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Sorry Twinks, Not House Peters Jr. House Is a bit handsomer, I think. Here is House Peters Jr.




My guy made many appearances on "Gunsmoke", "Perry Mason", and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". Here he is again.




Here's a huge hint. His first name is Harry.

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That's Joe Sawyer.


Looks like a scene from IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE.




I used to see him in movies in the 1950s and into the early 60s. Then years later I was surprised to see him on TCM in movies from the early 1930s. He always looked the same.


Joe Sawyer was Duke Mantee's bank robber friend "Jackie" in THE PETRIFIED FOREST. :)



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Yes, that's Joe Sawyer. He was in literally hundreds of movies and TV shows. You may remember him from the TV series "The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin". He played Sergeant Biff O'Hara. Twinkee might like to know that he was a native of Guelph, Ontario. Now, who is this character actor?


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Yes, he played a lot of judges. It seems that old bald guys always played judges and businessmen. Willis Bouchey also play cavalry officers and storekeepers in westerns. Now, who is this young lady? She worked with both Bing Crosby and Gene Autry.



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Well don't quit. I was just lucky.


That last guy was one who often stuttered in old Western movies and detective movies. I happened to remember him in a rare old William Boyd movie I recorded years ago.


And the girl is one of three child actresses I often get mixed up, such as I mix her up with the girl in Grapes of Wrath.


Anyway, I was just lucky this morning. :)

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Fred, not exactly, it's more than luck! :) You know I recognized Edith Fellows, and I was racking my brain what films I had seen her in so I could place her name.As soon as you posted her name I rembered the Five Peppers series of films, TCM aired months ago on a Sat. morning. She was the eldest daughter in the films.

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>You know I recognized Edith Fellows, and I was racking my brain what films I had seen her in


That happens to me a lot! :)


I see a photo and remember seeing the person in some movie, but I can't remember the name or the movie. But maybe I remember that Bing Crosby was in the movie, so I have to go search all the old Bing Crosby movies, looking for the name of the girl.


Sometimes I have to search an actor for a movie, and another actor who was in the movie, then another one in another movie, before I find the name of the person I'm looking for who is the one in the posted photo. That takes a lot of time. :)

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Exactly, Fred. Many times I go thru the same process. It is time consuming, but I'm appreciative of the work the poster put into finding and posting the photos, so I feel I owe it to them. Most times, on the Information, Please thread I know the film right off the bat, but there are times that I know I know the film, but can't think of the name, so I go thru that process, thinking of who was in the film, so the poster can be helped.

LOL. You and I have probably been on the same sites, looking for the same info, at the same time. ;)

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