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Who's got your heart? (A male and female question)

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Haven't seen "The Notebook" yet, but did purchase a copy after hearing rave reviews from strangers! LOL They also suggested a new box of kleenex, which I bought today. "Murphy's Romance" is wonderful! I almost signed up for cooking lessons, but when they couldn't assure me that I would find a man like James, I decided not to take the course. The old Maverick series are a hoot!

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Hello to everyone, new to the site and had to check out this question. Good stuff all around.


Well, it should be a no brainer, but of course, Lauren Bacall, plus Katie Hepburn, Myrna Loy, Judy Garland, Ginger Rogers and Bette Davis (those eyes will get you every time).


As for male actors, there were so many great actors back in the 30's, 40's and 50's that it would be impossible to mention them all. But if I were to mention just a few of my favorites, Bogart, Grant, Powell, Astair, Kelly, Olivier (best actor EVER), Tracy and on and on and on.



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People as "perfect" as Audrey don't do it for me....And I don't go for the "genltlemen" of Hollywood....Ahem, Cary Grant?


"Ugly" people are far more appealing! And they create more of an impact whether you love them or hate them!

I like people with imperfect characters...people who have vulgarity, they are far more interesting!


Think Marlon Brando!...oh, now that is what I love!

People with character! People who you can love even when they have a blemish in their characters!


If I was a man, I would also find Shelley Winters attractive and Marilyn Monroe!

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Audrey Hepburn, perfect? Blech.


Cary Grant, John Barrymore, Fredric March, Robert Fuller, oh yes, beyootiful. As was Warren William........WHO????????


Marlon Brando? Blech. Clark Gable, Gary Cooper? Blech.


Ugly (or not traditionally pretty) is sexy? You betcha. Shelley Winters, Victor McLaughlin, James Cagney, Bogey, Eddie Robinson, Paul Muni, William Powell, John Garfield, Lionel Barrymore, Harold Lloyd, Basil Rathbone, Chico Marx, Richard Arlen, Charles Farrell, John Mills, Pernell Roberts......sexy? Yes.


Oh, did I mention Warren William?

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I think that calling these people ugly is very much over stated and just unkind and rude. Maybe some of them are not traditionaly handsome but I haven't seen one person mentioned who was out and out ugly. That is just name-calling and not at all factual. I don't think anyone means to be unkind but calling people ugly just IS.



For the record, I always thought that Pernell Roberts was handsome, not ugly, not even plain - but handsome. And Cagney - ugly? I don't know what you guys are using as a measuring standard but not everyone looks like Errol Flynn or Brad Pitt. (I know, it's a pity they don't - - but oh, well lol)




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What woman, would ever think Pernall Roberts was plain. I totally agree,on how handsome he is. Even when, he was on Trapper John MD. My heartrate went up. Does anyone know where he is now? Did he pass?

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PLAIN? No, I don't think that word was used in connection with Pernell.


Picks self up off floor, just thinking about Pernell.


No, he's retired, according to Wikipedia. Hmmm, and he's single again, apparently.


Pernell, if you're reading this, you have the most gorgeous chest in all of Hollyweird.

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Whew!! That's a tough one. There are so many choices!! I would have to go with either William Powell (I always wanted to grow up to be that cool and clever) or Gene Kelly ( I always wanted to be that graceful). As for actresses, I have had a crush on Joan Blondell and Olivia de Havilland; Audrey Hepburn and I share a birthday; and recently I have been really digging Barbara Stanwyck.



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Hmm going back I would have to say Rudolph Valentino, Yule Brenner (I do not know what it is about him) and Clint Eastwood back in the early black and white westerns. I've only had the pleasure of seeing a few of them. For female adoration who can't say Marilyn Monroe? um, Bette Davis was phenomenal. There is another one, maybe someone could give me her name, she started the trend of wearing mens slacks, she was real tall and slender, real strong features, she was a good looking woman, nevermind the fact that she went against the tradition of womens wear.

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Here's a good photo of Marlene Dietrich in pants:



And here's a couple of shots of Katharine Hepburn:




Might be Great Garbo too, she wore pants in private, but since she was such a recluse, it probably didn't have as much impact:



Like somebody a couple of posts down emntioned, they are both known for wearing pants in a time when women just didn't do that. Hepburn was banned from the Claridge Hotel in London in, I belive the 40's and Dietrich got in trouble in Parisin the 30's for wearing them.

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This is an easy one:


The exquisite Valerie Hobson. She embodied class, elegance, beauty and poise. And such a wonderful speaking voice...


Then again, there's Fay Wray. In King Kong, she had a timeless beauty and I think she would be considered a "stunner" even today.


Of course I shouldn't leave out Irene Ware. And there's also Miriam Hopkins.


Maybe this is tougher than I thought.

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Jimmy Stewart- Any of his films save westerns

Timothy Dalton- Wuthering Heights- Because of him, I just had to read the novel. Thanks Mr. Dalton.

Robert Redford- Still looking good.

David Strathairn

Colm Feore

and the guy who played Mason on Dead Like Me (the TV series).


Oh so many the list could go on and on!

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oh there are so many!



Fred Astaire wasn't conventionally handsome but his charm and his dancing would definetly sweep me off my feet

Gene Kelly is another dancer I love but he comes second to my Fred

Robert Taylor I think is the most handsome actor ever

Gregory Peck is adorably sexy in Roman Holiday and others

Clark Gable has so much personality that I find him sexy

and finally

Cary Grant who is the epitome of charm.



Marilyn Monroe: I love her for the real her, the "norma jeane" side of her. I once saw some rare footage of her golfing with Joe DiMaggio on youtube.com and she seemed so sweet, charming, and human and I fell in love with her all over again.

Audrey Hepburn is my idol. She seems like everything a woman should be

Myrna Loy is so classy and witty

Vivien Leigh as such a firey personality and was very beautiful

Barbara Stanwyck who I have found to be unbelievably gorgeous especially when she was younger. The only movie I didn't think she looked good in was Double Indemnity.

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