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TCM Genre Logos


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I've always liked the genr logos TCM uses on their schedule page, but I was wondering a couple of things.


Does anyone know where I can find larger versions of the images? I just got some dvd shelves and was thinking of printing them out to attach once I organize my discs on the new shelves. they would also be cool for a desktop background on my computer.



Also, would anyone else be interested in seeing them on tshirts? I'm really surprised this isn't something TCM has already added to thir shop. I know I would personally get several.



Lastly, are their logos for SciFi or Fantasy? If there are I haven't seen them. Most of them time these movies seem to lumped in with horror or suspense, maybe adventure.

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I'm with you calcifer, I LOVE the genre charactor logos.


Early in TCMs life, these designs were the standard; they were on t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, etc.

I was lucky enough to get a vintage diner style mug with the cowgirl on ebay 10 years ago and use it EVERY morning exclusively. (a cowgirl is my business logo) I still look, but never see them any more.

There was even a cool "cameraman" design representing film crew.


I cannot imagine WHY they replaced these excellent designs (that ensure multiple purchases to get a "set") for the soulless plain "TCM" now found on mugs & shirts.


If you are a clever artist, you can d/l the teeny logos, blow them up & clean the edges for larger printing.

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