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"A House of Horror Films"


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This probably belongs in the games forum but what the heck...


"New York Times" game where viewer has to identify the classic horror movie that goes with the associated haunted house feature:




Move cursor over feature title (for example, "Killer Chimney") to see movie or else click on "show all answers" to see the movie titles...



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> {quote:title=Janet0312 wrote:}{quote}I'm confused, as usual. House of Horrors starred Martin Koslek.


No, Janet0312, put your jug of gin aside for a minute and pay attention. ;)

"A House of Horror Films" is the title of the feature game in "The New York Times."


Try playing it at this link: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/10/24/garden/a-house-of-horror-films.html



You have to guess the horror movies that matches the features in the haunted house (there are thirteen of them):


1) Killer Chimney


2) Evil Videocassette


3) Sheets That Move


4) Bulging Doors


5) Ghostly Television


6) Deadly Furniture


7) Possessed Portrait


8) Mysterious Toy


9) Strange Mirror


10) Oozing Walls


11) Living Sculptures


12) Indian Burial Ground


13) Sinister Maze


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Many of these sound like "Twilight Zone" episodes, too.



{font:Times New Roman} {font}



{font:Arial}2) Evil Videocassette – "Videodrome"{font}



{font:Arial}4) Bulging Doors – "Poltergeist"{font}



{font:Arial}5) Ghostly Television – "Poltergeist"{font}



{font:Arial}7) Possessed Portrait – "Portrait of Dorian Gray"{font}



{font:Arial}8) Mysterious Toy – "Trilogy of Terror" {font}



{font:Arial}10) Oozing Walls – "The Amityville Horror"{font}



{font:Arial}12) Indian Burial Ground – "The Shining"{font}



{font:Arial}13) Sinister Maze – "The Shining" {font}



{font:Times New Roman} {font}



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