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TCM Flix To Groove Hard To!!!! Week of November 5th!!


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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!!-Week of November 5th!!

First a shout out to **** extraordinaire, Louise Brooks, in this week's Silent Sunday night feature, PANDORA'S BOX (1929)!!! Wowza!!!

Vivien Leigh fans will be grooving and moving on Monday daytime with a full block of her flix!!! I'll be grooving most to Viv showing up with Charles Laughton and Rex Harrison in SIDEWALKS OF LONDON (1938), a comedy I've not seen before!!!

Monday night is a 'novel to film' theme, and I'll be rocking out to Hank Fonda in GRAPES OF WRATH (1940) to kick off the prime-time grooves, but then especially grooving to the pre-code flick, THE STORY OF TEMPLE DRAKE (1933), with the lovely Miriam Hopkins, William Gargan and Jack LaRue!!! Dig it!!! Also in the wee hours is THE AGE OF INNOCENCE (1934) with Irene Dunne, John Boles and my main man Lionel Atwill, and then the theme continues into the next day with Guy Kibbee rocking it with the spunky Aline MacMahon in BABBIT (1934), followed by Katharine Hepburn and Freddy Mac in Alice Adams (1935), among others!

I have to admit...I am in movie nirvana, grooving hard, to this month's Star of the Month, the sexy and elegant Constance Bennett!!! She always seems sOOOOOOOO smooth to me! I knew of her sister, Joan, before I was introduced to pre-code and the early 30's flix, and man, what a revelation!!! This is hot because tons of her flix are from the 30's!!! Wooohooooo!! And this week, we get a full bore lineup of pre-codes: LADY WITH A PAST (1932) with Bey Lyon and David Manners!!! Next up, SIN TAKES A HOLIDAY (1930) with Basil Rathbone and Zasu Pitts!!! THE EASIEST WAY (1931) with Adolphe Menjou, Robert Montgomery, Anita Page, Hedda Hopper, and a young Clark Gable!! Board favorite Joel McCrea shows up next in the first of two flix with Constance this night, THE COMMON LAW (1932), followed by a very intriguing flick, with my main man, Richard Barthelmess and the sexy Dorothy MacKaill in SON OF THE GODS (1930), and Joel again with Constance in BORN TO LOVE (1932)!!! Constance Bennett and pre-code lovers are totally rocking out!!!

Wednesday I'll be grooving hard to THE SNORKEL, a flick I've not seen before, from 1958, and starring Peter Van Eyck and Betta St John!!! Peter Cushing shows up at 12:30pm in CASH ON DEMAND (1961), a crime flick I've also not seen before!!

Wednesday night and all day Thursday yet again features 'novel to film' and I'll be grooving hardest to CALL OF THE WILD (1935) with Clark Gable and Loretta Young (at 10pm EST)!!!! And Joan Bennett shows up in an early talkie with John Barrymore, in an early version of MOBY DICK (1930)!!! I haven't seen that one in ages, and I'm looking forward to it!!! Next up, the Capra classic, LOST HORIZON (1937), always a fave of mine!!! Also, at 4pm EST on Thursday afternoon, I totally dig on Leslie Howard and Raymond Massey in THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL (1935), also featuring the radiantly beautiful Merle Oberon--who is always stunning, but perhaps never moreso than in this flick, wow!!!

Thursday night features EW's All Time Greatest Flicks, and I'll be most looking forward to a flick I've not seen before, at 8pm EST, BREATHLESS (1960), a flick dedicated to poverty row studio fave, Monogram, from a story by Francois Truffaut, directed by Jean-Luc Godard, and starring Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul Belmondo, the cult classic, BREATHLESS (1960)!!! Can't wait! Also, if you've never seen the silent flick, SUNRISE (1927), it will be screened at 2AM EST, and highly recommended with Janet Gaynor and George O'Brien!!

Friday daytime will be all about the lovely Hedy Lamarr!!! First up, 6am EST is Hedy along with Robert Taylor in the adventure flick, LADY OF THE TROPICS (1939)!!! Then Hedy is hanging with William Powell, Basil Rathbone and Claire Trevor in the very cool CROSSROADS (1942) at 12noon!! Then it's Hedy mixing it up with Paul Henreid and Sydney Greenstreet in the war-time drama, THE CONSPIRATORS (1944)!!! George Brent and Paul Lukas show up next in EXPERIMENT PERILOUS (1944), directed by Jacques Tourneur!!! Then a flick I haven't seen in a while and can't wait to see again: A LADY WITHOUT PASSPORT (1950), a noir-ish flick starring John Hodiak, James Craig and George Macready!!

Get out your spaghetti noodles and sauce for an evening with the Italian twist on the American west, with Sergio Leone himself directing Clint Eastwood in the "Man with No Name" trilogy all evening Friday: A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS (1964), FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE (1965), and THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (1966)!!

TCM Underground features BURN WITCH, BURN from 1962, a flick I've not seen before, starring Janet Blair and Peter Wyngarde!!! Looks rockin'!!

OMG! Saturday morning is SO groovy, I can barely stand it!!! First up, it's Jimmy Cagney in his signature performance in THE PUBLIC ENEMY (1931), with the sexy Mae Clarke, and the Blonde Bombshell, Jean Harlow!!! Next up, it's a version of THE MALTESE FALCON (1931) that many may not have seen, and it's definitely worth a look!!! Starring Ricardo Cortez, Dudley Digges, and my main man, Dwight Frye, this one boasts hotcha dames Bebe Daniels and Thelma Todd (be still my beating heart!!!), along with Una Merkel and Robert Elliot--this version sizzles daddio!!! Then it's tense noir with Dick Powell in CORNERED (1946), then this week's installment of the "Pepper" clan, FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS AT HOME (1940), and then this week's "Saint" feature at noon: THE SAINT STRIKES BACK (1939) with George Sanders, Wendy Barrie, Jonathan Hale, Neil Hamilton, and Barry Fitzgerald!! Then the "Beauty and the Beast" story, from 1933, the original and still towering over all the rest, KING KONG, with the gorgeous Fay Wray leading the big guy out of the island paradise, along with my main man Robert Armstrong and Bruce Cabot!!! Man what a day!!! And...as if that wasn't enough, my friend, Sans Fin, recommends the last film of the daytime block, THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX (1965) with Jimmy Stewart and Richard Attenborough!!! Dig it!!!

"Meal Tickets" are featured Saturday night and a pre-code heavy hitter kicks it off, with the Barrymore bros (John and Lionel), the Blonde Bombshell, Jean Harlow, Wallace Beery, Lee Tracy, and the awesome Marie Dressler in a tour-de-force comedic performance!!! Some of her lines are immortal in this flick and delivered in her inimitable style!!! Rock it!! Next up, it's William Powell and Myrna Loy, along with Maureen O'Sullivan and Nat Pendleton in THE THIN MAN (1934)!! Always a winner, and I'm a sucka for a good old school mystery!! Rounding out the nighttime theme at 4am EST is a flick I'm very intrigued by, but have never seen before, Luis Bunuel's THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL (1962)! Looks rockin'!

Sunday is grooving with A DAY AT THE RACES (1937) at 10am EST, the Marx Bros in fine MGM form with the lovely Maureen O'Sullivan, crazy happenings at a sanitarium and race track, natch!!! Next, it's a star-studded cast in a courtroom drama, and though it airs fairly frequently, it's been a while since I checked it out: WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION (1957) with Charles Laughton, Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich, Henry Daniell, and Una O'Connor!!! Late night Sunday is really when I'm gonna get my groove on with a two-fer for the Silent Sunday Night feature: John Barrymore and Roland Young star in SHERLOCK HOLMES (1922), followed by Buster Keaton in SHERLOCK, JR (1924)!!! Rock it! This is followed by a flick I've not seen before, but it looks groovin', PICKPOCKET (1959), directed by Robert Bresson!!! And to close out Sunday in the wee hours, 4am EST to be exact, our man George Sanders (he's been pretty busy on TCM lately!!) shows up again in DEATH OF A SCOUNDREL (1956) with Yvonne De Carlo and Zsa Zsa Gabor!!!

Thanks, TCM, for yet another week of awesome groovalicious flix!!! You rock!!!
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Cool, mark, thanks for the heads up. Tuesday and Saturday do indeed look groovy! Sadly, I hate Hedy and Merle. Such is life.


Kudos to those who can stay awake or have a DVR or know how to force their cable company to allow recording, 'cause The Story Of Temple Drake looks awesome.


Ah well.


Did you groove to Hayward's Saint? He and the movie were excellent, isn't it cool that we get to see all the succeeding movies, minus one, in the next few weeks? Whatshisname and whatshername in Stranger On The Third Floor were stinkeroo, but the venetian blinds and their shadows acted rings around the leads.

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Thanks, willbefree!!!


Oh wow, I totally, totally groove to Heyward in THE SAINT IN NEW YORK!!! As rockin' as George Sanders is in that role, and as much as I love the series when he kicks it off, I think seriously this one is my favorite of all! It's moody and a bit darker than subsequent flix, for the most part, and I really love the twist (though it's sad and a bit poignant as well when all is said and done). Overall, I think "The Saint" series is a more compelling one than "The Falcon" though the two are often compared. I dig them both, but there is something about most of "The Saint" films, particularly this one with Heyward, and the first few with Sanders, that have a bit more bite to go along with the humorous aspects of the mystery.


It's gonna be a rockin' week of classix!!

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Wondering if anyone was digging on CASH ON DEMAND from earlier today??? WOW that flick rocked! I love Cushing pretty much always, and he was on fire in this flick! Interesting twist as well as a bit of a variation on THE CHRISTMAS CAROL. I'm checking out THE SNORKEL now...some coolio Hammer flix, I've not seen before! Dig it!

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