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Who's got your heart? (A male and female question)


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I'm going to look out for "After Tonight", thanks! I like Gilbert Roland and I absolutely adore movies like that---it's a shame they have to come on in the wee hours!


Last night, DARK ANGEL was on for the first time in ages and I just could not keep my eyes open (and had no blank tape to record it). Grrrrr. I love this movie---such a touching love story and superbly acted by Herbert Marshal, Freddie March and ravishing Merle Oberon. The director, Sidney Frankly, seemed enamored with Merle's beauty, lavishing close-up after close-up on her. Anyone know if this is on dvd??


Miss G

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I was 16, it was a Sunday afternoon in summer, and the whole family was gone to their own things, and none of my friends were available, so I went for the first time to the show alone. I saw 'The Last Voyage' with Dorothy Malone and Robert Stack, and the second feature was 'Home from the Hill' with Robert Mitchum. He was about 45-50 and he hit me right between the eyes!!!! After that, I studied the TV guide for any movies with his name, and wathched them. Thirty-five years later, I taped everything I could get my hands on and I have a pretty good repertoire of his movies. I've never lost my adoration of him and no matter what anyone ever writes about him, I don't think I'll ever change.



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I agree. I first was introduced to Stewart Granger in Scaramouche, and the prisioner of Zenda. He and Errol Flyn are my all time favorites, I can watch any of their movies at any time. I really like "The Light Touch" too. My daughter gave me a dvd burner for Christmas a couple of years a go, and I now have every movie I've been able to get off TCM on disc.

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I hadn't noticed this thread until it bubbled up today. :-)


My number one favorite actor is Joan Blondell. Even though I know she was nothing like the characters she played in many films, she usually embodied everything I respect in a woman. She was brassy, self-assured, funny, and sexy. And those eyes! People always talk about Bette Davis eyes. Posh! Davis had nothing on Blondell when it came to the eye department. Just check her out in the Forgotten Man number in "Gold Diggers of 1933". No one ever had eyes like that. Even as she aged and her beauty faded, she was still Blondell and never really lost that flair for being in your face. What a Dame! :-)

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Kim Novak in Vertigo and The Man With The Golden Arm

Donna Reed in It's A Wonderful Life

Grace Kelly in Rear Window

Kate Winslet in Titanic and Finding Neverland

Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca and Notorious

Eva Marie Saint in North By Northwest

Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind

Lauren Bacall in Dark Passage


...not a complete list

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Irene Pappas in "Guns of Navarone".

Lauren Bacall in "To Have & Have Not".

Joan Crawford in "Johnny Guitar".

Jane Russell in "His Kind of Woman".

Elizabeth Taylor in "The Sandpiper".

Katy Jurado in "Pat Garret & Billy the Kid".

Liza Minelli in "The Sterile Cuckoo".

Charlotte Rampling in "Georgie Girl".


. . . and modern day: Catherine Keener, Selah Ward & Mira Sorvino.

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Miss Goddess, you just hit that shiny golden nail square on the head, r.e. "Sandpiper": it was the MUSIC that granted this big, rich, chewy movie its little whisper of immortality.

Sure, we get drawn in, and wrenched around, and turned inside out by Burton's anguished self-denial and Liz' magical blend of vibrancy & vulnerability, but it was the theme song "The Shadow of Your Smile" that gave it such a capstone of poignancy.

Practically redefines the adjective "haunting", doesn't it.

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Barbara Stanwyck is really turning my crank lately. I like her better with the dark hair tho as I didn't much care for her look in Double Indemnity.


Ava Gardner was also smokin' hot back in the day. The CBC showed The Barefoot Contessa a while ago and I absolutely love the scene where she's on Bravano's yacht and takes off her robe to reveal the bathing suit. It's very tame by today's standards but Ms. Gardner pulled it off. She was so delightfully sexy there.

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Dean Martin. I literally fell in love with him at about 6 or 7 when I first started watching the Dean & Jerry films. I'm 17 now and even more in love with him.


Dana Andrews in "The Best Years of Our Lives"


Ronald Colman. Just because. *sigh* He steals my heart in everything I watch him in.


Robert Mitchum in just about everything he's in. I can go for Robert Mitchum anytime. Those eyes...that voice...


If I were a man I'd probably go for Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake (in "Sullivan's Travels & "I Married a Witch"), Ginger Rogers or Olivia de Havilland.

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I love this question!


I was only thirteen years old when my heart was stolen by both Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin in Marriage on the Rocks. Mr. Sinatra held onto it pretty tightly over the next ten years, and he's still holding firmly today. Young at Heart, High Society, and The Tender Trap are just a few of the films that have sent my heart a-fluttering.


Other moments of romantic weakness (for me) were brought on by: Fred Astaire in You Were Never Lovelier, Gary Cooper in the Pride of the Yankees (which seems strange, I realize), Dick Van Dyke in Divorce, American Style, Alan Arkin in Wait Until Dark, and although I could never explain them, I have a couple of wildly girlish crushes on both James Cagney and Van Johnson (early in the careers).

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"although I could never explain them, I have a couple of wildly girlish crushes on both James Cagney and Van Johnson (early in the careers)."


Oh, Hollyholt, I also had a crush on Van...Big time! I loved his voice, his smile and of course his cute "boyish" looks. His movie, the Last Time I Saw Paris is on tonight! I'll be watching !

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Donna Reed in It's a Wonderful Life


Over and over again!

She is the articulate "Young Lady" Mary at the dance, who looks so happy and carefree.

She is sexy little "Bathrobe Mary" on the way home. She is acting like "No!" But her eyes keep saying "Not here!"

She is "Sophisticated Mary" at her house when George comes over. Back from college she still almost beams when she sees that he likes the "dress."

Her "Broken Hearted" Mary on the phone is alway a little more than I can take!

As Mrs Bailey she continues to get me in each phase. From the cab ride to the B&L where she shows that everything she does is for George. Working on the house, running the USO, up to the point where she is shown as "Elegant Mary" at the end.


I fell in love with her over and over.

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Here goes my list:


Lawrence Olivier,notable mention: 'Wuthering Heights'


Cary Grant, 'Houseboat' Sophia brought out the best in him.


Rock Hudson,in 'Giant' (who cares if he was gay!!)


Robert Redford in both 'Barefoot in The Park' and 'The Way We Were'.


As for the newcomers:


Hugh Jackman,Colin Firth,Ralph Fiennes or even his brother Joseph...then there's Johnny Depp who has matured nicely.

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The men that I absolutely love on screen are:

James Dean

Rock Hudson

Frank Sinatra

Dean Martin

Bing Crosby

and so many more like them.

And the reason I choosed some of these is because they are all very chose in their own way e.g. Bing Crosby for his singing and James Dean because he was so HANDSOME * * * * * * *

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