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The vast majority of the 31 Days of Oscar - February and March 1-3


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fxreyman, thanks for the tips, but I only watch movies on tv.


I didn't find out that The Mechanic was going to air based on Calvin's schedule, I found that out on my own.


This is the first time this has happened to me, that they have changed it on me.

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}

> What the h**l is a GIF?


Most pictures on the Internet are jpegs and use the .jpg file format.


This is a jpeg:


It is a static image.


Some pictures on the Internet are gifs and use the .gif file format.


This is a gif:


A gif is often used to show several images in succession but it can also be a static image.

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I still don't get it.


You and several others now and in the past have stated their need to know what is going to be shown on TCM more than one month out from the present. It is as if your life is not complete without the knowledge of what is going to be shown on a cable movie channel months ahead.


Unless you are going to be out of town, or out of the country, then I am not really sure how knowledge of a schedule would hold that much meaning. Even if I were to sit down and calculate how many films were going to be shown on TCM months out, just how many films can be taped or recorded for future viewing? I guess that from my perspective it does not really matter what is shown on TCM. For one thing my viewing choices have dramatically changed over the last few months. I have a job now that forces me to work long hours. That is my choice and I usually choose to watch material available online as opposed to sitting in front of my television. This is not to say that I do not watch television, I do. I am just more critical of the time I spend in front of the television as I was before.


In addition I have a substantial library to choose from if I choose to watch an older film. However as I did yesterday I did watch an older Joel McCrea film on Encore Westerns which I had not seen before. The other evening I did happen to watch parts of The Maltese Falcon and Lawrence of Arabia on TCM. But since I have both of these films in my collection and I can view them at anytime, I chose to withdraw to my den to watch episodes of Battlestar Gallactica I have not seen that are now available on Netflix.


It is all about choices, isn't it? You and several others feel the need to know what is going to be broadcast months out so that you can plan on knowing when you can plan a viewing, where as for me I do not need to know what is going to be on. I do not tape or record anymore. I have chosen not to buy a DVD-R or subscribe to TIVO. Television is just not that important to me anymore. If I really want to see a classic then I will investigate and see when it will be available on TCM, but to know an entire schedule three months out is just ridiculous to me.


But what happens three months out if a movie celebrity passes away and the schedule that you had hoped to watch was changed allowing for a new schedule of movies to be shown for the deceased celebrity? I would say then that your idea or hope to have a posted schedule available for you then becomes a moot point.


Because then parts of that schedule will then be changed and whatever pleasure you gained from knowing what that schedule had in store for you is lost forever. The day or evening schedule may have changed to include the now dead celebrity and the three or four films you had hoped to see and now have been rescheduled, hence the schedule you now have depended on has now changed.


Again, the knowledge you might gain about what might be scheduled three months out means nothing really. No one can predict what the future holds. Especially on a movie channel that dedicates the majority of it's programming to classic films and actors. Especially when some of those classic stars die.

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I record a lot from TCM. I try to stay 2-3 weeks ahead. I Copy and paste the films I want to see, and make my own TCM schedule. The next month is far enough ahead for me. I do read down the lists as new months are posted, but that's just to get an idea of what interesting things are on the horizon, I don't keep track of what is that far ahead. The only time I really would like to know what is programmed far in advance, is when something screws up, and I miss something I wanted to record. Then, I'd like to know if it is going to be repeated. Of course, the search function works for that.

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I do something similar, but with all the movies I want to see on all the basic cable channels.


Rarely does TCM change the schedule with the movies I want to see, the only I remember is them talking The Mechanic off the schedule from airing on January 26th.

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