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Old Time Radio Shows


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Somewhere, tucked inside a small box hidden away somewhere unknown since I moved, are many cassette tapes of old radio shows. Shows like "The Shadow", "The Jack Benny Show", "The Green Hornet", "Burns and Allen", "Fibber McGee and Molly", "Little Orphan Annie" and the like.



There are also some with Edgar Bergen, Ed Wynn, Abbott and Costello, and others.



They ARE a hoot to listen to. So is "War of the Worlds", when you think about it.



Maybe 80 years from now, some history buff will strike some kiddies with awe when mentioning that WAYYYY back in 2012, people watched television that was shown on a simple FLAT PANEL, and "NOT holographic, like today!"






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Along with the ones mentioned, some of my favorites were:


Death Valley Days

The Lone Ranger

Tales of the Texas Rangers with Joel McCrea

Fred Allen

Sam Spade with Howard Duff

Lights Out




The theater of the mind, it was wonderful sitting in front of our old Philco and creating pictures Hollywood could never come close to.... :^0


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You Win! Good heavens what a collection.


I have several things from itunes. Jack Benny is my favorite. Very funny all the way around. Martin and Lewis are also fun. There is one that is kind of a catch-all that gives Red Skelton, Fred Allen, Fibber McGee, Mel Blanc and various lesser known shows. It's been fun getting to know some of them.


There are so many comedies I haven't ventured into the dramas.

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I'm only 44 so I don't recall the old time radio shows. However, I do remember listening to the CBS Radio Mystery Theater back in the 70's / 80's. I remember hearing a version of The Prisoner Of Zenda thinking it was an original story. Fred Gwynne, (Herman Munster) did a lot of voice for that show. EG Marshall was the host. In Deroit it was on Newsradio WWJ at 11 PM. I listen to it with the radio under my pillow.

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movieman, I agree, Jack Benny is my favorite comedy show, too. He was intelligent enough to know that you sometimes give the best lines to your costars.


I haven't seen it mentioned, but movie fans will love the Lux Radio Theater. Movie stars every week in radio versions of movies. And sometimes you got to hear how other stars would be in a part. An example is Edward G. Robinson as Sam Spade and Laird Cregar as Casper Gutman in The Maltese Falcon.


Some other movie-related radio shows include Screen Directors Playhouse, Academy Award Theater, and Screen Guild Players.

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When I was a kid in the late 1940s, my family and I listened to the radio shows every night. It was just like watching television. What helped was when the radio stars made movies, which we would see, so we knew what they looked like when we heard them on the radio. And many movie stars appeared in radio shows, especially short versions of their famous movies.


On OTR, THE LIVES OF HARRY LIME tell the story of Harry before he went to Vienna and became a bad guy. This radio show started in 1951, after the success of the movie The Third Man.


The radio show focuses on Lime's life BEFORE he went to Vienna, so he is not yet a really bad guy, and is just sort of just a scamp. He gets involved in all sorts of international intrigue in different countries, and often while trying to cheat someone out of money, he winds up losing the money and doing someone else a good favor. So, in the radio series, he winds up being a nice guy.




Watching the radio with the whole family, before TV:



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{size:13.333333969116211px}I am also too young to have been an original listener of old-time radio shows. However, although my original reason for getting an XM satellite radio subscription back in 2005 was for Major League Baseball, I have had the opportunity to enjoy a vast number of such shows in the last 7 years as part of that same subscription. And, in a very unoriginal opinion, Jack Benny is also my favorite comedy show from that era. With Fibber McGee & Molly a close second. But they air so many outstanding comedy programs. And detective programs. And western programs. All in all, very enjoyable listening.

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Many movie fans may not know it, but some movie stars had their own regular radio shows they starred in. Here is a good list:













{font:Times New Roman}*Abbott & Costello* - Abbott & Costello Show{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Al Jolson* - Kraft Music Hall{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Alan Ladd* - Box 13 {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Alan Young* - Alan Young Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Ann Sothern* - Maisie {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce *– Sherlock Holmes {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Billie Burke* - Billie Burke Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Bing Crosby* - Kraft Music Hall {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Bob Hope* - Bob Hope Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Brian Donlevy* - Dangerous Assignment {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Cary Grant* - Mr. & Mrs. Blandings {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Charles Boyer* - Presenting Charles Boyer {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Charles McGraw* - Man from Homicide{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Chester Morris* - Boston ****

{font}{font:Times New Roman}*Dana Andrews* - I Was A Communist For The FBI{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Dane Clark* - Crime and Peter Chambers {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Danny Kaye* - Danny Kaye Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis* - Martin n Lewis {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Dick Haymes* - I Fly Anything


{font}{font:Times New Roman}*Dick Powell* - Hollywood Hotel, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Richard Diamond, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Rogue's Gallery{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Dinah Shore* - Dinah Shore Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Don Ameche* - The Bickersons {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Doris Day* - Doris Day Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.* - The Silent Men {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Ed Wynn* - Ed Wynn Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Eddie Cantor* - Eddie Cantor Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Edger Bergen and Charlie McCarthy* - EBCM Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Edmond O'Brien* - Yours Truly Johnny Dollar{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Edward Arnold* - Mr. President {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Edward G. Robinson* - Big Town {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Eve Arden* - Our Miss Brooks {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Everett Sloane* - 21st Precinct {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Fanny Brice* - Baby Snooks Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Frank Sinatra* - Rocky Fortune, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Songs by Sinatra

{font}{font:Times New Roman}*Gale Gordon* - Flash Gordon{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Gene Autry* - Gene Autry Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Gene Lockhart* - Abroad with the Lockharts {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*George Burns & Gracie Allen* - GBGA Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*George Raft* - Rocky Jordan {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Gordon MacRae* - Railroad Hour {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Groucho Marx* - You Bet Your Life {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Guy Madison & Andy Devine* - Wild Bill Hickok {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Helen Hayes* - Helen Hayes Theater {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Herbert Marshall* - The Man Called X {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Howard Duff* - Adv. of Sam Spade {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Hume Cronyn & Jessica Tandy* - Marriage {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall* - Bold Venture{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Ilona Massey* - Top Secret {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Irene Dunne & Fred MacMurray* - Bright Star{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*J. Carroll Naish* - Life with Luigi {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Jack Benny* - Jack Benny Program {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Jack Carson* - Campbell Soup Show{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Jack Paar* - Jack Paar Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Jack Webb* - Dragnet, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Jack Webb Show, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Jeff Regan, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Johnny Modero Pier 23, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Pat Novak for Hire, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Pete Kelly's Blues, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Three for Adventure{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*James Stewart* - Six Shooter{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Jean Hersholt* - Dr.Christian{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Jeff Chandler* - Michael Shayne{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Jimmy Durante* - Jimmy Durante Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Joel McCrea* - Tales of Texas Rangers{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*John Dehner* - Have Gun Will Travel {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*John Gielgud* - Sherlock Holmes

{font}{font:Times New Roman}*Jose Ferrer* - Philo Vance {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Judy Canova* - Judy Canova Program {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Lionel Barrymore & Lew Ayres* - Dr. Kildare{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Lionel Barrymore* - Mayor of the Town {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Lucille Ball* - My Favorite Husband

{font}{font:Times New Roman}*Macdonald Carey* - Jason & the Golden Fleece {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Mark Stevens* - Martin Kane 531029{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Mickey Rooney* - The Hardy Family {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Milton Berle* - Milton Berle Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Orson Welles* - Black Museum, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Hello Americans, {font}{font:Times New Roman}Mercury Theater, {font}{font:Times New Roman}The Shadow, {font}{font:Times New Roman}The Third Man (The Lives of Harry Lime){font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Ozzie & Harriet* - Ozzie & Harriet Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Phil Harris-Alice Faye* - PHAF Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Raymond Burr* - Fort Laramie {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Red Skelton* - Red Skelton Show

{font}{font:Times New Roman}*Rex Harrison* - Private Files of Rex Saunders

{font}{font:Times New Roman}*Robert Young* - Father Knows Best{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Ronald Colman* - Everything for the Boys, The {font}{font:Times New Roman}Halls of Ivy {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Roy Rogers* - Roy Rogers Show {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Rudy Vallee* - Royal Gelatin Hour{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Sydney Greenstreet* - Nero Wolfe{font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Tom Conway* - The Saint {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Tony Randall* - I Love A Mystery {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Tyrone Power* - Freedom USA {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Van Heflin* - Adv. of Philip Marlowe {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Victor Jory* - Dangerously Yours {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*Vincent Price *- The Saint {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*William Bendix* - The Life of Riley {font}













{font:Times New Roman}*William Boyd* - Hopalong Cassidy

{font}{font:Times New Roman}*William Conrad* - Gunsmoke {font}

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