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For the Wondering MissWonderly...


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Here's a rundown of upcoming programming events on TCM - with links!





_Constance Bennett - Star Of The Month_


Join us for a 22-film tribute to the dazzling blonde beauty who captivated audiences in both screwball comedies ( *Topper*, 1937) and melodramas ( *After Office Hours*, 1935).



_TCM Spotlight - Great Adaptations_

Films from Great Novels - Every Monday and Wednesday


Among the greatest satisfactions for movie fans is seeing a beloved novel successfully transferred to the screen, or reading a book that provided the basis for a favorite film. With this blockbuster of a festival, Turner Classic Movies puts a spotlight on cinematic treatments of great novels in a wide array of genres, encompassing 92 movies and a huge number and variety of subjects.


On most Mondays and Wednesdays, 24-hour blocks of programming are devoted to single themes starting in primetime and continuing into the following day. An exception is November 21, when the genre of _Southern Literature_ (including such classic films as 1939's *Gone With the Wind* and 1962's *To Kill a Mockingbird* ) gives way to _Stories for Children and Young Adults_ on Thanksgiving Day. In the latter category is an entertaining TCM premiere, *Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm* (1938), starring 10-year-old Shirley Temple and inspired by Kate Douglas Wiggin's much-loved bucolic novel.


Two other themes feature TCM premieres. _Adventure Novels_ include Jack London's often-filmed Far North adventure *The Call of the Wild* in a 1935 version starring Clark Gable and Loretta Young. Among _Western Novels_ is *Apache Territory* (1958), adapted from the Louis L'Amour novel, with Rory Calhoun as the leader of a small band of travelers threatened by Indians.


Read More Here -



Other November Programming Events -

_Guest Programmer - Movie Morlocks Bloggers_


This month's guest programmers are some of the online writers who contribute fascinating articles to the TCM "Movie Morlocks" blog at moviemorlocks.com. Each writer chooses one film to discuss with TCM host Robert Osborne, revealing his or her expertise in cult films, foreign classics and other choice cinematic topics.


Spend an evening with RO and "suzi doll', Richard Harland Smith, "keelsetter' and "moirafinnie"



Read More Here -



_Variations On A Theme_

Thursday, November 29th


The ol' Capitalist and the Communist love story.

Includes the U.S. television premiere of *The Iron Petticoat* (1956) starring Bob Hope and Katharine Hepburn.


Read More Here -



_Starring Merle Oberon_

Saturday, November 3rd


Read More Here -


Featuring -

*Wuthering Heights*

*A Night In Paradise*

*The Divorce Of Lady X*

*The Cowboy and the Lady*

*The Dark Angel*

*The Lion Has Wings*



_Starring Capuchin_

Sunday, November 4th


Read More Here -



*The Pink Panther*

*The Lion*



_November's Silent Sunday Nights_




*Pandora's Box*

*Sherlock Holmes*

*Sherlock, Jr.*

*Master Of The House*

*Feu Mathias Pascal*



_November TCM Imports_


Read More Here -




*Anna Christie* (1930 German Version)



Additional Items to be announced as November Approaches


All Images copyright Time-Warner / TCM.

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> {quote:title=markbeckuaf wrote:}{quote}You rock, Kyle, my man!



Thanks Kyle... BUT... As I wrote in another thread:


*Months ahead? I know you can see the schedule months in advance if you go to "Schedule" and then "Full TCM Schedule" and go to "Day/Month" and move ahead the months you can see the daily schedule right up to December 27, 2012 (doesn't work with Canadian schedule, only Full TCM Schedule).*


For example, here's what we have for Xmas Eve 2012:



For what Kyle provided, you can go to "Month Highlights," then click on "Star of the Month," then cursor down to "October Events" towards the bottom right of the page and you see links for November movies - TCM Imports, The Essentials, Silent Sunday Nights, Cult Movie Picks, and Guest Programmers - all for November (even 'tho it says October Events):



Same thing basically if you go to this link and then cursor down right hand-side of page to "October Events" and see all the links to TCM November movies:


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RMeingast -


I am not claiming any special skill at digging out this info. What you described is how I found most of the articles. I was only responding in a very user-friendly way to what MissW wrote / asked in her other thread.


*"Still: what about the upcoming month, not way off next year, but in a few days? Shouldn't there be some way to find out the star of the month for November, for heaven's sake? Who is the SOTM for November, for that matter? or is it still in the works?"*


(And I chose to start a separate thread because some do not like images cluttering up existing threads and have expressed a dislike when that happens.)


Additional Event Announcement


_Entertainment Weekly's All Time Greatest Movies List_

Thursday, November 8th



EW Managing Editor Jess Cagle co-hosts an evening highlighting a sampling of the magazine's choices for its "first-ever All-Time Greatest Movies" list.


Features -


*Top Hat*




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> {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote}RMeingast -


> I am not claiming any special skill at digging out this info. What you described is how I found most of the articles. I was only responding in a very user-friendly way to what MissW wrote / asked in her other thread.


No problems, Kyle. And again, thanks.


My "but" wasn't a negative or dismissive one, just meant to add on to what you wrote and also to remind users who didn't catch my post in the other thread.


Another way to pick up on the SOTM and other stuff is to browse around the daily schedule calendars for upcoming months in the "Full TCM Schedule."

That way you can figure out things too.

No 2013 months in "Full TCM Schedule" yet, so have to rely on Calvinnme for that stuff...

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> {quote:title=MovieMadness wrote:}{quote}Paging MissWonderly, paging MissWonderly, you're wanted in General discussion pronto....

I already PMed her... Don't know her whereabouts?


(Just a joke related to sinking of HMS Bounty but now that there's one dead and still one missing - the captain - and probably dead, it ain't funny anymore...

But at the time I thought hope was high for a successful rescue of the missing two crew...

So have now deleted the joke...)


Edited by: RMeingast on Oct 29, 2012 11:03 PM

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Wow, kyle, what a treasure trove of delicious TCM info you've provided ! I shall peruse it al my leisure, but right now just got home a little while ago from being out in the cold rainy windy southern Ontario dose of "Frankenstorm", so shall make some tea and then read your very helpful post more carefully.


(Note I said "treasure trove"...after all, apparently I am a pirate or mutineer or something.)


Thank you, merci beaucoup, for you kind efforts.

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*"Wow, kyle, what a treasure trove of delicious TCM info you've provided ! I shall peruse it al my leisure..."* - MissW


Take your time, It will be around for awhile.


*"Thank you, merci beaucoup, for you kind efforts."*


"De nada. Fue mi plasir."

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> {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}{quote}

> I guess mine did too...



My feeble attempt at humour, since deleted, surmised that Miss W. was a member of crew of ill-fated HMS Bounty that sank and that's why she was out of reach and didn't respond ASAP...

Then, harkening back to films ("Mutiny on the Bounty") about the ship, she probably would've been a "mutinous" member of the crew and thus a "mutinous" type...

So much for that... News that missing crewperson was dead, and other still missing and probably dead, obliterated the frivolity...

N.B. That's bad when you gotta explain your own gags...

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