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Some fellow posters are rather sweet and send nice little messages of friendship to my inbox. I appreciate that! I also appreciate the regular participation of some folks on the threads that I create.


I have been debating how to do this, and I think a tidy announcement here is best. I will be taking a week-long break from the message board community in November. I am posting this, because I don't want for people to think I have stopped being a member or contributor.


Usually I am able to post frequently while other things are going on in my life. But from November 12th through November 18th, I will be starting the next phase of my residency. I think it will be necessary to focus my energies on my career during this time, and so I will be taking a temporary self-imposed hiatus from internet posting (most of you know how fun but time-consuming message boards can be). I plan to resume posting on Monday the 19th.


When I post the schedules for my threads, you will see that the days where I will be missing in action, those days will simply be X'ed out. Since the WANTED thread is planned week by week, it will just be inactive for the week I am gone, unless others want to post about their favorite artists during my absence (feel free to do so).


Thanks, everyone.

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> {quote:title=Calamity wrote:}{quote}

> The TCM messageboards wouldn't be the same without your entertaining & informative threads.

> Thank you for all your time & efforts and good luck on your residency!

Yes, good luck on your presidency after November 6... ;)

And know that I voted for you, even 'tho I'm a Canadian...

(Hope your opponent doesn't find out!)


But I do expect an invitation to the White House... :D



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I would also wait for the election results, as you never know the polling may be off. That old saying, don't count the chicks before they are hatched might apply, but if you win good luck.


Plus they must have high speed internet in the white house by now, and maybe even a cushy chair in the oval office.

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