Braveheart. In 1996 it was Fargo. In 1998 it was Shakespeare in Love. In 1999 it was American Beauty. I'm foggy on what comes between this and The Hours, but I think you get my point.


So, for real royal badness, I factor in the aggravation I felt over the apparent fact that I was up making a sandwich or something at 4:00 am when the Pod People sewed the seeds in the minds of everyone sleeping in my general vicinity and told them to ignore the fact that what they were about to see was a s****y, s****y movie and to think it was like *the greatest thing, like, evuh* when it was over.


Which brings me to my candidate: 1997's Titanic.


Dear love above me do I despise this film from the pit of my stomach. Bad acting, bad writing, bad characters- all bad enough to put it in a league with the worst of the worst of big studio HOLLYWOOD dreck...But what *really steamed my beans* was how boldly innacurate the film is with regard to many historical aspects of the actual sinking; there are some cases where they *outright lie about the actions of real people.* They portray an actual petty officer on the ship as taking bribes: no evidence of that. None at all.


And then you factor in the fact that it takes an *actual tragedy* , misrepresents and exploits and belittles it by including this utterly inane love story at the heart...ugh!


And Phillip Seymour Hoffman and throwing the f***ing necklace overboard at the end and BILLY ZANE!!!!! there is so much wrong with this movie, I have other things to do today but trust me, I could be here a while.


So take all those factors and multiply it by the worldwide hysteria, MEDIA SATURATION and INEXPLICABLE CRITICAL RAVES that accompanied this STUPID, OVERLONG, BLOATED AMATEUR NIGHT IN DIXIELAND VENTURE OF A MOVIE and it rates as low a score as Monster-a-Go-Go in my book.


Edited by: AddisonDeWitless on Oct 28, 2012 12:46 PM

ps- and Cameron's acceptance speech...

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Phillip Seymore Hoffman threw the necklace overboard? I didn't even notice he was in the movie at ALL!



Unless you were being needlessly unkind to the recently passed GLOIRA STUART?



That by now, all survivors of the shipwreck are gone, and so many were on board that any made-up story involving any of the passengers could at least be possible, the only thing that could be disputed would be the existence of the diamond. I HAVE, however, read somewhere of some officer taking bribes, but that was given as "the word going around". My biggest hang-up comes in the form of the string quartet. That they remained playing as chaos was rampant around them might be truer than "Nearer My God To Thee" being played by a brass band as all the remaining men stood stoicly singing to it as the ship went down as in the Stanwick/Webb movie. And do you really think Irish music was as popular in 1912 as it was in 1997?



But if you're looking for a really crappy movie( and why would you be?), check out *21 Jump Street* with Jonah Hill and Tatum Channing. Johnny Depp's cameo was the only good moment in the whole cesspool.






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About three months ago I saw a film called Nola with Emmy Rossum. It was full of behavior and characters that I could never understand. At the end Nola after revieviing stuning news of some sort, gets up, goes to a piano, and sings a song. (Actually Emmy Rossum, who was in Phantom Of The Opera, has a beautiful voice but the scenes was still a mess.)


Has anyone ever stumbled onto this thing on cable.



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