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B&W movie man commits suicide but makes it look like he was murdere


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This is an old B&W movie. A man ends up working with his wifes ex-boyfriend. He begins to think that there is something going on with wife and ex (there isnt) he is consumed with this thought and devises a plan to kill himself and frame his suicide on the ex.
He sets up the office in his home by wetting down the ground at the backdoor of his den. Has the ex come to his home on some pretence of work. Has the ex leave by the dens backdoor so that his footprints are in the mud, has him take his car and when he is gone takes the letter opener from his desk, firmly secures it in the door jam, backs into it so that it stabs him in the back and kills himself. When he falls to the floor the letter opener is in his back.
The police believe that the ex killed him.
The end of the movie shows the wife and the ex on a cruise ship, because the husband did everthing right except he wrote it all down in a journal or something that was found and proved the ex's innocents
Any one know this one??? Its driving me mad, I so want to see this again and share it with friends

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