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Did anybody record this movie?

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Did any of you record THE MOUNTAIN (1956) with Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner shown earlier this month?



If you have a good DVD recording of THE MOUNTAIN would you be willing to swap a copy of it with me?


I'm also looking for a good copy of RASPUTIN AND THE EMPRESS (1932) with John, Ethel, and Lionel Barrymore, shown once a few years ago on TCM.



I have accumulated quite a few TCM recordings over the years.

I've learned to only record on genuine quality Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim discs. I usually will record a feature that is 128 min or less at SP speed. If the feature is 165 or more min then I'll use multiple discs at SP. If the feature is over 128 min but less than 165 min then I'll record using SPP speed. For short features 65 min or less, I'll either record at HQ speed or combine a couple at SP or maybe SPP.



If you are interested please PM me back with a list of your favorites that you don't have & would like to see, and if TCM has shown them in the last few years, I may have recorded some of them. I'll let you know.

A lot of what I like isn't even offered on commercial DVD and I'd much rather trade DVDs this way, than purchase from Amazon or elsewhere.



Anyway, if you think that you might be interested please send me a pm and let me know!



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I have a dye-transfer print of THE MOUNTAIN. It features the full, unmasked frame. During one of the shots when Tracy is climbing up a studio interior moutain ledge, there is a very comfy-looking mattress sitting at the bottom of the frame!

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