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The vast majority of the 31 Days of Oscar - February and March 1-3

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> {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}

> I can see grouping films according to actor, director etc. as that makes sense. But some of these nights where the theme is so tenuous most people even can see it, what's the point?

Maybe that makes it easier for the programming staff, although coming up with a theme would be a chore in itself. And sometimes it's no big deal, such as the present "based on a book" fest. Look at any month's schedule, you'll likely find several movies a day that are based on books.


But I am enjoying the interstitials on this month's theme.


How about a month of "movies that feature cliches?"

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> {quote:title=clore wrote:}{quote} But I am enjoying the interstitials on this month's theme.

I've never heard that word before, but it's much easier to say than "those commercials/promos that run between the films."


(provided of course that's what you mean)


and if it is, well i'm enjoying them too, did not know that there were still literate (British, of course) actors still out there. And Daniel Radcliffe is a HUGE star with a HUGE following, it is a real coup to get him *and I really hope the folk at TCM are maybe working to get him on as a GP or to work with them whenever he can find the time because, BOOM: there is someone who is not only smart and inn-teresting, but HE HAS A HUGE FANBASE who would DEFINITELY follow him wherever he went.*


unlike a certain weekend/occasional night host.


(hey, it's been a while, lemme have a little swipe.)


Edited by: AddisonDeWitless on Nov 14, 2012 10:57 AM

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Usually I just say "promo" but I've used the phrase "interstitial" before on occasion. Someone used it yesterday in a post so I figured I'd use the alternative.


I don't mind seeing Radcliff or Jack Huston, I guess they're trying to come up with some fresh faces. After all, when I see a lot of these spots, I see dead people. Not just the subject, but the narrator.

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> {quote:title=Swithin wrote:}{quote}

> your comments above would deprive anyone of any criticism of any corporate entity, because you think "we must accept..." etc.


There is an old thing that you should tell a person a thing three times. They might ignore you the first time because they believe it is your passing whim and it is not worthy of serious consideration. They might ignore you the second time because it is not convenient for them to do what you wish. When they ignore you for the third time it is because they do not see a need to do what you wish.


> And so, while I agree with part of your remarks, I strongly disagree with your "carefully constructed strategy... they know best" remarks. Good institutions suffer because such attitudes lead to lack of criticism which leads to complacency on the part of corporations/institutions.


I see no need to repeat the same complaints ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

They are plainly aware of the dissatisfaction. I believe there must be reasons that we can not see that prompts them to continue such behaviour.


I have seen complaints by posters that there are posters in "Suggest a Movie" who request movies again as soon as they air and that they request the movies that many here believe are played more often than wanted. Does any person here know the ratio of how many times those movies are requested vs how many complaints there are of airing them so often?


Does any person here know how many first-time viewers are attracted to the channel because by happenstance they see an old war horse of a movie is scheduled and will watch it because they feel it is a safe movie which does not require them to be into the entire "classic movie" mentality?


Does any person here know the cost factor of airing some movies many times vs airing several movies a few times?


Does any person here know how many viewers watch nearly only movies that they have watched before and how many of those viewers are needed to maintain viewer-usage rates to ensure that cable companies will keep TCM in their line-ups?


It is clear to me that we see only one aspect of the situation and that there may be many considerations of which we are not aware.


I am reminded of the people who feel very deeply that for significant issues of health, social and moral concerns that McDonald's should stop selling hamburgers.


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can,

and Wisdom to hide the bodies of those who I had to kill because they made me mad.

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With respect, SansFin, this board exists, presumably for our enjoyment, but also as a valuable tool for TCM to gauge the opinions of many of its viewers. Organizations encourage blogs not only for the pleasure of the posters; also for a valuable look into viewers' opinions -- positive and negative. Not to express our less than positive opinions, on those rare occasions when they may be called for, is not to live up to our responsibilities as bloggers.


I sincerely hope that you haven't accepted anything in life that you thought you couldn't change, but actually might have changed for the better! You'll never know...


So perhaps one can accept the reality that there should be both positive posts and (albeit many fewer) negative critiques on this board, without end (i.e. sans fin)! But with respect, of course.



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Well said, Swithin. I believe TCM is one of the few media boards to employ a moderator who listens and interacts with the crazies (yeah, yeah and the normal people too) on the board. TWOP is one that does NOT, AV Club does to an extent.


Also, I didn't realize anyone else knew the word 'kvetch'. :)


Some of the people here don't realize how lucky we are.

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to me, the best way to arrange it is by category: a day of best actor, a day of best cinematography, a day of best costume, a day of best screenplays (nominees and winners.)


they haven't done that *in years,* nor have they put what awards each movie was nominated for before the airing of each movie, in spite of the fact that *we have all asked repeatedly for them to do it again and again every year since they stopped.*


without that, there's just no damn point (and since they show the same damn stuff every year, i refuse to believe it's that expensive or time-consuming,)

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> {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}

> Yeah. I dont understand why they stopped doing that (listing nominations and wins) You never know half the time what nominations a film was up for. (RO doesnt offer it up.......)

Someone once brought this up either last year or the year before. Another poster responded that it could be that since each element that we see is a separate entity, that it would mean that each bumper card listing the nominations/wins would have to be programmed to start and end at "X" time and that it's probably more efficient to do without them because of the manpower required.


But you'll notice that they have had no trouble this past week letting you know at the end of each feature that "giving is classic" as they promote the web site's DVDs as Christmas gifts. Surely those had to be programmed also.


Don't get me wrong, TCM could stick one of those at the end of every film all year long and it wouldn't bother me. But if they're going to stick to the Oscar-month because it's traditional, then perhaps they should have considered sticking to what was the traditional format of presenting them.

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> 1972's The Mechanic was supposed to air on January 26th at 2:30 AM, now it's no longer on the schedule, what the ****?


Simple. You are writing about a schedule change more than two months out. Schedules can change quite a lot two months out. TCM may have placed the film on it's schedule because they thought they had the rights, or possibly they may have decided to move the film to another month, a different day and time slot.


The reason also could have been a rights issue or they may have found that the film had already been leased to a different cable channel.


If you are really concerned about seeing the film you might want to see if the film is available in a different medium. It is available on YouTube:



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