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Who's got your heart? (A male and female question)


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Bette Davis-never until I saw 'Dark Victory'

Deborah Kerr-Fell for her during 'An Affair to Remember' and continue fall during each Kerr film I get to see on TCM.

Greer Garson-Stole my heart in Valley of Decision and locked it up in Random Harvest and so on.

Greta Garbo-'Inspiration' is the first Garbo film I saw. Then Ninotchka. Talk about melt your heart.

Irene Dunne-Endearing in 'I Remember Mama'. Hot, hot, hot in the 'Awful Truth' I'd like to have the complete boxed set of Irene Dunne as well. Looking forward to 'Love Affair'. (I am new to this old movie business.)

Maureen O'Hara-Words can't express how much I love this lady.

Ingrid Bergman-Loved her in Casablanca (who didn't), but really LOVED her work in Cactus Flower.



John Wayne-No words for the Duke either. I actually got to meet him and shake his hand.

Cary Grant-Have LOVED him in every single Grant film I've seen.

Robert Montgomery-Never saw any of his movies until he was Star of the Month recently. Very charming!

Robert Mitchum-'Sundowners', 'Heaven Knows Mr. Allison'

Montgomery Clift-Mesmerizing.

Walter Pidgeon-Steady, loveable.

Jimmy Stewart-Precious in Shop Around the Corner and The Philadelphia Story. Loved him in the Rare Breed with O'Hara.


Shoot, I could just keep going and going.


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Bette Davis {SURPRISE!}, Myrna Loy, Deborah Kerr, Kathryn Hepburn, for the gals. Ray milland, Cary Grant, Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, for the guys. There are others, but you have to draw the line somewhere!!!

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Since no one has mentioned these, I will because they always put a smile on my face.


Cesar Romero-Gentleman of all gentlemen, truely great

Don Ameche-Loved his smile and musical talent

Jose Ferrer-Always spoke with such eloquence

Eddie Cantor-Silly man, loved his crazy on screen antics

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Only have one and only one, the beautiful Dorothy Lamour. In the scene from "The Fleet's In" when she is singing "I Remember You" or "Road To Morocco" when Bing Crosby is singing "Moonlight Becomes You" to her, I can't imagine any actress or woman being more beautiful than she is in those scenes. Her singing voice was so soft and filled with emotion that when I hear her sing "Moon Over Burma" it never fails to bring a tear to my eye. She's had my heart since I was a child and will till the day I die.

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Cary Grant (Suspicion)~He was amazingly handsome, very elegant and could make me laugh (Bringing up Baby) or cry (Penny Serenade)


Marilyn Monroe (How To Marry A Millionaire)~She was so exquisitely beautiful and very funny. Great combo!

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My heart would belong to Cary Grant.

(((shhh...be still, my heart.))


One of my very favorite actresses is

Lauren Bacall. If I was a man or gay,

She would have my heart.


I am a fan of every movie I've seen

that they acted in.



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well, this is my first post around here, and what better way than to declare that Jimmy Stewart will probably always be my leading man.


also, i have quite a thing for Laurence Olivier, especially in wuthering heights. and Cary Grant is always a favorite.


i think if i were into women i'd choose Ingrid Bergman. she was just so natural and womanly. i want to be her.

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Marilyn Monroe - in Some Like it Hot. She was so sweet, funny and vulnerable -you just want to wrap your arms around her.


Ingrid Bergman - Casablanca, she just ooozzed sex appeal without even trying. I also fell in love with her in "For Whom The Bell Tolls" - I later fell for her daughter: Isabella Rossilini.


Bette Davis - because she just a real woman, plus she was hot back in the 30s and 40s - rrrrrwow!


Myrna Loy - for sheer classiness. Rita Hayworth - redheads are my weakness.

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SusannO must once again say Dana Andrews. I had replied in private with my new friend Mark but in the 2 weeks I have been on the forum I feel at home. This is the reason I hold Dana Andrews in my heart and always will...

I wrote this my 1st week after response to my thread on Andrews.


It is very hard to describe, and would not do so on a public forum, how much that first chance of seeing "Foolish Heart" on AMC 20 years ago affected my life. I had left college for a time and was bartending in a small hotel bar. My parents did not approve of my boyfriend (and rightly so). I had strayed from a wonderful life and family for a man who belittled and harmed me. I saw Dana Andrews and his "love" for Hayward in the movie. I knew I deserved a man like that. That weekend my father brought me home with a moving van and my life began again. Dana Andrews saved my life and I mean this with all my heart.


In 2000, I was watching "Elephant Walk" at 9:00 pm on a Monday. My mother called and laughed at my devotion to my favorite actor once again. As always a joyful conversation about old movies. My mother died at 10:45 pm of a cerebral hemorrhage. Because of Andrews, I had a wonderful talk with my Mom instead of the usual mother/daughter tug-of-war.

I believe God brings people into our lives for a reason. Mine just happens to be someone I would never meet!

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What a nice story, SusannO, thank you for sharing. I know what you mean, my father is 90, and the tug of war continues every time we're in the same room.


I feel the same way about Warren Williams. Some actors or actresses just reach across the screen to touch you. WW did this to me. I don't think I had ever seen him until I got TCM and it was instantaneous...I saw him and thought 'who IS this guy?'.


He isn't everyone's cup of tea, he's not gorgeous like Cary Grant or multi-talented like Cagney or Grant. He just seemed to me to be someone who didn't take himself too seriously, came to work when he had to and did a good job.


When I recently learned he died at age 53 of bone cancer, it made his persona and life all the more poignant to me.


Anyway, nice question, thanks for the thread.

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